Author: Pepita Aris,Jenni Fleetwood,Josephine Bacon
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781844779550
Page: 512
View: 1336

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This vibrant book brings together the authentic cooking styles of Spain, Africa and the Middle East in a collection of more than 300 recipes. All the archetypal dishes are featured, including the much-loved and appetizing Middle-Eastern mezze dishes such as Falafel and Houmus, slow-cooked Moroccan tagines and vibrant Spanish paellas, but also exotic dishes such as Joloff Chicken and Rice, from west Africa, and Tanzanian Fish Curry. Containing 1400 photographs, these easy-tofollow recipes, with step-by-step instructions and professional tips, make a superb resource of ideas, and a perfect instructional guide.

The Food of Spain

Author: Claudia Roden
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062091689
Category: Cooking
Page: 624
View: 7820

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One of our foremost authorities on Mediterranean, North African, and Italian cooking, Claudia Roden brings her incomparable authenticity, vision, and immense knowledge to bear in The Food of Spain. The James Beard Award–winning author of the classic cookbooks A Book of Middle Eastern Food and A Book of Jewish Food now graces food lovers with the definitive cookbook on the Spanish cuisine, illustrated with dozens of gorgeous full-color photographs that capture the color and essence of this wonderfully vibrant nation and its diverse people, traditions, and culture.

Medieval Cuisine of the Islamic World

A Concise History with 174 Recipes
Author: Lilia Zaouali
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520247833
Category: Cooking
Page: 224
View: 4583

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Vinegar and sugar, dried fruit, rose water, spices from India and China, sweet wine made from raisins and datesÑthese are the flavors of the golden age of Arab cuisine. This book, a delightful culinary adventure that is part history and part cookbook, surveys the gastronomical art that developed at the Caliph's sumptuous palaces in ninth-and tenth-century Baghdad, drew inspiration from Persian, Greco-Roman, and Turkish cooking, and rapidly spread across the Mediterranean. In a charming narrative, Lilia Zaouali brings to life Islam's vibrant culinary heritage. The second half of the book gathers an extensive selection of original recipes drawn from medieval culinary sources along with thirty-one contemporary recipes that evoke the flavors of the Middle Ages. Featuring dishes such as Chicken with Walnuts and Pomegranate, Beef with Pistachios, Bazergan Couscous, Lamb Stew with Fresh Apricots, Tuna and Eggplant PurŽe with Vinegar and Caraway, and Stuffed Dates, the book also discusses topics such as cookware, utensils, aromatic substances, and condiments, making it both an entertaining read and an informative resource for anyone who enjoys the fine art of cooking.

A Drizzle of Honey

The Life and Recipes of Spain's Secret Jews
Author: David M. Gitlitz,Linda Kay Davidson
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312267308
Category: Cooking
Page: 352
View: 6114

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When Iberian Jews were converted to Catholicism under duress during the Inquisition, many struggled to retain their Jewish identity in private while projecting Christian conformity in the public sphere. To root out these heretics, the courts of the Inquisition published checklists of koshering practices and "grilled" the servants, neighbors, and even the children of those suspected of practicing their religion at home. From these testimonies and other primary sources, Gitlitz & Davidson have drawn a fascinating, award-winning picture of this precarious sense of Jewish identity and have re-created these recipes, which combine Christian & Islamic traditions in cooking lamb, beef, fish, eggplant, chickpeas, and greens and use seasonings such as saffron, mace, ginger, and cinnamon. The recipes, and the accompanying stories of the people who created them, promise to delight the adventurous palate and give insights into the foundations of modern Sephardic cuisine.

The Complete Spanish Cookbook

Explore the True Taste of Spain in Over 150 Fabulous Recipes Shown Step by Step in Over 700 Vibrant Photographs
Author: Pepita Aris
Publisher: Anness Pub Limited
ISBN: 9781780191072
Category: Cooking
Page: 256
View: 2409

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Features recipes that represent Spain's lengthy and diverse culinary history, and includes a guide to essential ingredients as well as tips on preparation and cooking techniques.

The Complete Mexican, South American and Caribbean Cookbook

A Vibrant and Fascinating Guide to Ingredients, Cooking Techniques and Culinary Traditions, with Over 350 Delicious Step-by-Step Recipes and Over 1450 Sensational Photographs
Author: Jane Milton,Jenni Fleetwood,Marina Filippelli
Publisher: Lorenz Books
ISBN: 9781844777839
Category: Cooking, Caribbean
Page: 512
View: 8057

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The ultimate cook's compilation of Central and South American cuisine, from enchiladas to feijoada.

Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Mediterranean Cooking

Authentic recipes from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, The Middle East, North Africa
Author: Charity Ferreira
Publisher: Oxmoor House
ISBN: 9780848732417
Category: Cooking
Page: 288
View: 2790

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Provides a thorough overview of the traditional food, culinary traditions, and cooking techniques from countries that border the Mediterranean, examining the special ingredients that define Mediterranean cooking and providing more than 130 recipes for authentic dishes from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, the Middle East, and North Africa. 25,000 first printing.

The New Book of Middle Eastern Food

Author: Claudia Roden
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN: 9780307558565
Category: Cooking
Page: 528
View: 1841

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In this updated and greatly enlarged edition of her Book of Middle Eastern Food, Claudia Roden re-creates a classic. The book was originally published here in 1972 and was hailed by James Beard as "a landmark in the field of cookery"; this new version represents the accumulation of the author's thirty years of further extensive travel throughout the ever-changing landscape of the Middle East, gathering recipes and stories. Now Ms. Roden gives us more than 800 recipes, including the aromatic variations that accent a dish and define the country of origin: fried garlic and cumin and coriander from Egypt, cinnamon and allspice from Turkey, sumac and tamarind from Syria and Lebanon, pomegranate syrup from Iran, preserved lemon and harissa from North Africa. She has worked out simpler approaches to traditional dishes, using healthier ingredients and time-saving methods without ever sacrificing any of the extraordinary flavor, freshness, and texture that distinguish the cooking of this part of the world. Throughout these pages she draws on all four of the region's major cooking styles: - The refined haute cuisine of Iran, based on rice exquisitely prepared and embellished with a range of meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts - Arab cooking from Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan--at its finest today, and a good source for vegetable and bulgur wheat dishes - The legendary Turkish cuisine, with its kebabs, wheat and rice dishes, yogurt salads, savory pies, and syrupy pastries - North African cooking, particularly the splendid fare of Morocco, with its heady mix of hot and sweet, orchestrated to perfection in its couscous dishes and tagines From the tantalizing mezze--those succulent bites of filled fillo crescents and cigars, chopped salads, and stuffed morsels, as well as tahina, chickpeas, and eggplant in their many guises--to the skewered meats and savory stews and hearty grain and vegetable dishes, here is a rich array of the cooking that Americans embrace today. No longer considered exotic--all the essential ingredients are now available in supermarkets, and the more rare can be obtained through mail order sources (readily available on the Internet)--the foods of the Middle East are a boon to the home cook looking for healthy, inexpensive, flavorful, and wonderfully satisfying dishes, both for everyday eating and for special occasions. From the Hardcover edition.

African Cookbook

Quick and Easy Recipes with Authentic Flavour
Author: Minna Rose
Publisher: Lionheart Publishing House
ISBN: 9781910115480
Page: 38
View: 4637

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Minna Rose enjoys travelling and loves exploring different cultures through food. She adds her own twists to the recipes she discovers and loves to experiment on her family and friends. African food is vibrant, spicy and colourful, utilising the most tantalising flavours from the many cultures who have settled on the continent over the centuries, and creating new and wonderful combinations, combined with traditional foods and cooking methods. Fresh and nutritious food is very important for a healthy life, just as tasty food, shared in good company, is essential for a happy and enjoyable life. Minna Rose's cookbooks combine the two in her recipes, all of which are easy to follow and recreate.

The Moroccan Cookbook

Author: Irene Frances Day
Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781565547001
Category: Cooking
Page: 153
View: 1477

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"Demystifying the rituals behind the recipes." --Publishers Weekly "A welcome addition to a subject that suffers from a paucity of published information; it's fascinating reading . . . a tantalizing sample of Moroccan cooking." --Cuisine "Besides the recipes, the cookbook offers information on the culture and methods of cooking." --Los Angeles Times "Makes Moroccan cooking fascinating as well as easy." --Vicksburg Post For people with inquisitive palates, for adventurous cooks wishing to expand their culinary repertoires, and for the thousands of tourists who visit Morocco and return with delicious memories, this definitive work serves up Moroccan cuisine and does not disappoint. Amateur and expert chefs alike will relish in these simple, clear recipes. All the classic Moroccan specialties are included, and no special equipment is required to create the wide variety of dishes ranging from couscous, frackh (baked beans), hareera (a rich, thick soup), and ulk'tban (shish kebob). Two charming portraits-one of the land and people of Morocco and one of its master chefs-round out this authentic collection of recipes.

Spanish Cooking

A Fiesta of Original Regional Recipes
Author: Pepita Aris
Publisher: Apple Press
ISBN: 9781840922561
Category: Cookery, Spanish
Page: 127
View: 7587

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As both cooks and eaters, we have never been more enthusiastic about sampling the cuisines of other countries. The Global Gourmet series presents a range of dishes, recipes and ingredients from countries and cultures all around the world.

1000 Indian, Chinese, Thai and Asian Recipes

Presenting All the Best-Loved Dishes, from Irresistible Appetizers and Sizzling Hot Curries to Superb Stir-Fries, Sambals and Desserts
Author: Rafi Fernandez
Publisher: Southwater Pub
ISBN: 9781846813894
Category: Cooking
Page: 512
View: 7728

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Home cooking enthusiasts are instructed on the basics of creating authentic Asian food using easy-to-follow recipes and hundreds of sumptuous photographs. Original.

Crazy Water, Pickled Lemons

Enchanting dishes from the Middle East, Mediterranean and North Africa
Author: Diana Henry
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley
ISBN: 1784724041
Category: Cooking
Page: 192
View: 8326

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In this culinary exploration of the Mediterranean, Middle East, and North Africa, Diana Henry has gathered together dishes that combine exotic flavours in ways long forgotten - or never discovered - in many Western kitchens. Colourful, aromatic and perfumed ingredients, from leathery pomegranates, with their insides bursting with ruby seeds, to flower-waters that allow you to drink in the scent of a garden, combine to bring an intoxicating whiff of the exotic to your table and pleasure to your kitchen. The core ingredients of these cuisines are increasingly available so dishes such as Chermoula-marinated Tuna, Fennel, Pomegranate and Feta Salad, and Lavender, Orange and Almond Cake are both delicious and accessible to cook.

The Africa Cookbook

Tastes of a Continent
Author: Jessica B. Harris
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0684802759
Category: Cooking
Page: 382
View: 8186

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Gathers information on the unique foods of Africa and the lands they come from, and provides more than two hundred traditional and new recipes

A History of Cookbooks

From Kitchen to Page Over Seven Centuries
Author: Henry Notaker
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520294009
Category: Cookbooks
Page: 400
View: 8112

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-A History of Cookbooks provides a literary and historical overview of the cookbook genre, exploring its development as an important part of food culture beginning in the Late Middle Ages. Studying cookbooks from various Western cultures and languages, Henry Notaker traces the transformation of recipes from brief notes with ingredients into detailed recipes with a specific structure, grammar, and vocabulary. In addition, he reveals that cookbooks go far beyond offering recipes: they tell us a great deal about nutrition, morals, manners, history, and menus while often providing entertaining reflections and commentaries. This innovative book demonstrates that cookbooks represent an interesting and important branch of nonfiction literature.---Provided by publisher.


Flavours from Mecca to Marrakech
Author: Greg Malouf,Lucy Malouf
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781742706955
Category: Cooking
Page: 213
View: 1670

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A celebration of the feasts and flavors of the Middle East, North Africa, Spain and the eastern Mediterranean begins with recipes for spice blends, condiments and preserves before explaining how to transform mundane ingredients into sumptuous meals. By the authors of Arabesque.

Cooking of Spain

Over 65 Delicious and Authentic Regional Spanish Recipes Shown Step-By-Step In More Than 300 Stunning Photographs
Author: Pepita Aris
Publisher: Southwater
ISBN: 9781780192567
Category: Cooking
Page: 96
View: 6482

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Explore the essence of this rich historical cuisine and learn about ingredients and how to use them, including olives and olive oil, vegetables, and herbs and spices. From family meals to celebration feasts this book will ensure you can prepare Spanish food with confidence and style.

The North African Kitchen

Regional Recipes and Stories
Author: Fiona Dunlop,Simon Wheeler
Publisher: Interlink Publishing Group
Category: Cooking
Page: 192
View: 877

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Features the cuisine of eight cooks working and living in North Africa, including brief biographies, favorite recipes from each cook, and photographs showcasing life in that region.

A Pied Noir Cookbook

French Sephardic Cuisine from Algeria
Author: Chantal Clabrough
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 9780781810821
Category: Cooking
Page: 128
View: 3732

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This unique cookbook relates the story of the Pied Noir or 'Black feet', Sephardic Jews from the North African nation of Algeria. The cuisine of the Peid Noir reflects a storied history: Expelled from Spain, and later forced to flee Algeria, their cookery was influenced by the nations they inhabited, as well as the trade routes that passed through these areas. Over the centuries, they collected recipes and flavours that came to form a unique and little-known culinary repertoire. The 85 recipes in this fascinating book are accompanied by a history of the Pied Noir and the story of the author's family. A glossary of culinary terms and menus for Pied Noir feasts are also included.


A Taste of Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon
Author: Claudia Roden
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN: 0307493970
Category: Cooking
Page: 352
View: 2856

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In the 1960s Claudia Roden introduced Americans to a new world of tastes in her classic A Book of Middle Eastern Food. Now, in her enchanting new book, Arabesque, she revisits the three countries with the most exciting cuisines today—Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon. Interweaving history, stories, and her own observations, she gives us 150 of the most delectable recipes: some of them new discoveries, some reworkings of classic dishes—all of them made even more accessible and delicious for today’s home cook. From Morocco, the most exquisite and refined cuisine of North Africa: couscous dishes; multilayered pies; delicately flavored tagines; ways of marrying meat, poultry, or fish with fruit to create extraordinary combinations of spicy, savory, and sweet. From Turkey, a highly sophisticated cuisine that dates back to the Ottoman Empire yet reflects many new influences today: a delicious array of kebabs, fillo pies, eggplant dishes in many guises, bulgur and chickpea salads, stuffed grape leaves and peppers, and sweet puddings. From Lebanon, a cuisine of great diversity: a wide variety of mezze (those tempting appetizers that can make a meal all on their own); dishes featuring sun-drenched Middle Eastern vegetables and dried legumes; and national specialties such as kibbeh, meatballs with pine nuts, and lamb shanks with yogurt. Claudia Roden knows this part of the world so intimately that we delight in being in such good hands as she translates the subtle play of flavors and simple cooking techniques to our own home kitchens.