The Pit Bull Placebo

The Media, Myths and Politics of Canine Aggression
Author: Karen Delise
Publisher: Anubis Pub
ISBN: 9780972191418
Category: Pets
Page: 210
View: 2468

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First it was the Bloodhound, sensationalized in the dramatizations of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Then it was the Doberman, symbol of the Nazi menace. Today, it is the Pit bull that is vilified for the depravity of his masters. Today, police chase down fleeing Pit bulls in the street, firing dozens of wild shots in response to media-fed rumors of supernatural Pit bull abilities. Politicians coach and nurture this fear with their own brand of rhetoric used to assist in the passing of quick and ineffective legislation created to pacify communities ignorant of the real cause for dog attacks. Hundreds of animal shelters throughout the country kill all unclaimed Pit bull-looking dogs, as they are deemed "unadoptable" solely on their physical appearance. This has occurred because the human/dog bond, the most complex and profound inter-species relationship in the history of mankind, has been reduced to a simple axiom: Breed of dog = degree of dangerousness. We have come to accept that hanging entire breeds of dogs in effigy for the sins of their owners is an acceptable solution to canine aggression because we have been placated by a Pit Bull Placebo. Like the pharmacologically inactive sugar pill dispensed to pacify a patient who supposes it to be medicine, eradication of the Pit bull is the placebo administered to ease the public's anxiety about dog attacks. The book, The Pit Bull Placebo: The Media, Myths and Politics of Canine Aggression, explores how our views and beliefs about canine aggression have changed over the last 150 years and how our perceptions about the nature and behavior of dogs has been influenced by persons and organizations who often times disseminate information about dog attacks which is tailored to further an agenda unrelated to the improvement of the human/dog bond. We are in the midst of a social hysteria about Pit bulls because we have abandoned centuries-old common-sense and have been duped by inaccurate reporting from the "Pit Bull Paparazzi" and by politicians who traffic in rumors, myths and pseudoscience in their efforts to pass legislation that demonizes dogs while exonerating criminal and abusive owners. If we truly believe that the extremely rare cases of fatal dog attacks merit extreme measures in the management of dogs, if our concern and shock is genuine, then we must be equally genuine and sincere in seeking out and addressing the real causes for these incidents. Only by stepping back from the swirl of present-day hysteria surrounding isolated cases of severe canine aggression and examining the problem from a broader and more objective perspective can we hope to understand and address the human and canine behaviors which contribute to these incidents.

Das Pitbull-Syndrom

Die Angst vor Hunden und der moderne Zeitgeist
Author: Burkhart Stefan
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3842397658
Category: Political Science
Page: 160
View: 1344

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Die so genannte Kampfhunde-Debatte verursacht Verunsicherung und bedroht den Fortbestand der Jahrtausende alten Freundschaft zwischen Mensch und Hund. Das Buch erörtert alle Fragen im gesellschaftlichen Kontext dieses aktuellen Phänomens: --- Wie sind die Kampfhunde historisch entstanden? --- Woher kommt die Angst vor so genannten Kampfhunden, obwohl von ihnen nur eine absolut marginale Gefahr ausgeht? --- Wie und wann ist der mediale Rummel um sie entstanden? --- Welche Rolle spielen Politik und Medien? --- Wieso sucht sich die Gesellschaft immer wieder Sündenböcke? --- Und wieso wurde ausgerechnet der Pitbull zu einem solchen Sündenbock? Aus der Buchbesprechung von " / Die Online Fachzeitschrift": Das Buch liefert allen am Hund interessierten Personen eine Fülle an Informationen über die Geschichte und Mythen der «gefährlichen Hunde». Eine Lektüre, die unerlässlich ist, um weitere Diskussionen zu führen und den ständigen weiteren Debatten fachliche Argumenten entgegen zu halten. Aus einer Amazon-Rezension: Unbedingt lesen! Selten so was "bissiges" gelesen.

The Pit Bull Life: A Dog Lover's Companion

Author: Deirdre Franklin,Linda Lombardi
Publisher: The Countryman Press
ISBN: 1581575041
Category: Pets
Page: 224
View: 5655

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Everything you need to know about adopting, owning, and loving a pit bull All dogs are special, but living with a pit bull really is different. You know how loyal and lovable your dog is, but your life can be affected by the breed's undeserved reputation. The Pit Bull Life celebrates the everyday joys of owning a pit bull—from their boundless energy to their love of life—while providing helpful facts and strategies you need to counter unfair laws and policies you may face. You'll learn the history of how the pit bull got to where it is today and what you can do to help secure its future. You’ll also find practical advice about breed characteristics, how to find a good match, and how to communicate with your dog, along with inspiring stories of people who've devoted their lives to this very special dog.

Pit Bull

The Battle over an American Icon
Author: Bronwen Dickey
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 030796177X
Category: Pets
Page: 352
View: 7354

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The hugely illuminating story of how a popular breed of dog became the most demonized and supposedly the most dangerous of dogs—and what role humans have played in the transformation. When Bronwen Dickey brought her new dog home, she saw no traces of the infamous viciousness in her affectionate, timid pit bull. Which made her wonder: How had the breed—beloved by Teddy Roosevelt, Helen Keller, and Hollywood’s “Little Rascals”—come to be known as a brutal fighter? Her search for answers takes her from nineteenth-century New York City dogfighting pits—the cruelty of which drew the attention of the recently formed ASPCA—to early twentieth‑century movie sets, where pit bulls cavorted with Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton; from the battlefields of Gettysburg and the Marne, where pit bulls earned presidential recognition, to desolate urban neighborhoods where the dogs were loved, prized—and sometimes brutalized. Whether through love or fear, hatred or devotion, humans are bound to the history of the pit bull. With unfailing thoughtfulness, compassion, and a firm grasp of scientific fact, Dickey offers us a clear-eyed portrait of this extraordinary breed, and an insightful view of Americans’ relationship with their dogs. From the Hardcover edition.

Pet Politics

The Political and Legal Lives of Cats, Dogs, and Horses in Canada and the United States
Author: Susan Hunter,Richard A. Brisbin, Jr.
Publisher: Purdue University Press
ISBN: 1557537321
Category: Law
Page: 424
View: 2500

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Although scholars in the disciplines of law, psychology, philosophy, and sociology have published a considerable number of prescriptive, normative, and theoretical studies of animals in society, Pet Politics presents the first study of the development of companion animal or pet law and policy in Canada and the United States by political scientists. The authors examine how people and governments classify three species of pets or companion animals--cats, dogs, and horses--for various degrees of legal protection. They then detail how interest groups shape the agenda for companion animal legislation and regulation, and the legislative and administrative formulation of anticruelty, kennel licensing, horse slaughter, feral and roaming cat, and breed ban policies. Finally, they examine the enforcement of these laws and policies by agencies and the courts. Using an eclectic mix of original empirical data, original case studies, and interviews--and relying on general theories and research about the policy process and the sociopolitical function of legality--the authors illustrate that pet policy is a unique field of political struggle, a conflict that originates from differing perspectives about whether pets are property or autonomous beings, and clashing norms about the care of animals. The result of the political struggle, the authors argue, is difficulty in the enactment of policies and especially in the implementation and enforcement of laws that might improve the welfare of companion animals.

Being Animal

Beasts and Boundaries in Nature Ethics
Author: Anna Peterson
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231534264
Category: Nature
Page: 240
View: 1809

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For most people, animals are the most significant aspects of the nonhuman world. They symbolize nature in our imaginations, in popular media and culture, and in campaigns to preserve wilderness, yet scholars habitually treat animals and the environment as mutually exclusive objects of concern. Conducting the first examination of animals' place in popular and scholarly thinking about nature, Anna L. Peterson builds a nature ethic that conceives of nonhuman animals as active subjects who are simultaneously parts of both nature and human society. Peterson explores the tensions between humans and animals, nature and culture, animals and nature, and domesticity and wildness. She uses our intimate connections with companion animals to examine nature more broadly. Companion animals are liminal creatures straddling the boundary between human society and wilderness, revealing much about the mutually constitutive relationships binding humans and nature together. Through her paradigm-shifting reflections, Peterson disrupts the artificial boundaries between two seemingly distinct categories, underscoring their fluid and continuous character.

Hunde können beissen

aber Luftballons und Pantoffeln sind gefährlicher
Author: Janis Bradley
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783936188363
Page: 175
View: 5182

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Dossier über einen gefährlichen Hund
Author: Vicki Hearne
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783929545180
Page: 320
View: 2861

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Hunde erziehen für Dummies

Author: Jack Volhard,Wendy Volhard
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
ISBN: 9783527703951
Category: Pets
Page: 303
View: 7881

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Mit der richtigen Methode lernt ein Hund gerne, was der Mensch von ihm will - und mit "Hunde erziehen für Dummies" macht das Raining Mensch und Vierbeiner richtig Spaß! Sie erfahren, wie Sie mit positiver Verstärkung Ihrem Hund alle wichtigen Kommandos beibringen, aber auch wie der Welpe stubenrein und das Stöckchen tatsächlich zurückgebracht wird. Das Autorenteam Jack und Wendy Volhard geben Ihnen fachmännische Antworten auf brennende Fragen: Wie spricht man ein Verbot aus und welche Hilfsmittel gibt es? Wieso lässt mich mein Hund nicht mehr auf das Sofa, und muss er mich wirklich zur Begrüßung immer anspringen? Diese freundliche und leicht verständliche Anleitung macht aus Herrchen und Frauchen stolze Hundebesitzer mit einem zufriedenen, gehorsamen Hund.

Tipps vom Hundeflüsterer

einfache Maßnahmen für die gelungene Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Hund
Author: Cesar Millan,Melissa Jo Peltier
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783442218691
Page: 379
View: 9524

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DOG Management. Überraschend einfach führen

Für Chefs, Mitarbeiter ... und Hundehalter
Author: Ulv Philipper
Publisher: Murmann Publishers GmbH
ISBN: 3867744793
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 176
View: 6560

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Dieses Buch ist das ungewöhnlichste Managementbuch des Jahres. Sein Credo: "Im Zentrum effizienter Führung steht seit jeher das Miteinander–der Weg über Befehl und Gehorsam führt nie zum Erfolg." Auch in der Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Hund geht es stets um die Wahrnehmung des Gegenübers. Das gilt auch in Unternehmen und im Wirtschaftsleben. DOG Management steht für eine Führungskultur in der Wirtschaft, aus der aufrichtige und wechselseitig geprägte Beziehungen hervorgehen–so wie im Idealfall bei Mensch und Hund jetzt auch zwischen Chef und Mitarbeiter. Mit den drei wichtigsten Eckpfeilern von Führung: uneingeschränktes Vertrauen, tiefe Bindung und grenzenlose Freiheit.

Du bist der Rudelführer

Wie Sie die Erfahrungen des Hundeflüsterers für sich und Ihren Hund nutzen
Author: Cesar Millan,Melissa Jo Peltier
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783442220335
Page: 414
View: 4409

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Das große Gerson-Buch

die bewährte Therapie gegen Krebs und andere Krankheiten
Author: Charlotte Gerson,Morton Walker
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783981409840
Page: 612
View: 643

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Schon tot

Author: Denis Johnson
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644404852
Category: Fiction
Page: 640
View: 4979

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Sommer 1990: Mendocino heißt die einsame nordkalifornische Küstenregion, wo die Aussteiger, Schamanen und Paranoiker siedeln. Obwohl seit Wochen kein Regen gefallen ist, hält sich dichter Nebel über den steilen Kliffs und in den Märchenwäldern der Redwoods. In dieser Einöde taucht der Exmatrose Van Ness auf, der einen Platz sucht, um seinem ziellosen Dasein ein Ende zu setzen. Doch ein Drogenfarmer fischt den Lebensmüden aus der See und schlägt ihm einen Deal vor: Van Ness räumt seine Frau aus dem Weg; als Lohn winken 10000 Dollar und der elektrische Stuhl. Aber der «schon Tote» durchkreuzt diesen Plan.


Author: Jonathan Kellerman
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783442450879
Page: 472
View: 2738

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Bei den Ermittlungen zum grausamen Tod des skandalumwitterten Arztes Dr. Mate alias äDr. Deathä kommen die beiden Ermittler der Mordkommission einem Serienmörder auf die Spur.

Merles Tür

Lektionen von einem freidenkenden Hund
Author: Ted Kerasote
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783866710924
Page: 431
View: 8871

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Ted Kerasote und sein Hund Merle sind ein perfektes Team - Geschichte um das Leben mit dem Hund in der Natur Wyomings, verbunden mit vielen wissenschaftlichen Exkursen z.B. in die Verhaltensforschung.

Mr Placebo

Author: Isabel Wright
Publisher: Absolute Classics
ISBN: 9781840023596
Category: Drama
Page: 88
View: 8211

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