Handbook of Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Author: Michael C. Pirrung
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128095040
Category: Science
Page: 288
View: 1668

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Handbook of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Second Edition updates and expands the author’s popular 2007 work, Synthetic Organic Chemist’s Companion. This new handbook provides valuable, practical guidance; incorporates corrections, and includes coverage on important topics, such as lyophylization, crystallization, precipitation, HPLC detectors, gases, and microwave reactions. The book maintains the useful organization of the author’s earlier work, beginning with a basic overview and walking through every practical step of the process of organic synthesis, from reagents, solvents, and temperature control, to documentation, implementation, purification, and analytical methods for the product. From planning and setting up reactions, to recording them, the book provides insight and valuable guidance into every step of the process. Practical guidance for planning, working up, documenting, analyzing, and improving reactions in synthetic organic chemistry

Worldwide Trends in Green Chemistry Education

Author: Vânia Zuin,Liliana Mammino
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN: 1782625364
Category: Education
Page: 329
View: 7251

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Educating the next generation of chemists about green chemistry issues, such as waste minimisation and clean synthesis, is vital for environmental sustainability. This book enables green issues to be taught from the underlying principles of all chemistry courses rather than in isolation. Chapters contributed by green chemistry experts from across the globe, with experience in teaching at different academic levels, provide a coherent overview of possible approaches to incorporate green chemistry into existing curriculums. Split into three sections, the book first introduces sustainability and green chemistry education , before focussing on high school green chemistry education initiatives and green chemistry education at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Useful laboratory experiments and in-class activities to aid teaching are included. This book is a valuable resource for chemical educators worldwide who wish to integrate green chemistry into chemical education in a systematic and holistic way. It is also of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about the different approaches adopted around the world in sustainability education.

Palladium Reagents and Catalysts

New Perspectives for the 21st Century
Author: Jiro Tsuji
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470021195
Category: Science
Page: 670
View: 3072

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Jiro Tsuji, one of the pioneers in this field of organic synthesis, provides synthetic organic chemists with a remarkable overview of the many applications of organopalladium chemistry. Tsuji discusses the recent developments in the field as well as the explosive growth over the last five years. Highlighting the most recent discoveries in this rapidly expanding field, the book; Focuses on new aspects of organopalladium chemistry, putting emphasis on synthetic applications Investigates the new perspectives on the synthetic uses of contemporary organopalladium chemistry This volume, together with Innovations in Organic Synthesis, Tsuji's previous title, provides complete coverage of over 40 years of organopalladium chemistry. Palladium Reagents and Catalysts: New Perspectives for the 21st Century is an essential reference source and companion for students, and both industrial and academic research chemists working in organic synthesis, particularly on synthesis of natural products and medicinal compounds. Those studying development of new synthetic methodology and organometallic chemistry will also find this book valuable.

Organische Chemie

Author: Jonathan Clayden,Nick Greeves,Stuart Warren
Publisher: Springer Spektrum
ISBN: 9783642347153
Category: Science
Page: 1366
View: 1228

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Ein neuer Stern am Lehrbuch-Himmel: Organische Chemie von Clayden, Greeves, Warren - der ideale Begleiter für alle Chemiestudenten. Der Schwerpunkt dieses didaktisch durchdachten, umfassenden vierfarbigen Lehrbuches liegt auf dem Verständnis von Mechanismen, Strukturen und Prozessen, nicht auf dem Lernen von Fakten. Organische Chemie entpuppt sich als dabei als ein kohärentes Ganzes, mit zahlreichen logischen Verbindungen und Konsequenzen sowie einer grundlegenden Struktur und Sprache. Dank der Betonung von Reaktionsmechanismen, Orbitalen und Stereochemie gewinnen die Studierenden ein solides Verständnis der wichtigsten Faktoren, die für alle organisch-chemischen Reaktionen gelten. So lernen sie, auch Reaktionen, die ihnen bisher unbekannt waren, zu interpretieren und ihren Ablauf vorherzusagen. Der direkte, persönliche, studentenfreundliche Schreibstil motiviert die Leser, mehr erfahren zu wollen. Umfangreiche Online-Materialien führen das Lernen über das gedruckte Buch hinaus und vertiefen das Verständnis noch weiter.

Understanding the Principles of Organic Chemistry: A Laboratory Course

Author: Steven Pedersen,Arlyn Myers
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0495829935
Category: Science
Page: 432
View: 7780

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Class-tested by thousands of students and using simple equipment and green chemistry ideas, UNDERSTANDING THE PRINCIPLES OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY: A LABORATORY COURSE includes 36 experiments that introduce traditional, as well as recently developed synthetic methods. Offering up-to-date and novel experiments not found in other lab manuals, this innovative book focuses on safety, gives students practice in the basic techniques used in the organic lab, and includes microscale experiments, many drawn from the recent literature. An Online Instructor’s Manual available on the book’s instructor’s companion website includes helpful information, including instructors’ notes, pre-lab meeting notes, experiment completion times, answers to end-of-experiment questions, video clips of techniques, and more. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Transition Metal Reagents and Catalysts

Innovations in Organic Synthesis
Author: Jiro Tsuji
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471560272
Category: Science
Page: 477
View: 9661

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Transition Metal Reagents and Catalysts Innovations in OrganicSynthesis Jiro Tsuji Emeritus Professor, Tokyo Institute ofTechnology, Japan Numerous innovative and practical syntheticmethods using transition metal complexes as either catalysts orreagents have been developed over the last 35 years. TransitionMetal Reagents and Catalysts combines the varied applications oftransition metal complexes in a unique and timely book in thisrapidly advancing area of organic synthesis. This text is an easilyunderstandable and enjoyable read for organic chemists who are notyet familiar with organo-transition metal chemistry. TransitionMetal Reagents and Catalysts presents: * Complete coverage of nearly 35 years of transition metal complexchemistry * An in-depth treatment of many innovative syntheticmethodologies * A rational classification of all reactions according tosubstrates and reaction mechanisms * Examples of important applications of transition metal catalysedreactions. A knowledge of organic synthesis using transition metal complexesis a must for all synthetic organic chemists. Written for chemistswho wish to apply novel synthetic methods using transition metalcomplexes to solve problems in organic and pharmaceuticalchemistry, such as synthesis of fine and bulk chemicals and naturalproducts, Transition Metal Reagents and Catalysts is an essentialreference source and an indispensible research companion.

Physikalische Chemie

Author: Peter W. Atkins,Julio de Paula,Michael Bär,Anna Schleitzer,Carsten Heinisch
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527315462
Category: Science
Page: 1220
View: 9594

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LSD - Mein Sorgenkind

Die Entdeckung einer "Wunderdroge"
Author: Albert Hofmann
Publisher: Klett-Cotta
ISBN: 3608115137
Category: Science
Page: 224
View: 6857

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In diesem Klassiker der Chemiegeschichte schildert Albert Hofmann die Umstände der Entdeckung des LSD. Er berichtet von seinen Begegnungen mit Wissenschaftlern, Künstlern, Schriftstellern und Exponenten der Hippiebewegung, die an LSD jeweils aus ganz unterschiedlichen Gründen interessiert waren. Und von seiner berühmten Fahrradfahrt, dem ersten LSD-Rausch überhaupt ... »Ich konnte nur noch mit größter Anstrengung verständlich sprechen und bat meine Laborantin, die über den Selbstversuch orientiert war, mich nach Hause zu begleiten. Schon auf dem Heimweg mit dem Fahrrad nahm mein Zustand bedrohliche Formen an ...«

Modern Carbonylation Methods

Author: László Kollár
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527621555
Category: Science
Page: 383
View: 5759

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Comprehensively covering modern carbonylation chemistry, this book is an indispensable companion for all synthetic chemists working in industry and academia. This monograph contains everything there is to know from recent advances in the investigation of carbonylation catalysts, via coordination chemistry to the synthetic application of transition metal catalyzed carbonylations.

The student's lab companion

laboratory techniques for organic chemistry : standard scale and microscale
Author: John W. Lehman
Publisher: Pearson College Div
Category: Science
Page: 388
View: 2746

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This comprehensive lab companion provides a thorough introduction to all of the significant operations used in the organic lab, for both traditional-scale and microscale applications. It includes enough theory to help students understand how and why an operation works, but emphasizes the practical aspects of an operation to help them perform the operation successfully in the lab. lab.Makes substantive revisions of many operations to clarify existing material and add new information. Emphasizes environmentally friendly (i.e. green ) lab experiments. Adds a new section on Chemistry and the Environment.A useful guide for chemists and other professionals who do laboratory work in the scientific fields.

Modern Synthetic Methods 1995

Author: Beat Ernst,Christian Leumann
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9783906390123
Category: Science
Page: 453
View: 9107

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The collection of the six contributions of the 7th International Seminar on Modern Synthetic Methods, written by leading experts in their fields, gives an overview on the state of the art, trends, and new accomplishments in solvent effects on chemical transformations, in reactions on surfaces, in the synthesis of oligosaccharides and nucleid acid analogues, and in antibody catalyis. This volume is an invaluable companion to both the active research chemists and the advanced students, fascinated by the world of biologically important compounds and by the creativity in synthetic techniques directed towards their preparation.

Classics in Total Synthesis II

More Targets, Strategies, Methods
Author: K. C. Nicolaou
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
ISBN: 9783527306848
Category: Science
Page: 639
View: 9513

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Classics in Total Synthesis II is the long awaited sequel to Classics in Total Synthesis, a book that has made its mark as a superb tool for educating students and practitioners alike in the art of organic synthesis since its introduction in 1996. In this highly welcomed second volume, K.C. Nicolaou and Scott A. Snyder discuss in detail the most impressive accomplishments in natural product total synthesis during the 1990s and the first years of the 21st century. While all of the features that made the first volume of Classics so popular and unique as a teaching tool have been maintained, in this new treatise the authors seek to present the latest techniques and advance in organic synthesis as they beautifully describe the works of some of the most renowned synthetic organic chemists of our time. Key features include: Systematically develops domino reactions, cascade sequences, biomimetic strategies, and asymmetric catalysis through the chosen synthesis Discusses cutting edge synthetic technologies in terms of mechanism and scope Presents new reactions, such as olefin metathesis, in mini-review style Includes abundant references for further reading CD with useful teaching material for lecturers is included with hardback version (ISBN 3-527-30685-4) Graduate students, educators, and researchers in the fields of synthetic and medicinal chemistry will wish to have a copy of this book in their collection as an indispensable companion that both augments and supplements the original Classics in Total Synthesis. From the reviews: "... a volume, (...) which any chemist with an interest in synthetic organic chemistry will wish to acquire." –JACS (on the previous volume) "...this superb book (...) will be an essential purchase for many organic chemists." –Nature (on the previous volume) "...Classics II is undoubtedly an excellent bargain that is highly recommended to everybody interested in advanced organic chemistry. One of my co-workers confessed that Classics I was the book on his bedside table while he prepared his thesis defense. Isn't that the highest distinction for a monograph? I have every reason to believe that Classics II will equally stand the selection process by students (and probably their supervisors too)." –Angewandte Chemie, 2004 "Well, there is a new pleasant read for the advanced student and even the experienced. It is the second volume to the established Classics in Total Synthesis and it continues the series extremely well." –ChemBioChem, 2004 "...the real innovation of this volume is the inclusion of alternative pathways to the same target molecule by other researchers. This enables the reader to appreciate that there are also other solutions to certain structural problems than those of the original synthesis. ... Let us hope that K. C. Nicolaou and his associates will present us with these future achievements in the same clear, informative and innovative format they have with the previous two volumes." –Applied Organometallic Chemistry

Practical Methods for Biocatalysis and Biotransformations 3

Author: John Whittall,Peter W. Sutton,Wolfgang Kroutil
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118696298
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 320
View: 6709

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Biocatalysts are increasingly used by chemists engaged in fine chemical synthesis within both industry and academia. Today, there exists a huge choice of high-tech enzymes and whole cell biocatalysts, which add enormously to the repertoire of synthetic possibilities. Practical Methods for Biocatalysis and Biotransformations 3 will be a companion book to Practical Methods for Biocatalysis and Biotransformations (2009) and Practical Methods for Biocatalysis and Biotransformations 2 (2012). Following the successful format of the two volumes, it will be a “how-to” guide focusing on commercially available enzymes and strains of microorganisms that are readily obtained from culture collections. The source of starting materials and reagents, hints, tips and safety advice (where appropriate) will be given to ensure, as far as possible, that the procedures are reproducible. Comparisons to alternative methodology will be given and relevant references to the primary literature will be cited. Contents include: Biotransformation Process Technology Industrial Biooxidation Hydrolase catalysed hydrolysis/synthesis Reduction Oxidation Halogenation Transferase catalysed glycosylation, methylation, etc C-C bond formation Tandem Biocatalytic Reactions Practical Methods for Biocatalysis and Biotransformations, Volume 3 is an essential collection of validated biocatalytic methods which will find a place on the bookshelves of synthetic organic chemists, pharmaceutical chemists, and process R&D chemists in industry and academia.

Reactivity in Molecular Crystals

Author: Yuji Ohashi
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527616128
Category: Science
Page: 360
View: 4086

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Do you need to design syntheses that are * highly selective * fast * enantioselective with quantitative enantiomeric yield? This book describes in detail how best to exploit the enormous synthetic potential of solid state reactions. Written by leading experts, it provides in-depth information on * the theoretical and physico-chemical approach to solid state reactions * solid-to-solid organic reactions * stereoselective solid state photoreactions * reactivity and crystal structure An ideal companion to Dunitz and Bürgi's 'Structure Correlation', this book will be highly useful to synthetic organic chemists, stereochemists, crystallographers, and solid-state chemists