Unwrapping the Sacred Bundle

Author: Daniel A. Segal,Sylvia J. Yanagisako
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822386844
Category: Social Science
Page: 184
View: 9173

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Lively, forceful, and impassioned, Unwrapping the Sacred Bundle is a major intervention in debates about the configuration of the discipline of anthropology. In the essays brought together in this provocative collection, prominent anthropologists consider the effects of and alternatives to the standard definition of the discipline as a “holistic” study of humanity based on the integration of the four fields of archaeology, biological anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology. Editors Daniel A. Segal and Sylvia J. Yanagisako provide a powerful introduction to the volume. Unabashed in their criticism of the four-field structure, they argue that North American anthropology is tainted by its roots in nineteenth-century social evolutionary thought. The essayists consider the complex state of anthropology, its relation to other disciplines and the public sphere beyond academia, the significance of the convergence of linguistic and cultural anthropology, and whether or not anthropology is the best home for archaeology. While the contributors are not in full agreement with one another, they all critique “official” definitions of anthropology as having a fixed, four-field core. The editors are keenly aware that anthropology is too protean to be remade along the lines of any master plan, and this volume does not offer one. It does open discussions of anthropology’s institutional structure to all possible outcomes, including the refashioning of the discipline as it now exists. Contributors. James Clifford, Ian Hodder, Rena Lederman, Daniel A. Segal, Michael Silverstein, Sylvia J. Yanagisako

Law and Anthropology

Current Legal Issues
Author: Michael Freeman,David Napier
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019958091X
Category: Law
Page: 569
View: 1245

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Law and Anthropology, the latest volume in the Current Legal Issues series, offers an insight into the state of law and anthropology scholarship today. Focussing on the inter-connections between the two disciplines it also includes case studies from around the world.

In Defense of Anthropology

An Investigation of the Critique of Anthropology
Author: Herbert S. Lewis
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 1412852897
Category: Social Science
Page: 244
View: 4015

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This book argues that the history and character of modern anthropology has been egregiously distorted to the detriment of this intellectual pursuit and academic discipline. The "critique of anthropology" is a product of the momentous and tormented events of the 1960s when students and some of their elders cried, "Trust no one over thirty!" The Marxist, postmodern, and postcolonial waves that followed took aim at anthropology and the result has been a serious loss of confidence; both the reputation and the practice of anthropology has suffered greatly. The time has come to move past this damaging discourse. Herbert S. Lewis chronicles these developments, and subjects the "critique" to a long overdue interrogation based on wide-ranging knowledge of the field and its history, as well as the application of common sense. The book questions discourses about anthropology and colonialism, anthropologists and history, the problem of "exoticizing 'the Other,'" anthropologists and the Cold War, and more. Written by a master of the profession, In Defense of Anthropology will require consideration by all anthropologists, historians, sociologists of science, and cultural theorists.

Privilege and Diversity in the Academy

Author: Frances A. Maher,Mary Kay Thompson Tetreault
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113593990X
Category: Education
Page: 240
View: 3860

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Over the past several decades, higher education has been transformed by the entry of faculty of color and women into the university system. Through detailed institutional ethnographies of three very different universities, Privilege and Diversity in the Academy explores how this diversification has dismantled and reconfigured relationships of privilege and diversity in higher education. Authors Maher and Tetreault use examples from a top-ranked private university, a comprehensive urban university, and a major public university to illustrate how privilege is enacted, resisted, and transformed as changes occur in the student bodies and faculties of these schools. In their analyses, they identify the institutional structures that facilitate the success of a diverse faculty and make valuable observations about patterns of institutional change and resistance.

Unwrapping Ancient Egypt

Author: Christina Riggs
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0857854984
Category: Social Science
Page: 384
View: 5891

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In ancient Egypt, wrapping sacred objects, including mummified bodies, in layers of cloth was a ritual that lay at the core of Egyptian society. Yet in the modern world, attention has focused instead on unwrapping all the careful arrangements of linen textiles the Egyptians had put in place. This book breaks new ground by looking at the significance of textile wrappings in ancient Egypt, and at how their unwrapping has shaped the way we think about the Egyptian past. Wrapping mummified bodies and divine statues in linen reflected the cultural values attached to this textile, with implications for understanding gender, materiality and hierarchy in Egyptian society. Unwrapping mummies and statues similarly reflects the values attached to Egyptian antiquities in the West, where the colonial legacies of archaeology, Egyptology and racial science still influence how Egypt appears in museums and the press. From the tomb of Tutankhamun to the Arab Spring, Unwrapping Ancient Egypt raises critical questions about the deep-seated fascination with this culture ? and what that fascination says about our own.

Social Bioarchaeology

Author: Sabrina C. Agarwal,Bonnie A. Glencross
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781444390520
Category: Social Science
Page: 496
View: 1693

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Illustrates new methodological directions in analyzing human social and biological variation Offers a wide array of research on past populations around the globe Explains the central features of bioarchaeological research by key researchers and established experts around the world

Human Biology

An Evolutionary and Biocultural Perspective
Author: Sara Stinson,Barry Bogin,Dennis H. O'Rourke
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118108043
Category: Social Science
Page: 780
View: 2295

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This comprehensive introduction to the field of human biology covers all the major areas of the field: genetic variation, variation related to climate, infectious and non-infectious diseases, aging, growth, nutrition, and demography. Written by four expert authors working in close collaboration, this second edition has been thoroughly updated to provide undergraduate and graduate students with two new chapters: one on race and culture and their ties to human biology, and the other a concluding summary chapter highlighting the integration and intersection of the topics covered in the book.

A new history of anthropology

Author: Henrika Kuklick
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 9780631226000
Category: Social Science
Page: 402
View: 4791

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A New History of Anthropology collects original writings from pre-eminent scholars to create a sophisticated but accessible guide to the development of the field. Re-examines the history of anthropology through the lens of the new globalized world Provides a comprehensive history of the discipline, from its prehistory in the ‘age of exploration’ through to anthropology’s current condition and its relationship with other disciplines Places ideas and practices within the context of their time and place of origin Looks at anthropology’s role in colonization, early traditions in the field, and topical issues from various periods in the field’s history, and examines its relationship to other disciplines

Proceedings of the British Academy

Volume 139: 2005 Lectures
Author: N.A
Publisher: British Academy
ISBN: 9780197263945
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 380
View: 2420

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Volume 139 of the Proceedings of the British Academy contains 13 Lectures delivered at the British Academy in 2005. Topics range from archaeological perspectives on the essence of being human to discussions of the UK's Monetary Policy Committee and the role of judges.

Körper, Religion und Macht

Sozialanthropologie der Geschlechterbeziehungen
Author: Ulrike Davis-Sulikowski
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 9783593368818
Category: Ethnology
Page: 422
View: 5506

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Wozu um alles in der Welt lebe ich?

Author: Rick Warren
Publisher: Gerth Medien
ISBN: 3961222169
Category: Religion
Page: 96
View: 8459

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Dieses kleine Buch gibt Antwort auf die drei großen Fragen, die uns alle beschäftigen: Die Frage nach der Existenz (Warum lebe ich überhaupt?). Die Frage nach der Bedeutung (Kann ich mit meinem Leben etwas bewegen?). Die Frage nach dem Sinn (Was ist das Ziel meines Lebens?). Wenn Sie Sinn und Ziel Ihres Lebens kennen, wird dies Ihr Leben vereinfachen, Stress reduzieren, Ihre Energien bündeln, Ihrem Alltag Sinn und Ihrer Zukunft Hoffnung geben. Entdecken Sie die Grundgedanken des Weltbestsellers Leben mit Vision, die schon Millionen von Menschenleben auf der ganzen Welt verändert haben!

Kultur als Text

die anthropologische Wende in der Literaturwissenschaft
Author: Doris Bachmann-Medick
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783825225650
Category: Anthropology in literature
Page: 349
View: 8473

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Der Band vereinigt zentrale Texte, die nicht nur die Forschungsrichtung einer literarischen Anthropologie begründen, sondern auch zeigen, was unter einer Neubestimmung von Literaturwissenschaft als Kulturwissenschaft verstanden werden kann. Auf dem Fundament der Kulturanthropologie stellen diese Beiträge entscheidende theoretische und methodische Grundlagen für die aktuelle kulturwissenschaftliche Reflexion disziplinübergreifend vor.