The Gondola Philadelphia and the Battle of Lake Champlain

Author: John R. Bratten
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
ISBN: 9781585441471
Category: History
Page: 235
View: 4081

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"In this work, archaeologist John Bratten details the gunboat's history, construction, armament, tools, utensils, personal items, and rigging elements. He takes advantage of contemporary records to describe the Philadelphia's artifacts and presents for the first time an analysis of photographs taken during the 1935 recovery of the boat. Finally, he assesses the replica Philadelphia II, built at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum during 1989-91 in order to provide an opportunity to evaluate how the gondola was constructed, manned, sailed, and propelled by sweeps."--Jacket.

The Politics of Home

Belonging and Nostalgia in Europe and the United States
Author: J. Duyvendak
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230305075
Category: Social Science
Page: 150
View: 8013

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This book examines ideas of 'home' of Americans and Western Europeans under the influence of the two major revolutions of our times: the gender revolution and increased mobility due to globalization. It analyzes how 'home' has been politicized, as well as alternative home-making strategies that aim to transcend the 'logic of identities'.

Submerged Cultural Resource Management

Preserving and Interpreting Our Sunken Maritime Heritage
Author: James D. Spirek,Della A. Scott-Ireton
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780306477799
Category: History
Page: 185
View: 3292

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This vital book is a collection on the various ways archaeologists and resource managers have devised to make available and interpret submerged cultural resources for the public, such as underwater archaeological preserves, shipwreck trails, and land-based interpretive media and literature. The concept of preserves, parks, and trails has proven to be an effective and popular method of public education and heritage tourism with the end result being a greater public understanding of the value of preserving and protecting shipwrecks, and other submerged cultural resources, for the future. Within each contribution, the authors focus on: -legislation; -economic benefits; -interpretation methods; -problems and successes; -future directions regarding their preserve, park, or trail programs. Various approaches to the concept have been explored and this book is an effort to make available our experiences in the management of submerged cultural resources for the public. This volume is an invaluable resource to underwater archaeologists, cultural and heritage resource managers, museum and heritage educators and those studying these professions.

A Gunner Aboard the "Yankee"

From the Diary of Number Five of the Afterport Gun : The Yarn of the Cruise and Fights of the Naval Reserves in the Spanish-American War
Author: Russell Doubleday
Publisher: N.A
Category: Spanish-American War, 1898
Page: 312
View: 7600

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Knight's Modern Seamanship

Author: John V. Noel, Jr.
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471289487
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 800
View: 9158

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Revised by John V. Noel, Jr., Captain, U.S. Navy [Ret.] Associate Editors: Commander Frank E. Bassett, U.S. Navy [Ret.] Dr. Carvel Blair and Prof. Dee Fitch Steer by this venerable guide to shiphandling and safety and you'll easily see why, since publication of the first edition 83 years ago, it has been the single-most trusted "beacon" for millions of pleasure boaters and professional seamen alike. Now in its eighteenth edition, Knight's Modern Seamanship continues the salty tradition of its predecessors. It supplies all the navigation techniques, safety laws and procedures, and maintenance practices you need to make each ocean-going trip safe and enjoyable. Typhoon up ahead? Knight's explains the effects of weather on ocean travel and spells out exactly what you have to do to avoid dangerous weather systems. What kind of communication equipment should you have on board? A new section on ship communications tells you how to select and operate modern communication devices. This eighteenth edition also provides you with new sections on channel marking, towing and salvage, and the maritime buoyage system. Updated guidance is given on: * the rules of the road--you get clear explanations of right of way, the use of radar to avoid collisions, and the law in fog; included is the complete text of the Inland Navigational Rules Act of 1980. Every vessel over 12 meters in length is required by law to have a copy of these rules on board. * shiphandling--you'll find expert discussions on docking, mooring, and anchoring; helicopter operations; and ice seamanship * ship and boat operation--you get concise explanations of ship structure and stability, propulsion and steering, ground tackle, and cargo handling and underway replenishment You'll even learn the art of knotting and splicing. Without a doubt, Knight's Modern Seamanship, Eighteenth Edition, is your foremost guide to mastering the lore of the sea. It is an indispensable reference source for pleasure boaters, merchant marine personnel, and anyone who needs expert seagoing advice.

A Walk in New York

Author: Salvatore Rubbino
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 0763695106
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 40
View: 862

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New York City the perfect place for a boy and his dad to spend the day! Follow them on their walk around Manhattan, from Grand Central Terminal to the top of the Empire State Building, from Greenwich Village to the Statue of Liberty, learning lots of facts and trivia along the way.

Benedict Arnold's Navy

The Ragtag Fleet That Lost the Battle of Lake Champlain but Won the American Revolution
Author: James Nelson
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071502246
Category: History
Page: 416
View: 7615

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An epic story of one man’s devotion to the American cause In October 1776, four years before Benedict Arnold’s treasonous attempt to hand control of the Hudson River to the British, his patch-work fleet on Lake Champlain was all that stood between British forces and a swift end to the American rebellion. Benedict Arnold’s Navy is the dramatic chronicle of that desperate battle and of the extraordinary events that occurred on the American Revolution’s critical northern front. Written with captivating narrative vitality, this landmark book shows how Benedict Arnold’s fearless leadership against staggering odds in a northern wilderness secured for America the independence that he would later try to betray. Praise for James L. Nelson: "James Nelson is a master both of his period and of the English language." --Patrick O'Brian, author of Master and Commander "James L. Nelson tells this story with clarity and literary skill and with such ease and order that the reader feels he is attending a dissertation on history given by a consummate lecturer." --Ron Berthel, Associated Press, on Reign of Iron: The Story of the First Battling Ironclads, winner of the American Library Association’s 2004 Award for Best Military History "It is, by far, the best Civil War novel I’ve read; reeking of battle, duty, heroism and tragedy. It’s a triumph of imagination and good, taut writing . . . " --Bernard Cornwell on Glory in the Name, winner of the W. Y. Boyd Literary Award

Cities and the health of the public

Author: Nicholas Freudenberg,Sandro Galea,David Vlahov
Publisher: Vanderbilt Univ Pr
ISBN: 9780826515117
Category: Medical
Page: 364
View: 6225

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The essays commissioned for this book analyze the impact of city living on health, focusing primarily on conditions in the United States. With 16 chapters by 24 internationally recognized experts, the book introduces an ecological approach to the study of the health of urban populations. This book assesses the primary determinants of well-being in cities, including the social and physical environments, diet, and health care and social services. The book includes chapters on the history of public health in cities, the impact of urban sprawl and urban renewal on health, and the challenges facing cities in the developing world. It also examines conditions such as infectious diseases, violence and disasters, and mental illness.

Universal Design Handbook, 2E

Author: Wolfgang Preiser,Korydon H. Smith
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 007162922X
Category: Architecture
Page: 496
View: 5748

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The Latest Advances in Universal Design Thoroughly updated and packed with examples of global standards and design solutions, Universal Design Handbook, Second Edition, covers the full scope of universal design, discussing how to develop media, products, buildings, and infrastructure for the widest range of human needs, preferences, and functioning. This pioneering work brings together a rich variety of expertise from around the world to discuss the extraordinary growth and changes in the universal design movement. The book provides an overview of universal design premises and perspectives, and performance-based design criteria and guidelines. Public and private spaces, products, and technologies are covered, and current and emerging research and teaching are explored. This unique resource includes analyses of historical and contemporary universal design issues from seven different countries, as well as a look at future trends. Students, advocates, policy makers, and design practitioners will get a theoretical grounding in and practical reference on the physical and social roles of design from this definitive volume. UNIVERSAL DESIGN HANDBOOK, SECOND EDITION, COVERS: United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities U.S. accessibility codes and standards, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Life safety standards and guidelines Universal design implementations in Norway, Japan, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy and the Old City of Jerusalem Planning ADA implementation in public educational institutions Urban scale and mass transportation universal design Designing inclusive experiences, including outdoor play settings Office and workspace design Universal design in home building and remodeling Products and technologies, including autos, web access, media, and digital content Universal design research initiatives, education, and performance assessments

The Saratoga Campaign

Uncovering an Embattled Landscape
Author: William A. & Donald W. Linebaugh Griswold,Donald W. Linebaugh
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 1611689651
Category: History
Page: 272
View: 7844

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The battles of Saratoga proved to be a turning point in the Revolutionary War when British forces under the command of General John Burgoyne surrendered to American forces led by General Horatio Gates. The Saratoga Campaign provides a new and greatly expanded understanding of the battles of Saratoga by drawing on the work of scholars in a broad range of academic disciplines. Presenting years of research by material culture scholars, archaeologists, historians, museum curators, military experts, and geophysicists, this definitive volume explores these important Revolutionary War battles and their aftermath, adding a physical and tangible dimension to the story of the Saratoga campaign. Presenting the latest hands-on research, The Saratoga Campaign is an original and multifaceted contribution to our understanding of this critical event in America's birth.


Tipping Point at Saratoga
Author: Dean Snow
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190618779
Category: History
Page: 480
View: 464

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In the autumn of 1777, near Saratoga, New York, an inexperienced and improvised American army led by General Horatio Gates faced off against the highly trained British and German forces led by General John Burgoyne. The British strategy in confronting the Americans in upstate New York was to separate rebellious New England from the other colonies. Despite inferior organization and training, the Americans exploited access to fresh reinforcements of men and materiel, and ultimately handed the British a stunning defeat. The American victory, for the first time in the war, confirmed that independence from Great Britain was all but inevitable. Assimilating the archaeological remains from the battlefield along with the many letters, journals, and memoirs of the men and women in both camps, Dean Snow's 1777 provides a richly detailed narrative of the two battles fought at Saratoga over the course of thirty-three tense and bloody days. While the contrasting personalities of Gates and Burgoyne are well known, they are but two of the many actors who make up the larger drama of Saratoga. Snow highlights famous and obscure participants alike, from the brave but now notorious turncoat Benedict Arnold to Frederika von Riedesel, the wife of a British major general who later wrote an important eyewitness account of the battles. The author, an archaeologist who excavated on the Saratoga battlefield, combines a vivid sense of time and place-with details on weather, terrain, and technology-and a keen understanding of the adversaries' motivations, challenges, and heroism into a suspenseful, novel-like account. A must-read for anyone with an interest in American history, 1777 is an intimate retelling of the campaign that tipped the balance in the American War of Independence.

The Poets of Ireland

A Biographical Dictionary with Bibliographical Particulars : in Three Parts
Author: David James O'Donoghue
Publisher: N.A
Category: English poetry
Page: 265
View: 5911

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The Rescue of Greely

Author: Winfield Scott Schley,James Russell Soley
Publisher: London : S. Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington
Category: Arctic regions
Page: 277
View: 2886

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Chinese Heritage in the Making

Experiences, Negotiations and Contestations
Author: Marina Svensson,Christina Maags
Publisher: Asian Heritages
ISBN: 9789462983694
Category: History
Page: 288
View: 1565

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The Chinese state uses cultural heritage as a source of power by linking it to political and economic goals, but heritage discourse has at the same time encouraged new actors to appropriate the discourse to protect their own traditions. This book focuses on that contested nature of heritage, especially through the lens of individuals, local communities, religious groups, and heritage experts. It examines the effect of the internet on heritage-ization, as well as how that process affects different groups of people.

Ashore and Afloat

The British Navy and the Halifax Naval Yard Before 1820
Author: Julian Gwyn
Publisher: University of Ottawa Press
ISBN: 0776615408
Category: History
Page: 362
View: 7536

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Ashore and Afloat tells the early history of the Halifax Naval Yard. From the building of the yard and its expansion, to the people involved in the enterprise, to the nuts and bolts of buying the masts and paying the bills, Julian Gwyn's history of the Halifax Naval Yard leaves no stone unturned. Dozens of illustrations and copious appendices, including a biographical directory, accompany this compelling history.

The Pirates and the Mouse

Disney's War Against The Underground
Author: Bob Levin
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 156097530X
Category: LAW
Page: 270
View: 6117

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During a time of unprecedented political, social, and cultural upheaval in U.S. history, one of the fiercest battles was ignited by a comic book. In 1963, the San Francisco Chronicle made 21-year-old Dan O'Neill the youngest syndicated cartoonist in American newspaper history. As O'Neill delved deeper into the emerging counterculture, his strip, Odd Bodkins, became stranger and stranger and more and more provocative, until the papers in the syndicate dropped it and the Chronicle let him go. The lesson that O'Neill drew from this was that what America most needed was the destruction of Walt Disney. O'Neill assembled a band of rogue cartoonists called the Air Pirates (after a group of villains who had bedeviled Mickey Mouse in comic books and cartoons). They lived communally in a San Francisco warehouse owned by Francis Ford Coppola and put out a comic book, Air Pirates Funnies, that featured Disney characters participating in very un-Disneylike behavior, provoking a mammoth lawsuit for copyright and trademark infringements and hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. Disney was represented by one of San Francisco's top corporate law firms and the Pirates by the cream of the counterculture bar. The lawsuit raged for 10 years, from the trial court to the US Supreme Court and back again.

Voices from a Wilderness Expedition

The Journals and Men of Benedict Arnold's Expedition to Quebec in 1775
Author: Stephen Darley
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1456761072
Category: History
Page: 324
View: 9313

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The purpose of "Voices from a Wilderness Expedition" is to reawaken the now silent voices of the brave men who made the historic 1775 march through the Maine wilderness with Benedict Arnold to attack Quebec and conquer Canada. This book is not a chronological history of the expedition, but rather offers details and new information about the lives of the men who participated and, equally important, the journals that chronicaled the hardships of the march. It contains significant new information on both the men and the journals that has never been published. The book features: * First ever bibliography of all prntings of thirty journals written by participants * Three newly discovered journals found in the University of Glasgow Library * Two never before published journals written by privates on the expedition * New biographical information on seven officers * Examination of the career of Col. Roger Enos whose 3 companies left early to return to Cambridge * Identification of Capt Scott, a previously unknown company commander * Transcription of 2nd Isaac Senter journal * Comprehensive roster of names of 1124 officers and men who were on the expedition

Building Chicago

Suburban Developers and the Creation of a Divided Metropolis
Author: Ann Durkin Keating
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780252070556
Category: Architecture
Page: 230
View: 4804

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Looks at the development of the Chicago suburbs, explains what influences helped form them, and examines the role of suburban government.