Using Story Telling as a Therapeutic Tool with Children

Author: Margot Sunderland
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351372319
Page: N.A
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This practical handbook begins with the philosophy and psychology underpinning the therapeutic value of story telling. It shows how to use story telling as a therapeutic tool with children and how to make an effective response when a child tells a story to you. It is an essential accompaniment to the "Helping Children with Feelings" series and covers issues such as: Why story telling is such a good way of helping children with their feelings? What resources you may need in a story-telling session? How to construct your own therapeutic story for a child? What to do when children tell stories to you? Things to do and say when working with a child's story.

Handbuch des therapeutischen Erzählens

Geschichten und Metaphern in Psychotherapie, Kinder- und Familientherapie, Heilkunde, Coaching und Supervision
Author: Stefan Hammel
Publisher: Klett-Cotta
ISBN: 3608103937
Category: Psychology
Page: 367
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Für alle gängigen Therapieformen stellt die Einbeziehung therapeutischer Geschichten und Metaphern eine Bereicherung dar. Denn sie wirken direkt auf das Unbewusste. Das Handbuch bietet für alle häufig vorkommenden Störungen Texte an, die direkt übernommen oder auch abgewandelt werden können, und es erklärt, wie man sie sinnvoll einsetzt. Geschichten und Metaphern wirken auf die Seele, denn sie sprechen unbewusste Instanzen in uns an. Die Lösung eines Problems wird dem Unbewussten überlassen, dessen Suchmöglichkeiten nachweislich reicher sind als das rationale Denken. Das »Handbuch des therapeutischen Erzählens« ist die erste umfassende Veröffentlichung zu dieser kreativen Interventionsform. Sie bietet zweierlei: - eine Fülle vom Autor selbst erdachter therapeutischer Metaphern und Geschichten, aufgeschlüsselt nach Problemstellungen und therapeutischen Zielen. Sie lassen sich wie Bausteine in die eigene therapeutische Arbeit integrieren. - einen Methodenteil, der z. B. Aufschluss darüber gibt, wie Suggestion funktioniert, welche Erzähltypen wie wirken und wie Geschichten dialogisch entwickelt werden. Psychotherapeutinnen und Psychotherapeuten aller Schulen und in Beratung Tätige erwartet ein Fundus an Texten, die nach individuellem Bedarf abgewandelt werden können und die therapeutische Arbeit elegant ergänzen.

The Therapeutic Powers of Play

20 Core Agents of Change
Author: Charles E. Schaefer,Athena A. Drewes
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118416589
Category: Psychology
Page: 368
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"Focusing on the specific ingredients that activate clinicalchange, this book is enhanced by current research, more amplescope, and an array of contributions in contemporary and relevanttopic areas. It is full of inspiration, direction, and grounding.This is a stunning contribution to the field of child therapy." —Eliana Gil, PhD, Gil Institute for Trauma Recoveryand Education A practical look at how play therapy can promote mentalhealth wellness in children and adolescents Revised and expanded, The Therapeutic Powers of Play, SecondEdition explores the powerful effects that play therapy has ondifferent areas within a child or adolescent's life: communication,emotion regulation, relationship enhancement, and personalstrengths. Editors Charles Schaefer and Athena Drewes—renownedexperts in the field of play therapy—discuss the differentinterventions and components of treatment that can move clients tochange. Leading play therapists contributed to this volume, supplying awide repertoire of practical techniques and applications in eachchapter for use in clinical practice, including: Direct teaching Indirect teaching Self-expression Relationship enhancement Attachment formation Catharsis Stress inoculation Creative problem solving Self-esteem Filled with clinical case vignettes from various theoreticalviewpoints, the second edition is an invaluable resource for playand child therapists of all levels of experience and theoreticalorientations.

Children's Literature in Primary Schools

Author: David Waugh,Sally Neaum,Rosemary Waugh
Publisher: Learning Matters
ISBN: 1446293696
Category: Education
Page: 208
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How can you help children to develop a love of reading and books? Trainee and experienced primary school teachers need an advanced knowledge of children's literature for effective teaching. If you are training to be a teacher, this is your guide to the range of and scope of children's literature for the primary classroom. Through the exploration of different genres it covers a wide range of literature and helps you to consider what we mean by literature. Case studies that model good practice are included with suggestions for practical activities using literature to enhance teaching across the curriculum. Throughout, book recommendations show how specific texts can be used for teaching in exciting and innovative ways. About the Transforming QTS Series This series reflects the new creative way schools are begining to teach, taking a fresh approach to supporting trainees as they work towards primary QTS. Titles provide fully up to date resources focused on teaching a more integrated and inclusive curriculum, and texts draw out meaningful and explicit cross curricular links.

Stories We've Heard, Stories We've Told

Life-Changing Narratives in Therapy and Everyday Life
Author: Jeffrey Kottler
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199328277
Category: Social Science
Page: 240
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This is a book that integrates what is known from a wide variety of disciplines about the nature of storytelling and how it influences and transforms people's lives. Drawing on material from the humanities, sociology, anthropology, neurophysiology, media and communication studies, narrative inquiry, indigenous healing traditions, as well as education, counseling, and therapy, the book explores the ways that therapists operate as professional storytellers. In addition, our job is to hold and honor the stories of our clients, helping them to reshape them in more constructive ways. The book itself is written as a story, utilizing engaging prose, research, photographs, and powerful anecdotes to draw readers into the intriguing dynamics and processes involved in therapeutic storytelling. It sets the stage for what follows by discussing the ways that stories have influenced history, cultural development, and individual worldviews and then delves into the ways that everyday lives are impacted by the stories we hear, read, and view in popular media. The focus then moves to stories within the context of therapy, exploring how client stories are told, heard, and negotiated in sessions. Attention then moves to the ways that therapists can become more skilled and accomplished storytellers, regardless of their theoretical preferences and style.

Proactive Child Protection and Social Work

Author: Liz Davies,Nora Duckett
Publisher: Learning Matters
ISBN: 0857259725
Category: Social Science
Page: 256
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Protecting children from abuse and neglect is a serious and complex area of social work practice and understanding the critical skills of communicating with and listening to children's voices, and those of their advocates and survivors, is essential. In this new edition of a highly-regarded book, the authors offer a strengthened children's rights perspective and explore four main categories of child abuse - emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and physical abuse. The book also considers legal safeguards and protective processes to increase the creativity and confidence of those undertaking such work. Locating knowledge and skills within a series of case examples from real life practice and serious case reviews, this book is an indispensable resource for students, professionals and others concerned with protecting children. This second edition has been comprehensively revised and updated to include current research evidence and a focus on the neglected protection needs of sexually exploited young people, children in custody, disabled children, young carers and unaccompanied child migrants.

Storytelling and Other Activities for Children in Therapy

Author: Johanna Slivinske,Lee Slivinske
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118015308
Category: Psychology
Page: 360
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A comprehensive collection of hundreds of thought-provoking stories and activities for use in the treatment of children confronting difficult situations Storytelling and Other Activities for Children in Therapy provides professionals with the knowledge, insight, and tools to help children (ages 6 to 12) and their families work through their treatment issues using storytelling and other activities. This invaluable guide includes helpful activity sheets that gradually progress through four levels of inquiry, representing readiness for self-disclosure. Imaginative and easy-to-use, the stories and activities in this book are tied to relevant practice issues, including: Illness and disability School issues Anger and behavioral issues Social adjustment and shyness Divorce and parental separation Domestic violence Community violence Trauma and child abuse Substance abuse Death With an accompanying website allowing therapists to personalize and print stories as well as activity sheets to meet their needs and those of their clients, Storytelling and Other Activities for Children in Therapy is an important tool in easing the pain of emotionally hurt children towards a discovery of their inner strengths and resilience for life. These resources can be accessed at

Using Stories to Build Bridges with Traumatized Children

Creative Ideas for Therapy, Life Story Work, Direct Work and Parenting
Author: Kim Golding
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 0857009613
Category: Psychology
Page: 176
View: 8382

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Using Stories to Build Bridges with Traumatized Children is full of creative ideas for how you can use stories therapeutically with children in counselling, life story work or direct work. Psychologist Kim S. Golding shows how you can use stories to build connections with children aged 4–16 and support their recovery from trauma and stress. She illustrates the techniques with 21 stories adapted from her own clinical work with children and families, and explains how you can expand or adapt them to make them more relevant for a particular child. Advice and stories are arranged into sections dealing with common psychological issues, including looking back and moving on, lack of trust and need for attention. Golding also gives invaluable tips for planning stories and life story work, and for storymaking with children. She also describes how stories can be used therapeutically with parents of traumatized children and as a tool for self-reflection by counsellors. Imaginative and practical, this book will be enormously useful for counsellors, psychologists, therapists and social workers working with traumatized children, and will also be helpful for parents and carers involved in therapeutic parenting.

Ich knall euch ab!

Author: Morton Rhue
Publisher: Ravensburger Buchverlag Otto Maier GmbH
ISBN: 3473384887
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 160
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Gary und Brendan werden von den Stars der Schule, den sportlichen Markenklamottenträgern, gedemütigt und terrorisiert. Die Lehrer schauen weg. Allmählich reift in den Köpfen der beiden der Plan, es ihren Mitschülern und Lehrern - nach dem Vorbild der Amokläufer von Littleton - heimzuzahlen. Am Tag des Abschlussballs präparieren sie die Ausgänge der Turnhalle mit Bomben und stürmen das Fest. "Gewalt hat viele Gesichter - sie äußert sich durch den Gebrauch von Waffen und Fäusten oder von Worten, die Verachtung säen. Wenn wir nichts daran ändern, wie wir andere innerhalb und außerhalb der Schule behandeln, wird es nur noch mehr Tragödien geben." Morton Rhue

Fühlen und Form

Eine Theorie der Kunst
Author: Susanne K. Langer
Publisher: Felix Meiner Verlag
ISBN: 3787328807
Category: Philosophy
Page: 692
View: 7913

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Susanne K. Langer gehört zu den einflussreichsten amerikanischen PhilosophInnen des 20. Jahrhunderts. Die Whitehead-Schülerin begann ihre philosophische Karriere als Logikerin, wandte sich dann aber der Symboltheorie zu, wo sie in Philosophy in a New Key (das Buch erreichte eine verkaufte Auflage von rd. 500.000 Exemplaren!) einen u.a. von Ernst Cassirer beeinflussten, aber eigenständigen symbolphilosophischen Ansatz verfolgt. Fühlen und Form (1953), Langers große Ästhetik, geht von dem dort ausgearbeiteten Modell aus und entwickelt es fort zu einer Theorie der Kunst. Die Künste nehmen in Langers Philosophie eine ungewöhnlich prominente Rolle ein. Wichtig ist dabei der Plural: Gerahmt von allgemeinen Abschnitten über das künstlerische Symbol, über Gefühl, Ausdruck und Darstellung besteht der Hauptteil des Buches aus detaillierten und kenntnisreichen Auseinandersetzungen mit den verschiedenen künstlerischen Disziplinen, namentlich Bild, Skulptur, Architektur, Musik, Tanz und Literatur, und endet mit einem kurzen Abschnitt zum Film. Der zentrale Begriff des feeling steht dabei nicht nur für Gefühl im engeren Sinne, sondern umfasst letztlich die gesamten menschlichen Auffassungsweisen der Welt von der elementaren körperlichen bis zur geistigen Ebene, zwischen denen er Kontinuität herstellt. Das Kunstwerk als "Symbol des Fühlens" ist eine Darstellung dieser Auffassungsweisen und ihrer lebendigen Artikulation. Fühlen und Form bildet so den Angelpunkt zwischen der frühen Symboltheorie und Langers späterem monumentalen Werk Mind, einer großangelegten Theorie des menschlichen Geistes, an der sie bis zu ihrem Tod arbeitete.

The Legacy of Vietnam Veterans and Their Families

Survivors of War: Catalysts for Change
Author: Dennis K. Rhoades,Michael R. Leaveck,James C. Hudson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 9780788132551
Page: 520
View: 8148

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41 papers from 70 authors from the 1994 national symposium on the aftermath of Vietnam. Authorities and doctors of medicine and psychology speak out on the effects of Vietnam on vets. and their families. Topics include: the children of vets. with post-traumatic stress disorder; the potential for change in the delivery of services to vets.; rural vets.: traumas and transition; building on the experiences of the Agent Orange class assistance program; lingering consequences of the Vietnam War: vet. families with children with disabilities or chronic illness, etc.

Life Story Books for Adopted Children

A Family Friendly Approach
Author: Joy Rees
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 9780857001900
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 96
View: 8395

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Through words, pictures, photographs, certificates and other 'little treasures', a Life Story Book provides a detailed account of the child's early history and a chronology of their life. This clear and concise book shows a new family-friendly way to compile a Life Story Book that promotes a sense of permanency for the child, and encourages attachments within the adoptive family. Joy Rees' improved model works chronologically backwards rather than forwards, aiming to reinforce the child's sense of belonging and security within the adoptive family before addressing the child's past and early trauma. The book contains simple explanations of complex concepts, practical examples and helpful suggestions. Perfect for busy social workers in local authority children and adoption teams, approved adoption agencies and adoptive parents, Life Story Books for Adopted Children is a refreshing, innovative and common-sense guide.

101 Healing Stories

Using Metaphors in Therapy
Author: George W. Burns
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 9780471395898
Category: Psychology
Page: 288
View: 6493

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Using folktales and other metaphoric stories can aid the healing process Just as stories have the power to enrich our lives, shape the way we perceive and interact with the world, and reveal the wonders of the human spirit, so too can they play an important and potent role in therapy-helping people develop the skills to cope with and survive a myriad of life situations. 101 Healing Stories celebrates the rewards of using parables, fables, and metaphors in therapy as a nonthreatening means to help clients discuss problems and consider possible solutions. George W. Burns examines the healing value of using metaphors in therapy and provides 101 inspirational story ideas that therapists can adapt to share with clients for effecting change. He explains how to tell stories that engage the client, how to make them metaphoric, and where to find sources for such tales. Burns also shows readers how to build stories from personal experiences or their own imagination to use in session, making this thoughtful book an especially creative therapeutic tool. Contains 101 stories grouped by desired therapeutic outcome, highlighting each story's applicability to a variety of presenting problems Offers talking points for therapists such as speci?c insights, outcomes, or skills that are illustrated by the stories Features shaded tabs that index stories by therapeutic outcome for easy reference and selection

Helping Children to Improve Their Communication Skills

Therapeutic Activities for Teachers, Parents, and Therapists
Author: Deborah Plummer
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 184310959X
Category: Education
Page: 174
View: 1858

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`This book encourages all those working with children with speech, language and communication needs to develop their creativity within a model of child-centred reflective practice, acknowledging that our interaction with children has an effect at many different levels. Therapists, teachers, teaching assistants and parents will find a wealth of practical suggestions and a solid foundation of research within these pages.' Mary Hampton, Chair, Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP), UK For many children, the act of communication that most of us take for granted can be a struggle, and communicating with others can become something to fear rather than enjoy. This creative book is full of fun and imaginative ideas to help children aged 4-11 with a speech or language delay or disorder to develop their communication abilities and skills. It is packed with activities and games tailored to help develop abilities such as effective listening, imagination and perseverance, and to build specific skills such as formulation of questions, categorising, taking turns and understanding non-verbal communication. Tips for personalising and shaping the activities are provided. A comprehensive theory section also covers how play can be a therapeutic tool for enhancing communication, and how to structure the emotional environment. Practical advice on working with groups and individuals and in different settings is also given. This activity book is an invaluable resource not only for speech and language therapists and students, but also for parents, teachers, carers and other support staff who are looking for creative ways to promote speech and language development. Deborah M. Plummer is a speech and language therapist and imagework practitioner with over 20 years' experience of facilitating groups and working individually with both children and adults. Formerly a clinical lead therapist working within the NHS, she now lectures at De Montfort University, Leicester, and runs workshops and short courses on the uses of imagery and story-telling and issues of self-esteem. Deborah is author of several titles, including Helping Children to Cope with Change, Stress and Anxiety: A Photocopiable Activities Book, Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem: A Photocopiable Activities Book, 2nd edition, Self-Esteem Games for Children, Social Skills Games for Children, Helping Adolescents and Adults to Build Self-Esteem: A Photocopiable Resource Book, and Anger Management Games for Children, all published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Deborah's website can be found at