Environmental Issues in China Today

A View from Japan
Author: Hidefumi Imura
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 4431541209
Category: Science
Page: 148
View: 6307

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Economic development and environmental issues in China are attracting more and more attention internationally as the country’s large population and vast demands for food, energy, water, minerals, and other resources play an increasingly important role in deciding the fate of the world. There is great interest in learning more about environmental issues in China, but it is not easy to obtain accurate, relevant information because the issues are diverse and are complex phenomena resulting from the interconnections among natural resource constraints and political, social, and institutional systems. This book originally was published in Japanese with the aim of providing Japanese readers with a holistic picture of what was taking place in China with respect to its air, water, energy, and land. The author then prepared an English edition of the same material to use as a book of readings for the Global Environmental Leaders Program at Nagoya University, where he taught many students from Asia and Europe. The book covers the most important environmental issues in China—climatic change, water, air, energy, and resources—together with ongoing policy responses, based on the author’s active involvement in a number of study projects and international cooperation projects in that country. This volume will help readers to understand the causes and results of environmental problems in China and will encourage them to think more deeply about the environmental implications of the country’s rapid economic growth.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fifty Views of Japan

The 1905 Photo Album
Author: Melanie Birk,Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Foundation
Publisher: Pomegranate
ISBN: 9780764900037
Category: Photography
Page: 128
View: 9880

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This book is filled with rare images showing Frank Lloyd Wright the photographer as well as Wright the tourist, the architect, and the collector.

Russian Views of Japan, 1792-1913

An Anthology of Travel Writing
Author: David N. Wells
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0415297303
Category: History
Page: 213
View: 6773

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Before Japan was 'opened up' in the 1850s, contact with Russia as well as other western maritime nations was extremely limited. Yet from the early eighteenth century onwards, as a result of their expanding commercial interests in East Asia and the North Pacific, Russians had begun to encounter Japanese and were increasingly eager to establish diplomatic and trading relations with Japan. This book presents rare narratives written by Russians, including official envoys, scholars and, later, tourists, who visited Japan between 1792 and 1913. The introduction and notes set these narratives in the context of the history of Russo-Japanese relations and the genre of European travel writing, showing how the Russian writers combined ethnographic interests with the assertion of Russian and European values, simultaneously inscribing power relations and negotiating cultural difference.


Author: Manfred Heiting
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783958291775
Category: Photograph collections
Page: 144
View: 5007

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Most collectors have their own unique attractions and approaches to the objects of their collecting. This volume features the adventures of Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck, two renowned filmmakers who began collecting Japanese photography more than a decade ago, and whose ongoing hunt seems indeed like a Hollywood movie. A memoir about their love of Japanese photography and their experiences collecting it, Views of Japan makes available a selection of rare masterpieces from their extensive collection, along with a personal "script" recounting how they scouted, debated, selected and ultimately acquired many of the works. This was no small undertaking considering the rarity of some of the images, particularly those taken before the 1970s. The result is a distinctly personal presentation of one of the great private collections of Japanese photography in the world.


A View from the Bath
Author: Scott Clark
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 9780824816575
Category: History
Page: 154
View: 3912

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"Clark's chapters on the significance of bathing in Japanese mythology and the historical development of communal bathing provide an excellent perspective from which to view modern practices." --Daily Yomiuri

Coffee Life in Japan

Author: Merry White
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520271157
Category: Social Science
Page: 222
View: 6891

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“Cafes are where change happens and people feel most themselves. In this surprising book we see how Japan came of age in the café—where women became free, where people jazz and poetry could reign. And, of course, where coffee is at its perfectionist best. Always a congenial companion and teacher, Merry White shows us a whole society in a beautifully made cup.” —Corby Kummer, The Atlantic “Merry White's book is vital reading for anyone interested in culture and coffee, which has a surprising and surprisingly long history in Japan. Tracing the evolving role of the country's cafes, and taking us on armchair visits to some of the best, White makes us want to board a plane immediately to sample a cup brewed with ‘kodawari,’ a passion bordering on obsession. “ —Devra First, The Boston Globe "Coffee Life in Japan features highly engaging history and ethnographic detail on coffee culture in Japan. Many readers will delight in reading this work. White provides an affectionate, deeply felt, well reasoned book on coffee, cafes, and urban spaces in Japan."—Christine Yano, author of Airborne Dreams: "Nisei" Stewardesses and Pan American World Airways "Combining unmistakable relish for the subject with decades of academic expertise, Merry White skillfully demonstrates that the café, not the teahouse, is a core space in urban Japanese life. Her portrait of their endurance, proliferation, and diversity aptly illustrates how coffee drinking establishments accommodate social and personal needs, catering to a range of tastes and functions. It is a lovely and important book not only about the history and meanings of Japan’s liquid mojo, but also about the creation of new urban spaces for privacy and sociality." —Laura Miller, author of Beauty Up: Exploring Contemporary Japanese Body Aesthetics

36 Views of Mount Fuji

On Finding Myself in Japan
Author: Cathy N. Davidson
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822339137
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 248
View: 8224

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By turns candid, witty, and poignant, 36 Views of Mount Fuji is an American professor's much-praised memoir about her experiences of Japan and the Japanese.

The Lost Wolves of Japan

Author: Brett L. Walker
Publisher: University of Washington Press
ISBN: 0295989939
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 360
View: 7969

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Many Japanese once revered the wolf as Oguchi no Magami, or Large-Mouthed Pure God, but as Japan began its modern transformation wolves lost their otherworldly status and became noxious animals that needed to be killed. By 1905 they had disappeared from the country. In this spirited and absorbing narrative, Brett Walker takes a deep look at the scientific, cultural, and environmental dimensions of wolf extinction in Japan and tracks changing attitudes toward nature through Japan's long history. Grain farmers once worshiped wolves at shrines and left food offerings near their dens, beseeching the elusive canine to protect their crops from the sharp hooves and voracious appetites of wild boars and deer. Talismans and charms adorned with images of wolves protected against fire, disease, and other calamities and brought fertility to agrarian communities and to couples hoping to have children. The Ainu people believed that they were born from the union of a wolflike creature and a goddess. In the eighteenth century, wolves were seen as rabid man-killers in many parts of Japan. Highly ritualized wolf hunts were instigated to cleanse the landscape of what many considered as demons. By the nineteenth century, however, the destruction of wolves had become decidedly unceremonious, as seen on the island of Hokkaido. Through poisoning, hired hunters, and a bounty system, one of the archipelago's largest carnivores was systematically erased. The story of wolf extinction exposes the underside of Japan's modernization. Certain wolf scientists still camp out in Japan to listen for any trace of the elusive canines. The quiet they experience reminds us of the profound silence that awaits all humanity when, as the Japanese priest Kenko taught almost seven centuries ago, we "look on fellow sentient creatures without feeling compassion."

Geek in Japan

Discovering the Land of Manga, Anime, Zen, and the Tea Ceremony
Author: Hector Garcia
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9784805313916
Category: History
Page: 192
View: 3276

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Created specifically for fans of Japanese "cool culture," A Geek in Japan is one of the most iconic, hip, and concise cultural guides available. Reinvented for the internet age, it is packed with personal essays and hundreds of photographs and presents all the touchstones of traditional and contemporary culture in an entirely new way. A Geek in Japan decodes the mysteries of the Japanese language, Japanese social values and daily habits, business and technology, the arts, and symbols and practices that are peculiarly Japanese. This revised and expanded edition contains many new pages of materials on all sorts of topics including Kyoto, Japanese architecture, and Japanese video games. It also features a guide to author Hector Garcia's favorite Tokyo hangouts and tips on visiting many "secret" places around Japan. Highlighting the originality and creativity of the Japanese, debunking myths, and answering nagging questions such as why the Japanese are so fond of wearing face masks, Garcia has written an irreverent, insightful, and highly informative guide for the growing ranks of Japanophiles around the world.

Sagacious monks and bloodthirsty warriors

Chinese views of Japan in the Ming-Qing period
Author: Joshua A. Fogel
Publisher: Pacific Century Pr
Category: History
Page: 401
View: 1414

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"...an ambitious, useful, and generally well-written collection of essays on Chinese views of Japan during the Ming and the Qing dynasties. Editor Joshua A. Fogel is the foremost American scholar in this field. Fogel is to be commended for the bookżs international scope, and especially for introducing five major Chinese scholars to Western readers...this is a useful and welcome book on an important area of study in Asian history. Major scholars in the field of Sino-American relations pack each chapter with new information, often available for the first time in English. I have found much of the new material in this book useful in revising my lectures on modern East Asian history. Because the book is so eclectic in its scope and coverage, there is surely something worthwhile for graduate students and all scholars interested in learning more about modern cultural and intellectual relations between China and Japan." American Historical Review

Culture of Japan as Seen through Its Leisure, The

Author: Sepp Linhart,Sabine Fruhstuck
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438410972
Category: History
Page: 408
View: 2989

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Provides a wealth of information about leisure activities in Japan including sports, travel, theater, music, games, and gambling.

Samurai and supermen

national socialist views of Japan
Author: Bill Maltarich
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Inc
Category: History
Page: 406
View: 8081

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Focusing on the ideological contradictions inherent in the German alliance with Japan during World War II, this book analyses German discourse about Japan from the distinct yet intricately connected standpoints of the German-Japanese historical relationship, the scientific and pseudo-scientific presentation of Japan in Germany, and German fictional depictions of Japan. The volume examines the historical relationship between Germany and Japan in the light of their alliance. It also traces the origins and development of the image of Japan in Nazi Germany. Through non-fiction texts, the points of emphasis, friction, and outright contradiction are discovered between Nazi ideology and an alliance with Japan as they were discussed both publicly and privately in Germany at the time. Finally, by examining fictional depictions of Japan and the Japanese under the Nazis, the work reveals the means by which fiction addressed these ideological issues and incorporated the historical and non-fictional arguments of its contemporaries. This book looks carefully at its connection to other historical, political, racial, and ideological thought of the time.

Health Care in Japan

Author: Margaret Powell,Masahira Anesaki
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136897658
Category: Reference
Page: 272
View: 3755

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In the 1970s and 80s Japan experienced some deep-rooted social changes which affected attitudes to health care services among both professionals and consumers alike. Health Care in Japan provides an introduction to and overview of health and medical services in Japan at that time. It describes the historical development of modern medical care; the social, political, and cultural factors which have influenced the development of the system for the provision of health and medical services. It also discusses and analyses those aspects of the health care system which are of concern to the government and assesses how the existing system of health care will meet the needs of Japanese society in the future.

Hello, Please!

Very Helpful Super Kawaii Characters from Japan
Author: Matt Alt,Hiroko Yoda
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 9780811856744
Category: Travel
Page: 240
View: 1873

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Presents examples of the common "super cute" comic art characters used in Japanese advertisements, signs, and public service announcements.

Marketing in Japan

Author: Ian Melville
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136379886
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 272
View: 3586

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'Marketing in Japan' is ideal for executives wanting a 'hands-on' guide to entering the Japanese market. If you are already operating any kind of business venture either in Japan or with Japan, or if you hope to do so in the future, this book is for you. It provides business people with all the necessary information about business, including marketing and distribution in Japan. Few Westerners have as thorough and distinguished a background in different areas of Japanese trade as Ian Melville; in addition to several years of exporting to Japan, he teaches Japanese business at Tokyo's Sophia University completing a PhD in the subject at Tokyo University. Marketing in Japan is an important book that will ensure that readers become well equipped to deal with increasing their business in Japan.

Our Japan Album

Reproductions of Photographic Views of Japan and of the Missions of the Evangelical Association
Author: F. W. Voegelein
Publisher: N.A
Category: Japan
Page: 33
View: 7709

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