The Ghost of the Bermuda Triangle

Author: Laurie S. Sutton
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 143429126X
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 112
View: 2198

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Scooby Doo and the gang are on the Magical Mystery Cruise, through the Bermuda Triangle, and the reader chooses which mystery to pursue--dangerous criminals, confused passengers, or a real ghost.

You Choose Stories: Scooby Doo: The Ghost of the Bermuda Triangle

Author: Laurie S. Sutton
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 1496503511
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 112
View: 1504

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In this You Choose interactive e-book mystery, Scooby Doo and the gang are on a cruise, right through the Bermuda Triangle! Suddenly, a ghost interrupts a costume contest, sending everyone running. Readers choose which characters to follow by simply tapping the link. Will your path lead to dangerous criminals, confused passengers, or a real ghost? Solve the mystery again and again!

You're Not Dead Until You're Forgotten

A Memoir
Author: John Dunning
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773596097
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 225
View: 4806

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Much to his chagrin, John Dunning was born into the movie business. But once he came to accept his career fate, he developed a great passion for making movies, and ultimately became Canada's pre-eminent B-movie producer, with a knack for developing young talent. In You’re Not Dead until You’re Forgotten, Dunning, in forthright and charming fashion, recounts his rough-and-tumble upbringing in the Montreal suburb of Verdun in the 1930s, his modest start in the film industry behind the candy counter of his family's movie theatre, and later, his ventures into film distribution and production. In the 1960s Dunning, along with financial wizard André Link, founded Cinepix, which eventually merged into the Lionsgate Entertainment film colossus. Specializing in such exploitation genres as raucous comedy, groundbreaking Québécois "maple syrup porn" and horror films, Cinepix churned out cult classics like Valérie, Shivers, Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS, and Meatballs. Dunning's detailed recollections of making these movies provide a rare, candid, and witty take on how the film industry really works. Driven to succeed in the face of arbitrary censors, parochial Canadian critics, and controlling government funding agencies, Dunning and Link developed a formula for producing controversial, moneymaking movies, and helped launch the careers of such luminaries-to-be as David Cronenberg, Ivan Reitman, and Don Carmody. Cronenberg has called John Dunning "the unacknowledged godfather of an entire generation of Canadian filmmakers." Illustrated with personal photos and film stills, You’re Not Dead Until You’re Forgotten finally gives this pioneer Canadian filmmaker his long-overdue spotlight.

Rain of the Ghosts

Author: Greg Weisman
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1250029805
Category: Young Adult Fiction
Page: 240
View: 4573

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Rain of the Ghosts is the first in Greg Weisman's series about an adventurous young girl, Rain Cacique, who discovers she has a mystery to solve, a mission to complete and, oh, yes, the ability to see ghosts. Welcome to the Prospero Keys (or as the locals call them: the Ghost Keys), a beautiful chain of tropical islands on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle. Rain Cacique is water-skiing with her two best friends Charlie and Miranda when Rain sees her father waiting for her at the dock. Sebastian Bohique, her maternal grandfather, has passed away. He was the only person who ever made Rain feel special. The only one who believed she could do something important with her life. The only thing she has left to remember him by is the armband he used to wear: two gold snakes intertwined, clasping each other's tails in their mouths. Only the armband . . . and the gift it brings: Rain can see dead people. Starting with the Dark Man: a ghost determined to reveal the Ghost Keys' hidden world of mystery and mysticism, intrigue and adventure.

The Unsolved Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Author: Aaron Rudolph
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 1476534438
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 24
View: 9472

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"Presents the legend of the Bermuda Triangle, including current theories and famous encounters"--Provided by publisher.

The Mammoth Book of True Hauntings

Author: Peter Haining
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 178033365X
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 160
View: 4396

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This giant collection includes a huge range of 20th-century first-hand accounts of hauntings, such as the American troops who repeatedly saw the ghosts of a dead platoon of men while on patrol in Vietnam; and the witnessed haunting of a house near Tintagel in Cornwall that led actress Kate Winslet to pull out of buying the property. It covers the full spectrum of credible hauntings, from poltergeists (the noisy, dangerous and frightening spirits that are usually associated with pubescent girls, like the Bell Witch), to phantoms (like the Afrits of Saudi Arabia) and seduction spirits (such as the Lorelei, which have lured German men to death). Also included are the notes of the most famous ghost hunters of the twentieth century such as Hans Holzer, Susy Smith (USA); Harry Price, Jenny Randles (UK); Joyce Zwarycz (Australia), Eric Rosenthal (South Africa), and Hwee Tan (Japan). Plus essays by such names as Robert Graves, Edgar Cayce, and M. R. James outlining their own - often extraordinary - conclusions as to just what ghosts might be; along with a full bibliography and list of useful resources. Praise for MBO Haunted House Stories: 'A first rate list of contributors ... Hair raising!' Time Out 'All we need say is buy it.' Starlog

Searching for the Bermuda Triangle

Author: Aaron Rosenberg,Vivian E. Shumway
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 1448847591
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 64
View: 5453

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Looks at the history and infamous reputation of the triangular area of ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle

Pathway to Atlantis
Author: Cary Trantham
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1463433026
Category: Fiction
Page: 180
View: 2414

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The Atlantians started to experience instability in the umbilical cord or worm hole that connected them to earth. Human species and their vehicles (boats, planes, etc); were slipping through these unstable portals into the Universe of Atlantis. On Mother Earth, the area where these occurrences were happening was designated as the "Bermuda Triangle" The Atlantians watched in horror as the entire Earth began to suffer from the effects of the exploration and removal of fossil fuels. The Earth's crust had become very unstable and underwater earthquakes were on the increase. The Atlantians knew that unless the Earth humans realized and did something about the damage to Gaia from the use and exploration of fossil fuels, she would be damaged beyond recovery and all would die. They were very concerned as it was unsure if their parallel universe could survive without Gaia. They were also unsure if the umbilical cord that connected the two universes could be severed. If Gaia exploded, the Atlantian civilization may also come to an end. The Atlantians put their faith into a young girl from Earth. She had slipped into their world through an unstable portal but was defying science as she could move freely between the two worlds.

Ghosts of the Air

True Stories of Aerial Hauntings
Author: Martin Caidin
Publisher: Galde Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9781880090107
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 268
View: 7774

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There are events witnessed in that half-way region between heaven and earth that defy all rational explanation. For years, author and pilot Martin Caidin collected these strange but true stories of aerial hauntings from experienced pilots and astronauts. His startling conclusion: Something is out there!

Ghost Ship

The Mysterious True Story of the Mary Celeste and Her Missing Crew
Author: Brian Hicks
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 9780345478351
Category: History
Page: 304
View: 403

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On December 4th, 1872, a 100-foot brigantine was discovered drifting through the North Atlantic without a soul on board. Not a sign of struggle, not a shred of damage, no ransacked cargo—and not a trace of the captain, his wife and daughter, or the crew. What happened on board the ghost ship Mary Celeste has baffled and tantalized the world for 130 years. In his stunning new book, award-winning journalist Brian Hicks plumbs the depths of this fabled nautical mystery and finally uncovers the truth. The Mary Celeste was cursed as soon as she was launched on the Bay of Fundy in the spring of 1861. Her first captain died before completing the maiden voyage. In London she accidentally rammed and sank an English brig. Later she was abandoned after a storm drove her ashore at Cape Breton. But somehow the ship was recovered and refitted, and in the autumn of 1872 she fell to the reluctant command of a seasoned mariner named Benjamin Spooner Briggs. It was Briggs who was at the helm when the Mary Celeste sailed into history. In Brian Hicks’s skilled hands, the story of the Mary Celeste becomes the quintessential tale of men lost at sea. Hicks vividly recreates the events leading up to the crew’s disappearance and then unfolds the complicated and bizarre aftermath—the dark suspicions that fell on the officers of the ship that intercepted her; the farcical Admiralty Court salvage hearing in Gibraltar; the wild myths that circulated after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published a thinly disguised short story sensationalizing the mystery. Everything from a voodoo curse to an alien abduction has been hauled out to explain the fate of the Mary Celeste. But, as Brian Hicks reveals, the truth is actually grounded in the combined tragedies of human error and bad luck. The story of the Mary Celeste acquired yet another twist in 2001, when a team of divers funded by novelist Clive Cussler located the wreck in a coral reef off Haiti. Written with the suspense of a thriller and the vivid accuracy of the best popular history, Ghost Ship tells the unforgettable true story of the most famous and most fascinating maritime mystery of all time.

The Edge of Science

Mysteries of Mind, Space and Time
Author: Alan Baker
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1780577591
Category: History
Page: 272
View: 5442

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How did the universe begin and how will it end? What happens to us when we die? Do intelligent beings exist elsewhere in our galaxy and beyond? The Edge of Science addresses these and many other questions that have bewildered and perplexed humanity for centuries. Some of these enigmas have been solved through the ingenuity of their investigators; others remain a mystery and have given rise to equally bizarre speculations. From the Tunguska explosion of 1908 to the enigma of the Moon's origin, from the possibility of time travel to the search for zero-point energy, author Alan Baker examines the many theories that have been presented to account for the world's most enduring mysteries. Each chapter deals with an enigma that has caused wonder, excitement or fear to all who have pondered it, including: the discovery of strange fossils that hint at an unknown early history of humanity; anomalous structures photographed on the Moon and Mars; the mystery of dark matter and dark energy; and strange disappearances of people and objects. Join Alan Baker as he embarks on a strange, stimulating and sometimes frightening journey to The Edge of Science.

The Riddle of the Bermuda Triangle

Author: Martin Ebon
Publisher: Signet
Category: Bermuda Triangle
Page: 193
View: 1575

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A Collection of essays by various authors on a number of myserious happenings in the Bermuda Triangle.

Haunted Places

The National Directory: Ghostly Abodes, Sacred Sites, UFO Landings, and Other Supernatural Locations
Author: Dennis William Hauck
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1440673225
Category: Reference
Page: 496
View: 4974

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In almost every town in America there are places where strange things happen. The perfect companion to The International Directory of Haunted Places, this revised and updated edition of Haunted Places is both a fascinating and unusual travel guide as well as an indispensable casebook for those interested in the paranormal. From buildings and parks believed to have resident ghosts and poltergeists to areas where Bigfoot or UFO sightings are most frequently reported, Haunted Places will lead you to more than 2,000 sites of paranormal activity across the United States. Organized alphabetically by state, each entry is referenced to an extensive bibliography of sources-with descriptions, addresses, phone numbers, Web sites, and travel directions provided for all locations.

Ghosts in the Valley

Author: Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey
ISBN: 0578068133
Category: Fiction
Page: 178
View: 3478

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A remarkable collection of "terrible but true" ghost stories. This enduringly popular book, originally written in the 1970s by New York Times Best Selling author, Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey, has recently been revised and edited by the author's daughter. Each page of this fascinating book offers readers authenticated accounts and eye witness reports of psychic phenomena and supernatural encounters that have occurred, and in many cases, are still occurring in the Delaware Valley area. The 40th Anniversary edition of GHOSTS IN THE VALLEY includes introductory comments by the Amazing Kreskin, stunning interior photographs and graphic images, as well as new supplemental material. Everybody loves a good ghost story and no one tells them better than Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey.

The Bermuda Triangle

Author: Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey
Publisher: Midway Copy Service
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 86
View: 8241

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Surveys the circumstances surrounding the continuing disappearance of ships and airplanes in Bermuda waters and looks at current theories

Ghosts and Goosebumps

Ghost Stories, Tall Tales, and Superstitions from Alabama
Author: Jack Solomon,Olivia Solomon
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 9780820316345
Category: Social Science
Page: 202
View: 5897

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Ghosts and Goosebumps is a rich collection of folktales and superstitions that capture the oral traditions of central and southeastern Alabama. In its pages one can glimpse the long-lost horse-and-buggy times, when people sat up all night with the dead and dying, hoed and handpicked cotton, drew water from wells, and met the devil rather regularly. The book is divided into three parts--tales, superstitions, and slave narratives. The spirits of treasure-keepers, poltergeists, murderers and the murdered, wicked men and good-men-and-true float through the book's first section. Sue Peacock, for example, recalls seeing the ghost of her brother, and E.C. Nevin describes a mysterious light in a swamp. In other tales, reports of supernatural experiences are proved to be rationally explicable--Lee Wilson's devil in the cemetery turns out to be a cow and chains rattling near New Tabernacle Church in Coffee County belong not to specters but to hogs. The superstitions are arranged according to subject and include such topics as love and marriage, weather and the seasons, wish making, bad luck, signs, and portents. Anonymous tellers confide that it is bad luck to carry ashes out after dark, to let a locust holler in your hand, to rock an empty rocking chair, to let your fishing pole cross someone else's, or to have a two-dollar bill (unless one corner has been removed). The slave narratives, selected from the Works Progress Administration Folklore Collection, are substantial and yield a fascinating view of nineteenth century African-American folk life, replete with sillies and lazy men, preachers and witches, brave little boys, and reluctant bridegrooms. Although the times and places have changed, the spirit of the folk is unaltered. Taken together, these folktales are marvelously diverse--by turns fearsome, fantastical, witty, ribald, charmingly innocent--showing people from all backgrounds, their endless vices and occasional virtues, their hopes, fears, and loves.

Ghosts Coast-To-Coast

Author: William Uchtman
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1453501363
Category: Reference
Page: 58
View: 4629

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"Every state has its own ghost. Every city has a few spirits. In Ghosts Coast to Coast, a friendly apparition named John takes the reader on a spirited journey through the fifty states visiting famous and obscure haunted houses throughout the United States. It's a haunting journey discovering the haunting activity of Ghosts Coast To Coast...."

The Bermuda Triangle

Author: Jim Collins
Publisher: Heinemann/Raintree
ISBN: 9780817210502
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 48
View: 5923

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Discusses the many mysterious, unexplained losses of ships and planes in the area of the Atlantic Ocean between Florida and Bermuda.