Supper of the Lamb

A Culinary Reflection
Author: Robert F. Capon
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 1429931388
Category: Cooking
Page: 288
View: 1201

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Supper of the Lamb is a collection of recipes and essays by Robert F. Capon.

Clémentine in the Kitchen

Author: Samuel Chamberlain,Narcisse Chamberlain
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 0375756647
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 268
View: 9854

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Collects French recipes for everyday dishes and gourmet meals prepared by Clementine, a Burgundian cook for the Chamberlain family living first in post-World War II France, then in Massachusetts.

Soil and Sacrament

A Spiritual Memoir of Food and Faith
Author: Fred Bahnson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451663307
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 288
View: 5106

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Recounts the author's experiences founding a faith-based community garden in rural North Carolina, and emphasizes how growing one's own food can help readers reconnect with the land and divine faith.


Our Russian Cook
Author: Wanda L. Frolov
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 0375757619
Category: Cooking
Page: 152
View: 1584

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Katish, round as a plum and neat as a pin, arrived in Los Angeles as a Russian emigre in the 1920s. As Wanda L. Frolov remembers, her house was brought to life by this humble genius of the kitchen, whose English was unpredictable and whose love of company (especially that of the downtrodden) was unstoppable. Soon Katish was nourishing the bellies and the souls of a happy throng with her blini and pilaf, her shashlik and borscht. On the side, she brokered marriages and started bank accounts for new emigres, presiding over all from her spotless pastry table. Katishoffers deliciously simple Russian country cooking enveloped in a warm and cheering narrative, tender as the crust of Katish's own piroshky. It includes Katish's Cheesecake, one of the most beloved recipes ever published inGourmetmagazine.

At the Supper of the Lamb

A Pastoral and Theological Commentary on the Mass
Author: Paul Turner
Publisher: LiturgyTrainingPublications
ISBN: 1568549210
Category: Religion
Page: 163
View: 6977

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Endless Feasts

Sixty Years of Writing from Gourmet
Author: Ruth Reichl
Publisher: Modern Library Food
ISBN: 0375759921
Category: Cooking
Page: 401
View: 8931

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A unique compilation of food and travel essays from the pages of Gourmet magazine includes contributions by M. F. K. Fisher, Ruth Harness, Anita Loos, James Beard, Madhur Jaffrey, Laurie Colwin, and other distinguished authors who describe the fine art of food and cookery around the world. Reprint. 30,000 first printing.

Light Theology and Heavy Cream

The Culinary Adventures of Pietro and Madeline
Author: Robert Farrar Capon
Publisher: Cowley Publications
ISBN: 1461733065
Category: Religion
Page: 113
View: 6150

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Robert Farrar Capon is well known as the author of the modern classic The Supper of the Lamb (“awesomely funny, wise, beautiful, moving, preposterous,” said The New York Times) and other acclaimed books such as Genesis, the Movie. In Light Theology & Heavy Cream: The Culinary Adventures of Pietro & Madeleine, Capon returns to the kitchen to present a spirited collection of pieces he describes as “culinary and theological snack food.” Providing significant nutritive value in terms of both cooking and thinking, Capon offers them “as a lark.” The protagonists of this endeavor are Pietro and Madeleine, a husband and wife with clear resemblances to the author and his wife, Valerie. With Capon's signature wit and precision, Pietro and Madeleine explore such diverse topics as creativity, addiction, televangelism, spirituality, the correct way to slice a leg of lamb, and the virtues of diners. “Given the irony of a God who saves the world by foolishness and weakness,” Capon writes, “and the hilarity by which he gives us corn, wine, and oil—not to mention his wonderfully two-faced creatures such as butter, salt, tobacco, and pork fat—this is no world in which to land on one side of a paradox.” Nibbling away on Light Theology & Heavy Cream is to encounter an author who has “always been perfectly substantial and perfectly silly at the same time,” but here “propels himself faster and farther in both directions.” “You challenge me to match the sum total of the world's miseries with a fast, but then you complain that I fall short because I have eaten lobster instead of beetles or something. Why, I could starve myself stone cold to death and still fall short. To use your very own argument, the world's miseries are tractable only to God's grace, not my merits. A lobster, obediently ingested, can remind me of that as well as anything else, eaten or not eaten, on the same principle.” —from the first chapter

Health, Money, and Love. . .

And Why We Don't Enjoy Them
Author: Robert Farrar Capon
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780802808523
Category: Religion
Page: 188
View: 5536

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In this delightfully twisting, engaging, multi-genre narrative. Robert Farrar Capon explores three areas of life that concern us all -- health, money, and love -- pokes fun of the religions we make of them, and trumpets the radical gospel of grace, the only alternative that can free us to be truly happy.

Food and Faith

A Theology of Eating
Author: Norman Wirzba
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521195500
Category: Religion
Page: 244
View: 5517

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A comprehensive theological framework for assessing the significance of eating, demonstrating that eating is of profound economic, moral and theological significance.

The Parables of Judgment

Author: Robert Farrar Capon
Publisher: Eerdmans Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780802804914
Category: Religion
Page: 181
View: 3264

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Capon demonstrates how Jesus' message of diving judgment, in contrast to the notions of both his enemies and his friends, is always presented against the backdrop of grace.

The Sacred Year

Mapping the Soulscape of Spiritual Practice -- How Contemplating Apples, Living in a Cave and Befriending a Dying Woman Revived My Life
Author: Michael Yankoski
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 0718022424
Category: Religion
Page: 354
View: 9384

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"In his life and writing, Michael Yankoski walks a tightrope between action and contemplation, and, behold, in ways we can all learn from, he manages to find a sort of essential balance." —Philip Yancey, author of What's So Amazing About Grace "This book is a joy to the soul and a delight to the heart. It is destined to become a classic within the genre of contemporary spiritual and religious writing." —Phyllis Tickle, compiler of The Divine Hours Frustrated and disillusioned with his life as a Christian motivational speaker, Michael Yankoski was determined to stop merely talking about living a life of faith and start experiencing it. The result was a year of focused engagement with spiritual practices—both ancient and modern—that fundamentally reshaped and revived his life. By contemplating apples for an hour before tasting them (attentiveness), eating on just $2.00 a day (simplicity), or writing letters of thanks (gratitude), Michael discovered a whole new vitality and depth through the intentional life. Guided by the voice of Father Solomon—a local monk—Yankoski's Sacred Year slowly transforms his life. Both entertaining and profound, his story will resonate with those who wish to deepen their own committed faith as well as those who are searching—perhaps for the first time—for their own authentic encounter with the Divine.

Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics

Author: Joel B. Green
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441239987
Category: Religion
Page: 912
View: 7804

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This one-stop reference book on the vital relationship between Scripture and ethics offers needed orientation and perspective for students, pastors, and scholars. Written to respond to the movement among biblical scholars and ethicists to recover the Bible for moral formation, it is the best reference work available on the intersection of these two fields. The volume shows how Christian Scripture and Christian ethics are necessarily intertwined and offers up-to-date treatment of five hundred biblical, traditional, and contemporary topics, ranging from adultery, bioethics, and Colossians to vegetarianism, work, and Zephaniah. The stellar ecumenical list of contributors consists of more than two hundred leading scholars from the fields of biblical studies and ethics, including Darrell Bock, David Gushee, Amy Laura Hall, Daniel Harrington, Dennis Olson, Christine Pohl, Glen Stassen, and Max Stackhouse.

Kingdom, Grace, Judgment

Paradox, Outrage, and Vindication in the Parables of Jesus
Author: Robert Farrar Capon
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780802839497
Category: Religion
Page: 531
View: 2804

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Here in one volume is Robert Farrar Capon's widely praised trilogy on Jesus' parables The Parables of the Kingdom, The Parables of Grace, and The Parables of Judgment. These studies offer a fresh, adventurous look at all of Jesus' parables, treated according to their major themes. With the same authorial flair and daring insight that have earned him a wide readership, Capon admirably bridges the gap between the biblical world and our own, making clear both the original meaning of the parables and their continuing relevance today.

The Perfect Omelet: Essential Recipes for the Home Cook

Author: John E. Finn
Publisher: The Countryman Press
ISBN: 1581575076
Category: Cooking
Page: 240
View: 6261

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A charmingly illustrated ode to omelets with step-by-step techniques and 100 recipes The omelet is at once simple and complex, delicious at any time. John Finn’s mother was certainly a fan—she spent years searching for the perfect technique and has passed her knowledge, and her passion, to her son. Here Finn provides instructions for four master recipes—the classic French omelet nature, an American diner omelet, a frittata, and a dessert omelet—and delectable variations on each, including: Omelet Bonne Femme (potatoes, bacon, and onion) Many Mushrooms Omelet Tortilla with Caramelized Onions and Serrano Ham Chocolate Soufflé Omelet Omelettier John Finn leaves no eggshell unturned and provides readers with everything they need to find their way to their own perfect omelet.

These Beautiful Bones: An Everyday Theology of the Body

Author: Emily Stimpson
Publisher: Emmaus Road Publishing
ISBN: 9781937155155
Category: Religion
Page: 172
View: 7796

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It was Blessed John Paul II’s greatest gift to the Church: The theology of the body. A window into who we are, the theology of the body is a theology for the rooms where we make love. But it’s also a theology for the rooms where we work, where we eat, where we laugh, and where we pray. These Beautiful Bones takes you on a walk through those rooms. With both humor and practical wisdom, it sheds light on what the theology of the body has to say about life beyond the bedroom, about the everyday moments of life, helping you discover how to let grace enter into those moments and make of them something extraordinary.

The Faithful Artist

A Vision for Evangelicalism and the Arts
Author: Cameron J. Anderson
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 083089442X
Category: Art
Page: 283
View: 9694

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The tension between Christianity and the arts is often real. But it also offers a false dichotomy. Many Christian artists think that they must choose between their faith and their artistic calling. Drawing upon his experiences as both a Christian and a practicing artist, Cameron J. Anderson explores the dynamics of faith and art in this latest volume in IVP Academic s Studies in Theology and the Arts series. Tracing the relationship between evangelicalism and modern art in postwar America—two entities that often found themselves at odds with each other—Anderson raises several issues that confront artists. With skill, sensitivity and insight, he considers questions such as the role of our bodies and our senses in our experience of the arts, the relationship between text and image, the persistent dangers of idolatry, the possibility of pursuing God through an encounter with beauty and more. Throughout this study, Anderson's principal concern is how Christian artists can faithfully pursue their vocational calling in contemporary culture. Readers will find here not only an informed and thoughtful response, but also a vision that offers guidance and hope.

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Practical Theology

Author: Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444345729
Category: Religion
Page: 640
View: 2342

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Through a series of essays contributed by leading experts in the field, The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Practical Theology presents an introduction to practical theology as a major area of Christian study and practice, including an overview of its key developments, themes, methods, and future directions. The first comprehensive reference work to provide a survey, description and analysis of practical theology as an area of study A range of leading scholars in the field provide original contributions on the major areas, issues, and figures in practical theology Reviews an extensive range of methods for studying theology in practice, along with sub-disciplines in theological education such as pastoral care and preaching Covers developments in the discipline in a range of global contexts and distinct Christian traditions Shows how practical theology is relevant to everyday life

The Mystery of Christ-- and why We Don't Get it

Author: Robert Farrar Capon
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780802801210
Category: Religion
Page: 195
View: 1802

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Looks at why individuals are not understanding the connection between Jesus Christ and their spiritual salvation

Desiring God

Meditations of a Christian Hedonist
Author: John Piper
Publisher: Multnomah Pub
ISBN: 1601423098
Category: Religion
Page: 411
View: 4049

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Experience the Lifelong Pleasures of Knowing God! Satisfaction…Happiness…Joy. According to John Piper, the pursuit of pleasure in God is not only permissible, it’s essential. Desiring God is a paradigm-shattering work that dramatically alters common perspectives on relating to God. Piper reveals that there really is no need to choose between duty and delight in the Christian life. In fact, for the follower of Jesus, delight is the duty as Christ is most magnified in His people when they are most satisfied in Him. Constantly drawing on Scripture to build his case, Piper shows why pursuing maximum joy is essential to glorifying God. He discusses the implications of this for conversion, worship, love, Scripture, prayer, money, marriage, missions, and suffering. Piper beckons us to approach God with the hedonist’s abandon. Finally, we are freed to enjoy Jesus—not only as our Lord and Savior, but also as our all-surpassing, soul-satisfying Treasure. Desiring God may turn your Christian world upside down. And that will be a good thing, for the glory of God, and for your deepest joy. Includes a study guide for individual and small group use.

To the Table

A Spirituality of Food, Farming, and Community
Author: Lisa Graham McMinn
Publisher: Brazos Press
ISBN: 1493401858
Category: Religion
Page: 224
View: 3004

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With the growing farm-to-table movement and popularity of local farmers' markets, we are becoming more conscious of where our food originates. This spirituality of eating and food helps us reflect on current realities and understand how eating forms our souls inwardly, upwardly, and outwardly. The author offers practical guidance on what it means to eat alone or in community with more intention, compassion, humility, and gratitude. She also tells the story of food as it transitions from seed to table. Sidebars contain gardening and food tips, recipes, and food preservation guides. End-of-chapter questions for individual and group use are included.