The New Idea of a University

Author: Duke Maskell,Ian Robinson
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 1845403738
Category: Education
Page: 295
View: 6080

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Something has gone deeply wrong with the university - too deeply wrong to be put right by any merely bureaucratic means. What’s wrong is, simply, that our official idea of education, the idea that inspires all government policies and ‘initiatives’, is itself uneducated. With the growing emphasis in higher education on training in supposedly useful skills, has the very ethos of the university been subverted? And does this more utilitarian university succeed in adding to the national wealth, the basis on which politicians justify the large public expenditure on the higher education system? Should we get our idea of a university from politicians and bureaucrats or from J.H. Newman, Jane Austen and Socrates? The New Idea of a University is an entertaining and highly readable defence of the philosophy of liberal arts education and an attack on the sham that has been substituted for it. It is sure to scandalize all the friends of the present establishment and be cheered elsewhere.

The Idea of a University

Author: David Cecil Smith,Anne Karin Langslow
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 9781853027284
Category: Education
Page: 195
View: 7033

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The contributors look at the motivation behind the various interested parties in higher education reform - administrators, politicians and the students themselves - in an attempt to determine how universities will be shaped in the future. The book will appeal to all those with an interest in the university as an institution, and its historical - and future - role in society.

The Romantic Idea of a University

England and Germany, 1770-1850
Author: M. Hofstetter
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230510736
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 162
View: 6171

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By the late eighteenth century, universities in England and Germany had lost their sense of purpose. The romantics then presented them with a new one, a new Idea of a university. In Germany, Johann Gottlieb Fichte and others stressed that universities must teach more effectively; in England, Coleridge and Wordsworth attached to the German Idea a desire to keep the universities part of England's national church.

Democracy, Fascism and the New World Order

Author: Ivo Mosley
Publisher: Imprint Academic
ISBN: 9780907845645
Category: Political Science
Page: 93
View: 4793

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Whereas conventional wisdom sets up democracy and fascism as opposites, to ancient political theorists democracy had an innate tendency to lead to extreme populist government, and provided unscrupulous demagogues with the ideal opportunity to seize power.

Universities for a New World

Making a Global Network in International Higher Education, 1913-2013
Author: Deryck M. Schreuder
Publisher: SAGE Publications India
ISBN: 8132117786
Category: Education
Page: 476
View: 939

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Universities for a New World takes the Centenary of the ‘Association of Commonwealth Universities’ (ACU) as its point of departure in exploring what a 2009 ‘United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’ (UNESCO) Report has evocatively termed an ‘academic revolution’ in modern higher education. The book succinctly explores the rise of the ACU as the world’s oldest network of universities, before focussing primarily on that protean ‘revolution’ in higher education provision - with a particular sampling of the diverse Commonwealth experience across the globe. Gains as well as losses are analysed through critical and interrelated essays. Transformation may have been inevitable, but progress towards greater participation rates has not always been manifested through quality provision for students or societies at large. Measuring those changes to universities is inherently challenging as transformations are still proceeding apace. The volume accordingly concludes with informed perspectives on the potential future(s) of universities in the 21st century. Paradoxically, further change is now the only constant for higher education in an era of globalisation.

Education! Education! Education!

Author: Stephen Prickett
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 1845404734
Category: Education
Page: 271
View: 610

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The essays in this book criticise the new positivism in education policy, whereby education is systematically reduced to those things that can be measured by so-called 'objective' tests. School curricula have been narrowed with an emphasis on measurable results in the 3 R's and the 'quality' of university departments is now assessed by managerial exercises based on commercial audit practice. As a result, the traditional notion of liberal arts education has been replaced by utilitarian productivity indices.

Die Idee der Natur

Author: Robin G. Collingwood
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783518293478
Category: Philosophy of nature
Page: 234
View: 8119

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The idea of a University

Author: John Henry Newman
ISBN: 1291606084
Category: Education
Page: 602
View: 9934

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Newman's famous ideal which was to shape thinking and policies of all future generations, here in his own original words


Wie man in nur fünf Tagen neue Ideen testet und Probleme löst
Author: Jake Knapp,Braden Kowitz,John Zeratsky
Publisher: Redline Wirtschaft
ISBN: 3864149061
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 256
View: 7147

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Unternehmer, Gründer und Teams stehen täglich vor der Herausforderung: Womit soll man zuerst anfangen, worauf sich am meisten fokussieren? Und wie viele Diskussionen und Meetings sind nötig, bevor man ganz sicher die garantiert richtige Lösung hat? Die Folge ist, dass allzu oft das Projekt auf der Stelle tritt und man überhaupt nicht vorwärtskommt. Dafür gibt es eine geniale Lösung: Sprint. Die ist ein einzigartiger, innovativer und narrensicherer Prozess, mit dem sich die härtesten Probleme in nur fünf Tagen lösen lassen – von Montag bis Freitag. Der Entwickler Jake Knapp entwarf diesen Prozess bei und für Google, wo er seither in allen Bereichen genutzt wird. Zusammen mit John Zeratsky und Braden Kowitz hat er darüber hinaus bereits mehr als 100 Sprints in Firmen aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen durchgeführt. Der Sprint-Prozess bietet praktische Hilfe für Unternehmen aller Größen, vom kleinen Start-up bis hin zum Fortune-100-Unternehmen. Die Methode ist auch für alle anderen bewährt, die vor einem großen Problem stehen, schnell eine Idee testen oder einfach eine Möglichkeit schnell ergreifen wollen.

On the Idea of a University

Author: J.M. Cameron
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442654422
Category: Education
Page: 92
View: 644

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Starting from Newman`s concept of the university as a place of liberal education, Professor Cameron examines how today`s university functions, what its aims should be and what its strengths and deficiencies are, and presents some proposals for reform. He argues that liberal education, in which knowledge is pursued for its own sake as well as for the advantages it may bring, should remain the core of university studies, although he emphasizes that natural science and the technologies, as well as the traditional art subjects, may be studied liberally in the university. In the course of a rich and broad-ranging discussion, he singles out parasensical discourse – a kind of curious verbal play, neither sense nor nonsense, designed to inculcate attitudes, not convey information – as a symptom of the crisis in the university today. Cameron`s trenchant analysis of it and of the serious ills that it represents is particularly relevant to an understanding of the controversy surrounding modern university education. The four lectures in this volume were originally delivered to mark the sesquicentennial of the University of Toronto and the 125th anniversary of Saint Michael`s College. The occasion, Cameron writes, `gave me a chance to consider the nature and spirit of the institution within which I have spent most of my working life. At a time when the value of university education is being questioned, Cameron provides a fresh perspective on the university`s purpose, its form, and its future. The volume is published in association with the University of Saint Michael`s College by University of Toronto Press.


The Recovery of an Idea
Author: Gordon Graham
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 1845407407
Category: Education
Page: 153
View: 1244

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Research assessment exercises, teaching quality assessment, line management, staff appraisal, student course evaluation, modularization, student fees - these are all names of innovations (and problems) - in modern British universities. How far do they reflect a more conscientious approach to the effective promotion of higher education, and how far do they constitute a significant departure from traditional academic concerns and values? Using some themes of Cardinal Newman's classic The Idea of a University as a springboard, this extended essay aims to address these questions.

The Idea of a University

Defined and Illustrated
Author: John Henry Cardinal Newman
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
ISBN: 9780895264008
Category: Education
Page: 472
View: 9720

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John Henry Newman (1801-1890) was one of the established masters of Victorian prose. This is a complete and unabridged edition of his famous defense of classical, liberal education. Now, with a new Introduction by Victorian scholar, bestselling novelist and Superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute Josiah Bunting, it is released to coincide with Bunting's AN EDUCATION FOR OUR TIME, making its republication a major event in the debate over higher education.

Mein gelobtes Land

Triumph und Tragödie Israels
Author: Ari Shavit
Publisher: C. Bertelsmann Verlag
ISBN: 3641148219
Category: Political Science
Page: 592
View: 7690

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Die große Geschichte Israels Der renommierte Journalist Ari Shavit sieht Israel in einer halt- und ausweglosen Lage: als jüdisch-westlicher Staat in einer arabisch-islamischen (Um-)Welt seit seiner Gründung in der Existenz bedroht, andererseits Okkupationsmacht über ein anderes, das palästinensische Volk. Der Innovationskraft und Lebensfreude seiner Menschen stehen ein bröckelndes Gemeinwesen, zermürbende Konflikte, militärische Scheinerfolge und der Verlust internationalen Ansehens gegenüber. Was als gemeinschaftlicher hoffnungsfroher Aufbruch begann, insbesondere nach den Schrecken des Holocausts, der gemeinsame Bau von Eretz Israel, ist heute allgemeiner Desillusion und Desintegration gewichen. Shavit erzählt, zunächst auf den Spuren seines zionistischen Urgroßvaters, eine sehr persönliche Geschichte Israels während der letzten anderthalb Jahrhunderte, von Erfolgen im steten Überlebenskampf, aber auch von schuldbehafteter Tragik und unübersehbarem Niedergang.

History of Universities

Volume XXIII/1
Author: Mordechai Feingold
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191561991
Category: History
Page: 320
View: 1392

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Volume XXII/1 of History of Universities contains the customary mix of learned articles, book reviews, conference reports, and bibliographical information, which makes this publication such an indispensable tool for the historian of higher education. Its contributions range widely geographically, chronologically, and in subject-matter. The volume is, as always, a lively combination of original research and invaluable reference material. To place a standing order for volumes in this series, please contact: Standing Orders Oxford University Press, Distribution Services Saxon West Way, Corby, Northants Great Britain NN18 9ES Tel: (01536) 741068 Fax: (01536) 741894 email: [email protected]

The J. Hillis Miller Reader

Author: Joseph Hillis Miller,Julian Wolfreys
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804750561
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 454
View: 6767

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This anthology exhibits the diversity, inventiveness, and intellectual energy of the writings of J. Hillis Miller, the most significant North American literary critic of the twentieth century. From the 1950s onward, Miller has made invaluable contributions to our understanding of the practice and theory of literary criticism, the ethics and responsibilities of teaching and reading, and the role of literature in the modern world. He has also shown successive generations of scholars and students the necessity of comprehending the relationship between philosophy and literature. Divided into six sections, the volume provides more than twenty significant extracts from Miller’s works. In addition, there is a new interview with Miller, as well as a series of specially commissioned critical responses to Miller’s work by a number of the leading figures in literary and cultural studies today. Following a comprehensive critical introduction by the editor, each section has a brief introduction, directing the reader toward pertinent themes. There is also a comprehensive bibliography and a chronology of Miller’s professional life and activities. This reader, the first of Miller's work in English, provides an indispensable overview and introduction to one of the most original critical voices to have emerged since the inception of the teaching of English and American literature in universities in the English-speaking world.

Confucian Tradition and Global Education

Author: William Theodore De Bary
Publisher: Chinese University Press
ISBN: 9789629963040
Category: Education
Page: 113
View: 1552

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Argues that China's Confucian tradition is relevant in the democratic and pluralistic world order of today.

Ich bin Charlotte Simmons

Author: Tom Wolfe
Publisher: Karl Blessing Verlag
ISBN: 3641138337
Category: Fiction
Page: 960
View: 6461

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„Eine Satire voller Verve, Witz und Wut.“ Daniel Kehlmann Applaus erfüllt den Saal, als Charlotte zum Podium hochsteigt. Gerade wurde verkündet, dass sie als Erste aus ihrem 900-Seelen-Dorf ein Stipendium für die Dupont University erhält. Endlich wird das hoch begabte Mädchen in den Olymp des Wissens aufgenommen. Doch statt des ersehnten Lebens in einer Welt des Geistes findet sie sich in einem Mahlstrom aus Saufgelagen und sexuellen Ausschweifungen. ICH BIN CHARLOTTE SIMMONS ist ein brillanter Campusroman voller polemischer Spannung, Witz und Verve – und eine aktuelle Bestandsaufnahme des janusköpfigen Amerika, in dem die konservativen Kräfte gegen die liberalen antreten. „Charlotte, du bist dazu bestimmt, Großes zu tun“, prophezeit ihr die Lehrerin. Und das hübsche Mädchen vollbringt Großes: Sie schließt die Highschool in ihrem winzigen Nest in den Blue Ridge Mountains als Beste ab und erhält ein Stipendium für Dupont in Pennsylvania. Charlotte ist überglücklich, endlich darf sie in das Paradies der Gelehrsamkeit ziehen. An dieser bedeutendsten Universität des Landes wird sie erstmals auf Gleichgesinnte treffen, die wie sie die Welt zu durchdringen suchen. Doch kaum hat sie voller Idealismus ihr Studium begonnen, wird ihr klar, was an diesem Olymp des Wissens wirklich zählt: schicke Klamotten, sich bis zur Besinnungslosigkeit besaufen und natürlich Sex. In ihrer Naivität hätte Charlotte das nie für möglich gehalten, denn sie – ganz die Tochter ihrer religiösen Mutter – ist selbstverständlich noch Jungfrau. Doch schon bald umwerben sie drei Männer: ein verkopfter „Nerd“, der die Welt revolutionieren möchte; ein „Anabolika-Trottel“, der einzige weiße Basketballspieler im Uni-Team; und ein auf seinen Vorteil bedachter Schönling. Charlotte erwählt den Falschen – und braucht lange, um wie ein Phönix aus der Asche ihres Selbstverlusts aufzusteigen. Tom Wolfe, Amerikas Mr. Zeitgeist, legt in diesem rasanten und überaus amüsanten Campusroman den gegenwärtig in den USA tobenden Kulturkampf zwischen dem Konservatismus im Süden und dem Liberalismus an der Ost- und Westküste bloß, präzise , schonungslos und voller Allgemeingültigkeit. ICH BIN CHARLOTTE SIMMONS ist nichts weniger als eine „Great American Novel“, verfasst in einer atemlos genialischen Sprache.

Thinking about Almost Everything

New Ideas to Light Up Minds
Author: Ash Amin,Michael O'Neill
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN: 184668188X
Category: Science
Page: 264
View: 5383

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Even the most intricate and complex knowledge can enliven public curiosity and spark new thinking.