In Search of the Perfect Wave
Author: Peter Diel,Eric Menges
Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Verlag
ISBN: 1841262412
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 200
View: 7574

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A guide to surfing offers information on the origins of the sport, essential equipment, techniques, and the best surfing locations in the United States, Hawaii, Australia, and Europe.

Finding the Perfect Wave

Author: Cheri H. Miklich
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1616638737
Category: Fiction
Page: 331
View: 5048

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'Alli...there's been an accident.' Her voice grew silent. 'What?' I began to hear sobbing coming from the other end of the line. A sick feeling overtook my whole body. The fear of what I was about to hear became a stronger reality with each of Sara's sobs. 'There was a really bad car accident, and Alli...' She paused and began to cry louder. 'H-He's...gone. He's dead.'Seventeen-year-old Alli Whitton's life just can't get any better. She's one of the best surfers in Huntington Beach, spending every day side by side with her boyfriend, Todd, and just days away from entering the halls of her senior year in high school. Then her dad is transferred miles away from her beloved ocean to the middle of the sweltering Arizona desert, and Alli's perfect life is threatened. It takes an uphill turn, however, when she meets Jake, the school's handsome soccer star, whose sandy blond hair and sharp green eyes remind her how to smile once again. All she needs to do is make it ten long months; then she's free to return to California. But when an unthinkable tragedy occurs, Alli is forced into mourning the loss of a dear loved one, leaving her suffering through the grieving process in a new school with none of her best friends to comfort her. Cheri Miklich'sFinding the Perfect Waveis a romantic coming-of-age drama where readers will learn, along with Alli, to smile and laugh even amidst life's darkest hours. A new romance blooms, hope and faith fight to prevail, and a strong realization of passion for her dreams surfaces as she discovers who she is meant to be. Join Alli as she enters the waters of life and seeks to find the perfect wave!

Love and the Perfect Wave

Author: Pearl Howie
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1326766864
Category: Fiction
Page: 212
View: 8099

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Rachel doesn't really care about perfect waves, she cares about the perfect man. Her only reason for learning to surf is to impress Steve, the guy she has had a crush on for years and has finally managed to get into bed. Now she's trying to cover up the fact that she's been a desperate workaholic for the last ten years, before he notices. Gym work outs, lingerie shopping trips and a serious spring clean are on the cards, but will it all be enough to keep him interested?

Catching the perfect wave

adaptive optics and interferometry in the 21st century : proceedings of a symposium held as a part of the 110th Annual Meeting of the ASP, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, 28 June-1 July 1998
Author: Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Annual Meeting
Publisher: Astronomical Society of the pacific
ISBN: 9781886733961
Category: Science
Page: 256
View: 3168

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The Perfect Wave

Author: Heinrich Päs
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674726197
Category: Science
Page: 312
View: 4006

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Almost weightless and able to pass through the densest materials with ease, neutrinos may offer answers to questions ranging from relativity and quantum mechanics to more radical theories about dark energy and supersymmetry. Heinrich Päs serves as our fluent guide to a particle world that tests the boundaries of space, time, and human knowledge.

Surf Mama

One Woman's Search for Love, Happiness and the Perfect Wave
Author: Wilma Johnson
Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW
ISBN: 1783720603
Category: Travel
Page: 320
View: 1844

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Wilma Johnson was living on the west coast of Ireland with her family, balancing the challenges of being an artist, wife and mother, until, in her forties, she was gripped by a deep desire to seize the day, and moved to Biarritz to become a surfer. The plan hits troubled waters as she arrives in France with her marriage on the rocks and three children who speak no French. Her first attempts at surfing are disastrous; resulting in bruises, broken bones and a damaged ego, but when she experiences the euphoric feeling of catching her first wave and sets up the Mamas Surf Club, it’s all worth it.

Search for the Perfect Wave

The Surf-Travel-Misadventures of Kevin Naughton and Craig Peterson
Author: Kevin Naughton
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780996509916
Page: N.A
View: 6950

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In 1973, young Kevin Naughton and Craig Peterson took to the road with surfboards, camera gear and an untameable desire for adventure. For ten years they scoured the planet in search of perfect waves and the experiences only a traveler on the road encounters. "Kevin Naughton and Craig Peterson are two surfers who defined surf travel in the early 1970's. They set off with a board each and rough maps, heading for the most remote possible places in West Africa and beyond, all for the quest of undiscovered surf spots. They felt the flow of travel, and they breathed in the air of the countries they visited, writing the odd mystical surf story for SURFER magazine, sending down the occasional alluring image of a wave breaking off a shipwreck, in front of a mile high sand dune, or at the bottom of a sheer cliff." Craig Jarvis, Tracks magazineThis series of books chronicles their journey. Featuring original photos and text from California, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, West Africa, Sahara Desert, Morocco, Ireland, France, Fiji, South Africa and beyond.

Riding the Perfect Wave, Part Two

Author: Cheri H. Miklich
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1618620800
Category: Fiction
Page: 388
View: 7807

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Just one day after her high-school graduation, eighteen-year-old Alli Whitton flies across the Pacific Ocean to Oahu to pursue her dream of becoming a professional surfer. While leaving her boyfriend, Jake, behind was one of the hardest things she's ever done, she knows she can't pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Alli soon gets a job as a surfing instructor's assistant at a prominent island resort. There she meets the handsome Tim Bentley, a fellow instructor. The two get off to a rocky start but soon strike up an unlikely friendship. As Alli's long-distance relationship grows strained and she begins spending more time with Tim, things between them start to heat up. But when Alli finally gets the chance to try out for a professional surfing team and asks Tim to be her coach, she knows they need to keep their relationship strictly professional. After weeks of training, Alli lands a coveted spot on the surfing team. Her dream has finally come true! But life has different plans for Alli, as she suffers a devastating injury during her first surfing competition and is out of the race to become the region's best surfer. On top of her shattered surfing dreams, when the strain of a relationship across the ocean proves too much to handle, Alli and Jake call it quits for good. Tim consoles Alli during her time of need, but when they begin to explore their feelings for each other, Tim believes Alli is simply on the rebound. Will Alli convince Tim that her feelings are real? Will she eventually find herself Riding the Perfect Wave?

Koni Waves

The Perfect Wave
Author: Mark Poulton
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781897548196
Category: Comics & Graphic Novels
Page: 200
View: 1314

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Meet Koni Kanawai and friends as they take on killer Tiki monsters, surf vampires, alien jewel thieves, and armies of the undead! Koni Waves: The Perfect Wave introduces private detective Koni Kanawai, an ex-cop in Honolulu, Hawaii who worked her way through college as a dancer at the Apanapana Ballroom. When a drinking problem gets her booted from the force, Koni starts her own detective agency. With the aid of Pete, her surf buddy, Krystal, a colleague from her dancing days, and Huko, the owner of her favorite watering hole, Koni encounters a series of supernatural events that leads her to discover a dark side of her island not seen in the usual tourist spots.


In Search of the Perfect Wave
Author: Matt Warshaw
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781887656108
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 132
View: 7213

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How does it feel to be in the mouth of a 50-foot tube? To carve a perfect 200-degree turn? To get plowed under a thundering mountain of whitewater? SurfRiders puts readers in the curl with 100 vivid full-color photographs and more than 20 stories by the greatest names in surfing. Chasing the swells from Waimea Bay to South Africa's Cape St. Francis, it brings to life the near-mystical allure of riding the big wave, the rush of shooting the tube, the draw of the pipeline. Along the way, it shows readers the pivotal points of surfing's development, explores the unique beach boy culture its spawned, provides a fascinating look at the evolution of the surfboard (or "gun" as its called) and recounts some of the most outrageous sets ever ridden. In the tradition of Ski Fever! and The Olympic Spirit, this visually stunning book also features tons of sidebars, historic photos and incredible images of today's greatest champions. Designed for both die-hard surfers and landlocked dreamers alike, it is as close to hanging ten in big wave heaven as you can get without getting wet.


Auf der Suche nach der perfekten Welle
Author: Eric Menges,Peter Diel
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 3840331722
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 208
View: 6685

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Dieses Buch bietet einen Einblick in den faszinierenden Sport des Surfens. In drei Teilen begleitet es den Wellenhungrigen auf dem Weg, ein echter Surfer zu werden. Einem kurzen Überblick über den Ursprung des Wellenreitens folgt der Teil für Einsteiger, in dem Ausrüstung, Vorbereitung und die Technik erster Manöver beschrieben werden. Der zweite Teil des Buches richtet sich an alle, die bereits Erfahrungen mit diesem Sport gesammelt haben. Neben der Beschreibung von Manövern erhält der Fortgeschrittene Tipps, um sein Können zu verbessern. Wichtige Informationen zum Wetter, ein Reiseteil mit nützlichen Hinweisen, Surftalk und allgemeinen Infos runden dieses vielseitige Buch ab.

Riding the Magic Carpet

A Surfer's Odyssey in Search of the Perfect Wave
Author: Tom Anderson
Publisher: Summersdale Publishers LTD - ROW
ISBN: 0857654217
Category: Travel
Page: 304
View: 8690

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The right-hand point at Jeffreys Bay is one of the surfing world’s most exciting finds, and from the age of twelve it had been my life’s purpose to surf there. J-Bay, South Africa – the fantasy, the almost mythical waves every surfer dreams of riding once in their lifetime.' But Tom wouldn’t go until he was ready. He would seek out surf-spots from the virgin reef-breaks of the Outer Orkneys to the temple point-breaks of Indonesia, from the beautiful beaches of France to the wilds of Sri Lanka, on his quest to ride the waves of his dreams. Riding the Magic Carpet will do for surfing what Fever Pitch did for football. Get on the road. Get in the water. Get stoked.

Endless Summer

In Search of the Perfect Wave
Author: Laura McLeod,Logan Sekulow
Publisher: Clovercroft Publishing
ISBN: 9781942557425
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 24
View: 9558

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The movie, The Endless Summer was the ultimate surfing adventure, crossing the globe in search of the perfect wave. Teaching kids to search for the perfect wave in life and never be content with the common, should be every parent s goal. The Endless Summer kid's book will tie to the 60th anniversary of the movie/documentary, The Endless Summer. In addition to the kid's book, there will be a limited edition book with art and photos from the movie. Logan Sekulow is in negotiation with Switchfoot (music group) to write the book with him and they would promote at their concerts nationally. (confidential as of this date) The book (24pp full-color) will remind parents of their youth and the search for the Endless Summer and The Perfect Wave. While the essence of the book is surfing, the message to adults (now sharing and reading to their kids) is that you're constantly looking for the good in life and one should not be content until they find that "wave." The illustrations will be similar in color and style to the best-selling Endless Summer art, which has filled college dorm rooms for the past 50 years. Market is young adults 25-40, with kids 5-8. The campaign will be national with the Endless Summer promotion on social media and live events."


What Surfing Taught Me About Love, Life, and Catching the Perfect Wave
Author: Peter Heller
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439171815
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 336
View: 9775

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Author of the New York Times bestselling novel The Dog Stars With grit, poetry, and humor, Peter Heller, acclaimed author of The Whale Warriors recounts his remarkable journey of discovery—of surfing, an entirely new challenge; of the ocean’s beauty and power; of the strange surf subculture; of love; and, most of all, of how to seek adventure while crafting a meaningful life. Having resolved to master a big-hollow wave— that is, to go from kook (surfese for beginner) to shredder—in a single year, Heller travels from Southern California down the coast of Mexico in the company of his girlfriend and the eccentric surfers they meet. Exuberant and fearless, Heller explores the technique and science of surfing the secrets of its culture, and the environmental ravages to the stunning coastline he visits. As Heller plumbs the working of his own heart and finds joy in both love and surfing, he affords readers vivid insight into this fascinating world, with all of its perils and pleasures, its absurdity and wonder. Exhilarating, entertaining, and moving, Kook is a love story between a man and his surfboard, a man and his girlfriend, a not-so-old man and the sea.

Perfect Wave

More Essays on Art and Democracy
Author: Dave Hickey
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022651515X
Category: Art
Page: 240
View: 7201

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When Dave Hickey was twelve, he rode the surfer’s dream: the perfect wave. And, like so many things in life we long for, it didn’t quite turn out----he shot the pier and dashed himself against the rocks of Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach, which just about killed him. Fortunately, for Hickey and for us, he survived, and continues to battle, decades into a career as one of America’s foremost critical iconoclasts, a trusted, even cherished no-nonsense voice commenting on the all-too-often nonsensical worlds of art and culture. Perfect Wave brings together essays on a wide range of subjects from throughout Hickey’s career, displaying his usual breadth of interest and powerful insight into what makes art work, or not, and why we care. With Hickey as our guide, we travel to Disneyland and Vegas, London and Venice. We discover the genius of Karen Carpenter and Waylon Jennings, learn why Robert Mitchum matters more than Jimmy Stewart, and see how the stillness of Antonioni speaks to us today. Never slow to judge—or to surprise us in doing so—Hickey powerfully relates his wincing disappointment in the later career of his early hero Susan Sontag, and shows us the appeal to our commonality that we’ve been missing in Norman Rockwell. With each essay, the doing is as important as what’s done; the pleasure of reading Dave Hickey lies nearly as much in spending time in his company as in being surprised to find yourself agreeing with his conclusions. Bookended by previously unpublished personal essays that offer a new glimpse into Hickey’s own life—including the aforementioned slam-bang conclusion to his youthful surfing career—Perfect Wave is not a perfect book. But it’s a damn good one, and a welcome addition to the Hickey canon.

All For A Few Perfect Waves

The Audacious Life and Legend of Rebel Surfer Miki Dora
Author: David Rensin
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 140907983X
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 496
View: 5059

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There will never be another surfer like Miki 'Da Cat' Dora. For twenty years the dashing and enigmatic dark prince of California surfing dominated the Malibu waves and his peers' imaginations, blazing a trail that would inspire generations to come. But when the sport exploded into the mainstream and surfing changed for ever, Dora's paradise was lost. Outraged at gridlocked swells and a scene that had grown ever more commodified, Dora eventually fled Malibu, seeking empty waves - and anonymity - beyond America. He'd also run afoul of the law, and he led the authorities on a seven-year chase around the globe. Yet, Dora would never give up searching for the spirit of the Malibu he'd lost. Wherever he made his home - New Zealand, South Africa, France - he personified the rebel heart of surfing and became a legend in his own time. This brilliant biography, based on interviews with more than three hundred people who knew Dora, finally uncovers the truth about surfing's most seductive and complicated icon.

Rock Climbing New England

Author: Stewart M. Green
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1493014951
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 448
View: 7947

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New England is one of the country's most spectacular rock climbing arenas. The 66,608-square-mile region is studded with intimate crags, sweeping walls, compact sea cliffs, towering ledges, and spectacular overhangs. This full-color, revised edition of Rock Climbing New England describes fifteen of the region's best climbing areas in detail. Your choices of rocks and routes include two of the country's premier traditional crags, Cathedral and Whitehorse Ledges in New Hampshire; New England's biggest rock face, Cannon Cliff in New Hampshire; and stunning sea cliff routes at Maine's Acadia National Park and at Rhode Island's Fort Wetherill State Park. Other superb selections include urban cragging at Crow Hill near Boston, the traprock cliffs of Ragged Mountain in Connecticut, and the granite slabs of Wheeler Mountain in Vermont. Inside you will also discover: climbing history of each site, pitch-by-pitch written descriptions, detailed topos and clear overview photos, and insider tips to remote climbing areas waiting to be explored. Rock Climbing New England, 2nd edition is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking adventure in this remarkable region.

Deep Water

Travel Stories and the Search for the Perfect Wave
Author: Brendan McAloon
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780646509983
Category: Surfing
Page: 192
View: 1095

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From the land-locked boondocks of country Victoria to the wild coast of West Papua, Deep Water follows Brendan McAloon's remarkable journey to the most remote corners of the globe in search of the perfect wave. Evocative and mesmerising, Deep Water travels from isolated Indonesian island chains to Hawaii's infamous North Shore, from Tahiti's Tuamotu Atolls to the velvet green fields of Ireland, the unearthly suspense of an Icelandic winter, and beyond. Illustrated by images from the world's leading surf photographers, like Jon Frank and Ted Grambeau, the text and imagery combine to capture the allure of travelling to exotic wave locations and present compelling portraits of some of the biggest names in the surfing world, including world champions Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater. McAloon's journey of discovery takes you to the very heart of the surfing experience, stepping beyond the sandy shoreline and paddling out into deep water.


Author: William Finnegan
Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag
ISBN: 3518757415
Category: Fiction
Page: 550
View: 7754

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Vor fünfzig Jahren verfällt William Finnegan dem Surfen. Damals verschafft es ihm Respekt, dann jagt es ihn raus in die Welt – Samoa, Indonesien, Australien, Südafrika –, als Familienvater mit Job beim New Yorker dient es der Flucht vor dem Alltag ... Barbarentage erzählt die Geschichte dieser lebenslangen Leidenschaft, sie handelt vom Fernweh, von wahren Abenteuern und den Versuchen, trotz allem ein Träumer zu bleiben. Ein Buch wie das Meer, atemberaubend schön. »Wie Into the Wild erzählt dieses Buch auf mitfühlende, kluge Weise, was passiert, wenn Ideen von Freiheit einen jungen Menschen erfassen und in die entlegensten Winkel der Welt hinausschleudern.« The New York Times Magazine »Fesselnde Abenteuergeschichte, intellektuelle Autobiografie, rastlose Meditation über Liebe, Freundschaft und Familie ... Barbarentage ist ein Buch von ergreifender Schönheit und wird Surfer und Nichtsurfer gleichermaßen begeistern.« Washington Post »Das zu lesen, was dieser Kerl über Wellen und Wasser schreibt, ist wie Hemingway über Stierkämpfe zu lesen, William Burroughs über Drogen und Updike über Ehebruch.« Sports Illustrated