Thinking About Exhibitions

Author: Bruce W. Ferguson,Reesa Greenberg,Sandy Nairne
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134820011
Category: Art
Page: 512
View: 6825

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An anthology of writings on exhibition practice from artists, critics, curators and art historians plus artist-curators. It addresses the contradictions posed by museum and gallery sited exhibitions, as well as investigating the challenge of staging art presentations, displays or performances, in settings outside of traditional museum or gallery locales.

Scenography as New Ideology in Contemporary Curating: The Notion of Staging in Exhibitions

Author: Margaret Choi Kwan Lam
Publisher: Anchor Academic Publishing (aap_verlag)
ISBN: 3954892170
Category: Art
Page: 124
View: 3046

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Scenography has been acting as a transformative force to reform the traditionalexhibitionary complex. This has led to an unprecedented intersection wherescenography meets contemporary curating, which further informs a radical ideologicalshift in the frontier of the exhibition scene. This book aims to exploit a new land ofdiscussion to look into this intersection between scenographic practice andcontemporary curating, its mergence and the subsequent revolution it has caused. Byseeing museums and exhibition spaces as metaphorical stages, it fundamentallyreconfigures the infrastructure of curating practices, in terms of a shift in authorship,architectural embodiment of ideas, field of experience, layered narrative, dramaturgy andthe hybrid expressions of new media. Three case studies will demonstrate scenography’swide-ranged methodologies in dealing with contemporary issues. Cases include: BMWMuseum (Reopened in 2008), Cultures of the World (Opened in 2010) and Leonardo’sLast Supper: A Vision by Peter Greenaway (2008, 2010). The discussion cuts throughmajor discourses, both responding to the rise of the experience economy and theexpanding notion of curating, in parallel.

Exhibiting Photography

A Practical Guide to Displaying Your Work
Author: Shirley Read
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 113610254X
Category: Photography
Page: 304
View: 6218

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You have the camera, you have the skills, and you have the pictures. Now what? Author Shirley Read expertly leads you through the world of exhibiting your photography one minute detail at a time. From finding a space and designing the exhibition to actually constructing a show and publicizing yourself, every aspect of exhibiting your photography is touched upon and clarified with ample detail, anecdotes, and real life case studies. In this new and expanded second edition, Shirley Read further illuminates the world of social networking, exhibiting, and selling photography online so your work is always shown in the best light. Packed with photos of internationally successful exhibitions, check lists, and invaluable advice, this essential reference guide will help amateur and professional photographers alike successfully showcase their bodies of work with confidence and finesse.

The Art of Museum Exhibitions

How Story and Imagination Create Aesthetic Experiences
Author: Leslie Bedford
Publisher: Left Coast Press
ISBN: 1611323118
Category: Art
Page: 168
View: 9923

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Leslie Bedford's exploration of museum exhibitions as interactive, emotional, embodied, imaginative experiences, using examples from around the world, merges the world of the educator with that of the artist.

Die Musealisierung des Anderen

Stereotype in der Ausstellung "Kunst aus Afrika"
Author: Isabel Dean
Publisher: Tübinger Vereinigung für Volkskunde e.V.
ISBN: 9783932512605
Category: Art, African
Page: 160
View: 6213

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Ethnologische Ausstellungen werben für ein besseres Verständnis fremder Kulturen. Sie haben dabei immer wieder zu prüfen, inwieweit sie sich selbst von stereotypisierenden und rassifizierenden Vorstellungen gelöst haben. Die vorliegende Arbeit analysiert die Ausstellung „Kunst aus AFRIKA“ des Berliner Ethnologischen Museums und fragt, wie weiße Europäerinnen als das „Andere“ vorstellen. Mittels einer „Dichten Beschreibung“ zeichnet die Autorin besonders aussagekräftige Displays und Objektarrangements nach und arbeitet mögliche Lesarten der Ausstellung heraus. Sie zeigt dabei exemplarisch die Schwierigkeiten und die Möglichkeiten musealer Präsentation auf, in einen „intelligenten Grenzverkehr mit dem Fremden“ (Sloterdijk) zu treten.

Museums and the Public Sphere

Author: Jennifer Barrett
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781444351613
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 208
View: 3215

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Museums and the Public Sphere investigates the role of museums around the world as sites of democratic public space. Explores the role of museums around the world as sites of public discourse and democracy Examines the changing idea of the museum in relation to other public sites and spaces, including community cultural centers, public halls and the internet Offers a sophisticated portrait of the public, and how it is realized, invoked, and understood in the museum context Offers relevant case studies and discussions of how museums can engage with their publics' in more complex, productive ways

Meet Me at the Fair: A World's Fair Reader

Author: Celia Pearce,Bobby Schweizer,Laura Hollengreen,Rebecca Rouse
ISBN: 1312115874
Category: Education
Page: 20
View: 4814

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Together with the Olympics, world's fairs are one of the few regular international events of sufficient scale to showcase a spectrum of sights, wonders, learning opportunities, technological advances, and new (or renewed) urban districts, and to present them all to a mass audience. Meet Me at the Fair: A World's Fair Reader breaks new ground in scholarship on world's fairs by incorporating a number of short new texts that investigate world's fairs in their multiple aspects: political, urban/architectural, anthropological/ sociological, technological, commercial, popular, and representational. Contributors come from eight different countries and represent affiliations in academia, museums and libraries, professional and architectural firms, non-profit organizations, and government regulatory agencies. In taking the measure of both the material artifacts and the larger cultural production of world's fairs, the volume presents its own phantasmagoria of disciplinary perspectives, historical periods, geographical locales, media, and messages, mirroring the microcosmic form of the world's fair itself.

Decolonizing Museums

Representing Native America in National and Tribal Museums
Author: Amy Lonetree
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 0807837520
Category: Social Science
Page: 248
View: 2198

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Museum exhibitions focusing on Native American history have long been curator controlled. However, a shift is occurring, giving Indigenous people a larger role in determining exhibition content. In Decolonizing Museums, Amy Lonetree examines the complexities of these new relationships with an eye toward exploring how museums can grapple with centuries of unresolved trauma as they tell the stories of Native peoples. She investigates how museums can honor an Indigenous worldview and way of knowing, challenge stereotypical representations, and speak the hard truths of colonization within exhibition spaces to address the persistent legacies of historical unresolved grief in Native communities. Lonetree focuses on the representation of Native Americans in exhibitions at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, the Mille Lacs Indian Museum in Minnesota, and the Ziibiwing Center of Anishinabe Culture and Lifeways in Michigan. Drawing on her experiences as an Indigenous scholar and museum professional, Lonetree analyzes exhibition texts and images, records of exhibition development, and interviews with staff members. She addresses historical and contemporary museum practices and charts possible paths for the future curation and presentation of Native lifeways.


die Konstruktion der auktorialen Position des Kurators bei Harald Szeemann : eine Mikroanalyse
Author: Søren Grammel
Publisher: Idealismusstudio
ISBN: 3865880797
Category: Art
Page: 61
View: 9561

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Touching Art

The Poetics and the Politics of Exhibiting the Tree of Life
Author: Maria Emília Fonseca
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443827991
Category: Art
Page: 160
View: 3365

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This study focusses on the exhibition of the Tree of Life, a sculpture made in Mozambique of decommissioned, dismantled weapons, created to celebrate peace and commissioned by the British Museum, chosen to be the symbol of the “Africa 2005” season of cultural events and exhibited in its Great Court between February and October 2005. This artwork was first exhibited in Maputo before being dispatched to Britain and it is presently on display at the Sainsbury African Galleries of the British Museum, in London. This dissertation moves along two converging routes: the articulation of the meaning(s) produced within the exhibition and the role of exhibitionary institutions in the creation of social knowledge. A central topic of discussion is the different practices and sites of exhibition of the Tree of Life sculpture in Britain and in Mozambique, in an endeavour to illustrate/establish the differences which determine and/or condition the specific approaches used in the two distinct cultural contexts within which it was exhibited. The discussion evolves towards exploring how a new discourse on the exhibition of contemporary African art questions and challenges both curatorial practices and cultural concepts of collecting, displaying and interpreting art objects and negotiating meaning.

The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design

Author: Graeme Brooker,Lois Weinthal
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1472539044
Category: Design
Page: 672
View: 2007

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The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design offers a compelling collection of original essays that seek to examine the shifting role of interior architecture and interior design, and their importance and meaning within the contemporary world. Interior architecture and interior design are disciplines that span a complexity of ideas, ranging from human behaviour and anthropology to history and the technology of the future. Approaches to designing the interior are in a constant state of flux, reflecting and adapting to the changing systems of history, culture and politics. It is this process that allows interior design to be used as evidence for identifying patterns of consumption, gender, identity and social issues. The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design provides a pioneering overview of the ideas and arrangements within the two disciplines that make them such important platforms from which to study the way humans interact with the space around them. Covering a wide range of thought and research, the book enables the reader to investigate fully the changing face of interior architecture and interior design, while offering questions about their future trajectory.

Thinking Contemporary Curating

Author: Terry E. Smith
Publisher: Independent Curators
Category: Art
Page: 269
View: 2154

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"Thinking Contemporary Curating is the first book to offer an in-depth analysis of the volatile territory of international curatorial practice and the thinking--or insight--that underpins it. In five essays, renowned art historian and critic Terry Smith describes how today curators take on roles far beyond exhibition making, to include reimagining museums; writing the history of curating; creating discursive platforms and undertaking social or political activism, as well as rethinking spectatorship. The catalyst for the publication was 'The Now Museum' conference that ICI produced in collaboration with the CUNY Graduate Center and the New Museum in New York in 2011. In panel discussions and lectures over 30 leading artists, art historians, curators, and museum directors, such as art historian Claire Bishop, Okwui Enwezor (Director, Haus der Kunst), Massimiliano Gioni (Associate Director and Director of Exhibitions, New Museum), Lu Jie (Director, Long March), Maria Lind (Director, Tensta Konsthall) and Terry Smith discussed the diversification of the notion of the 'museum of contemporary art, ' providing intergenerational perspectives on recent developments across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. This spurred a year-long journey for Smith, responding to ideas, events, and encounters in the artworld in the process of questioning what 'curating' is today, which forms the heart of this publication."--Publisher's description.

Creating a Winning Online Exhibition

A Guide for Libraries, Archives, and Museums
Author: Martin R. Kalfatovic
Publisher: American Library Association
ISBN: 9780838908174
Category: Computers
Page: 117
View: 9036

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It's no secret that well-executed exhibits in libraries and museums can make attendance numbers skyrocket. Dynamic exhibits not only provide information and entertainment for your existing customers, but they are also opportunities to reach out to new customers and to widen your market. A great exhibit can be the hook that brings people in the door for the first time. Creating a Winning Online Exhibition will help you to do just that - conceive, design, and execute a compelling online exhibition. Different than a digital collection, an online exhibition is a selective presentation of objects organized around a thematic and narrative structure. Digital librarian Martin Kalfatovic takes you through the process of developing an exhibit that will attract users, increase your visibility, and showcase your collection and services. With case studies of successful online exhibitions, sample artwork and screen shots, up-to-date information on mark-up languages such as HTML and XML, and discussion of online databases and software programs, you will be equipped with all you need to pull off a winning exhibition. Also included are helpful samples of: * Project proposals * Exhibition scripts *

Exhibition Design

Author: David Dernie
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
ISBN: 1856694305
Category: Art
Page: 192
View: 6173

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The way in which the contemporary exhibition is designed is fast changing - previously aloof cultural institutions are making use of technologies and techniques more commonly associated with film and retail. Exhibition Design features a wide variety of examples from around the world, from major trade and commerce fairs, to well-known fine art institutions, to small-scale artist-designed displays. An introduction gives a historical perspective on the development of exhibitions and museums. The first part of the book covers the conceptual themes of narrative space, performative space and simulated experience and the second the practical concerns of display, lighting, colour, sound and graphics. Throughout are photographs, drawings and diagrams of exhibitions, including the work of such internationally renowned architects and designers as Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Atelier Bruckner, Casson Mann, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Imagination, METStudio and Jean Nouvel.


The Contemporary Art Museum and Beyond
Author: Anna Harding
Publisher: N.A
Category: Art
Page: 90
View: 6358

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Obsession, Compulsion, Collection

On Objects, Display Culture and Interpretation
Author: Anthony Kiendl
Publisher: Banff, Alta. : Banff Centre Press
ISBN: 9781894773058
Category: Art
Page: 384
View: 2887

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Art museums and public galleries amass collections in order to preserve, document, research and exhibit collective histories as a culture. Edited by Anthony Kiendl, Obsession, Compulsion, Collection is a compilation of essays by leading Canadian and International curators and artists who explore collecting as a cultural act. Examining the meaning of art objects in a broader context, the book seeks to uncover the human impulse to collect and the social context, rhetoric, politics and science associated with cultural collections.