Work Inequalities in the Crisis

Evidence from Europe
Author: Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 0857937510
Category: Social Science
Page: 616
View: 2020

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'Who are the losers and the occasional winners in the current economic crisis? How have employers responded to the slump in economic growth? What lessons can be learned both from their and government labour policies? Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead, and a team of leading researchers address these questions applying the latest data and research including company case studies from across Europe, including Turkey and the transition economies. They observe some similarities, but also enormous differences. They find novel answers as the policies developed over the past two decades to foster greater flexibility have altered the way firms respond to market changes. Are all these changes socially desirable? The authors are to be congratulated for providing such a detailed panorama and frank assessment which will be of value to both academic and policy readers.' David Marsden, London School of Economics, UK 'Since the successive crises erupted the increase in inequality has not been addressed. This important publication offers a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the workplace. It will help to promote a different policy agenda that is desperately needed to overcome the causes and consequences of the crisis, namely addressing work inequalities.' Philippe Pochet, Catholic University of Louvain la Neuve, Belgium, and General Director of the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), Brussels, Belgium Work Inequalities in the Crisis provides an in-depth overview of the effects of the crisis on inequalities in the world of work. It examines these inequalities multi-dimensionally, looking at employment, wages and incomes, working conditions and social dialogue. At the same time, it investigates whether the crisis may halt the progress made in Europe towards better quality jobs and working conditions. This book offers a unique combination of research, case studies and policy discussions. An assessment of national trends in 30 European countries precedes case studies of 14 of them, in which noted European specialists report on individual enterprises or sectors. The volume's survey of national- and local-level policy solutions contributes to identifying those responses that strengthen economic competitiveness, preserve social cohesion and do not deepen inequalities. This timely resource will be of particular interest to academics, students and researchers in labour economics, to policymakers, and to those involved in European studies more generally.

The Crisis for Young People

Generational Inequalities in Education, Work, Housing and Welfare
Author: Andy Green
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9783319585468
Category: Education
Page: 161
View: 2453

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This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This book provides an original and challenging analysis of one of the most pressing social issues of our times: intergenerational inequality. Based on recent mixed-method research, it explores the extent and scope of generational divides through an up-to-date analysis of the changing opportunities for young people in Britain across different life domains. A central question addressed is whether current changes are best understood as growing inequalities within and across age groups, or whether we face a genuine intergenerational decline over the life course of this and future generations of youth. Andy Green’s controversial manifesto for intergenerational equity includes replacing higher education fees with a tax on graduates of all ages; the introduction of capital gains tax on sales of first homes; voting at 16, and a new charter of rights for private tenants.

European Social Models from Crisis to Crisis

Employment and Inequality in the Era of Monetary Integration
Author: Jon Erik Dølvik,Andrew Martin
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198717962
Category: Political Science
Page: 442
View: 3219

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This book analyzes how the transformation of the European political economies - stretching from the crisis after German re-unification and through the Great Recession - has influenced the social models, employment, and inequality in Western Europe.

Public Sector Shock

The Impact of Policy Retrenchment in Europe
Author: Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1781955352
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 656
View: 7715

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ÔThis is a fascinating, rich and comprehensive analytical account of the causes and consequences of austerity measures affecting the public sector in terms of pay and employment. The editors have assembled a broad array of contributions that really reflect the diversity within Europe, both in terms of how deep the financial crisis hit, and the drivers of public sector reforms. An absorbing and thought-provoking read.Õ Ð Jacqueline OÕReilly, University of Brighton, UK After a first series of policy responses to the 2008Ð09 crisis aimed at sustaining domestic demand through expansionary anti-crisis packages, most European governments Ð starting with Greece, Ireland, Bulgaria and Romania, and followed by many others Ð have since put in place a series of restrictive budgetary policies aimed at reducing their budget deficits. With these new policies, a significant number of jobs and wages have been cut in the public sector. A number of expenditure items related to education and training have also been cut. These reforms have given rise to waves of protest throughout Europe. The goal of this volume is to study this Ôpublic sector shockÕ. While budgetary reforms seek to ensure a more balanced and sound economic policy, they may generate new work inequalities among public sector employees, most particularly among women, who account for a considerable proportion of public sector employment. Cuts in education and training may also have an impact on the quality of human capital in both the public and private sectors, despite the fact that the recent crisis has shown the value of education as employees with better skills and training are more likely to maintain their jobs and incomes. The authors explore a number of questions, including: what types of reform have been implemented in the public sector and what are their implications in both the short and long term? On the economic side, what will be the impact on wages, and on job quantity and quality? On the social side, what will the effects be on inequality and social cohesion? And what will be the outcome for, and potential role of, social partners and social dialogue? On the basis of a comparative and comprehensive assessment, illustrated by case studies in education, health and public administration, policy issues are discussed with the aim of finding the right mix of public sector reforms.

Changing Inequalities in Rich Countries

Analytical and Comparative Perspectives
Author: Wiemer Salverda,Brian Nolan,Daniele Checchi,Ive Marx,Abigail McKnight,István György Tóth,Herman van de Werfhorst
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191511110
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 392
View: 7274

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There has been a remarkable upsurge of debate about increasing inequalities and their societal implications, reinforced by the economic crisis but bubbling to the surface before it. This has been seen in popular discourse, media coverage, political debate, and research in the social sciences. The central questions addressed by this book, and the major research project GINI on which it is based, are: - Have inequalities in income, wealth and education increased over the past 30 years or so across the rich countries, and if so why? - What are the social, cultural and political impacts of increasing inequalities in income, wealth and education? - What are the implications for policy and for the future development of welfare states? In seeking to answer these questions, this book adopts an interdisciplinary approach that draws on economics, sociology, and political science, and applies this approach to learning from the experiences over the last three decades of European countries together with the USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, and South Korea. It combines comparative research with lessons from specific country experiences, and highlights the challenges in seeking to adequately assess the factors underpinning increasing inequalities and to identify the channels through which these may impact on key social and political outcomes, as well as the importance of framing inequality trends and impacts in the institutional and policy context of the country in question.

The Economic Crisis in Social and Institutional Context

Theories, Policies and Exit Strategies
Author: Sebastiano Fadda,Pasquale Tridico
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131761741X
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 226
View: 1310

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This book explores the foundations of the current economic crisis. Offering a heterodox approach to interpretation it examines the policies implemented before and during the crisis, and the main institutions that shaped the model of advanced economies, particularly in the last two decades. The first part of the book provides a theoretical analysis of the crisis. The roots of the ‘great recession’ are divided into fundamentals with origins in financial liberalisation, financial innovation and income distribution, and complementary or contributory factors such as the international imbalances, the monetary policy,and the role of credit rating agencies. Part II suggests various paths to recovery while emphasising that it will be necessary to develop alternative strategies for sustainable economic recovery and growth. These strategies will require genuine political support and a new 'great European vision' to address major issues concerning the EU such as unemployment, structural regional differences and federalism. Drawing on various schools of thought, this book explains the complexities of the crisis through a wider evolutionary-institutional and heterodox framework.

Public Action in the crisis

Toward a reneval in France and in Europe?
Author: Philippe Bance
Publisher: Publication Univ Rouen Havre
ISBN: 2877759423
Page: 336
View: 4714

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Confronted with the major crisis that struck the world economy at the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, analysts, researches, and political leaders studied past experiences to avoid repeating errors of diagnosis, recommendation, or action. The disatrous experience of the Great Depression of the 1930's, which caused and social misery, messive unemployment, protectionism forms of nationalism, and led to a world war whose devastating effects were pushed to an extreme, remained in mind.

Inequality and Instability

A Study of the World Economy Just Before the Great Crisis
Author: James K. Galbraith
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199930864
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 336
View: 9051

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As Wall Street rose to dominate the U.S. economy, income and pay inequalities in America came to dance to the tune of the credit cycle. As the reach of financial markets extended across the globe, interest rates, debt, and debt crises became the dominant forces driving the rise of economic inequality almost everywhere. Thus the "super-bubble" that investor George Soros identified in rich countries for the two decades after 1980 was a super-crisis for the 99 percent-not just in the U.S. but the entire world. Inequality and Instability demonstrates that finance is the driveshaft that links inequality to economic instability. The book challenges those, mainly on the right, who see mysterious forces of technology behind rising inequality. And it also challenges those, mainly on the left, who have placed the blame narrowly on trade and outsourcing. Inequality and Instability presents straightforward evidence that the rise of inequality mirrors the stock market in the U.S. and the rise of finance and of free-market policies elsewhere. Starting from the premise that fresh argument requires fresh evidence, James K. Galbraith brings new data to bear as never before, presenting information built up over fifteen years in easily understood charts and tables. By measuring inequality at the right geographic scale, Galbraith shows that more equal societies systematically enjoy lower unemployment. He shows how this plays out inside Europe, between Europe and the United States, and in modern China. He explains that the dramatic rise of inequality in the U.S. in the 1990s reflected a finance-driven technology boom that concentrated incomes in just five counties, very remote from the experience of most Americans-which helps explain why the political reaction was so slow to come. That the reaction is occurring now, however, is beyond doubt. In the aftermath of the Great Financial Crisis, inequality has become, in America and the world over, the central issue. A landmark work of research and original insight, Inequality and Instability will change forever the way we understand this pivotal topic.

The Crisis of Welfare in East Asia

Author: James Lee,Kam-wah Chan
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739146661
Category: Social Science
Page: 286
View: 8944

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The Crisis of Welfare in East Asia adopts a unique and critical perspective on contemporary social welfare policies in East Asia. This edited volume reflects on current welfare theories and challenges the dominant productivist ideology that overemphasizes the influence of work and family. James Lee and Kam-Wah Chan bring together authors from different social policy domains to provide an updated assessment of inadequacies and limitations in current social policies as well as the problematic theories guiding them. The authors demystify the so-called 'East Asian Welfare Model' and reengage themselves in the identification of an appropriate welfare ideology, which includes a selective integration of social policy and economic development. The Crisis of Welfare in East Asia is a dynamic and enlightening read that will interest students of public policy and those interested in welfare capitalism.

Gender Inequalities, Households and the Production of Well-Being in Modern Europe

Author: Assoc Prof Tindara Addabbo,Dr Alastair Owens,Dr Cristina Borderías,Ms Marie-Pierre Arrizabalaga
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409492761
Category: Social Science
Page: 340
View: 2840

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Feminist scholars have long pointed out the relevance of the unpaid work that goes on within European households in sustaining the well-being of the continent's populations. However, care work and domestic labour continue to be largely unremunerated and unequally distributed by gender. This unique volume of interdisciplinary essays casts new light on the roles that households play in securing the well-being of individuals and families, uncovering the processes of bargaining and accommodation, and conflict and compromise that underpin them. Contributors put gender at the centre of their analyses, demonstrating the uneven experiences of men and women as both providers and receivers of welfare in European households, in both the past and the present. As European states grapple with changing family forms, a growing population of dependent people, increased participation of women in labour markets and a profound shift in the nature and organisation of work, this book makes a timely contribution to our understanding of the critical role played by households in mediating processes of economic and social change. It offers new challenges to scholars, researchers and policy makers eager to address gender inequalities and enhance well-being. This book is the second of four volumes being published as part of Ashgate's 'Gender and Well-Being' series that arise from a programme of international symposia funded by the European Science Foundation under the auspices of COST (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research).

Gender Inequalities in the 21st Century

New Barriers and Continuing Constraints
Author: Jacqueline L. Scott,Rosemary Crompton,Clare Lyonette
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1849805563
Category: Social Science
Page: 320
View: 4448

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Both women and men strive to achieve a work and family balance, but does this imply more or less equality? Does the persistence of gender and class inequalities refute the notion that lives are becoming more individualised? This book documents how gender inequalities are changing and how many inequalities of earlier eras are being eradicated.

Die Abstiegsgesellschaft

Über das Aufbegehren in der regressiven Moderne
Author: Oliver Nachtwey
Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag
ISBN: 3518736272
Category: Political Science
Page: 200
View: 6360

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Die Möglichkeit des sozialen Aufstiegs war eines der zentralen Versprechen der »alten« BRD – und tatsächlich wurde es meistens eingelöst: Aus dem Käfer wurde ein Audi, aus Facharbeiterkindern Akademiker. Mittlerweile ist der gesellschaftliche Fahrstuhl stecken geblieben: Uniabschlüsse bedeuten nicht mehr automatisch Status und Sicherheit, Arbeitnehmer bekommen immer weniger ab vom großen Kuchen. Oliver Nachtwey analysiert die Ursachen dieses Bruchs und befasst sich mit dem Konfliktpotenzial, das dadurch entsteht: Selbst wenn Deutschland bislang relativ glimpflich durch die Krise gekommen sein mag, könnten auch hierzulande bald soziale Auseinandersetzungen auf uns zukommen, die heute bereits die Gesellschaften Südeuropas erschüttern.

The Long Wave in the World Economy

The Current Crisis in Historical Perspective
Author: Andrew Tylecote
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136104682
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 352
View: 6715

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Long waves are cycles of some fifty years duration in which a period of rapid expansion is followed by one of slow growth of stagnation. This book provides a critical examination of long wave theory and an original explanation of long fluctuations which is highly relevant to the current crisis in the world economy.

Gender, Migration and Domestic Work

Masculinities, Male Labour and Fathering in the UK and USA
Author: M. Kilkey,D. Perrons,A. Plomien
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 113730393X
Category: Social Science
Page: 213
View: 4599

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Based on studies conducted in the UK and USA, this book investigates the experiences of suppliers and consumers of masculinized domestic services, exploring issues such as increasing inequality, migration, the rise of commoditized domestic services, contemporary masculinities and the gendering of paid work.

Impact of Global Crisis on Migrant Workers and Families

A Survey-Based Analysis with a Gender Perspective
Author: Asian Development Bank
Publisher: Asian Development Bank
ISBN: 9292540602
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 172
View: 8158

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This publication examines the impact of the crisis among migrant workers and their families---with gender perspective---to provide useful information for better evidence-based policy making. Based on household surveys in Indonesia and the Philippines, the results show that women are in worse condition and are more vulnerable than men. Women migrants still have lower education and skills, reflected in their inferior jobs. They face greater difficulties in reintegration when they return, forcing them to return abroad. Women also bear a heavier burden due to their gendered role in the family, and those who stay are more often unemployed or in vulnerable employment. Moreover, despite strong views that the man should be the breadwinner and the one going abroad, the increasing feminization of current migration indicates that necessity is a strong push factor forcing more women to go abroad. These findings further strengthen the call for considering gender in migration policies.

Women and Work

Inequality in the Canadian Labour Market
Author: Paul Phillips,Erin Phillips
Publisher: James Lorimer & Company
ISBN: 9781550287066
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 236
View: 7053

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Contents: 1 Women's Work in Canada: The Historical Perspective 2 Participation in the Workplace 3 Wages and Inequality 4 The Economics of Market Dualism 5 Technology, Free Trade, and Economic Restructuring: Women and the New Economic Order 6 Women and the Labour Movement 7 The Future: Proposals for Change Notes on Sources and Further Reading

The Oxford Handbook of Employment Relations

Author: Adrian Wilkinson,Geoffrey Wood,Richard Deeg
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191651494
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 760
View: 6414

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There have been numerous accounts exploring the relationship between institutions and firm practices. However, much of this literature tends to be located into distinct theoretical-traditional 'silos', such as national business systems, social systems of production, regulation theory, or varieties of capitalism, with limited dialogue between different approaches to enhance understanding of institutional effects. Again, evaluations of the relationship between institutions and employment relations have tended to be of the broad-brushstroke nature, often founded on macro-data, and with only limited attention being accorded to internal diversity and details of actual practice. The Handbook aims to fill this gap by bringing together an assembly of comprehensive and high quality chapters to enable understanding of changes in employment relations since the early 1970s. Theoretically-based chapters attempt to link varieties of capitalism, business systems, and different modes of regulation to the specific practice of employment relations, and offer a truly comparative treatment of the subject, providing frameworks and empirical evidence for understanding trends in employment relations in different parts of the world. Most notably, the Handbook seeks to incorporate at a theoretical level regulationist accounts and recent work that link bounded internal systemic diversity with change, and, at an applied level, a greater emphasis on recent applied evidence, specifically dealing with the employment contract, its implementation, and related questions of work organization. It will be useful to academics and students of industrial relations, political economy, and management.