Writers Gone Wild

The Feuds, Frolics, and Follies of Literature's Great Adventurers, Drunkards, Lo vers, Iconoclasts, and Misanthropes
Author: Bill Peschel
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101445246
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 272
View: 8206

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Truth is stranger than fiction. If you've imagined famous writers to be desk-bound drudges, think again. Writers Gone Wild rips back the (book) covers and reveals the seamy underside of the writing life. Insightful, intriguing, and irresistibly addictive, Writers Gone Wild reveals such fascinating stories as: * The night Dashiell Hammett hired a Chinese prostitute to break up S. J. Perelman's marriage (and ran off with his wife). * Why Sylvia Plath bit Ted Hughes on the cheek. * Why Ernest Hemingway fought a book critic, a modernist poet, and his war correspondent/wife Martha Gellhorn (but not at the same time). * The near-fatal trip Katherine Anne Porter took while high on marijuana in Mexico. * Why women's breasts sent Percy Bysshe Shelley screaming from the room. * The day Virginia Woolf snuck onto a Royal Navy ship disguised as an Abyssinian prince. Pull up a chair, turn on good reading light, and discover what your favorite writers were up to while away from their desks. Sometimes, they make the wildest characters of all.

Do Travel Writers Go to Hell?

A Swashbuckling Tale of High Adventures, Questionable Ethics, and Professional Hedonism
Author: Thomas Kohnstamm
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 0307409902
Category: Travel
Page: 288
View: 7551

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For those who think that travel guidebooks are the gospel truth. WANTED: Travel Writer for Brazil QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED Decisiveness: the ability to desert your entire previous life–including well-salaried office job, attractive girlfriend, and basic sanity for less than minimum wage Attention to detail: the skill to research northeastern Brazil, including transportation, restaurants, hotels, culture, customs, and language, while juggling sleep deprivation, nonstop nightlife, and excessive alcohol consumption Creativity: the imagination to write about places you never actually visit Resourcefulness: utilizing persuasion, seduction, and threats, when necessary, to secure a place to stay for the evening once your pitiable advance has been (mis)spent Resilience: determination to overcome setbacks such as bankruptcy, disillusionment, and an ill-fated one-night stand with an Austrian flight attendant As Kohnstamm comes to personal terms with each of these job requirements, he unveils the underside of the travel industry and its often-harrowing effect on writers, travelers, and the destinations themselves. Moreover, he invites us into his world of compromising and scandalous situations in one of the most exciting countries as he races against an impossible deadline. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Writing Under the Influence

Alcohol and the Works of 13 American Authors
Author: Aubrey Malone
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476627878
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 235
View: 2144

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 Writers and alcohol have long been associated—for some, the association becomes unmanageable. Drawing on rare sources, this collection of brief biographies traces the lives of 13 well known literary drinkers, examining how their relationship with alcohol developed and how it affected their work, for better or worse. Focusing on examples like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Charles Bukowski and Raymond Carver, the combined biographies present a study of the classic figure of the over-indulging author.

Ouija Gone Wild

Shocking True Stories
Author: Rosemary Ellen Guiley,Rick Fisher
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780985724306
Page: 221
View: 1420

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The most comprehensive book about the Ouija board ever written! For more than a century, simple divination devices called "talking boards" have captivated millions of people curious about contacting the spirit world. The most famous is the Ouija, whose trademarked name has become synonymous with all boards. Ouija messages have inspired writers, artists, and musicians, and have played a part in murder, suicide, possession, treasure hunting, marriage, divorce and bizarre behavior. Authors Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Rick Fisher provide a detailed examination of the Ouija. They debunk myths and discuss how horror films have influenced popular opinion. Ouija Gone Wild features dozens of true stories collected over decades, many told in print for the first time., including tales of unexpected terror: "She realized she had a problem when an aggressive entity turned the planchette into a sex toy and sent it slithering up her thigh...""I glanced over at the heat vent and what I saw scared me so much I dove off of the chair and refused to touch this 'so called game' again. I saw two red eyes staring back at me through the grates...""Suddenly I was sucker punched in my stomach. The force of the blow made me slam face-forward onto the table. Clutching my stomach, I took my hand off the planchette..."Once you start, you won't be able to put it down!

Ghouls Gone Wild

Author: R.L. Stine
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0307495671
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 144
View: 8053

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Master horror writer and Goosebumps series author, R.L. Stine, delivers another spooky tale! Max’s parents are planning to sell their house and move the family far, far away. But Max can’t leave Nicky and Tara, the two ghosts who live with him. They need him. He’s the only one who can help them become kids again! Max has to stop his parents!

Writers Between the Covers

The Scandalous Romantic Lives of Legendary Literary Casanovas, Coquettes, and Cads
Author: Shannon McKenna Schmidt,Joni Rendon
Publisher: Plume
ISBN: 0452298466
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 286
View: 2926

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Details the scandalous breakups, controversial affairs, and fairy-tale romances of famous writers, including coverage of Norman Mailer's attack on his second wife at a party, Edith Wharton's secret lover, and Anaèis Nin's bigamous relationships.

Ein Akt der Gewalt

Author: Ryan David Jahn
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641053560
Category: Fiction
Page: 288
View: 6469

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Brutal, schockierend, berührend – ein literarisches Meisterwerk Es ist vier Uhr früh, als sich Katrina Marino auf den Heimweg macht. Die Straßen sind menschenleer, trotzdem hat Katrina das Gefühl, beobachtet zu werden. Als sie sich wenig später ihrer Haustür nähert, nimmt sie aus dem Augenwinkel eine Gestalt wahr. Noch bevor sie reagieren kann, ist der Angreifer über ihr und sticht mit einem Messer auf sie ein. Katrina fängt an zu schreien. Katrinas Nachbarn hören ihre Schreie. Alle schauen aus ihren Fenstern, doch wer unternimmt etwas? Auf dem Heimweg von der Arbeit wird Katrina Marino in den frühen Morgenstunden Opfer eines brutalen Überfalls. Der Angriff findet direkt vor ihrer Haustür statt – und unter den Augen ihrer Nachbarn, die fast ausnahmslos untätig bleiben. Jeder hat mit seinem eigenen kleinen Drama zu kämpfen. Der 19-jährige Patrick etwa, der zur Armee eingezogen werden soll, aber für seine kranke Mutter sorgen muss. Oder Diane, die sich mit ihrem Ehemann streitet, weil dieser sie betrügt. Sie hören Katrinas Schreie und sehen, dass vor ihrer Haustür etwas Schreckliches passiert. Katrina spürt die Betrachter und ihre Blicke und hofft auf Hilfe. Und sie kämpft gegen den Tod. „Ein Akt der Gewalt” basiert auf einer wahren Geschichte, dem Mord an Kitty Genovese, der 1964 weltweit für Schlagzeilen sorgte und dessen Umstände später unter dem Begriff Bystander-Effekt in die Kriminalgeschichte eingingen.

Der große Trip

Tausend Meilen durch die Wildnis zu mir selbst
Author: Cheryl Strayed
Publisher: Kailash Verlag
ISBN: 3641046025
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 448
View: 6574

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EAT, PRAY, LOVE meets Hape Kerkeling Gerade 26 geworden, hat Cheryl Strayed das Gefühl, alles verloren zu haben. Drogen und Männer trösten sie über den Tod ihrer Mutter und das Scheitern ihrer Ehe hinweg. Als ihr ein Outdoor-Führer über den Pacific Crest Trail in die Hände fällt, trifft sie die folgenreichste Entscheidung ihres Lebens: mehr als tausend Meilen zu wandern. Die berührende Geschichte einer Selbstfindung – voller Witz, Weisheit und Intensität, mit einer respektlosen Heldin, die man lieben muss.

Citizens Gone Wild

Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Hype and Glory
Author: George Zilbergeld
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 9780761842132
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 104
View: 8822

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Citizens Gone Wild is a practical step-by-step guide for anyone interested in thinking for themselves. In this breakthrough book, author George Zilbergeld identifies, explains, and demonstrates twelve specific methods of analysis that anyone can use for critical thinking and decision making. As readers learn these methods they will also be learning skills useful in any profession and will gain the confidence to confront experts in any field. The methods presented here are easy to learn, powerful, and intuitive enough that using them will instantly instill the confidence needed to speak up. Tested over a period of twenty-five years, these methods have been used in a variety of classes and civic groups for professors, teachers, and activist citizens. Citizens Gone Wild can play an important role in empowering students and citizens by providing them with the right methods to think, decide, and speak-up for themselves.


Brains Gone Wild
Author: Jonathan Chesner
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing
ISBN: 1575423863
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 145
View: 5133

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From an early age, actor Chesner knew that if he learned how to manage the difficulties of ADHD and harness its awesome powers, he would help other "special brains" by sharing this knowledge in a book to slay all other books. "ADHD in HD" is inspiring, upbeat, and fun and gives the unique perspective that ADHD isn't all bad--it can actually be a blessing in disguise.

Only Child

Writers on the Singular Joys and Solitary Sorrows of Growing Up Solo
Author: Deborah Siegel,Daphne Uviller
Publisher: Crown Archetype
ISBN: 0307409996
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 272
View: 8869

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Only children don’t have to share bedrooms, toys, or the backseat of a car. They don’t have to share allowances, inheritances, or their parents’ attention. But when they get into trouble, they can’t just blame their imaginary friends. In Only Child, twenty-one acclaimed writers tell the truth about life without siblings—the bliss of solitude, the ache of loneliness, and everything in between. In this unprecedented collection, writers like Judith Thurman, Kathryn Harrison, John Hodgman, and Peter Ho Davies reflect on the single, transforming episode that defined each of them as an only child. For some it came while lurking around the edges of a friend’s boisterous family, longing to be part of the chaos. For others, it came in sterile hospital halls, while single-handedly caring for a parent with cancer. They write about the parents who raised them, from the devoted to the dismissive. They describe what it’s like to be an only child of divorce, an only because of the death of a sibling, an only who reveled in it or an only who didn’t. In candid, poignant, and often hilarious essays, these authors—including the children of Erica Jong, Alice Walker, and Phyllis Rose—explore a lifetime of onliness. As adults searching for partners, they are faced with the unique challenge of trying to turn a longtime trio into a quartet. In deciding whether to give junior a sib, they weigh the benefits of producing the friend they never had against the fear that they will not know how to divide their love and attention among multiples. As they watch their parents age, they come face-to-face with the onus of being their family’s sole historian. Whether you’re an only child curious about how your experiences compare to others’, the partner or spouse of an only, a parent pondering whether to stop at one, or someone with siblings who’s always wondered how the other half lives, Only Child offers a look behind the scenes and into the hearts of twenty-one smart and sensitive writers as they reveal the truth about growing up—and being a grown-up—solo. From the Hardcover edition.

Faeries Gone Wild

Four Sensuous Stories
Author: MaryJanice Davidson,Michele Hauf,Lois Greiman,Leandra Logan
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 9781429917452
Category: Fiction
Page: 432
View: 7652

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Faeries Gone Wild MARYJANICE DAVIDSON "Tall, Dark and Not So Faery" Scarlett is not your typical pint-sized faery. At six feet, four inches tall, she's an unlikely candidate for a match made in heaven. But when she ventures to Cannon Falls, Minnesota, on royal orders to survey its extraordinary residents, she stumbles upon the one man who just may measure up to size... LOIS GREIMAN "Pixie Lust" William Timber is a cutthroat developer who refuses to let a few trees come between him and his next million. But when Avalina—a sparkling faery charged to protect all things green—comes to town, William is forced to choose between life as he knows it and the unknown reaches of his heart. MICHELE HAUF "Dust Me, Baby, One More Time" A librarian by day and a tooth faery by night, Sidney has absolutely no time to find Mr. Right. Until she flies smack dab into sexy, sun-bronzed Dart Sand, a man who makes her wings a-flutter...and whose allure could get her banished from the Mortal Realm. LEANDRA LOGAN "A Little Bit Faery" Tia is mystified when she strikes out on the Luna faery singles scene, in spite of her hourglass curves and vivacious charm. Then she takes off for Manhattan and lands on the doorstep of a steamy firefighter who sets her soul on fire—and shares a strong connection to her secret past.

Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting

Author: Ann Hood
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393241440
Category: Crafts & Hobbies
Page: 320
View: 5463

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“In this lovely anthology, Sue Grafton, Barbara Kingsolver, and other authors go public with their passion for knitting.”—People magazine, four stars “The impressive collection of writers here have contributed essays that celebrate knitting and knitters. They share their knitting triumphs and disasters as well as their life triumphs and disasters. . . . These essays will break your heart. They will have you laughing out loud.”—Ann Hood, from the introduction Why does knitting occupy a place in the hearts of so many writers? What’s so magical and transformative about yarn and needles? How does knitting help us get through life-changing events and inspire joy? In Knitting Yarns, twenty-seven writers tell stories about how knitting healed, challenged, or helped them to grow. Barbara Kingsolver describes sheering a sheep for yarn. Elizabeth Berg writes about her frustration at failing to knit. Ann Patchett traces her life through her knitting, writing about the scarf that knits together the women she’s loved and lost. Knitting a Christmas gift for his blind aunt helped Andre Dubus III knit an understanding with his girlfriend. Kaylie Jones finds the woman who used knitting to help raise her in France and heals old wounds. Sue Grafton writes about her passion for knitting. Also included are five original knitting patterns created by Helen Bingham. Poignant, funny, and moving, Knitting Yarns is sure to delight knitting enthusiasts and lovers of literature alike.

Goals Gone Wild!

101 Inspiring, Motivating, and Moderately Entertaining Stories of a Boy and His Goals
Author: Matt Poepsel PhD
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781475902556
Category: Self-Help
Page: 258
View: 7484

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Can a book that helps us find lasting success and happiness actually be fun to read? It can if its Goals Gone Wild! Visionary coach and humorist, Dr. Matt Poepsel, knows better than anyone what its like to seek personal improvement, set goals, and then watch your dreams come to fruition. In his collection of inspiring and entertaining stories, he shares candid and often witty anecdotes that identify personal improvement lessons that can help you get more out of life. With the goal of helping others tap into their potential, develop deeper self-awareness, and identify strengths, Dr. Poepsel creatively draws meaningful lessons from a variety of experiences including an aggressive Volvo driver, a razor-toothed puppy, and a broken CD player while exploring a wide range of personal development themes that lead others how to: Find great role models Form a unique brand of successful living Develop a renewed emphasis on focus Make changes for the better Shun negative self-talk Goals Gone Wild! is a thought-provoking, entertaining collection of stories, fun exercises, and practical tools designed to encourage others to clarify life goals, live in the moment, and discover true happiness.

Sherlock Holmes Jazz Age Parodies and Pastiches I

Author: Bill Peschel
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781717112972
Page: 368
View: 3006

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Parodies by Dashiell Hammett, Arthur Conan Doyle, and James Thurber The debut of Sherlock Holmes in The Strand magazine introduced one of fiction's most memorable heroes. Arthur Conan Doyle's spellbinding tales of mystery and detection, along with Holmes' deep friendship with Doctor Watson, touched the hearts of fans worldwide, and inspired imitations, parodies, songs, art, even erotica, that continues to this very day. "Sherlock Holmes Jazz Age Parodies and Pastiches I: 1920-1924" collects 38 pieces - short stories, poems, and cartoons - all published during this part of Conan Doyle's literary career. Included are stories by Dashiell Hammett, Arthur Conan Doyle, and James Thurber. Also included are much of the original art and more than 340 footnotes identifying obscure words, historical figures, and events that readers were familiar with at the time. Peschel Press' 223B Casebook series - named because they're "next door" to the original stories - is dedicated to publishing the fanfiction created by amateur and professional writers during Conan Doyle's lifetime. Each book covers an era, publication, or writer, and includes lively mini-essays containing insights into the work, Conan Doyle, and those who were inspired by him. A lifelong fan of mysteries, and Sherlock Holmes in particular, Bill Peschel is a former award-winning journalist living in Hershey. He is the annotator of novels by Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers, publisher of the three-volume Rugeley Poisoner series, and author of "Writers Gone Wild" (Penguin). Other Books by Bill Peschel:THE COMPLETE ANNOTATED SERIESThe Complete, Annotated Mysterious Affair at Styles (with Agatha Christie)The Complete, Annotated Secret Adversary (with Agatha Christie)The Complete, Annotated Whose Body? (with Dorothy L. Sayers) THE 223B CASEBOOK SERIESThe Early Punch Parodies of Sherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes Victorian Parodies and Pastiches: 1888-1899Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches I: 1900-1904Sherlock Holmes Edwardian Parodies and Pastiches II: 1905-1909Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches I: 1910-1914Sherlock Holmes Great War Parodies and Pastiches II: 1915-1919Sherlock Holmes Jazz Age Parodies and Pastiches I: 1920-1924Sherlock Holmes Jazz Age Parodies and Pastiches II: 1925-1930 THE RUGELEY POISONER SERIESThe Illustrated Life and Career of William PalmerThe Times Report of the Trial of William PalmerThe Life and Career of Dr. William Palmer of Rugeley OTHER BOOKSHell's Casino (Amazon Kindle Worlds)Writers Gone Wild

Going Wild with Forda Birds Volume One

Author: John Andreoni
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 0578041057
Category: History
Page: 154
View: 7092

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A selection collection of newspaper columns dealing with hunting, fishing, conservation, Ohio history, and various other outdoor related topics written between 1969 and 1979 by John Andreoni. This is Volume One of a planned four volume set covering 40 years of Andreoni's life as a local columnist.

Daughters Gone Wild, Dads Gone Crazy

Battle-Tested Tips From a Father and Daughter Who Survived the Teenage Years
Author: Charles Stone,Heather Stone
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 141851487X
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 240
View: 1955

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Fifteen psychologists, twelve secondary schools, four expulsions, four rehabs, two house-arrests and innumerable arguments... the cast and plot line for a season's worth of Law and Order? No. This was the real-life drama of Heather Stone's adolescence. Now in college, Heather, the once rebellious teen, has sat down with her father to pen an insider's guide for parents and teens alike. Charles and Heather don't offer Cleaver family ideals or promise Brady Bunch thirty-minute solutions. They, instead, share the realities of their 6-year nightmare, in the hopes of fostering hope for the millions of families trying to survive the years from thirteen to eighteen. Replete with faith, honesty, and practicality, it offers readers nine practical lessons and provides a compass for even the worst tempests of teen rebellion.