Haunted House

A True Ghost Story
Author: Walter Hubbell
Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com
ISBN: 1425023975
Category: Fiction
Page: 108
View: 1442

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It is one of the best spooky stories, definitely spine-chilling. Mysterious and vivacious action in the story mesmerizes the reader. The horrifying effect is created as the arcane setting of fires, shaking of the house, loud and incessant noises, distinct knocking as sledge-hammers on the walls and the furniture moves in day-light without any visible cause. Interesting and fear-provoking!

The House In The Attic

Author: Helen Cardwell
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1471730697
Page: 142
View: 5079

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It was the latest in a long line of misfortunes where Elinor was concerned. Her parents and adoptive family were both dead, and now, along with her aunt and young cousin, she was being forced to move to the isolated village of Mournsby. To her way of thinking, it could get no worse. Her life was over. But did it ever really begin? Mournsby is far from being the quiet hamlet it presents itself to be. What are the strange lights in the supposedly abandoned graveyard? Who is the mysterious figure that flits about the streets at night? And why are all the residents subject to bouts of complete memory loss? With her two friends, Elinor must piece together the murderous history of the village and also confront her own deadly secret. But can she do so before the Mournsby Curse claims another victim?

The House on Judith Street

Inspired by True Events
Author: Monte Plaisance
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781517351571
Page: 296
View: 1276

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In 1945, eight year old Jill stumbles upon her dad's secret chamber in the attic and unknowingly unleashes hell on earth. Three days later ten people are dead, including Jill and her parents. The murders go unsolved as the lead investigator falls prey to the evil force as well. Forty-five years later, Michael, Christine, Daniel and Joseph enter Jill's abandoned home in the hopes of finding evidence of the paranormal. What they find is far worse than anything they could have anticipated. An evil presence bent on their destruction because of a past they cannot remember, secret rituals and a cryptic message from the ghost of young Jill who has been trapped since the day she died. The House on Judith Street is a rollercoaster ride through the world of the paranormal and the occult. Inspired by true events!

It's Halloween

Author: Jack Prelutsky
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780688147334
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 56
View: 6306

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Thirteen poems to spice up the holiday that ghouls and ghosts love most. "Prelutsky's Nightmares tamed for beginning readers. They're catchy at the most rudimentary level."--Kirkus Reviews.

The House Built By Ghosts

The Strange Tale of the Winchester Mystery House
Author: Caitlind L. Alexander
Publisher: Learning Island
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 20
View: 5583

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It has over 160 rooms, 40 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, but only one shower. It has stairs that lead to the ceiling, and doors that, when stepped through, will drop you a story or more. It has 10,000 windows, a number of which are placed on inside walls, including a stained glass window made by one of the most expensive companies in the world, Tiffany. This is the Winchester Mystery House, the house built by spirits; and here is the story of how it came to be. Find out about this strange place and how it was built in this fun 15-minute book. Ages 8 and up. Reading Level: 6.9 LearningIsland.com believes in the value of children practicing reading for 15 minutes every day. Our 15-Minute Books give children lots of fun, exciting choices to read, from classic stories, to mysteries, to books of knowledge. Many books are appropriate for hi-lo readers. Open the world of reading to a child by having them read for 15 minutes a day.


Author: Scott Westerfeld
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1847389236
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 432
View: 5830

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At the end of Specials, the conclusion to the Uglies trilogy, things in Tally's futuristic world had stabilised. The walls between the social classes - the uglies, pretties and specials - had been torn down. So Tally took off to live on her own in the wild. Fast forward... Tally discovers another brand new world. In Extras, it's all about who you know, and how much you have. It's just like LA. Only Paris and Nicole are way dead...

Captive of the Labyrinth

Sarah L. Winchester, Heiress to the Rifle Fortune
Author: Mary Jo Ignoffo
Publisher: University of Missouri Press
ISBN: 9780826272317
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 280
View: 454

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Media Kit Since her death in 1922, Sarah Winchester has been perceived as a mysterious, haunted figure. After inheriting a vast fortune upon the death of her husband in 1881, Sarah purchased a simple farmhouse in San José, California. She began building additions to the house and continued construction on it for the next twenty years. A hostile press cast Sarah as the conscience of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company—a widow shouldering responsibility for the many deaths caused by the rifle that brought her riches. She was accused of being a ghost-obsessed spiritualist, and to this day it is largely believed that the extensive construction she executed on her San José house was done to appease the ghouls around her. But was she really as guilt-ridden and superstitious as history remembers her? When Winchester’s home was purchased after her death, it was transformed into a tourist attraction. The bizarre, sprawling mansion and the enigmatic nature of Winchester’s life were exaggerated by the new owners to generate publicity for their business. But as the mansion has become more widely known, the person of Winchester has receded from reality, and she is only remembered for squandering her riches to ward off disturbed spirits. Captive of the Labyrinth: Sarah L. Winchester, Heiress to the Rifle Fortune demystifies the life of this unique American. In the first full-length biography of Winchester, author and historian Mary Jo Ignoffo unearths the truth about this notorious eccentric, revealing that she was not a maddened spiritualist driven by remorse but an intelligent, articulate woman who sought to protect her private life amidst the chaos of her public existence. The author takes readers through Winchester’s several homes, explores her private life, and, by excerpting from personal correspondence, gives the heiress a voice for the first time since her death. Ignoffo’s research reveals that Winchester’s true financial priority was not dissipating her fortune on the mansion in San José but investing it for a philanthropic legacy. For too long Sarah Winchester has existed as a ghost herself—a woman whose existence lies somewhere between the facts of her life and a set of sensationalized recollections of who she may have been. Captive of the Labyrinth finally puts to rest the myths about this remarkable woman, and, in the process, uncovers the legacy she intended to leave behind.

A Haunting

The Horror on Rue Street
Author: L. I. Albemont
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781477533178
Category: Fiction
Page: 256
View: 2902

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From the author of Contagion: A Novel of The Living Dead comes a new novel of dark horror. Fleeing a troubled past, Sarah Faust has found the perfect place to start a new life. Neglected but with potential, the three-hundred year old townhouse in the port city of Charleston offers a refuge and a place to start over. But all is not as it seems at 5 Rue Lane and she soon finds that her new house harbors something that has been there for a very long time. Something that refuses to stay buried. Praise for L.I. Albemont's previous work: Wonderful! Really, this is first rate. I enjoyed the zombie story, the excitement, real life drama and the historical "stuff" all intertwined. It is not your typical zombie book in that there was a lot more to all the running, gore and zombie brains. Not that I don't love all that but it really makes it much more interesting with a bit more depth. Wish the book would never have ended. Very very good zombie/end of the world story. Well worth your time. One that I think about after -- a story that sticks with you. Really liked it. Awesome book, love the historical influence! Would really love to see the next book.........I am a Walking Dead fan, and this could be a storyline!

The Many Lives of Avery Snow

The Past Lives Series
Author: Christy Sloat
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780985266332
Page: 198
View: 1585

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Avery Snow led a boring, no thrills life. After her father left the family when she was young, Avery's mother died when she was only twelve, leaving her all alone except for her Aunt Paulina. Now, at twenty-six, Avery is very used to being lonely. She enjoys her job at Sunrise Estates, it's the one place where she doesn't feel left out. Her boss, Kerri, is her best friend and Lucy O'Shea, a resident at the home, is a good friend to her as well. The night Lucy dies in Avery's arms she delivers a haunting message to Avery. She tells her that there is a man looking for her from a past life. And he will stop at nothing to have her. Now Avery is unable sleep for more than a few hours, her dreams are keeping her awake. She is too terrified to sleep for the dreams are too vivid and too real. The only catch? She cannot remember what they are about. Until her Spirit Guide, Ianni, comes to help. Ianni shows Avery her past lives and tells her about the man who is stalking her soul. Now Avery remembers every life she has ever lived and she remembers the man she shared them with. He will not give up until she falls in love with him. The problem is Avery is in love with someone else. Ianni must help keep Avery from making the wrong choice. One her soul doesn't want. She also must keep her safe from the Dark Guides who are after Avery. Now Avery must make choices she never has before. This once lonely girl is now surrounded by Spirit Guides, psychics, Demonic Angels and two men fighting for her love. Do you believe in reincarnation and a love that can last lifetimes?


Author: Alex Flinn
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062209213
Category: Young Adult Fiction
Page: 304
View: 7266

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New York Times #1 bestselling author Alex Flinn reimagined the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast in Beastly and gave a twist to the story of Sleeping Beauty in A Kiss in Time. Now with her gothic and darkly romantic YA novel Towering, Alex Flinn retells the tale of Rapunzel. When Rachel was taken to live in a tower by a woman she calls Mama, she was excited. She felt like a princess in a castle. But many years later, Rachel knows her palace is really a prison, and begins to plan her escape. She is encouraged by the speed with which her golden hair has been growing. It's gotten long enough to reach the ground. And she's begun dreaming of a green-eyed man. Could he be out there in the world? Is he coming to save her? Or will she find a way to save herself?


Author: Lee Crutchley
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780955912191
Category: Art
Page: 144
View: 7076

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The world would be a better place if everyone continued to draw past their teens. But we're told from an early age that art, especially drawing, won't pay bills. You need to do something with your life, become a doctor, or a mechanic, or a...Teacher? If you really want to draw for a living, that's called illustration. And you'll need to go to college, and uni, start from the bottom and work your way up...Drawing if for kids! Quoteskine is drawing for grown ups. Call it anti-illustration if you want. It celebrates the love of drawing and the subject matter that inspires each image. Taking in references from movies, books, music, famous figures and even including some self penned quotes. Quoteskine hopes to reconnect that childhood love of drawing and creativity with the adult brain. Forget a minute about the work you have to do and the bills you have to pay. Get lost instead in the grown up kid's world that is Quoteskine. Then it's your turn.

Move Heaven and Earth

Author: Christina Dodd
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780061766176
Category: Fiction
Page: 400
View: 2397

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Miss Sylvan Miles dreaded the moment she'd see Lord Rand Malkin again. Once a dashing rogue, he's returned from battle a changed man. Sylvan, too, has suffered. Sharpened by scandal and tragedy, she vows to heal Rand's body and spirit. But when Sylvan arrives at Clairmont Court, the man she encounters is far from the great pleasure in taunting her with stolen kisss and the legend of his ancestor's ghost. But Sylvan isn't fooled by his bravado and sets out to break down his defenses...while she fortifies her own against temptation.

The Suffering

Author: Rin Chupeco
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402292228
Category: Young Adult Fiction
Page: 320
View: 6190

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Breathtaking and haunting, Rin Chupeco's second novel is a chilling companion to her debut, The Girl from the Well. The darkness will find you. Seventeen-year-old Tark knows what it is to be powerless. But Okiku changed that. A restless spirit who ended life as a victim and started death as an avenger, she's groomed Tark to destroy the wicked. But when darkness pulls them deep into Aokigahara, known as Japan's suicide forest, Okiku's justice becomes blurred, and Tark is the one who will pay the price...

Craven Manor

Author: Darcy Coates
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780994630636
Category: Good and evil
Page: 300
View: 1683

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Daniel is desperate for a job. When someone slides a note under his door offering him the groundskeeper's position at an old estate, it seems too good to be true. Against his better judgement, he accepts. But Craven Manor is nothing like what he expected.

Bogus to Bubbly

An Insider's Guide to the World of Uglies
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781442407381
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 224
View: 2788

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THE WORLD OF UGLIES, SET IN OUR NOT-SO-DISTANT FUTURE,is a complex place filled with bubbly technology and lingo, yet bogus rules about status and appearance. That's why a guide to the world of uglies has been requisitioned from the hole in the wall. Inside you'll find: A rundown on all the cliques, from Crims and Cutters to tech-heads and surge-monkeys The complete history, starting with the destruction of the oil bug to the launch of Extras in space How all those awesome gadgets came to be: hoverboards, eyescreens, skintennas, sneak suits... PLUS an exclusive look at Scott Westerfeld's first draft of Extras -- starring Hiro, not Aya. And so much more, it's mind-wrecking.

A Rural Haunting

Author: J.J. Jane
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 154390520X
Category: Religion
Page: 200
View: 4961

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This is a true story that takes place in the mid-west of a family who has experienced paranormal activity over the span of many years after moving into an old house in the country. This book begins with the first time of visiting the property and ends with the present day. The story shares how this family copes with possessions, other paranormal activity, different paranormal groups, and more. It will keep you wondering what is going to happen next. Names have been changed.

Haunted Winchester

Author: Matthew Feldwick
Publisher: History Press (SC)
ISBN: 9780752438467
Page: 96
View: 3924

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Scary tales from around the ancient City of Winchester.

The Inscrutable Mrs. Winchester and Her Mysterious Mansion

Author: Lisa L. Selby
Publisher: Publishamerica Incorporated
ISBN: 9781424113743
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 93
View: 642

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Mrs. Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms fortune, lost her one-month-old daughter to a rare disease. Fourteen years later her husband passed away from tuberculosis. Seeking a psychic for answers, she was told a curse was put on her family by those killed with the Winchester rifle. The psychic told her to move west and build continuously on a house to appease the spirits. She would do as the psychic instructed, and over the 38 years she lived in San Jose, California, she built a 160-room Victorian mansion, with stairs that lead nowhere, a door that opens onto a 15-foot drop into the garden, and skylights in the floor. This biography starts with Oliver F. Winchester and his invention, then follows Sarah Winchester from her marriage to her death. It explores the myths surrounding her, as well as the facts that rarely come to light.--From publisher description.