The Special Functions and Their Approximations

Author: Yudell L. Luke
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0080955606
Category: Mathematics
Page: 348
View: 702

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A detailed and self-contained and unified treatment of many mathematical functions which arise in applied problems, as well as the attendant mathematical theory for their approximations. many common features of the Bessel functions, Legendre functions, incomplete gamma functions, confluent hypergeometric functions, as well as of otherw, can be derived. Hitherto, many of the material upon which the volumes are based has been available only in papers scattered throughout the literature.

Asymptotics and Special Functions

Author: F. W. J. Olver
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 148326744X
Category: Mathematics
Page: 588
View: 1665

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Asymptotics and Special Functions provides a comprehensive introduction to two important topics in classical analysis: asymptotics and special functions. The integrals of a real variable and contour integrals are discussed, along with the Liouville-Green approximation and connection formulas for solutions of differential equations. Differential equations with regular singularities are also considered, with emphasis on hypergeometric and Legendre functions. Comprised of 14 chapters, this volume begins with an introduction to the basic concepts and definitions of asymptotic analysis and special functions, followed by a discussion on asymptotic theories of definite integrals containing a parameter. Contour integrals as well as integrals of a real variable are described. Subsequent chapters deal with the analytic theory of ordinary differential equations; differential equations with regular and irregular singularities; sums and sequences; and connection formulas for solutions of differential equations. The book concludes with an evaluation of methods used in estimating (as opposed to bounding) errors in asymptotic approximations and expansions. This monograph is intended for graduate mathematicians, physicists, and engineers.

Mathematical Functions and Their Approximations

Author: Yudell L. Luke
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 1483262456
Category: Mathematics
Page: 586
View: 5932

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Mathematical Functions and their Approximations is an updated version of the Applied Mathematics Series 55 Handbook based on the 1954 Conference on Mathematical Tables, held at Cambridge, Massachusetts. The aim of the conference is to determine the need for mathematical tables in view of the availability of high speed computing machinery. This work is composed of 14 chapters that cover the machinery for the expansion of the generalized hypergeometric function and other functions in infinite series of Jacobi and Chebyshev polynomials of the first kind. Numerical coefficients for Chebyshev expansions of the more common functions are tabulated. Other chapters contain polynomial and rational approximations for certain class of G-functions, the coefficients in the early polynomials of these rational approximations, and the Padé approximations for many of the elementary functions and the incomplete gamma functions. The remaining chapters describe the development of analytic approximations and expansions. This book will prove useful to mathematicians, advance mathematics students, and researchers.

Special Functions & Their Applications

Author: N. N. Lebedev
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486139891
Category: Mathematics
Page: 308
View: 7619

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Famous Russian work discusses the application of cylinder functions and spherical harmonics; gamma function; probability integral and related functions; Airy functions; hyper-geometric functions; more. Translated by Richard Silverman.

Mathematics of Approximation

Author: Johan de De Villiers
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9491216503
Category: Mathematics
Page: 406
View: 1815

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The approximation of a continuous function by either an algebraic polynomial, a trigonometric polynomial, or a spline, is an important issue in application areas like computer-aided geometric design and signal analysis. This book is an introduction to the mathematical analysis of such approximation, and, with the prerequisites of only calculus and linear algebra, the material is targeted at senior undergraduate level, with a treatment that is both rigorous and self-contained. The topics include polynomial interpolation; Bernstein polynomials and the Weierstrass theorem; best approximations in the general setting of normed linear spaces and inner product spaces; best uniform polynomial approximation; orthogonal polynomials; Newton-Cotes , Gauss and Clenshaw-Curtis quadrature; the Euler-Maclaurin formula ; approximation of periodic functions; the uniform convergence of Fourier series; spline approximation,with an extensive treatment of local spline interpolation,and its application in quadrature. Exercises are provided at the end of each chapter

Methods of Mathematical Physics

Author: Richard Courant,D. Hilbert
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527617221
Category: Science
Page: 575
View: 6054

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Since the first volume of this work came out in Germany in 1924, this book, together with its second volume, has remained standard in the field. Courant and Hilbert's treatment restores the historically deep connections between physical intuition and mathematical development, providing the reader with a unified approach to mathematical physics. The present volume represents Richard Courant's second and final revision of 1953.

Handbook of Continued Fractions for Special Functions

Author: Annie A.M. Cuyt,Vigdis Petersen,Brigitte Verdonk,Haakon Waadeland,William B. Jones
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402069499
Category: Mathematics
Page: 431
View: 8072

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Special functions are pervasive in all fields of science and industry. The most well-known application areas are in physics, engineering, chemistry, computer science and statistics. Because of their importance, several books and websites (see for instance http: and a large collection of papers have been devoted to these functions. Of the standard work on the subject, the Handbook of mathematical functions with formulas, graphs and mathematical tables edited by Milton Abramowitz and Irene Stegun, the American National Institute of Standards claims to have sold over 700 000 copies! But so far no project has been devoted to the systematic study of continued fraction representations for these functions. This handbook is the result of such an endeavour. We emphasise that only 10% of the continued fractions contained in this book, can also be found in the Abramowitz and Stegun project or at the Wolfram website!

Applied Calculus for Scientists and Engineers

A Journey in Dialogues
Author: Frank Blume,Calvin Piston
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 9780763728779
Category: Computers
Page: 869
View: 3989

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Applied Calculus For Scientists And Engineers Is An Invitation To An Intellectual Journey Into A Discipline That Has Profoundly Influenced The Development Of Western Civilization For More Than Three Hundred Years. The Author Takes A Functional Pedagogical Approach Through The Use Of A Dialogue-Based Writing Style That Is Uniquely Suited To Make Transparent The Essential Problem-Solving Strategies. As The Text Follows Simplicio And Sophie In Their Struggle To Understand The Teacher's Explanations, Students Will Find That Many Of Their Own Difficulties Are Adequately Addressed And Elegantly Resolved. The Text Is Centered On The Idea That Good Teaching Must Bring Knowledge To Life. True To This Premise, The Author Has Taken Great Care To Present All Mathematical Subjects Within The Context Of Stimulating Applications That Cover A Wide Range Of Topics In Science And Engineering. Also Included Are Engaging Discussions Of The Historical And Philosophical Background That Gave The Discipline Of Calculus Its Present Shape. Indeed, It Is The Central Focus On Applications Combined With A Commitment To Very High Standards Of Expository Writing That Sets This Book Apart From The Competition.

Handbook of Special Functions

Derivatives, Integrals, Series and Other Formulas
Author: Yury A. Brychkov
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 158488956X
Category: Mathematics
Page: 704
View: 2471

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Because of the numerous applications involved in this field, the theory of special functions is under permanent development, especially regarding the requirements for modern computer algebra methods. The Handbook of Special Functions provides in-depth coverage of special functions, which are used to help solve many of the most difficult problems in physics, engineering, and mathematics. The book presents new results along with well-known formulas used in many of the most important mathematical methods in order to solve a wide variety of problems. It also discusses formulas of connection and conversion for elementary and special functions, such as hypergeometric and Meijer G functions.

Elliptic Curves, Modular Forms, and Their L-functions

Author: Alvaro Lozano-Robledo
Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.
ISBN: 0821852426
Category: Mathematics
Page: 195
View: 5900

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Many problems in number theory have simple statements, but their solutions require a deep understanding of algebra, algebraic geometry, complex analysis, group representations, or a combination of all four. The original simply stated problem can be obscured in the depth of the theory developed to understand it. This book is an introduction to some of these problems, and an overview of the theories used nowadays to attack them, presented so that the number theory is always at the forefront of the discussion. Lozano-Robledo gives an introductory survey of elliptic curves, modular forms, and $L$-functions. His main goal is to provide the reader with the big picture of the surprising connections among these three families of mathematical objects and their meaning for number theory. As a case in point, Lozano-Robledo explains the modularity theorem and its famous consequence, Fermat's Last Theorem. He also discusses the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture and other modern conjectures. The book begins with some motivating problems and includes numerous concrete examples throughout the text, often involving actual numbers, such as 3, 4, 5, $\frac{3344161}{747348}$, and $\frac{2244035177043369699245575130906674863160948472041} {8912332268928859588025535178967163570016480830}$. The theories of elliptic curves, modular forms, and $L$-functions are too vast to be covered in a single volume, and their proofs are outside the scope of the undergraduate curriculum. However, the primary objects of study, the statements of the main theorems, and their corollaries are within the grasp of advanced undergraduates. This book concentrates on motivating the definitions, explaining the statements of the theorems and conjectures, making connections, and providing lots of examples, rather than dwelling on the hard proofs. The book succeeds if, after reading the text, students feel compelled to study elliptic curves and modular forms in all their glory.

Interpolation and Approximation

Author: Philip J. Davis
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486624951
Category: Mathematics
Page: 393
View: 6489

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Intermediate-level survey covers remainder theory, convergence theorems, and uniform and best approximation. Other topics include least square approximation, Hilbert space, orthogonal polynomials, theory of closure and completeness, and more. 1963 edition.

Approximation and Computation

In Honor of Gradimir V. Milovanović
Author: Walter Gautschi,Giuseppe Mastroianni,Themistocles Rassias
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1441965947
Category: Mathematics
Page: 482
View: 8611

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Approximation theory and numerical analysis are central to the creation of accurate computer simulations and mathematical models. Research in these areas can influence the computational techniques used in a variety of mathematical and computational sciences. This collection of contributed chapters, dedicated to renowned mathematician Gradimir V. Milovanović, represent the recent work of experts in the fields of approximation theory and numerical analysis. These invited contributions describe new trends in these important areas of research including theoretic developments, new computational algorithms, and multidisciplinary applications. Special features of this volume: - Presents results and approximation methods in various computational settings including: polynomial and orthogonal systems, analytic functions, and differential equations. - Provides a historical overview of approximation theory and many of its subdisciplines; - Contains new results from diverse areas of research spanning mathematics, engineering, and the computational sciences. "Approximation and Computation" is intended for mathematicians and researchers focusing on approximation theory and numerical analysis, but can also be a valuable resource to students and researchers in the computational and applied sciences.

Handbook of Mathematical Functions

with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables
Author: Milton Abramowitz,Irene A. Stegun
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486158241
Category: Mathematics
Page: 1046
View: 8901

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A classic resource for working with special functions, standard trig, and exponential logarithmic definitions and extensions, it features 29 sets of tables, some to as high as 20 places.