Bees and their role in forest livelihoods

a guide to the services provided by bees and the sustainable harvesting, processing and marketing of their products
Author: Nicola Bradbear,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org
ISBN: 9789251062760
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 204
View: 5902

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This volume provides basic information about managing wild bees and on the use of their products. It identifies and describes major bee species and their importance for nature conservation and for sustaining livelihoods of rural people. Bee products are considered at both subsistence and commercial level, and particular attention is given to the potential for further development of managing wild bee species in developing countries. The role of bees for pollination of crops and the impact of managing bees on forestry and farming are presented. Wild-bee keeping techniques, honey production and marketing, and the international trade in bee products are described with further references and sources of additional information given. Using this publication, readers will better understand the complexities and opportunities for developing apiculture by rural livelihoods.


Author: Christopher O'Toole
Publisher: Twayne Publishers
ISBN: 9780953990672
Category: Bumblebees
Page: 52
View: 2408

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The red mason bee

taking the sting out of bee-keeping : a practical guide to managing Osmia rufa as a pollinator in gardens, allotments, and orchards
Author: Christopher O'Toole
Publisher: N.A
Category: Osmia
Page: 26
View: 2160

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The Orchard Mason Bee (Osmia Lignaria Propinqua Cresson)

The Life History, Biology, Propagation, and Use of a North American Native Bee
Author: Brian L. Griffin
Publisher: Knox Cellars Pub
ISBN: 9780963584120
Category: Nature
Page: 128
View: 5157

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(Osmia lignaria propinqua Cresson) Raise Pollinating Bees in Your Own Backyard. Here is All the Information You Will Need to Capture and Raise These Docile Bees at Home. GROW apples, pears, and other crops successfully with these highly efficient pollinators. LEARN the fascinating life history of this mild-mannered bee. Watch as its life cycle unfolds in your own bee colony. EDUCATIONAL. A wonderful activity to introduce children to the marvels of the natural world. NON-AGGRESSIVE. Beneficial bees that everyone can propagate at home.

Mason Bee Revolution

How the Hardest Working Bee Can Save the World - One Backyard at a Time
Author: Dave Hunter,Jill Lightner
Publisher: Mountaineers Books
ISBN: 1594859647
Category: Gardening
Page: 192
View: 7280

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• Author Dave Hunter is at the leading edge of bee and pollinator issues • Mason bees are part of the solution to honeybees’ decline • No other bee book addresses the topic with such depth and interest • Includes useful information about leafcutter bees too! The national media regularly features dire stories on honeybee colony collapse and its danger to our food supply. But there's another, unsung bee that has the potential to save the planet—the mason bee. Mason Bee Revolution explains how docile, hard-working, solitary mason bees (and their compatriots, the leafcutter bees) are even more productive pollinators than honeybees, and keeping them can be a fun, easy, backyard hobby for gardeners, conservationists, foodies, and families everywhere. Why these bees? Bee pollination is critical for about 80 percent of US agricultural crops, increasing crop value by an estimated $15 billion annually. Since 2006, nearly a third of all honeybee hives have been lost each year, due to parasites, pesticides, habitat loss, climate change, and a newer malady called Colony Collapse Disorder. While scientists search for answers to save the honeybee, Dave Hunter and his company, Crown Bees, are leading the effort to increase the population of other highly efficient pollinators: One mason bee can produce twelve pounds of cherries, via pollination, where it would take sixty honey bees to achieve the same. Mason Bee Revolution is an easy-to-follow guide to keeping both mason and leafcutter bees. It tells you how to set up, care for, and harvest your own bees and what types of plants and habitat encourage mason and leafcutter bees, as well as provides general information on other common pollinators and bee-related facts, projects, and personalities.

Earth Eats

Real Food Green Living
Author: Annie Corrigan
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253026938
Category: Cooking
Page: 296
View: 8486

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Focusing on local products, sustainability, and popular farm-to-fork dining trends, Earth Eats: Real Food Green Living compiles the best recipes, tips, and tricks to plant, harvest, and prepare local food. Along with renowned chef Daniel Orr, Earth Eats radio host Annie Corrigan presents tips, grouped by season, on keeping your farm or garden in top form, finding the best in-season produce at your local farmers’ market, and stocking your kitchen effectively. The book showcases what locally produced food will be available in each season and is amply stuffed with more than 200 delicious, original, and tested recipes, reflecting the dishes that can be made with these local foods. In addition to tips and recipes, Corrigan and Orr profile individuals who are on the front lines of the changing food ecosystem, detailing the challenges they and the local food movement face. With more than 80 color photos, Earth Eats showcases local food at its finest and features everything the local grower and food enthusiast needs to know all year round, including how to cook up a healthy compost heap, nurture a failing bee colony, create an all-natural deer repellant, and ferment delicious vegetables.

The Sting of the Wild

Author: Justin O. Schmidt
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 1421419297
Category: Science
Page: 280
View: 5439

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Entomologist Justin O. Schmidt is on a mission. Some say it’s a brave exploration, others shake their heads in disbelief. His goal? To compare the impacts of stinging insects on humans, mainly using himself as the gauge. In The Sting of the Wild, the colorful Dr. Schmidt takes us on a journey inside the lives of stinging insects, seeing the world through their eyes as well as his own. He explains how and why they attack and reveals the powerful punch they can deliver with a small venom gland and a "sting," the name for the apparatus that delivers the venom. We learn which insects are the worst to encounter and why some are barely worth considering. The Sting of the Wild includes the complete Schmidt Sting Pain Index, published here for the first time. In addition to a numerical ranking of the agony of each of the eighty-three stings he’s sampled so far (from below 1 to an excruciatingly painful 4), Schmidt describes them in prose worthy of a professional wine critic: "Looks deceive. Rich and full-bodied in appearance, but flavorless" and "Pure, intense, brilliant pain. Like walking over flaming charcoal with a three-inch nail embedded in your heel." Schmidt explains that, for some insects, stinging is used for hunting: small wasps, for example, can paralyze huge caterpillars and then lay their eggs inside so that their larvae can feast within. Others are used to kill competing insects, even members of their own species. Humans usually experience stings as defensive maneuvers used by insects to protect their nest mates. With colorful descriptions of each venom’s sensation and a story that leaves you tingling with awe, The Sting of the Wild’s one-of-a-kind style will fire your imagination.

A Wilder Life

A Season-by-Season Guide to Getting in Touch with Nature
Author: Celestine Maddy,Abbye Churchill
Publisher: Artisan Books
ISBN: 1579655939
Category: Nature
Page: 272
View: 4736

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In our technology-driven, workaday world, connecting with nature has never before been more essential. A Wilder Life, a beautiful oversized lifestyle book by the team behind the popular Wilder Quarterly, gives readers indispensable ideas for interacting with the great outdoors. Learn to plant a night-blooming garden, navigate by reading the stars, build an outdoor shelter, make dry shampoo, identify insects, cultivate butterflies in a backyard, or tint your clothes with natural dyes. Like a modern-day Whole Earth Catalog, A Wilder Life gives us DIY projects and old-world skills that are being reclaimed by a new generation. Divided into sections pertaining to each season and covering self-reliance, growing and gardening, cooking, health and beauty, and wilderness, and with photos and illustrations evocative of the great outdoors, A Wilder Life shows that getting in touch with nature is possible no matter who you are and—more important—where you are.

The new encyclopedia of insects and their allies

Author: Christopher O'Toole
Publisher: N.A
Category: Nature
Page: 240
View: 4994

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With around one million species, insects and their allies are by far the most successful, variable and bizarre group of living things to have evolved on our planet. Yet much of their biology continues to remain a mystery. This book presents an authoritative overview of all terrestrial anthropods. Written by leading experts in entomology, the entries are accessible to both scientists and general readers. Taking each group in turn, from millipedes to mantids and from spiders to scorpions, this book provides a summary of the current scientific understanding of this fascinating group of animals. Illustrated with specially commissioned artwork illuminating the text, this work is the one-stop guide to the host of largely unseen 'mini-beasts' that share our world.

Firefly Encyclopedia of Insects and Spiders

Author: Christopher O'Toole
Publisher: Firefly Books Limited
ISBN: 9781552976128
Category: Nature
Page: 240
View: 6256

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Collects information about insects and arachnids, such as dragonflies, crickets, beetles, spiders, and scorpions.


IN WHICH ALL THE RESPECTIVE SCIENCES, ARE ARRANGED INTO COMPLETE SYSTEMS, AND THE ARTS DIGESTED INTO DISTINCT TREATISES. ALSO THE DETACHED PARTS OF KNOWLEDGE, Alphabetically Arranged and Fully Explained, According to the BEST AUTHORITIES. Containing a Digest and Display of the Whole Theory and Practice of the Liberal and Mechanical Arts. Comprising a General REPOSITORY of ANCIENT AND MODERN LITERATURE, FROM THE EARLIEST AGES, DOWN TO THE PRESENT TIME: Containing All the New IMPROVEMENTS and Latest DISCOVERIES Made in the ARTS and SCIENCES, Particularly Acoustic ... Zoology, &c. Including All the Material Information that is Contained in CHAMBER's CYCLOPAEDIA, THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA, AND THE FRENCH ENCYCLOPAEDIE. By Introducing and Incorporating Complete Systems on the Sciences, and Distinct Treatises on the Respective Arts, this Work Comprises, Independent of the Alphabetical Arrangement, A GENERAL CIRCLE OF SCIENCE, AND FORMS THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE LIBRARY OF UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE, That was Ever Published in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. The Whole Entirely Freed from the Errors, Obscurities, and Superfluities of Other DICTIONARIES. Illustrated with Upwards of 150 Large Superb COPPER PLATES, Accurately Descriptive of the Subjects to which They Refer. IN THREE VOLUMES.
Author: William Henry Hall
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
View: 4474

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Our Native Bees

North America’s Endangered Pollinators and the Fight to Save Them
Author: Paige Embry
Publisher: Timber Press
ISBN: 1604697695
Category: Nature
Page: 224
View: 9205

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“Captures the essence of a bee’s natural history and how we use (and sometimes abuse) bees.” —Olivia Messinger Carril, author of The Bees in Your Backyard Honey bees get all the press, but the fascinating story of North America’s native bees—an endangered species essential to our ecosystems and food supplies—is just as crucial. Through interviews with farmers, gardeners, scientists, and bee experts, Our Native Bees explores the importance of native bees and focuses on why they play a key role in gardening and agriculture. The people and stories are compelling: Paige Embry goes on a bee hunt with the world expert on the likely extinct Franklin’s bumble bee, raises blue orchard bees in her refrigerator, and learns about an organization that turns the out-of-play areas in golf courses into pollinator habitats. Our Native Bees is a fascinating, must-read for fans of natural history and science and anyone curious about bees.

Summer Capricorn

Author: Terry Row
Publisher: Clifton Edwin Publishing
ISBN: 0978603656
Category: Fiction
Page: 236
View: 7212

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Adam Nicholas abandoned classical music as a way of life in favour of a real job in computers, but the early 80's recession in the Silicon Valley interfered with his plans. Before he can lead the life he wants, there are two other experiences he must first live, two other directions he must choose, directions for which his new diploma leaves him completely unprepared.