The Myths We Live By

Author: Mary Midgley
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1136807535
Category: Philosophy
Page: 296
View: 8239

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With a new Introduction by the author 'An elegant and sane little book. – The New Statesman Myths, as Mary Midgley argues in this powerful book, are everywhere. In political thought they sit at the heart of theories of human nature and the social contract; in economics in the pursuit of self interest; and in science the idea of human beings as machines, which originates in the seventeenth century, is a today a potent force. Far from being the opposite of science, however, Midgley argues that myth is a central part of it. Myths are neither lies nor mere stories but a network of powerful symbols for interpreting the world. Tackling a dazzling array of subjects such as philosophy, evolutionary psychology, animals, consciousness and the environment in her customary razor-sharp prose, The Myths We Live By reminds us of the powerful role of symbolism and the need to take our imaginative life seriously. Mary Midgley is a moral philosopher and the author of many books including Wickedness, Evolution as a Religion, Beast and Man and Science and Poetry. All are published in Routledge Classics.

Myths We Live By

Author: Colin Grant
Publisher: University of Ottawa Press
ISBN: 0776616609
Category: Religion
Page: 181
View: 5709

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Colin Grant challenges the popular use of "myth" as a dismissive designation of the superstitions and falsehoods of "other" cultures. The author maintains that myths occupy a place in our present-day lives that is every bit as important to us as the divinities and heroes of classical antiquity were to the ancients. The myths themselves are in a constant state of flux and transformation. They ebb and flow, both within the context of wider culture and individual experience.

The Myths We Live By

Adventures in Democracy, Free Speech and Other Liberal Inventions
Author: Peter Cave
Publisher: Atlantic Books
ISBN: 178649521X
Category: Philosophy
Page: N.A
View: 1554

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In this witty and mischievous book, philosopher Peter Cave dissects the most controversial disputes today and uses philosophical argument to reveal that many issues are less straightforward than we'd like to believe. Leaving no sacred cow standing, Cave uses ingenious stories and examples to challenge our most strongly held assumptions. Is democracy inherently a good thing? What is the basis of so-called human rights? Is discrimination always bad? Are we morally obliged to accept refugees? In an age of identity politics and so-called 'fake news', this book is an essential resource for reinvigorating genuine public debate - and an entertaining challenge to accepted wisdom.

Myths to Live By

Author: Joseph Campbell
Publisher: Joseph Campbell Foundation
ISBN: 1611780004
Category: Philosophy
Page: N.A
View: 5974

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In Myths to Live By, Joseph Campbell explores the enduring power of the universal myths that influence our lives daily and examines the myth-making process from the primitive past to the immediate present, returning always to the source from which all mythology springs; the creative imagination.Campbell stresses that the borders dividing the earth have been shattered; that myths and religions have always followed the certain basic archetypes and are no longer exclusive to a single people, region, or religion. He shows how we must recognize their common denominators and allow this knowledge to be of use in fulfilling human potential everywhere. With a foreword by Johnson E. Fairchild. This digital edition is the first ebook issued as part of the Collected Works of Joseph Campbell series; it is newly illustrated and redesigned.

The Stories We Live By

Personal Myths and the Making of the Self
Author: Dan P. McAdams
Publisher: William Morrow & Company
Category: Psychology
Page: 336
View: 9777

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A psychologist outlines his theory of human identity, arguing that the shaping of one's personality is the result of a process of creating one's self through personal myths

Metaphors We Live By

Author: George Lakoff,Mark Johnson
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226470997
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 256
View: 3484

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The now-classic Metaphors We Live By changed our understanding of metaphor and its role in language and the mind. Metaphor, the authors explain, is a fundamental mechanism of mind, one that allows us to use what we know about our physical and social experience to provide understanding of countless other subjects. Because such metaphors structure our most basic understandings of our experience, they are "metaphors we live by"—metaphors that can shape our perceptions and actions without our ever noticing them. In this updated edition of Lakoff and Johnson's influential book, the authors supply an afterword surveying how their theory of metaphor has developed within the cognitive sciences to become central to the contemporary understanding of how we think and how we express our thoughts in language.

Once and Future Myths

The Power of Ancient Stories in Our Lives
Author: Phil Cousineau
Publisher: Conari Press
ISBN: 1609254104
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 320
View: 1687

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Drawing from history, movies, pop culture, and his own life experience, filmmaker and writer Phil Cousineau shows how ancient myths continue to affect and shape our contemporary lives. Each chapter moves from the ancient to the modern, from the once, to the now, to the future. Chapters include both retellings of classical myths--Sisyphus, Odysseus, Kronos--along with new accounts of contemporary myths of time, cities, vampires, even baseball. Sisyphus is shown to be the inspiration for the French Resistance (and Cousineau's own struggles as a writer), Dionysus is made current by rock legend Jim Morrison, and new science and technology are laid at the feet of Hermes. Cousineau, long-time student of Joseph Campbell, makes a compelling case that myths--the enduring fantastical tales of gods and goddesses, heroines and heroes--provide a map by which to chart the stories of our own lives. In Once and Future Myths, he presents a unique path to personal growth with a deep examination of our lives in the context of the world's great myths.

Law's Meaning of Life

Philosophy, Religion, Darwin and the Legal Person
Author: Ngaire Naffine
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847314821
Category: Law
Page: 206
View: 5948

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The perennial question posed by the philosophically-inclined lawyer is 'What is law?' or perhaps 'What is the nature of law?' This book poses an associated, but no less fundamental, question about law which has received much less attention in the legal literature. It is: 'Who is law for?' Whenever people go to law, they are judged for their suitability as legal persons. They are given or refused rights and duties on the basis of ideas about who matters. These ideas are basic to legal-decision making; they form the intellectual and moral underpinning of legal thought. They help to determine whether law is essentially for rational human beings or whether it also speaks to and for human infants, adults with impaired reasoning, the comotose, foetuses and even animals. Are these the right kind of beings to enter legal relationships and so become legal persons. Are they, for example, sufficiently rational, or sacred or simply human? Is law meant for them? This book reveals and evaluates the type of thinking that goes into these fundamental legal and metaphysical determinations about who should be capable of bearing legal rights and duties. It identifies and analyses four influential ways of thinking about law's person, each with its own metaphysical suppositions. One approach derives from rationalist philosophy, a second from religion, a third from evolutionary biology while the fourth is strictly legalistic and so endeavours to eschew metaphysics altogether. The book offers a clear, coherent and critical account of these complex moral and intellectual processes entailed in the making of legal persons.

The Church's Healing Ministry

Pastoral and Practical Reflections
Author: David Atkinson
Publisher: Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd
ISBN: 1848250770
Category: Religion
Page: 99
View: 8999

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Healing is one of the fundamental aspects of Christian ministry, reaching into every area of personal and public life. This new book from a leading Christian ethicist offers a practical and pastoral theology that embraces its different dimensions: the biblical notion of health and wholeness, healing in relation to sickness and disease, personal and environmental health, health and social justice, emotional health, pastoral care and counselling and healing and the sacraments. David Atkinson explores the healing ministry and the miracles of Jesus and their relevance to Christian ministry today. He asks whether suffering can ever be creative and explores how today's conversations between theology, psychology and medical science are shaping our understanding of healing.


Die Soldaten des nationalsozialistischen Krieges und das 20. Jahrhundert
Author: Thomas Kühne
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 3647351547
Category: History
Page: 327
View: 6112

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Warum haben die deutschen Soldaten im Zweiten Weltkrieg so verbissen gekämpft, selbst als die Niederlage schon absehbar war? Und wie konnte es geschehen, dass so viele gewöhnliche Soldaten einen verbrecherischen Krieg unterstützten? Die Antwort liegt nicht nur im Antisemitismus oder im Befehlsgehorsam der Deutschen, sondern in ihrer Sehnsucht nach Gemeinschaft und in der Erfüllung dieser Sehnsucht inmitten massenhafter Gewalt und massenhaften Todes. Im Schnittfeld der neueren Kultur-, Geschlechter- und Militärgeschichte angesiedelt, zeigt dieses Buch, wie das mythische Leitbild der Kameradschaft die mentale Vorbereitung, die Erfahrung und schließlich die kollektive Erinnerung an den Zweiten Weltkrieg in Deutschland geprägt hat.

Adolf Hitler

Die Jahre des Aufstiegs 1889 - 1939 Biographie
Author: Dr. Volker Ullrich
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104028125
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 1088
View: 2036

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Die neue große Hitler-Biographie für unsere Zeit Wer war Hitler wirklich? Eindrucksvoll zeichnet der Historiker und Publizist Volker Ullrich ein neues, überraschendes Porträt des Menschen hinter der öffentlichen Figur des »Führers«. Sichtbar werden dabei alle Facetten Hitlers: seine gewinnenden und ab-stoßenden Züge, seine Freundschaften und seine Beziehungen zu Frauen, seine Bega-bungen und Talente, seine Komplexe und seine mörderischen Antriebskräfte. Der erste Band schildert den Weg des Diktators von seinen frühen Jahren in Wien und München bis zum scheinbaren Höhepunkt seiner Macht im Frühjahr 1939. Eine glän-zend erzählte Biographie, die Hitler nicht als Monster zeigt, sondern als Meister der Verführung und Verstellung - und gerade dadurch nicht nur die Abgründe seiner Persönlichkeit, sondern auch das Geheimnis seines Aufstiegs greifbar macht. Der zweite Band dieser großen Biographie erscheint im Oktober 2018. Er behandelt die Jahre des Untergangs von 1939 bis 1945: von der Entfesselung des Zweiten Weltkriegs bis zum apokalyptischen Finale 1945. »Eine faszinierende ... Parabel darüber, wie ... zufällige Umstände, ein skrupelloser einzelner Mensch und die bewusste Blindheit anderer ... zusammen die Welt in einen unvorstellbaren Albtraum führen können.« Michiko Kakutani, New York Times »Jeder, der sich über den Zustand der Demokratie Sorgen macht, sollte dieses Buch lesen.« Sir Richard Evans, The Nation »Eine so verstörende wie aufschlussreiche Lektüre – nicht nur über die Vergangenheit, sondern auch mit Blick auf die Gegenwart.« Christopher Browning, The New York Review of Books »Eine großartige Leistung – eindrucksvoll und reich an Erkenntnissen.« Nicholas Stargardt, The Literary Review

International Challenge of Climate

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Environmental Audit Committee
Publisher: The Stationery Office
ISBN: 9780215023315
Category: Climatic changes
Page: 313
View: 9911

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The Committee's report examines the issue of how to tackle climate change in an international context, in light of the fact that the UK will hold both the presidency of the EU and the chair of the G8 this year. Topics discussed include: the impact of global warming and emissions forecasts; the EU emissions trading system; the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol; options for a post 2012 framework; and UK government objectives for 2005.

Understanding Education and Educational Research

Author: Paul Smeyers,Richard Smith
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316194205
Category: Psychology
Page: N.A
View: 6948

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Educational research is widely believed to be essentially empirical, consisting mainly of collecting and analysing data, with randomised control trials as the 'gold standard'. This book argues that good educational research is often philosophical in nature. Offering a critical overview of the current state of educational research, the authors argue that there are two factors in particular that distort it. One is that throughout the world it is expected to serve the interests of the state in securing educational improvements, as measured by standardised examination results, and to demonstrate 'scientific' credentials sufficient to guarantee absence of ideological bias and carry conviction. The other is that learning to do educational research is generally seen as a matter of being trained in empirical 'research methods'. The authors demonstrate, by contrast, that good educational research needs the rigorous thinking characteristic of philosophy, and that philosophical treatments themselves sometimes constitute such research.

Speaking for the People

Party, Language and Popular Politics in England, 1867-1914
Author: Jon Lawrence
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521893664
Category: History
Page: 304
View: 8938

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A 1998 study of British political culture and the popular appeal of Liberal, Tory, and Labour politics, from 1867 to 1914.

Sexual Revolutions in Cuba

Passion, Politics, and Memory
Author: Carrie Hamilton
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 0807882518
Category: History
Page: 320
View: 2640

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In Sexual Revolutions in Cuba Carrie Hamilton delves into the relationship between passion and politics in revolutionary Cuba to present a comprehensive history of sexuality on the island from the triumph of the Revolution in 1959 into the twenty-first century. Drawing on an unused body of oral history interviews as well as press accounts, literary works, and other published sources, Hamilton pushes beyond official government rhetoric and explores how the wider changes initiated by the Revolution have affected the sexual lives of Cuban citizens. She foregrounds the memories and emotions of ordinary Cubans and compares these experiences with changing policies and wider social, political, and economic developments to reveal the complex dynamic between sexual desire and repression in revolutionary Cuba. Showing how revolutionary and prerevolutionary values coexist in a potent and sometimes contradictory mix, Hamilton addresses changing patterns in heterosexual relations, competing views of masculinity and femininity, same-sex relationships and homophobia, AIDS, sexual violence, interracial relationships, and sexual tourism. Hamilton's examination of sexual experiences across generations and social groups demonstrates that sexual politics have been integral to the construction of a new revolutionary Cuban society.

Abraham on Trial

The Social Legacy of Biblical Myth
Author: Carol Delaney
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691070506
Category: Religion
Page: 333
View: 4502

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Abraham on Trial questions the foundations of faith that have made a virtue out of the willingness to sacrifice a child. Through his desire to obey God at all costs, even if it meant sacrificing his son, Abraham became the definitive model of faith for the major world religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In this bold look at the legacy of this biblical and qur'anic story, Carol Delaney explores how the sacrifice rather than the protection of children became the focus of faith, to the point where the abuse and betrayal of children has today become widespread and sometimes institutionalized. Her strikingly original analysis also offers a new perspective on what unites and divides the peoples of the sibling religions derived from Abraham and, implicitly, a way to overcome the increasing violence among them. Delaney critically examines evidence from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim interpretations, from archaeology and Freudian theory, as well as a recent trial in which a father sacrificed his child in obedience to God's voice, and shows how the meaning of Abraham's story is bound up with a specific notion of fatherhood. The preeminence of the father (which is part of the meaning of the name Abraham) comes from the still operative theory of procreation in which men transmit life by means of their "seed," an image that encapsulates the generative, creative power that symbolically allies men with God. The communities of faith argue interminably about who is the true seed of Abraham, who can claim the patrimony, but until now, no one has asked what is this seed. Kinship and origin myths, the cultural construction of fatherhood and motherhood, suspicions of actual child sacrifices in ancient times, and a revisiting of Freud's Oedipus complex all contribute to Delaney's remarkably rich discussion. She shows how the story of Abraham legitimates a hierarchical structure of authority, a specific form of family, definitions of gender, and the value of obedience that have become the bedrock of society. The question she leaves us with is whether we should perpetuate this story and the lessons it teaches.

Transforming the Powers

Peace, Justice, and the Domination System
Author: Ray C. Gingerich,Ted Grimsrud
Publisher: Fortress Press
ISBN: 9781451418729
Category: Religion
Page: 227
View: 4361

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Walter Wink's widely acclaimed trilogy from Fortress Press - Naming the Powers 0-8006-1786-X (1984), Unmasking the Powers 0-8006-1902-1 (1993), and Engaging the Powers 0-8006-2646-X (1992) - has sold over 80,000 copies. The Powers are good; the Powers are fallen; the Powers must be redeemed, says Wink; and the illustrious theologians and ethicists in this volume apply this suggestive analysis to economics, politics and government, war and peace, personal ethics and ecological and social justice.Contributors include: Ray Gingerich, Eastern Mennonite University Ted Grimsrud, Eastern Mennonite University Nancey Murphy, Fuller Theological Seminary Daniel Liechty, Illinois State University Walter Wink, Auburn Theological Seminary Willard M. Swartley, Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary Glen Stassen, Fuller Theological Seminary