Carnival of Criminals

A Clara Fitzgerald Mystery
Author: Evelyn James
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781502865649
Page: 222
View: 6740

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Its late summer in Brighton and Clara is visiting the fairground, but when Oliver Bankes spots a body in the House of Curios what started out as a fun quickly becomes deadly serious. Who hides a body in a funfair and why? Clara has plenty of suspects to choose from, but very few clues. Meanwhile, Tommy Fitzgerald finds himself involved in a case of his own when a mother begs him to find her missing son. Only problem is the family is German and the son was an internee during the war. Tommy needs to overcome his own prejudices to find out what happened to Jurgen Smith two years ago. Little does he know that while he is investigating a disappearance, Clara is facing a battle for her life. Will Brighton's first female private detective survive her journey into the criminal underworld?

Murder in Mink

A Clara Fitzgerald Mystery
Author: Evelyn James
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781495365973
Category: Fiction
Page: 240
View: 6170

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Clara Fitzgerald, Brighton's first female private detective, has been invited to the wedding of her cousin Andrew Campbell. But something is wrong within the Campbell household. Andrew seems uninterested in his forthcoming nuptials. His sisters, Peg and Susan, also seem underwhelmed. The only person happy about it, in fact, is Andrew's stepmother. But things are about to go from bad to worse. An attempted suicide and the arrival of an unwelcome uncle cast a pall over the celebrations, matched only by the arrival at the wedding ceremony of a woman claiming to be Andrew's first wife. Before the weekend is over the mystery woman has been found dead on Brooklands racetrack and Andrew is the prime suspect. Clara must race against time to prove Andrew innocent and find the real killer. But with an apparent poisoner loose in the Campbell household, nothing is straightforward. Can Clara unravel the Campbell family mysteries and catch a murderer before someone else dies?

The Book of Secrets

A Novel
Author: M.G. Vassanji
Publisher: Picador
ISBN: 1250109183
Category: Fiction
Page: 360
View: 9183

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In 1988, a retired schoolteacher named Pius Fernandes receives an old diary found in the back room of an East African shop. Written in 1913 by a British colonial administrator, the diary captivates Fernandes, who begins to research the coded history he encounters in its terse, laconic entries. What he uncovers is a story of forbidden liaisons and simmering vengeances, family secrets and cultural exiles--a story that leads him on an investigative journey through his own past and Africa's.

Flight of Fancy

A Clara Fitzgerald Mystery
Author: Evelyn James
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781500384142
Page: 210
View: 3903

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Brighton 1920. When the handsome Captain O'Harris invites Clara to dinner she doesn't expect to be asked to solve the mystery of his late uncle's disappearance. It seems a simple enough puzzle to unravel with an obvious suspect, but before long Clara is uncovering some very darks secrets in the O'Harris household. What does the death of a housemaid have to do with uncle Goddard's vanishing act? And could Captain O'Harris' late mother be involved in the crime? Before she knows it Brighton's first female private detective is heavily involved in a mystery that threatens to destroy the man she has grown to admire. Flight of Fancy is the second book in the Clara Fitzgerald series

The Secrets of Armstrong House

Author: A. O'Connor
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780750542067
Category: Aristocracy (Social class)
Page: 608
View: 3008

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1888. Arabella Tattinger arrives to attend a glittering ball at Armstrong House as the family's younger son Harrison's fiancee. Her head is turned by the glamorous aristocratic family and most of all by the eldest son and heir, the exciting but dangerous Charles. A chain of events unfolds from that night which casts the family into years of a bitter feud. 1899. When American heiress Victoria Van Hoeven marries into the family she is determined to bring peace at last to the Armstrongs. But everywhere dangers are circling and secrets are ready to emerge from the shadows.

A Quiet Life in the Country

A Lady Hardcastle Mystery
Author: T. E. Kinsey
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
ISBN: 9781503938267
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 7558

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Revised edition: This edition of A Quiet Life In The Country includes editorial revisions.

The Risky Rescue (Key Hunters #6)

Author: Eric Luper
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 1338212311
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 128
View: 4778

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Cleo and Evan have a secret. A collection of books so dangerous they are locked up tight. And only they can find the keys to release the magic inside! SURVIVING THE WILDERNESS IS ONLY HALF THE BATTLE! A plane crash in the Amazon lands Cleo and Evan on the hunt for a valuable golden statue. They must find it -- and their next key -- to make it home alive. But the jungle is full of deadly creatures, raging rapids, and an all-too-familiar villain who wants nothing more than to trap them forever!

The Anatomist's Wife

A Lady Darby Novel
Author: Anna Lee Huber
Publisher: Berkley
ISBN: 0425253287
Category: Fiction
Page: 357
View: 1922

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Immersing herself in her painting after the death of her anatomist husband, Lady Kiera Darby is ostracized by London society until her brother-in-law asks her to use her skills to help a local inquiry agent to solve a murder. Original. 30,000 first printing.

Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidante

A Maggie Hope Mystery
Author: Susan Elia MacNeal
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0804178712
Category: Fiction
Page: 352
View: 2213

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • In this riveting mystery from Susan Elia MacNeal, England’s most daring spy, Maggie Hope, travels across the pond to America, where a looming scandal poses a grave threat to the White House and the Allied cause. December 1941. Soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Winston Churchill arrives in Washington, D.C., along with special agent Maggie Hope. Posing as his typist, she is accompanying the prime minister as he meets with President Roosevelt to negotiate the United States’ entry into World War II. When one of the First Lady’s aides is mysteriously murdered, Maggie is quickly drawn into Mrs. Roosevelt’s inner circle—as ER herself is implicated in the crime. Maggie knows she must keep the investigation quiet, so she employs her unparalleled skills at code breaking and espionage to figure out who would target Mrs. Roosevelt, and why. What Maggie uncovers is a shocking conspiracy that could jeopardize American support for the war and leave the fate of the world hanging dangerously in the balance. Praise for Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante “MacNeal paints an engrossing portrait of a country on the verge of war, with many laws suspended and prejudice rife—a world not that much different from today.”—Kirkus Reviews “MacNeal’s fifth Maggie Hope mystery is another solidly researched entry with the indomitable Maggie in top form.”—Booklist “Another winner filled both with fact and marvelous fiction . . . Maggie is a wonderful character with the strength and determination, as well as intelligence, to make her a resourceful spy.”—RT Book Reviews “MacNeal’s images and characters are true to the time, and the resonance of several of the subplots with current events deepen the impact of the tale; MacNeal is to be commended for her skillful weaving of racial and gender issues into an already complex political picture. . . . There’s a tremendous amount of world and U.S. history in this delightful volume.”—Historical Novels Review “Addictive . . . [MacNeal] paints convincing portraitures of the Roosevelts and other real-life historical figures. . . . The author continues to tackle heady issues while giving us a beloved heroine to root for. Wrought with peril and tension and extraordinarily rich in detail and research, Hope’s latest adventure will not disappoint fans of the series.”—Fredericksburg Free Lance–Star Praise for the bestselling Maggie Hope mysteries “You’ll be [Maggie Hope’s] loyal subject, ready to follow her wherever she goes.”—O: The Oprah Magazine “[A] stellar series.”—Minneapolis Star Tribune “A treat for WWII buffs and mystery lovers alike.”—Booklist From the Trade Paperback edition.

Mistletoe and Murder

A Clara Fitzgerald Mystery
Author: Evelyn James
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781511862899
Page: 228
View: 9732

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Clara Fitzgerald was hoping for a quiet Christmas, but when the elderly Miss Sampford sends out a plea for help Brighton's first female private detective can hardly refuse. Miss Sampford believes someone is trying to scare her out of her house. A 'ghost' has her servants handing in their notice and the neighbours talking. Miss Sampford doesn't believe in ghosts anymore than Clara does, but something sinister is occurring in her home in Berkeley Square, London. Clara sets off to investigate, but soon finds she has been beaten to it by Mr Andrews, a self-professed ghost hunter who has been employed by Miss Sampford's nephew, Elijah. To top it all off, Miss Sampford's family descend on her for Christmas, including William Henry Sampford who has every reason to wish his aunt dead. Is the ghost a means for murder? Clara is soon convinced that Miss Sampford's life is very much in danger and when one of the Christmas guests dies under mysterious circumstances she is even more certain the Berkeley Square ghost has murderous intentions. But can she unmask the killer before real harm comes to Miss Sampford? And what secrets are there in the old woman's past that make her a target for a killer? Clara is faced with unraveling the past to save her client, while stopping the ghost from killing again. For more books by Red Raven Publications go to

Secrets on the Wind

Author: Stepahnie Whitson
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781500881849
Category: Fort Robinson (Neb.)
Page: 352
View: 7928

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Deep in Lakota Souix territory in 1878, a torched farmstead is discovered by American soldiers. Hiding in the cellar is Laina Gray--delirious and pregnant. Laina is slowly nursed back to health by Granny Max, a woman who trusts God's healing hand. While Laina recovers physically, her faith is also restored just as she needs it most. She is torn between two men--the sergeant who rescued her, and a man from her past who knows her closely guarded secrets.

Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China

Author: Evan Osnos
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 0374712042
Category: History
Page: 416
View: 8940

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Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfiction finalist Winner of the 2014 National Book Award in nonfiction. An Economist Best Book of 2014. A vibrant, colorful, and revelatory inner history of China during a moment of profound transformation From abroad, we often see China as a caricature: a nation of pragmatic plutocrats and ruthlessly dedicated students destined to rule the global economy-or an addled Goliath, riddled with corruption and on the edge of stagnation. What we don't see is how both powerful and ordinary people are remaking their lives as their country dramatically changes. As the Beijing correspondent for The New Yorker, Evan Osnos was on the ground in China for years, witness to profound political, economic, and cultural upheaval. In Age of Ambition, he describes the greatest collision taking place in that country: the clash between the rise of the individual and the Communist Party's struggle to retain control. He asks probing questions: Why does a government with more success lifting people from poverty than any civilization in history choose to put strict restraints on freedom of expression? Why do millions of young Chinese professionals-fluent in English and devoted to Western pop culture-consider themselves "angry youth," dedicated to resisting the West's influence? How are Chinese from all strata finding meaning after two decades of the relentless pursuit of wealth? Writing with great narrative verve and a keen sense of irony, Osnos follows the moving stories of everyday people and reveals life in the new China to be a battleground between aspiration and authoritarianism, in which only one can prevail.

The Tea Planter's Bride

Author: Janet MacLeod Trotter
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
ISBN: 9781503934207
Page: 406
View: 6976

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When Sophie is suddenly orphaned at the age of six, she is taken from her parents' tea plantation, the only home she has ever known, to be raised halfway across the world in Scotland. As the years pass and her exotic childhood becomes a distant memory, adventurous Sophie finds refuge in her friendship with her kind, shy cousin, Tilly. It is no surprise when the girls follow each other to India to embark on new adventures, new lives and new loves. But the reality of 1920s India is far removed from their dream: the jungles are too humid and the breathtaking tea gardens too remote. And amongst the stifling beauty, intrigue abounds; while Sophie struggles with affairs of the heart, Tilly, alone in a difficult world, delves into the mystery of Sophie's parents' deaths. As the past begins to darken their friendship, will long-held secrets shatter everything they've ever striven for?

The Girl from Krakow

Author: Alex Rosenberg
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
ISBN: 9781477830819
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 5793

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It's 1935. Rita Feuerstahl comes to the university in Krakow intent on enjoying her freedom. But life has other things in store--marriage, a love affair, a child, all in the shadows of the oncoming war. When the war arrives, Rita is armed with a secret so enormous that it could cost the Allies everything, even as it gives her the will to live. She must find a way both to keep her secret and to survive amid the chaos of Europe at war. Living by her wits among the Germans as their conquests turn to defeat, she seeks a way to prevent the inevitable doom of Nazism from making her one of its last victims. Can her passion and resolve outlast the most powerful evil that Europe has ever seen? In an epic saga that spans from Paris in the '30s and Spain's Civil War to Moscow, Warsaw, and the heart of Nazi Germany, The Girl from Krakow follows one woman's battle for survival as entire nations are torn apart, never to be the same.

Best Kept Secret

Author: Jeffrey Archer
Publisher: Pan
ISBN: 0330517945
Category: British
Page: 480
View: 7371

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The third book in the internationally bestselling Clifton Chronicles from master storyteller Jeffrey Archer"An artful blend of colorful characters, seething resentment, calculated revenge, and a shocking, tragic cliffhanger" Publishers Weekly1945. The vote in the House of Lords as to who should inherit the Barrington family fortune has ended in a tie. The Lord Chancellor's deciding vote will cast a long shadow on the lives of Harry Clifton and Giles Barrington. Harry returns to America to promote his latest novel, while his beloved Emma goes in search of the little girl who was found abandoned in her father's office on the night he was killed. When the General Election is called, Giles Barrington has to defend his seat in the House of Commons and is horrified to discover who the Conservatives select to stand against him. But it is Sebastian Clifton, Harry and Emma's son, who ultimately influences his uncle's fate. In 1957, Sebastian wins a scholarship to Cambridge, and a new generation of the Clifton family march onto the page. After Sebastian is expelled from school, he unwittingly becomes caught up in an international art fraud involving a Rodin statue that is worth far more than the sum it raises at auction. Does he become a millionaire? Does he go to Cambridge? Is his life in danger? Best Kept Secret will answer all these questions, but once again, pose so many more.THE CLIFTON CHRONICLES SERIESBOOK 1: Only Time Will TellBOOK 2: The Sins of the FatherBOOK 3: Best Kept SecretBOOK 4: Be Careful What You Wish ForBOOK 5: Mightier Than The SwordBOOK 6: Cometh The Hour

Book of Colours

Author: Robyn Cadwallader
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 1460707052
Category: Fiction
Page: 368
View: 2300

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From Robyn Cadwallader, author of the internationally acclaimed novel The Anchoress, comes a deeply profound and moving novel of the importance of creativity and the power of connection, told through the story of the commissioning of a gorgeously decorated medieval manuscript, a Book of Hours. London, 1321: In a small shop in Paternoster Row, three people are drawn together around the creation of a magnificent book, an illuminated manuscript of prayers, a book of hours. Even though the commission seems to answer the aspirations of each one of them, their own desires and ambitions threaten its completion. As each struggles to see the book come into being, it will change everything they have understood about their place in the world. In many ways, this is a story about power - it is also a novel about the place of women in the roiling and turbulent world of the early fourteenth century; what power they have, how they wield it, and just how temporary and conditional it is. Rich, deep, sensuous and full of life, Book of Colours is also, most movingly, a profoundly beautiful story about creativity and connection, and our instinctive need to understand our world and communicate with others through the pages of a book. 'Robyn Cadwallader fashions words with the same delicate, colourful intensity that her 14th century illuminators brought to their illustrated manuscripts. Book of Colours brings alive a harsh but rich past, filled with the fantasies, fears, sly wit and tender longings of the medieval imagination.' Sarah Dunant 'Book of Colours shows the depth of possibility a book might hold - all the while shimmering with the beauty and fragility of an ancient gilded page.' Eleanor Limprecht 'Extraordinary ... a real sensory experience ... suffused with colours' ABC Radio National The Bookshelf Praise for The Anchoress: 'So beautiful, so rich, so strange, unexpected and thoughtful - also suspenseful. I loved this book.' Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love 'Affecting ... finely drawn ... a considerable achievement.' Sarah Dunant, New York Times 'Elegant and eloquent' Irish Mail 'Cadwallader's writing evokes a heightened attention to the senses: you might never read a novel so sensuous yet unconcerned with romantic love. For this alone it is worth seeking out. But also because The Anchoress achieves what every historical novel attempts: reimagining the past while opening a new window - like a squint, perhaps - to our present lives.' Sydney Morning Herald 'A novel of page-turning grace' Newtown Review of Books