Solar Energy

The State of the Art
Author: Jeffrey M. Gordon
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113427582X
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 724
View: 7064

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It is rare that a book draws together the knowledge and experience of scientists, each a world leader in his or her discipline, to create a work that presents the state of the art in a field as rich and diverse as solar energy. In Solar Energy - the State of the Art this aim has been achieved. The book comprises twelve individual chapters, each dedicated to one of the major solar energy sub-disciplines and authored by an internationally recognised expert in the field. Areas covered range from solar radiation and meteorology, solar collectors and concentrators, solar energy and the built environment, to solar thermal electricity, photovoltaics, wind energy and the potential cost of ignoring solar energy resources. The papers examine the technology and field in question, discuss the rudiments and major applications, review the current science and technology and explore the remaining challenges for the future. Solar Energy - the State of the Art is an essential reference work for all solar energy practitioners, students, researchers and engineers wishing to gain a broad-based understanding of the theory, technology, applications and issues surrounding the broad, interdisciplinary field of solar energy. The book will form an important component of any library's solar energy holding and will be of particular benefit as an academic reference, as well as being of practical value to professionals who wish to gain a clear understanding of the concepts required to move forward in this field. Published with ISES.

Solar Thermal Technologies for Buildings

The State of the Art
Author: M. Santamouris
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134277229
Category: Architecture
Page: 256
View: 8618

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Solar thermal is now a proven technology in terms of reliability, cost-benefit, and low environmental impact. The integration of solar thermal systems and installations into the design of buildings can provide a clean, efficient and sustainable low-energy solution for heating and cooling, whilst, taken in a wider context, contributing to climate protection. This book covers the state of the art in the application of solar thermal technologies for buildings. This is the first book in the BEST (Buildings, Energy and Solar Technology) Series. This series presents high-quality theoretical and application-oriented material on solar energy and energy-efficient technologies. Leading international experts cover the strategies and technologies that form the basis of high-performance, sustainable buildings, crucial to enhancing our built and urban environment.


The State of the Art
Author: D. P. DiVincenzo,Paul J. Steinhardt
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789810241568
Category: Science
Page: 618
View: 1928

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Quasicrystals: The State of the Art has proven to be a useful introduction to quasicrystals for mathematicians, physicists, materials scientists, and students. The original intent was for the book to be a progress report on recent developments in the field. However, the authors took care to adopt a broad, pedagogical approach focusing on points of lasting value. Many subtle and beautiful aspects of quasicrystals are explained in this book (and nowhere else) in a way that is useful for both the expert and the student. In this second edition, some authors have appended short notes updating their essays. Two new chapters have been added. Chapter 16, by Goldman and Thiel, reviews the experimental progress since the first edition (1991) in making quasicrystals, determining their structure, and finding applications. In Chapter 17, Steinhardt discusses the quasi-unit cell picture, a promising, new approach for describing the structure and growth of quasicrystals in terms of a single, repeating, overlapping cluster of atoms.

Perinatal Programming

The State of the Art
Author: Andreas Plagemann
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110249456
Category: Medical
Page: 308
View: 363

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Perinatal Programming addresses the environment-dependent setting of fundamental life functions and dispositions for diseases in developmental periods during pregnancy and in early infancy. It provides a new view of the origins of health and diseases. To realize these associations may enable us to prevent diseases for the long term. This book reviews actual state-of-the-art knowledge in the perinatal programming field. The authors are internationally known scientists of this research area.

The State Of The Art

Author: Iain M. Banks
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748110070
Category: Fiction
Page: 224
View: 3364

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The first ever collection of Iain M. Banks's short fiction, this volume includes the acclaimed novella, The State of the Art. This is a striking addition to the growing body of Culture lore, and adds definition and scale to the previous works by using the Earth of 1977 as contrast. The other stories in the collection range from science fiction to horror, dark-coated fantasy to morality tale. All bear the indefinable stamp of Iain Banks's staggering talent. Praise for the Culture series: 'Epic in scope, ambitious in its ideas and absorbing in its execution' Independent on Sunday 'Banks has created one of the most enduring and endearing visions of the future' Guardian 'Jam-packed with extraordinary invention' Scotsman 'Compulsive reading' Sunday Telegraph The Culture series: Consider Phlebas The Player of Games Use of Weapons The State of the Art Excession Inversions Look to Windward Matter Surface Detail The Hydrogen Sonata Other books by Iain M. Banks: Against a Dark Background Feersum Endjinn The Algebraist

Algorithms for Continuous Optimization

The State of the Art
Author: Emilio Goiuseppe Spedicato
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792328599
Category: Mathematics
Page: 565
View: 3335

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The NATO Advanced Study Institute on "Algorithms for continuous optimiza tion: the state of the art" was held September 5-18, 1993, at II Ciocco, Barga, Italy. It was attended by 75 students (among them many well known specialists in optimiza tion) from the following countries: Belgium, Brasil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA, Venezuela. The lectures were given by 17 well known specialists in the field, from Brasil, China, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, UK, USA. Solving continuous optimization problems is a fundamental task in computational mathematics for applications in areas of engineering, economics, chemistry, biology and so on. Most real problems are nonlinear and can be of quite large size. Devel oping efficient algorithms for continuous optimization has been an important field of research in the last 30 years, with much additional impetus provided in the last decade by the availability of very fast and parallel computers. Techniques, like the simplex method, that were already considered fully developed thirty years ago have been thoroughly revised and enormously improved. The aim of this ASI was to present the state of the art in this field. While not all important aspects could be covered in the fifty hours of lectures (for instance multiob jective optimization had to be skipped), we believe that most important topics were presented, many of them by scientists who greatly contributed to their development.

Digital Astrophotography: The State of the Art

Author: David Ratledge
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 184628256X
Category: Science
Page: 177
View: 6525

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Provides novice to accomplished amateur astronomers with a firm grounding in the basics and successful use of digital astrophotography. Provides examples of the best images, and gives readers hints and tips about how to get the best out of this extraordinary technology. Experts in CCD astronomy from North America and Europe have contributed to this book, illustrating their help and advice with many beautiful colour images – the book is in full color throughout. Techniques range from using simple webcams to highly technical aspects such as supernovae patrolling. Computer processing, stacking and image-enhancement are detailed, along with many hints and tips from the experts.

Risk Management: The State of the Art

The State of the Art
Author: Stephen Figlewski,Richard M. Levich
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792374275
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 219
View: 8326

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Very often, we associate the dawn of modern financial theory with Harry Markowitz who in the 1950s introduced the formal mathematics of probability theory to the problem of managing risk in an asset portfolio. The 1970s saw the advent of formal models for pricing options and other derivative contracts, whose primary purpose was also financial risk management and hedging. But events in the 1990s made it clear that effective risk management is a critical element for success, and indeed, for long term survival, not only for financial institutions, but also for industrial firms, and even for nonprofit organizations and governmental bodies. These recent events vividly show that the world is filled with all manner of risks, and so risk management must extend far beyond the use of standard derivative instruments in routine hedging applications. The articles in this volume cover two broad themes. One theme emphasizes methods for identifying, modeling, and hedging specific types of financial and business risks. Articles in this category consider the technology of risk measurement, such as Value at Risk and extreme value theory; new classes of risk, such as liquidity risk; new financial instruments and markets for risk management, such as derivative contracts based on weather and on catastrophic insurance risks; and finally, credit risk, which has become one of the most important areas of practical interest for risk management. The second theme stresses risk management from the perspective of the firm and the financial system as a whole. Articles in this category analyze risk management in the international arena, including payment and settlement risks and sovereign risk pricing, risk management from the regulator's viewpoint, and risk management for financial institutions. The articles in this volume examine the "State of the Art" in risk management from the standpoint of academic researchers, market analysts and practitioners, and government observers.


The State of the Art
Author: Sung Chul Whang,Jun Chul Whang
Publisher: Broadway
ISBN: 9780767902144
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 283
View: 1737

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A complete instructional guide to the world's most popular martial art, this is the first comprehensive book on Taekwondo to appear since it became a truly international sport and Olympic event. Illustrated throughout with B/W line drawings, it presents the most current methods, tactics and strategies for everything from the required taegeuk forms to Olympic-style sparring. Suitable both for beginners and experienced practitioners.

Chinese Film

The State of the Art in the People's Republic
Author: George Stephen Semsel
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0275926443
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 191
View: 7482

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Chinese Film is the first book to deal with film in the People's Republic of China since the cultural revolution ended. Semsel has expertly selected articles and interviews with filmmakers that will give western readers a reasonable view of how films are made, and their impact in contemporary China. The filmmakers come from a wide range of experience and interest, yet all agree that Chinese film is at an aesthetic breakthrough. Besides examining the current state of the film industry, Semsel includes works from the best young Chinese film scholars. He also covers film education, financing, distribution, exhibition, and more.

Benefits Assessment

The State of the Art
Author: Menkes,Charles A. Lave
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789027720221
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 236
View: 6856

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In recent years there has been substantial interest in benefits assessment methods, especially as these methods are used to assess health, safety, and environmental issues. At least part of this interest can be traced to Executive Order 12291, issued by President Ronald Reagan in 1981. This Executive Order requires Federal agencies to perform benefits assessments of pro posed major regulations and prohibits them from taking regulatory action unless potential benefits exceed potential costs to society. Heightened interest in benefits assessment methods has in tum given rise to greater recognition of the inherent difficulties in performing such assess ments. For example, many benefits that are intuitively felt to be most important are also among the most difficult to measure. It can be difficult to identify the full range of both benefits and costs. The choice of an appro priate discount rate for comparing benefits and costs over time is proble matic. Even when benefits are quantifiable in principle and agreement can be reached on their valuation, required d,ata may not be available. Thus considerable uncertainty is built into most benefit estimates, even when they are based on the best available data. In light of the complexities and difficulties associated with the perform ance of a benefits assessment, this book reviews the current state of theoretical and methodological knowledge in the field. The review is extensive in that it covers over fifty years of research, theoretical develop ment, and practice.

Natural Phonology

The State of the Art
Author: Bernhard Hurch,Richard A. Rhodes
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110908999
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 360
View: 7418

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TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS is a series of books that open new perspectives in our understanding of language. The series publishes state-of-the-art work on core areas of linguistics across theoretical frameworks as well as studies that provide new insights by building bridges to neighbouring fields such as neuroscience and cognitive science. TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS considers itself a forum for cutting-edge research based on solid empirical data on language in its various manifestations, including sign languages. It regards linguistic variation in its synchronic and diachronic dimensions as well as in its social contexts as important sources of insight for a better understanding of the design of linguistic systems and the ecology and evolution of language. TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS publishes monographs and outstanding dissertations as well as edited volumes, which provide the opportunity to address controversial topics from different empirical and theoretical viewpoints. High quality standards are ensured through anonymous reviewing.

The State of the Art

Author: Iain Banks
Publisher: Nightshade Book
ISBN: 9781597800747
Category: Fiction
Page: 188
View: 1613

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The first ever collection of Iain Banks' short fiction, this volume includes the acclaimed novella, The State of the Art. This is a striking addition to the growing body of Culture lore, and adds definition and scale to the previous works by using the Earth of 1977 as contrast. The other stories in the collection range from science fiction to horror, dark-coated fantasy to morality tale. All bear the indefinable stamp of Iain Banks' staggering talent.


The State of the Art
Author: Dirk Berg-Schlosser
Publisher: Barbara Budrich
ISBN: 3866491026
Category: Political Science
Page: 187
View: 9423

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The problems of democratization â?? its successes, failures, and future prospects â?? belong to the most pressing concerns of our times. Empirical democratic theory has received many new impulses since the last wave of democratization in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Southeast and East Asia. The concepts and findings presented in this second edition â?? by leading international experts in the field â?? are of high relevance both for political science and practical politics.

Political Anthropology

The State of the Art
Author: S. L. Seaton,Henri J. Claessen
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110800012
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 411
View: 9229

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Biological Systematics

The state of the art
Author: Alessandro Minelli
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401196435
Category: Science
Page: 406
View: 4005

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To some potential readers of this book the description of Biological System atics as an art may seem outdated and frankly wrong. For most people art is subjective and unconstrained by universal laws. While one picture, play or poem may be internally consistent comparison between different art products is meaningless except by way of the individual artists. On the other hand modern Biological Systematics - particularly phenetics and cladistics - is offered as objective and ultimately governed by universal laws. This implies that classifications of different groups of organisms, being the products of systematics, should be comparable irrespective of authorship. Throughout this book Minelli justifies his title by developing the theme that biological classifications are, in fact, very unequal in their expressions of the pattern and processes of the natural world. Specialists are imbibed with their own groups and tend to establish a consensus of what constitutes a species or a genus, or whether it should be desirable to recognize sub species, cultivars etc. Ornithologists freely recognize subspecies and rarely do bird genera contain more than 10 species. On the other hand some coleopterists and botanists work with genera with over 1500 species. This asymmetry may reflect a biological reality; it may express a working practicality, or simply an historical artefact (older erected genera often contain more species). Rarely are these phenomena questioned.

Ocean Energy Recovery

The State of the Art
Author: Richard J. Seymour
Publisher: ASCE Publications
ISBN: 9780784475898
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 314
View: 1485

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This report establishes the state of the art in a full range of renewable energy technologies that harness the power of oceans. Papers discuss mature technologies, such as tidal energy extraction, and conjectural technologies, such as salinity gradients. In addition, the economics of the major systems are compared in a uniform manner, making it possible to realistically assess their economic potential. This publication provides a single source of balanced technical and economic assessments of competing technologies and should interest those involved in the search for alternative sources of energy.

Public management

the state of the art
Author: Barry Bozeman
Publisher: Jossey-Bass Inc Pub
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 424
View: 1186

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State of the Art and Perspectives
Author: Stefan A. Schirm
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 0415405661
Category: Political Science
Page: 229
View: 7700

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Encompasses the debates and the results of research of political scientists on various core aspects of the interrelation between politics and economics in the process of globalization. This volume shows how research on "Globalization" has reached a degree of differentiation that makes it necessary to assess the perspectives for further research.