Women's Football in the UK

Continuing with Gender Analyses
Author: Jayne Caudwell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317966228
Category: Social Science
Page: 158
View: 6095

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This book examines the complex ways in which girls and women experience football cultures in Britain. It extends current debate surrounding women and football (namely, how gender has functioned to shape women’s experiences of playing the game), by focusing on organisational, administrative and coaching practices, alongside the particular issues surrounding sexuality, ethnicity and disability (not only gender). The book analyses football and gender to reveal the subtle forms of discrimination that persist. It is important to highlight the many challenges and transformations made by girls and women but more importantly to consider the ways power continues to operate to devalue and undermine girls and women involved in the game. The UK-based authors make use of their recent research findings to offer critical debate on girls’ and women’s current experiences of British football cultures. Overall the book reveals the present day complexities of marginalisation and exclusion. This book was published as a special issue of Sport and Society.

A Game for Rough Girls?

A History of Women's Football in Britain
Author: Jean Williams
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135136149
Category: Social Science
Page: 240
View: 9872

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Can we truly call football England's 'national' game? How have we arrived at this point of such clear inequality between men's and women's football? Between 1921 and 1972, women were banned from playing in football League grounds in the UK. Yet in 1998 FIFA declared that "the future is feminine" and that football was the fastest growing sport for women globally. The result of several years of original research, the book traces the continuities in women's participation since the beginnings of the game, and highlights the significant moments that have influenced current practice. The text provides: *insight into the communities and individual experiences of players, fans, investors, administrators and coaches *examination of the attitudes and role of national and international associations *analysis of the development of the professional game *comparisons with women's football in mainland Europe, the USA and Africa. A Game for Rough Girls is the first text to properly theorize the development of the game. Examining recreational and elite levels, the author provides a thorough critique, placing women's experience in the context of broader cultural and sports studies debates on social change, gender, power and global economics.

The Roar of the Lionesses

Women's Football in England
Author: Carrie Dunn
Publisher: Pitch Publishing
ISBN: 1785312391
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 256
View: 4435

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Millions watched the 2015 Women's World Cup as the England Lionesses roared in Canada, winning bronze. Their fighting spirit and fabulous skill captured the fascination of the entire country as their campaign unfolded in the small hours of the 2015 summer mornings. On the back of this success, attendances in the FA Women's Super League increased, as interest in women's football accelerated. Top stars talked enthusiastically about the dawn of a new era for women's football. Carrie Dunn spent a year following some of the most famous - and not so famous - female footballers in the country, to see what the future holds for women's football. Can the smaller, lower-profile teams ever compete with the big bucks and big names of the Women's Super League? How are grassroots clubs going to rise to the top when elite divisions of women's football depend on the award of licences? Can the women win a World Cup before the men do? And if they do, what reward and recognition will they get? Roar of the Lionesses tells the tale of an increasingly popular, yet still woefully underrepresented sport.

Women on the ball

a guide to women's football
Author: Sue Lopez
Publisher: Scarlet Pr
ISBN: 9781857270167
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 274
View: 1019

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Women's football is the fastest growing international sport for women and Women on the Ball is the first book to give a comprehensive account of the women's game. It details the pioneering players and clubs, and includes many interviews

A Beautiful Game

Internaitonal Perspectives on Women's Football
Author: Jean Williams
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1845206754
Category: Social Science
Page: 212
View: 6871

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FIFA, the world governing body of association football, declared 'The Future is Feminine' in a 1995 press release. Since then, football has been claimed as the fastest growing participation sport for women globally. An estimated twenty million women play the game around the world, and that figure is on the rise. However, the history of women's participation goes back to at least 1895 and in our enthusiasm for the present, the memory of that longer history can be overlooked or forgotten. A Beautiful Game, supported by a two-year FIFA/ CIES João Havelange Research Scholarship, examines contemporary women's football internationally, with case studies from England, the United States, China and Australia. In each case study, Jean Williams considers the evolution of the women's game against a backdrop of issues, such as media representation, access to facilities, lack of resources, coaching, sponsorship, talent identification, training and professionalisation. T he author examines contentious questions, such as why women are absent from the highest levels of professional football, combining source material from archives, oral history and artefacts. A Beautiful Game analyses the status and image of the women's game from the late nineteenth century to the shifting social values of the present.

Football and the Women's World Cup

Organisation, Media and Fandom
Author: Carrie Dunn
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137567333
Category: Social Science
Page: 95
View: 3733

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Women's football is the fastest growing participation sport in both the UK and across the world, and the 2015 Women's World Cup was the biggest tournament the sport had ever seen. This book explores the experience of fans of women's football who followed their teams in Canada, examining their practices and fan behaviour. How did host cities manage the influx of visitors? And how did fans manage to support their teams, considering the vast amounts of travel expected across such a big country? Dunn also examines the way that the England team is structured and run, relating this to the country's domestic competition, as well as assessing the media coverage of women's football globally. This research is all framed within the author's own experiences of the Women's World Cup, as both an academic and as a sports journalist.

Footballer: My Story

Author: Kelly Smith
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446488594
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 368
View: 520

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All Kelly Smith ever wanted to be was a footballer. Blessed with brilliant talent which she honed with hours of practice, it was soon clear to all who saw her that Kelly was the best women’s footballer that this country had ever produced. Yet for this shy girl from Watford, it would be a long and difficult journey to the pinnacle of the world game, and one which would involve the hardest of challenges. After starting drinking to mask her loneliness thousands of miles from home in the United States, a series of career-threatening injuries led to severe depression and a battle with alcoholism. But with the fighting spirit that was so essential on her path to be Britain’s first women’s professional player, Kelly bounced back to inspire Arsenal to countless trophies and become England’s record goalscorer. Footballer: My Story is the inspirational tale of a woman with a drive to succeed. It is the unique inside story of a star in a sport enjoyed by millions yet often not granted the recognition it deserves. And as she nears the end of a glittering playing career, it is the story of how Kelly Smith became what she always wanted to be. A professional footballer, in a professional league.

Girls with Balls - The Secret History of Women's Football

Author: Tim Tate
Publisher: John Blake Publishing
ISBN: 1782196862
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 300
View: 7294

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IN THEIR DAY THEY WERE BIGGER THAN BECKHAM. THEY WERE THE WORKING CLASS FACTORY GIRLS WHO PLAYED IN FRONT OF VAST CROWDS THROUGHT BRITAIN AND BECAME CELEBRITIES ACROSS THE WORLD. THEY THREATENED THE ENTIRE MALE-DOMINATED BASTION OF 20TH CENTURY FOOTBALL. SO THE FA PLOTTED TO SHUT THEM DOWN.Boxing Day 1920, and 53,000 men, women and children pack inside Goodison Park. The extraordinary crowds have come to watch two rivals play a match for charity. But this is no ordinary charity fixture. Eleven of the players are international celebrities and their team is the biggest draw in British - and world - football. Yet they are all full-time factory workers - and they are women. They are the ladies of Dick Kerr electrical works. And the male football establishment is terrified by them.With the men away fighting from 1914-1918, most of the workers in the factories of northern England were women. And many factories had a ladies' football team. In December 1917, the team from Dick Kerr factory challenged the ladies of the nearby Arundel Coulthard Foundry to a charity match. It was the first of 828 games for Dick Kerr Ladies as over the decades they scored more than 3,500 goals and raised the equivalent of ?1million for an array of charities.By 1920, ladies' football was a major spectator sport. But away from the cheering terraces the bastions of professional men's football viewed the mass popularity of women's soccer with increasing alarm. On 5 December 1921 the Football Association met in London. After a brief debate behind closed doors it unanimously passed an urgent resolution: women's football was banned from all professional grounds.Dick Kerr Ladies did not give in, playing their matches on parkland with thousands of spectators turning up to watch. But constant pressure from the FA meant that one by one, teams began to fold. It would take until 1971 for the FA to lift its ban. Today, women's football has once again claimed a place in the global game. But it came too late for the pioneers of the sport: Preston Ladies - nee Dick Kerr Ladies - played their last match in 1969.Girls With Balls tells the extraordinary story of the time when women ruled the football world. With recollections from the last remaining member of the team from Dick Kerr's glory years and a treasure trove of contemporary photographs, this is the missing chapter in the history of football - its last great secret. It is a story of men with power, wealth and a fiefdom to protect. But above all, it is a story of girls with balls.

The Lady Footballers

Struggling to Play in Victorian Britain
Author: James Lee
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317996771
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 160
View: 2557

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This book tells the story of ‘the Lady Footballers’. It covers their 1895 and 1896 tours through the eyes of the largely unsympathetic British press. It explains gender issues of the time, and the financial problems that doomed this experiment. Despite increasing opportunities in sport for British women during the late nineteenth century, virtually every segment of society opposed the idea of women playing football. In 1895, Nettie Honeyball and Florence Dixie formed the British Ladies’ Football Club (BLFC) intending to introduce the game to women and girls as a means of recreation and profit, over 10,000 spectators crowded the football ground in London to watch the BLFC in its first match. Nearly every London newspaper covered the event. These women endured public ridicule. They ignited the gender prejudice of the time, and confronted it head on wearing ‘men’s’ kit, and playing ‘men’s rules.’ Football's mystique was that it was a manly sport for men, thus these women footballers symbolized a paradox: those playing well were gender freaks; those not playing well proved it was a male game. This book was published as a special issue of the International Journal of the History of Sport.

Three Lions on Her Shirt

The England Women's Story
Author: Catherine Etoe,Natalia Sollohub
Publisher: Stadia
ISBN: 9780752444482
Category: Soccer for women
Page: 256
View: 5803

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Describes the struggles and dangers that England's women footballers face including juggling intensive training schedules with jobs, studies and motherhood, and career-threatening injuries.

Female Football Players and Fans

Intruding into a Man's World
Author: Gertrud Pfister,Stacey Pope
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137590254
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 319
View: 8568

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This volume draws upon social science and historical approaches to provide insights into the world of women’s football and female fans. It gives an in-depth analysis of the development of the women’s game in different European countries and examines the experiences of female fans. An overview about women’s football in Europe shows the rise and development of the game and the increasing inclusion of girls and women in football and fan communities. To date, there has been a lack of research on female participation in football, but drawing on research studies from various European countries, the volume explores a range of issues, including how girls and women become football fans and players, how women combine football with their everyday lives, and how they may encounter stereotypes and barriers when they challenge male dominance by entering this traditionally male sport. This collection will be of interest to students and scholars in a range of fields, including sports sociology, sport sciences, gender studies, leisure studies, women’s studies as well as fandom and cultural studies.

Football and the FA Women’s Super League

Structure, Governance and Impact
Author: C. Dunn,J. Welford
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137480327
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 112
View: 7877

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Women's football is the fastest growing participation sport in the UK. This book critically explores women's elite football from a sociological perspective, analysing the growth, governance and impact of the FA Women's Super League from its inception onwards.


Author: Sabrina Mahfouz,Hollie McNish
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1350040797
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 72
View: 2071

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The women you've seen play today, we are more than football players, more than athletes and sportspeople of the very highest degree. We are heroines or heroes - or however you wanna say it – and we should be taking our place on posters and platforms and TV stations, changing the way perfect is thought of, changing the way girls can be brought up. Offside tells the story of women's football in the UK through the eyes of a modern professional female footballer as she seeks to find a future in the game through exploring its past. Mickey is alone in the locker room; she deliberates with herself about the biggest decision of her life, her career, her love – her football. But in a world where sexism is rife and a feeling of self-limitation reduces opportunities, fear makes for poor decisions while joy flourishes in the unlikeliest of places. Offside has been researched with top women's teams, Manchester City Women's FC and Millwall Lionesses, where many players, sports scientists and others who are integral to the development of the game have been interviewed to gain an in-depth insight into their world. The play blends a dramatic narrative with performance poetry and chanting to evoke the pace and passion of the women's game. The production, by Futures Theatre, has been developed in partnership with the National Football Museum, Manchester, and the IWM, London.

Under the Lights and In the Dark

Untold Stories of Women’s Soccer
Author: Gwendolyn Oxenham
Publisher: Icon Books
ISBN: 1785781545
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 173
View: 2212

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Under the Lights and in the Dark: Untold Stories of Women's Soccer takes an unprecedented look inside the lives of professional football players around the world – from precarious positions in underfunded teams and leagues, to sold-out stadiums and bright lights. Award-winning filmmaker and journalist Gwendolyn Oxenham tells the stories of the phenoms, underdogs, and nobodies – players willing to follow the game wherever it takes them. Under the Lights and in the Dark takes us inside the world of women’s soccer, following players across the globe, from Portland Thorns star Allie Long, who trains in an underground men’s league in New York City; to English national Fara Williams, who hid her homelessness from her teammates while playing for the English national team. Oxenham takes us to Voronezh, Russia, where players battle more than just snowy pitches in pursuing their dream of playing pro, and to a refugee camp in Denmark, where Nadia Nadim, now a Danish international star, honed her skills after her family fled from the Taliban. Whether you’re a newcomer to the sport or a die-hard fan, this is an inspiring book about stars’ beginnings and adventures, struggles and hardship, and, above all, the time-honored romance of the game.

The First Ever Women's Football Yearbook 2017/18

Author: Chris Slegg
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781783240722
Category: Football teams
Page: 286
View: 5167

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For the first time, a yearbook dedicated to women's football in England. Coverage of the top six divisions and top 90 clubs in English football. Exclusive interviews with key figures at the 10 WSLI clubs.

Soccer, Women, Sexual Liberation

Kicking Off a New Era
Author: Fan Hong,J. A. Mangan
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780714684086
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 286
View: 6640

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This is the first in-depth global study of women's football across the world. This collection considers women's football, in fifteen countries worldwide, in a global context, and analyzes its progress, challenges and problems it has faced. It shows how women's football has made a significant contribution to the emancipation of women's football in many countries. It also traces the evolution of women's football in face of resistance, rejection and prejudice and describes women footballer's struggle for equal rights in a male dominated football world.

The Feminization of Sports Fandom

A Sociological Study
Author: Stacey Pope
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317425391
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 280
View: 9052

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Women fans have entered the traditionally male domain of the sports stadium in growing numbers in recent years. Watching professional sport is important for women for so many reasons, but their expectations and experiences have been largely ignored by academics. This book tackles these shortcomings in the literature and sheds new light on the many ways in which women become sports fans. This groundbreaking study is the first to focus on the phenomenon of the feminization of sports fandom. Including original research on football and rugby union in the UK, it looks at the increasing opportunities for women to become sports fans in contemporary society and critically examines the way this form of leisure is valued by women. Drawing upon feminist thinking and intersectionality, it shows how women from different social classes and age groups consume the spectacle of sport. This book is fascinating reading for any student or scholar interested in sport and leisure studies, sociology and gender or women’s studies.

Football for Girls

An Introductory Step-by-step Guide
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781858685885
Category: Soccer for women
Page: 80
View: 9249

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Brings together in-depth analysis of the rules, detailed descriptions of the techniques and expert advice on the tactics of the game. It contains hints and tips and training exercises both for honing individual skills and developing team play.

Boots and Laces

Author: Maysun Butros
Publisher: Thomas Reed Publications
ISBN: 9781903022146
Category: Soccer for women
Page: 143
View: 7435

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The Reasons for the Absence of Women's Football in England

Author: Aggy Gartner
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3638705188
Page: 84
View: 4559

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Thesis (M.A.) from the year 2005 in the subject English - Applied Geography, grade: 1,7, Humboldt-University of Berlin (Institut fuer Anglistik und Amerikanistik/ Grossbritannien Zentrum Berlin), 59 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Diese Magisterarbeit beschaftigt sich mit den Ursachen, die dazu beigetragen haben, dass Frauenfussball in England, im Gegensatz zu fuhrenden Frauenfussballnationen wie Norwegen, Deutschland und den USA, stark marginalisiert wird. Den Ausgangspunkt der Arbeit bildet ein Uberblick uber die Geschichte des englischen Frauenfussballs, im Anschluss dazu werden die funf Ursachen diskutiert. Die erste Ursache liegt darin, dass Fussball besonders in England immer noch fast ausschliesslich als Mannersport" betrachtet wird. Dazu werden die Entwicklung und Erfolge von Frauenfussballnationen wie Norwegen, Deutschland und den USA betrachtet. Die zweite Ursache fur die Probleme, die der englische Frauenfussball zu bewaltigen versucht, ist in dem zwiespaltigen Einfluss der English Football Association auf die Entwicklung des Frauenfussballs mit seinen strukturellen Barrieren fur weibliche Fuhrungskrafte, zu sehen. Eine dritte Ursache ist die kontroverse Berichterstattung der englischen Medien besonders im Fernsehen und in den Zeitungen, die Sexualitat und Stereotype von Fussballerinnen konstruieren. Ein weiterer Grund ist der Einfluss des englischen Bildungssystems (Schulen und Universitaten) auf die Frauenfussballforderung mit dem Unterschied zwischen der Primary und Secondary Education (Grundschul- und Sekundarstufe). Last but not least spielt die englische Gesetzgebung eine Rolle wie beispielsweise der Sex Discrimination Act. In diesem werden unter anderem die unterschiedlichen Zugangsmoglichkeiten von Madchen und Jungen zu Sportprogrammen dargestellt, wie am Beispiel von Theresa Bennett gezeigt werden soll. Im Vergleich dazu wird die US-amerikanische Gleichstellungsgesetzgebung, das so genannte Title IX-Gesetz, betrachtet.