The Marches

Author: Rory Stewart
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448156246
Category: Travel
Page: 368
View: 9008

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LONGLISTED FOR THE ORWELL PRIZE 2017 ‘This is travel writing at its best.’ Katherine Norbury, Observer An Observer Book of the Year His father Brian taught Rory Stewart how to walk, and walked with him on journeys from Iran to Malaysia. Now they have chosen to do their final walk together along ‘the Marches’ - the frontier that divides their two countries, Scotland and England. Brian, a ninety-year-old former colonial official and intelligence officer, arrives in Newcastle from Scotland dressed in tartan and carrying a draft of his new book You Know More Chinese Than You Think. Rory comes from his home in the Lake District, carrying a Punjabi fighting stick which he used when walking across Afghanistan. On their six-hundred-mile, thirty-day journey - with Rory on foot, and his father ‘ambushing’ him by car – the pair relive Scottish dances, reflect on Burmese honey-bears, and on the loss of human presence in the British landscape. On mountain ridges and in housing estates they uncover a forgotten country crushed between England and Scotland: the Middleland. They cross upland valleys which once held forgotten peoples and languages – still preserved in sixth-century lullabies and sixteenth-century ballads. The surreal tragedy of Hadrian’s Wall forces them to re-evaluate their own experiences in the Iraq and Vietnam wars. The wild places of the uplands reveal abandoned monasteries, border castles, secret military test sites and newly created wetlands. They discover unsettling modern lives, lodged in an ancient land. Their odyssey develops into a history of nationhood, an anatomy of the landscape, a chronicle of contemporary Britain and an exuberant encounter between a father and a son. And as the journey deepens, and the end approaches, Brian and Rory fight to match, step by step, modern voices, nationalisms and contemporary settlements to the natural beauty of the Marches, and a fierce absorption in tradition in their own unconventional lives.

It’s teatime, my dear!

Vom Autor des Weltbestsellers »Reif für die Insel«
Author: Bill Bryson
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 3641111331
Category: Fiction
Page: 480
View: 7728

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Abwarten, Tee trinken, weiterreisen! Vor über dreißig Jahren beschloss der Amerikaner Bill Bryson, England zu seiner Wahlheimat zu machen und für einige Jahre dort zu leben. Damals brach er auf zu einer großen Erkundungsreise quer über die britische Insel. Inzwischen ist er ein alter Hase, was die Eigentümlichkeiten der Engländer betrifft, aber dennoch entdeckt er immer wieder Neues, was ihn fasziniert und amüsiert. Kein Wunder also, dass es ihn reizt, diese Insel erneut ausgiebig zu bereisen. Von Bognor Regis bis Cape Wrath, vom englischen Teehaus bis zum schottischen Pub, von der kleinsten Absteige bis zum noblen Hotel, Bryson lässt nichts aus und beantwortet zahlreiche Fragen. Wie heißt der Big Ben eigentlich wirklich? Wer war Mr. Everest? Warum verstehen sich Amerikaner und Engländer nur bedingt? Bill Bryson will noch einmal wissen, was dieses Land so liebenswert macht, und begibt sich auf den Weg – schließlich ist er wieder reif für die Insel!

From the Edge of Empire: A Memoir

Author: Ian Hume
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 1478794550
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 512
View: 1323

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This tells of why and how a young Rhodesian army Captain decided in 1963 not to fight the oncoming war over majority rule. His future unknown, he leaves the country for studies in Cape Town; marries; wins a Beit Fellowship to Oxford; and is recruited to a career at the World Bank. In time he becomes an expert on Eastern Europe. Invited home in 1975 to help prepare Rhodesia's transition to Zimbabwe, he spends three years living through the very war he chose to avoid. Rejoining the Bank, he works on Hungary and, in a unique period after communism fell in 1989, he lives in Poland as Resident Representative. A man of two transitions, he explains how they are separate but ironically linked. His book, a testament to the value of education and the power of family, is written as a memoir to his grandchildren. Now himself a proud American, he offers them a world view-what he calls a moral equilibrium- to harmonize their vexed heritage with today's divided America. Happy with his life, he regrets the outcomes in the country he left. He describes a different path to majority rule his countrymen could have taken, instead of herd-think support of Ian Smith's UDI and war. Had they done so, both the war as well as the brutality, corruption and devastation of Mugabe's Zimbabwe could well have been avoided. As a life's message to his grandchildren, he exhorts them not to make similar mistakes: beware the herd; think for yourself.

Reif für die Insel

England für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene
Author: Bill Bryson
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 3641090571
Category: Fiction
Page: 416
View: 352

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Eine ebenso herzliche wie spöttische Liebeserklärung an England: unorthodox, scharfzüngig und hinreißend komisch Was ist das für ein Land, in dem so unaussprechliche Namen wie Llywyngwril auf den Ortsschildern stehen? Wo Kekse gereicht werden, die jedes Gebiss bedrohen? Von den Kalkfelsen Dovers bis ins raue schottische Thurso erkundet Bryson die eigentümliche Weit jenseits des Ärmelkanals und kommt zu dem Schluss: England muss man einfach lieben - ganz gleich, wie wunderlich es einem zuweilen erscheinen mag.

White Hart Red Lion: The England of Shakespeare's Histories

The England of Shakespeare's Histories
Author: Nick Asbury
Publisher: Oberon Books
ISBN: 184943932X
Category: Drama
Page: 198
View: 4529

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To this day The White Hart and The Red Lion are two of the most popular names for a public house in England – both talismans that served as the insignia for Richard II and the banished Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Lancaster, who usurped the throne in 1399. Nick Asbury acted in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s famed Histories cycle which staged Shakespeare’s vision of the deposition of Richard II through to the notorious Battle of Bosworth in 1485. With fellow RSC actors for company, Nick travels the country visiting the buildings, landscapes and former sites of war and intrigue that feature in the plays, and asks the question: what is it about the England of Shakespeare’s Histories that continues to fascinate? From Alnwick to Eastcheap, Windsor Castle to a Leicester car park, this is his snapshot of England and its people, then and now. ‘John Shakespeare, William’s father, was an Ale Taster before he was a glover and luminary of Stratford-upon- Avon, so in his footsteps I and my travelling players will be exploring the hostelries and byways of an England forged on the battlefields, triumphs and betrayals of The Histories: on the one hand, Red – be it a pub or bloody Rose. On the other hand, White – be it the alabaster tombs of broken Princes or the quill of a playwright from Stratford-upon- Avon.’ ‘This bloody MG is so light it’s like driving a roasting tin. At the next turning, forewarned this time, I make the corner cheering victoriously and drive straight into a snow driftft that could swallow a bus let alone the mid-life crisis that is this MG. It turns out I am in the one area where it is as bad as they say it is. I dig myself out and reverse back on to the main road, all the time thinking life would be much better on a horse.’ ‘England, the tolerant bearer of religion that was the flower of the Northern Renaissance, was fast becoming a useless fist clothed in an old glove. It was fighting a war abroad, the cause of which it was not party to, and the execution of which was undermined by in-fighting at home. Plus ça change.’ ‘Geoffrey and I are swept like pooh sticks into Rouen. The road keeps tumbling down and the one time we want traffic lights to stop us, to catch our breath and to establish where we are, is of course the one time we are carried along on a river of green. We swoop into the central town square over cobbles that surely can’t be for everyday access, and on a hunch we turn right, only then realising that our hotel is in front of us and we have arrived. It’s the most remarkable entrance to a town I have ever made. We haven’t stopped once for navigation, traffic lights or junctions and yet here we are.’


Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Publisher: BookRix
ISBN: 3736861028
Category: Fiction
Page: 394
View: 7707

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Das Werk "Catriona oder Die Abenteuer David Balfours daheim und in der Fremde" (engl. "Catriona") ist ein historischer Abenteuerroman des schottischen Schriftstellers Robert Louis Stevenson, der – im September 1892 auf Upolu (Samoa) vollendet – vom Oktober 1892 bis zum September 1893 in der Londoner literarischen Monatszeitschrift "Atalanta" vorabgedruckt wurde. Ebenfalls 1893 brachten Cassell in London und Scribners Söhne in New York das Werk heraus. Die deutsche Übersetzung von Marguerite Thesing erschien 1926 bei Buchenau & Reichert in Hamburg. Eine von Stevensons Quellen soll die umfängliche Historie "Lion in Mourning" ("Der Löwe in Trauer"), verfasst von dem schottischen Bischof Robert Forbes (1708–1775), gewesen sein.

The Detective as Historian

Author: Ray Browne,Lawrence Kreiser,Lawrence A. Kreiser
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443807559
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 240
View: 682

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"Deeper understanding of history is enhanced by encasing it in art and interest. Crime fiction is one of the widest and most rapidly growing forms of literature. Historical crime fiction serves effectively the double purpose of entertaining while it teaches. The "truth" of the narrative account, the editors of this volume believe, is dependent on the understanding of human nature reflected in the author who writes the narrative. "Historical crime fiction," the editors of this volume write, "has an obligation and a golden opportunity. It must bring the past up to the present through the device of timeless crime and it must take the reader into the world about which is being written so that the characters are alive and the events interesting and challenging." Professional writers of fiction need to be more effective than mere authors of dates and assumed motivations. Therefore they can fill in human motivations and drives where no records exist and can aid the professional historians in what historian David Thelen calls the "challenge of history " which is "to recover the past and [interpret it for] the present." The essays in this volume accept the challenge and make major accomplishments for meeting it.

Performing the Border

Author: Alexa Stümpke
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3640955684
Page: 28
View: 5261

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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2002 im Fachbereich Amerikanistik - Kultur und Landeskunde, Note: 1,7, Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin (Anglistik/Amerikanistik), Veranstaltung: Filmessay, 10 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Im Video "Performing the Border" geht es um ausgebeutete Frauen an der mexikanischen Grenze, um kulturelle Verschiebungen und politische Umstande. Ich mochte auf das "Filmessay" naher eingehen. Das Essay ist ursprunglich ein literarischer Genre, der sich durch Filme wie "Sans Soleil" von Chris Marker einen Platz in der audiovisuellen Ebene geschaffen hat. Es handelt sich um eine Gattung des Films, die sich nicht in Schubladen stecken lassen will; das Filmessay birgt Formen verschiedener Filmgattungen in sich. Hier werden die Schrift, die Sprache und das Wort (gesprochen und geschrieben), neben dem Visualisierten in den Mittelpunkt gestellt, und es werden dem Informationsinhalt sowie der asthetischen Sprache gleiche Importanz zugeteilt. [...]"

A History of the Peoples of the British Isles: From Prehistoric Times to 1688

Author: Stanford Lehmberg
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134415281
Category: History
Page: 336
View: 1978

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The three volumes of A History of the Peoples of the British Isles weave together the histories of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales and their peoples. The authors trace the course of social, economic, cultural and political history from prehistoric times to the present, analyzing the relationships, differences and similarities of the four areas. Covering British history from prehistoric times to 1688, Volume I's main themes include: * the development of prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Britain * discussions of family and class structures * Medieval British history * the Stuart and Tudor leaderships * the arts and intellectual developments from 1485 to 1688. Presenting a wealth of material on themes such as women's history, the family, religion, intellectual history, society, politics, and the arts, these volumes are an important resource for all students of the political and cultural heritage of the British Isles.

Moon tiger

Author: Penelope Lively,Ulrike Budde
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783423128605
Page: 282
View: 9855

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The Candlemass Road

Author: George MacDonald Fraser
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007502044
Category: Fiction
Page: 192
View: 4417

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This is a beautiful, moving tale from the bestselling author of the "Flashman Papers".

Blue highways

Eine Reise in Amerika
Author: William Least Heat Moon
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783518381212
Page: 583
View: 9479

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Das Fort

Author: Bernard Cornwell
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644208018
Category: Fiction
Page: 608
View: 1678

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Rowohlt E-Book Plus Gerade drei Jahre ist die amerikanische Unabhängigkeitserklärung alt, doch der Kampf um die Freiheit ist noch lange nicht gewonnen. Überall im jungen Staat versuchen die britischen Rotröcke Aufstände niederzuschlagen, um das Land zurückzuerobern. In Penobscot Bay bauen sie eine kleine, aber für die Verteidigung von Massachusetts strategisch wichtige Garnison. Siebenhundert «rote Teufel» und drei Kriegsschaluppen beschützen sie. Es ist eine Kriegserklärung an die Amerikaner. Die schicken eine riesige Flotte und laufen mit mehr als vierzig hochgerüsteten Schiffen in die Penobscot Bay ein. Doch der Angriff ist schlecht geplant. Keiner der Rebellen versteht etwas vom Krieg, keiner hat die charakterliche Stärke, eine Armee zu führen. Bald verlieren sich die Kommandanten in Missverständnissen und Kleinkriegen. Nur ein einziger Mann hat echten Kampfgeist – ausgerechnet ein ehemaliger Lehrer. Doch was kann ein Einzelner gegen die Entschlossenheit der Briten ausrichten? Es ist eine verzweifelte Schlacht um die Unabhängigkeit, aber auch der Kampf von Charakteren, die gegensätzlicher nicht sein könnten. Die E-Book-Plus-Version ist ein Enriched E-Book, das über das konventionelle Buch hinausgeht. Diese Fassung enthält sieben Videos mit exklusiven Beiträgen des Autors zu Themen wie den Kriegsschauplatz und zu seinen Romanfiguren. Bernard Cornwell gewährt einen Einblick in Arbeitsweise und Recherchemethoden und schildert, welche Bedeutung die Beschäftigung mit Geschichte für sein Leben hat.