The Einstein Theory of Relativity

A Trip to the Fourth Dimension
Author: Lillian R. Lieber
Publisher: Paul Dry Books
ISBN: 1589880447
Category: Mathematics
Page: 346
View: 3653

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"A clear and vivid exposition of the essential ideas and methods of the theory of relativity...can be warmly recommended especially to those who cannot spend too much time on the subject." -- Albert Einstein. Using "just enough mathematics to help and not to hinder the lay reader", Lillian Lieber provides a thorough explanation of Einstein's theory of relativity. Her delightful style, in combination with her husband's charming illustrations, makes for an interesting and accessible read about one of the greatest ideas of all times.

A Companion to the Philosophy of Time

Author: Adrian Bardon,Heather Dyke
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118522052
Category: Philosophy
Page: 600
View: 3982

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A Companion to the Philosophy of Time presents thebroadest treatment of this subject yet; 32 specially commissionedarticles - written by an international line-up of experts –provide an unparalleled reference work for students and specialistsalike in this exciting field. The most comprehensive reference work on the philosophy of timecurrently available The first collection to tackle the historical development ofthe philosophy of time in addition to covering contemporarywork Provides a tripartite approach in its organization, coveringhistory of the philosophy of time, time as a feature of thephysical world, and time as a feature of experience Includes contributions from both distinguished,well-established scholars and rising stars in the field


Author: Lawrie Ryan,Averil Macdonald
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 9780748768011
Category: Science
Page: 80
View: 6552

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These brand-new readers are designed to extend and deepen students' level of scientific knowledge and understanding. Topics are presented in various forms - stories, case studies, articles and discussion pieces - to stimulate and gain students' interest. Questions increase in difficulty in order to show students' progression, and help consolidate learning.

Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension

Author: Rudolf Rucker
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486140334
Category: Science
Page: 160
View: 2746

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Exposition of fourth dimension, concepts of relativity as Flatland characters continue adventures. Topics include curved space time as a higher dimension, special relativity, and shape of space-time. Includes 141 illustrations.

The Semiotics of Exile in Literature

Author: H. Zeng
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230113117
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 179
View: 1512

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Furthering the scholarship on writers and artists as diverse as Lord Byron, Edvard Munch, Sylvia Plath, and Jorge Luis Borges, Zeng probes the semiotics of exile. In artistic traditions the world over, exile exerts a potent and complex mythmaking power - whether it is manifest as a geographical dislocation or as a sense of cultural or psychological alienation.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to String Theory

Author: George Musser
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101029358
Category: Science
Page: 368
View: 9942

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Everything is connected... We''re living in the midst of a scientific revolution that''s captured the general public''s attention and imagination. The aim of this new revolution is to develop a "theory of everything"- -- a set of laws of physics that will explain all that can be explained, ranging from the tiniest subatomic particle to the universe as a whole. Here, readers will learn the ideas behind the theories, and their effects upon our world, our civilization, and ourselves.

Loving Faster than Light

Romance and Readers in Einstein's Universe
Author: Katy Price
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226680754
Category: Science
Page: 264
View: 8065

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In November 1919, newspapers around the world alerted readers to a sensational new theory of the universe: Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Coming at a time of social, political, and economic upheaval, Einstein’s theory quickly became a rich cultural resource with many uses beyond physical theory. Media coverage of relativity in Britain took on qualities of pastiche and parody, as serious attempts to evaluate Einstein’s theory jostled with jokes and satires linking relativity to everything from railway budgets to religion. The image of a befuddled newspaper reader attempting to explain Einstein’s theory to his companions became a set piece in the popular press. Loving Faster than Light focuses on the popular reception of relativity in Britain, demonstrating how abstract science came to be entangled with class politics, new media technology, changing sex relations, crime, cricket, and cinematography in the British imagination during the 1920s. Blending literary analysis with insights from the history of science, Katy Price reveals how cultural meanings for Einstein’s relativity were negotiated in newspapers with differing political agendas, popular science magazines, pulp fiction adventure and romance stories, detective plots, and esoteric love poetry. Loving Faster than Light is an essential read for anyone interested in popular science, the intersection of science and literature, and the social and cultural history of physics.

Science Talk

Changing Notions of Science in American Culture
Author: Daniel Patrick Thurs
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 0813541522
Category: Science
Page: 252
View: 1167

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Science news is met by the public with a mixture of fascination and disengagement. On the one hand, Americans are inflamed by topics ranging from the question of whether or not Pluto is a planet to the ethics of stem-cell research. But the complexity of scientific research can also be confusing and overwhelming, causing many to divert their attentions elsewhere and leave science to the “experts.” Whether they follow science news closely or not, Americans take for granted that discoveries in the sciences are occurring constantly. Few, however, stop to consider how these advances—and the debates they sometimes lead to—contribute to the changing definition of the term “science” itself. Going beyond the issue-centered debates, Daniel Patrick Thurs examines what these controversies say about how we understand science now and in the future. Drawing on his analysis of magazines, newspapers, journals and other forms of public discourse, Thurs describes how science—originally used as a synonym for general knowledge—became a term to distinguish particular subjects as elite forms of study accessible only to the highly educated.

The Apocalypse and the Shape of Things to Come

Author: Frances Carey
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802083258
Category: Art
Page: 352
View: 2954

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The Book of Revelation's legacy of visual imagery is evaluated here, from the 11th century to the end of World War 2 illuminated manuscripts, books, prints and drawings of apocalyptic phases are examined.

Gazing at the Mystery

Paranormal Events Explained
Author: Samael Aun Weor
Publisher: Glorian Publishing
ISBN: 1934206253
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 148
View: 9403

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In this simple and lively book, Samael Aun Weor describes his experiences of a wide variety of metaphysical and paranormal phenomena. Going beyond the usual pseudo-spiritual approach, this book introduces the reader to Gnosis: the practical science of awakening the Consciousness, by means of which any person can experience the realities that exist beyond the physical senses. This is an excellent book for young people and for those who are first being introduced to Gnosis. "Do you want to know something from the beyond? Do you want to chat with divine beings face to face? "It is indispensable to enter into the region of the dead at will, to visit the celestial regions, to know other worlds of the infinite space. "Outside of the physical body, one can give to himself the luxury of invoking beloved relatives who already passed through the doors of death. They will concur to our call, then we can personally chat with them... "When out of the physical body, we can acquire complete knowledge about the mysteries of death and life. Out of the physical body, we can invoke the angels in order to talk personally with them face to face."


A Traveler's Guide
Author: Clifford A. Pickover
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195130966
Category: Science
Page: 285
View: 1576

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With the aid of diagrams, a science-fiction tale, and examples from philosophy, music, and modern physics, a writer for Discover magazine invites readers to the forefront of science to explore the mysterious nature of time. UP.

Colliding Continents

A Geological Exploration of the Himalaya, Karakoram, and Tibet
Author: Mike Searle
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199653003
Category: History
Page: 438
View: 5575

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Explains how these mountain ranges were formed and describes the expeditions through which the author, a geologist and mountaineer, gained the evidence he needed to support his theories about the process of their formation.

Green Petroleum

How Oil and Gas Can Be Environmentally Sustainable
Author: M. R. Islam,A. B. Chhetri,M. M. Khan
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118444078
Category: Science
Page: 624
View: 1003

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Can "green petroleum" reverse global warming and bring down highgasoline prices? Written in non-technical language for thelayperson, this book investigates and details how the oil and gasindustry can "go green" with new processes and technologies, thusbringing the world's most important industry closer toenvironmental and economic sustainability.

Relativistic Flight Mechanics and Space Travel

A Primer for Students, Engineers and Scientists
Author: Richard F. Tinder
Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers
ISBN: 1598291300
Category: Science
Page: 117
View: 1979

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The main substance of the book begins with a background review of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity as it pertains to relativistic flight mechanics and space travel. Next, the book moves into relativistic rocket mechanics and related subject matter. Finally, the primary subjects regarding space travel are covered in some depth-a crescendo for the book. This is followed by a geometric treatment of relativistic effects by using Minkowski diagrams and K-calculus. The book concludes with brief discussions of other prospective, even exotic, transport systems for relativistic space travel.An appendix is provided to cover tables of useful data and unit conversions together with mathematical identities and other information used in this book. Annotated references are provided for further reading. A detailed glossary and index are given at the beginning and end of the book, respectively. To provide a better understanding of the subject matter presented in the book, simple problems with answers are provided at the end of each of the four substantive chapters.

Time Machines

Time Travel in Physics, Metaphysics, and Science Fiction
Author: Paul J. Nahin
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387985718
Category: Science
Page: 628
View: 8947

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This book explores the idea of time travel from the first account in English literature to the latest theories of physicists such as Kip Thorne and Igor Novikov. This very readable work covers a variety of topics including: the history of time travel in fiction; the fundamental scientific concepts of time, spacetime, and the fourth dimension; the speculations of Einstein, Richard Feynman, Kurt Goedel, and others; time travel paradoxes, and much more.

The Origins of the Universe for Dummies

Author: Stephen Pincock,Mark Frary
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119998190
Category: Science
Page: 348
View: 7495

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Do you want to learn about the physical origin of the Universe, but don’t have the rest of eternity to read up on it? Do you want to know what scientists know about where you and your planet came from, but without the science blinding you? ‘Course you do – and who better than For Dummies to tackle the biggest, strangest and most wonderful question there is! The Origins of the Universe For Dummies covers: Early ideas about our universe Modern cosmology Big Bang theory Dark matter and gravity Galaxies and solar systems Life on earth Finding life elsewhere The Universe’s forecast

Eternity’s Secret

What the Bible and Science Have to Say about Time
Author: Carisia H. Switala, MTS
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 149175415X
Category: Religion
Page: 114
View: 1217

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For centuries, the notion of everlasting life has been referred to as eternity. But is it really possible to live forever outside of ordinary time, and if so, how? In Eternity’s Secret, Carisia Switala attempts to answer this question by examining the concept of eternity within a framework of relevant biblical passages and science. Switala, who holds a master’s degree in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School, decodes time to validate that eternity is a real dimension of endless life that also allows for the likelihood of seeing the future, time travel, and immortality. Through her interpretations of relevant biblical passages and exploration of scientific theories and principles, Switala carefully examines how the Bible relates to philosophical and logical ideas and looks beyond the human inventions of calendars and clocks to comprehend time as eternal. Eternity’s Secret shares a comprehensive examination of time viewed from a scientific and biblical framework intended to inspire others to search deep within for insight and knowledge about eternal life.


His Life and Universe
Author: Walter Isaacson
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1847395899
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 704
View: 3916

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NOW A MAJOR SERIES 'GENIUS' ON NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, PRODUCED BY RON HOWARD AND STARRING GEOFFREY RUSH Einstein is the great icon of our age: the kindly refugee from oppression whose wild halo of hair, twinkling eyes, engaging humanity and extraordinary brilliance made his face a symbol and his name a synonym for genius. He was a rebel and nonconformist from boyhood days. His character, creativity and imagination were related, and they drove both his life and his science. In this marvellously clear and accessible narrative, Walter Isaacson explains how his mind worked and the mysteries of the universe that he discovered. Einstein's success came from questioning conventional wisdom and marvelling at mysteries that struck others as mundane. This led him to embrace a worldview based on respect for free spirits and free individuals. All of which helped make Einstein into a rebel but with a reverence for the harmony of nature, one with just the right blend of imagination and wisdom to transform our understanding of the universe. This new biography, the first since all of Einstein's papers have become available, is the fullest picture yet of one of the key figures of the twentieth century. This is the first full biography of Albert Einstein since all of his papers have become available -- a fully realised portrait of this extraordinary human being, and great genius. Praise for EINSTEIN by Walter Isaacson:- 'YOU REALLY MUST READ THIS.' Sunday Times 'As pithy as Einstein himself.’ New Scientist ‘[A] brilliant biography, rich with newly available archival material.’ Literary Review ‘Beautifully written, it renders the physics understandable.’ Sunday Telegraph ‘Isaacson is excellent at explaining the science. ' Daily Express

Reading Success, Grade 4

Author: N.A
Publisher: Rainbow Bridge Publishing
ISBN: 1604184337
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 128
View: 6172

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Provide focused practice for fourth graders in areas such as comprehension, vocabulary, language, and reasoning. Grade-appropriate flash cards, completion chart, and skills matrix are also provided, and it meets NCTE standards.