Closing the Gate

Race, Politics, and the Chinese Exclusion Act
Author: Andrew Gyory
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 9780807847398
Category: Social Science
Page: 354
View: 313

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Gives the context of the law

I Am The Gate

Author: Osho
Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd.
ISBN: 9788171826063
Category: Spiritual life
Page: 248
View: 3307

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Keepers of the Gate

Author: Jon Land
Publisher: Forge Books
ISBN: 1429976632
Category: Fiction
Page: 320
View: 7914

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How are the shocking murders of elderly Holocaust survivors connected to the deaths of high school students in Israel and the West Bank? Palestinian-American detective Ben Kamal and Israeli detective Danielle Barnea soon discover that the answer to this blood-drenched puzzle lies as much in the past as in the present, with the clues leading from a Nazi labor camp to the forefront of modern biotech research, while leaving a trail of deception and death behind. At the center of the mystery lies Paul Hessler, a labor camp escapee and New York billionaire with secrets that stretch back over sixty years. Hessler is also in possession of a miraculous medical discovery that could affect the lives of thousands--including Ben and Danielle's unborn child. To protect this discovery, and to rescue the future form the hidden evils of the past, Ben and Danielle must come face-to-face with the Keepers of the Gate. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Gate

Author: Stan I. S. Law
ISBN: 0978026705
Category: Fiction
Page: 300
View: 321

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An intimate novel of an eighty-year old women spending the last years of her life at the Institute of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The problems she must face are as different as they are unexpected from anything one can imagine in the 'outside' world, not the least of which is her husband's gradual deterioration under the unforgiving progression of Alzheimer's disease. As we follow the inevitable loss of her own faculties, we discover what unexpected compensations nature offers to those whom no one else can help. Surprisingly, the book is spiced with abundant humour....

Strangers at the Gate

Social Disorder in South China, 1839-1861
Author: Frederic E. Wakeman
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520212398
Category: History
Page: 276
View: 2845

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First published in 1966, and now available once more, this pioneering work examines the relationship between the Chinese civil and military authorities and the British trading community in Guangdong province on the eve of the Taiping Rebellion--one of the most calamitous events in Chinese history. The book explores the various factors that led to the progression of rebellion and the inevitability of revolution.

The King Beyond the Gate

Author: David Gemmell
Publisher: Del Rey
ISBN: 0307797481
Category: Fiction
Page: 320
View: 1028

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Once the mighty fortress had stood strong, defended by the mightiest of all Drenai heroes, Druss, the Legend. But now a tyrannical, mad emperor had seized control of the fortress, and his twisted will was carried throughout the land by the Joinings --- abominations that were half-man, half-beast. Tenaka Khan was a half-breed himself, hated by the Drenai for his Nadir blood and despised by the Nadir for his Drenai ancestry. But he alone had a plan to destroy the emperor. The last heroes of the Drenai joined with him in a desperate gamble to bring down the emperor -- even at the cost of their own destruction.

The Gate

Author: Natsume Soseki
Publisher: New York Review of Books
ISBN: 1590176006
Category: Fiction
Page: 256
View: 1300

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An NYRB Calssics Original A humble clerk and his loving wife scrape out a quiet existence on the margins of Tokyo. Resigned, following years of exile and misfortune, to the bitter consequences of having married without their families’ consent, and unable to have children of their own, Sōsuke and Oyone find the delicate equilibrium of their household upset by a new obligation to meet the educational expenses of Sōsuke’s brash younger brother. While an unlikely new friendship appears to offer a way out of this bind, it also soon threatens to dredge up a past that could once again force them to flee the capital. Desperate and torn, Sōsuke finally resolves to travel to a remote Zen mountain monastery to see if perhaps there, through meditation, he can find a way out of his predicament. This moving and deceptively simple story, a melancholy tale shot through with glimmers of joy, beauty, and gentle wit, is an understated masterpiece by one of Japan’s greatest writers. At the end of his life, Natsume Sōseki declared The Gate, originally published in 1910, to be his favorite among all his novels. This new translation captures the oblique grace of the original while correcting numerous errors and omissions that marred the first English version.

The Horses at the Gate

Author: Mary Mackey
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595311245
Category: Fiction
Page: 321
View: 1101

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A war between a matriarchy and a patriarchy. The heroine is Marrah, queen of the matriarchy, and she leads her people in battle against the nomadic tribes of the patriarchy. The time is 5th Century BC, the setting the steppes of the Ukraine, and the novel describes the different lifestyles of societies ruled by men and by women. By the author of The Year of the Horses.

The Gate of Angels

Author: Penelope Fitzgerald
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780395848388
Category: Fiction
Page: 167
View: 6645

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Young Fred Fairly, a junior fellow at St. Angelicus College in 1912 Cambridge, falls in love with the dangerously mysterious Daisy, whom he awakens next to one morning after a freak accident

The Gate to Xoran

Author: Hal K. Wells
Publisher: eStar Books
ISBN: 1612100074
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 4862

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He sat in a small half-darkened booth well over in the corner-the man with the strangely glowing blue-green eyes.The booth was one of a score that circled the walls of the "Maori Hut," a popular night club in the San Fernando Valley some five miles over the hills from Hollywood.It was nearly midnight. Half a dozen couples danced lazily in the central dancing space. Other couples remained t te- -t te in the secluded booths.In the entire room only two men were dining alone. One was the slender gray-haired little man with the weirdly glowing eyes. The other was Blair Gordon, a highly successful young attorney of Los Angeles. Both men had the unmistakable air of waiting for someone.Blair Gordon's college days were not so far distant that he had yet lost any of the splendid physique that had made him an All-American tackle. In any physical combat with the slight gray-haired stranger, Gordon knew that he should be able to break the other in two with one hand.Yet, as he studied the stranger from behind the potted palms that screened his own booth. Gordon was amazed to find himself slowly being overcome by an emotion of dread so intense that it verged upon sheer fear. There was something indescribably alien and utterly sinister in that dimly seen figure in the corner booth.The faint eerie light that glowed in the stranger's deep-set eyes was not the lambent flame seen in the chatoyant orbs of some night-prowling jungle beast. Rather was it the blue-green glow of phosphorescent witch-light that flickers and dances in the night mists above steaming tropical swamps.The stranger's face was as classically perfect in its rugged outline as that of a Roman war-god, yet those perfect features seemed utterly lifeless. In the twenty minutes that he had been intently watching the stranger, Gordon would have sworn that the other's face had not moved by so much as the twitch of an eye-lash.****Then a new couple entered the Maori Hut, and Gordon promptly forgot all thought of the puzzlingly alien figure in the corner. The new arrivals were a vibrantly beautiful blond girl and a plump, sallow-faced man in the early forties. The girl was Leah Keith, Hollywood's latest screen sensation. The man was Dave Redding, her director.A waiter seated Leah and her escort in a booth directly across the room from that of Gordon. It was a maneuver for which Gordon had tipped lavishly when he first came to the Hut.A week ago Leah Keith's engagement to Blair Gordon had been abruptly ended by a trivial little quarrel that two volatile temperaments had fanned into flames which apparently made reconciliation impossible. A miserably lonely week had finally ended in Gordon's present trip to the Maori Hut. He knew that Leah often came there, and he had an overwhelming longing to at least see her again, even though his pride forced him to remain unseen.Now, as he stared glumly at Leah through the palms that effectively screened his own booth, Gordon heartily regretted that he had ever come. The sight of Leah's clear fresh beauty merely made him realize what a fool he had been to let that ridiculous little quarrel come between them.Then, with a sudden tingling thrill, Gordon realized that he was not the only one in the room who was interested in Leah and her escort.Over in the half-darkened corner booth the eerie stranger was staring at the girl with an intentness that made his weird eyes glow like miniature pools of shimmering blue-green fire. Again Gordon felt that vague impression of dread, as though he were in the presence of something utterly alien to all human experience.

Storming the Gate

Author: Jonathan Fore
Publisher: Jonathan Fore
ISBN: 1599712792
Category: Fiction
Page: 185
View: 5528

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Sims, a professor of archeology, takes a small group of students to South America as a make up for their missed fieldwork. While on site, he discovers something that simply should not be -- what appears to be a wristwatch in an ancient tomb. After loosing two students in a horrible accident, and his job to these two students, Professor Sims invests everything he has to go back and bring to light this impossible find. What he could not know, nor the young students with him, is the terrible nature of this discovery. Sealed so long ago, hidden from the curiosity of man, it should never have been unearthed again, and unknowingly they find themselves storming the very gates of Hell. Praise for Storming the Gate ."WOW. . . That was way intense! I loved it." ."A GREAT STORY." ."nothing is ever perfect but this story/novel is damn near it." "Okay, this was great. Action packed, drew me in and held me tight." "Unforgiving and relentless, it reads like watching a movie!"

Searching for the Gate

Author: Richard K Doey
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469107147
Category: Poetry
Page: 48
View: 989

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In all things there is beauty. It need only be looked for in some. And readily found in others. Our life will be more beautiful if you are looking for beauty. For the corruption is found in the looking for corruption.

Keeper of the Gate

Author: Selwa Roosevelt
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Category: Political Science
Page: 383
View: 1303

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One of Washington's key insiders, once the White House Chief of Protocol, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the Reagan White House

Key to the Gate

Author: Jessica Rinaldo
ISBN: 1411652622
Page: 324
View: 777

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A novel with anime/manga style illustrations. Synopsis: On the planet Garana is a girl named Alita. She is an Altair; a legendary species of Karanai spoken to have white feathered wings and healing powers. When Kayohs is saved by Alita he discovers that there is much more to her than most have heard. All kinds of people are trying to kidnap or kill Alita and Kayohs must use his natural fighting ability to be her guardian. Just when their friendship was about to advance, Alita is plucked away by a strange group of people. Kayohs finds out that she has been taken to a planet called Earth and has no memories of her past. He struggles to help Alita understand who she really is and where she belongs, but it won't be easy when she's being kept in the highly guarded research center, Tallax. Story: Over 270 pages. Illustrations: 37, plus character profiles. Find out more at

The Hour of the Gate

Author: Alan Dean Foster
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0575131659
Category: Fiction
Page: 320
View: 301

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THE DREAD RETURNS Jon Meriweather, plucked from his own world to a place where animals walk, talk and cast spells, is pitted once more against a deadly foe. Now he and his strange fellowship must embark on a journey from which none has survived. His way lies down the treacherous river that winds through the subterranean lair of Massaurath, Mother of Nightmares, across Helldrink through a tunnel of cold flame to the centre of the Earth...

Wolves at the Gate

Author: E. L. Thomas
Publisher: High Interest Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 9781926847160
Category: Fantasy fiction
Page: 113
View: 2020

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A young pickpocket, Ren, edns up imprisoned with a Skinwalker and fears he'll be eaten alive. Instead, they invite Ren to escape and join his clan in the woods. He finds himself in a plot to kill the king.

The Gate of Worlds

Author: Robert Silverberg
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0575106042
Category: Fiction
Page: 151
View: 7907

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From Turkish dominated Europe, across the high seas to the land of opportunity - the Aztec Empire. Dan Beauchamp is a young Englishman whose heart longs for fortune and adventure. But industrial Mexico is a long way from primitive Britain, and Dan has a lot to learn. From the city of London - better known as New Istanbul - to the untamed wilderness of North America here is a high adventure not to be missed.