The Decameron

Author: Giovanni Boccaccio
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141921579
Category: Fiction
Page: 1072
View: 856

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In the summer of 1348, as the Black Death ravages their city, ten young Florentines take refuge in the countryside. They amuse themselves by each telling a story a day for the ten days they are destined to remain there - a hundred stories of love, adventure and surprising twists of fate. Less preoccupied with abstract concepts of morality or religion than earthly values, the tales range from the bawdy Peronella hiding her lover in a tub to Ser Cepperallo, who, despite his unholy effrontery, becomes a Saint. The result is a towering monument of European literature and a masterpiece of imaginative narrative.

The Decameron

Author: Giovanni Boccaccio,Wayne A. Rebhorn
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393069303
Category: Fiction
Page: 947
View: 717

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Revised for the 700th anniversary of the author's birth, this richly descriptive tale of medieval Italian life details how ten young Florentines retreat to the countryside to escape the plague-infested city and entertain themselves by telling 100 stories.


Author: Giovanni Boccaccio
Publisher: Wordsworth Editions
ISBN: 9781840221336
Page: 766
View: 3254

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Boccaccio's Decameron recasts the storytelling heritage of the ancient and medieval worlds into perennial forms that inspired writers from Chaucer and Shakespeare down to our own day.

The Decameron

Author: Giovanni Boccaccio
Publisher: W W Norton & Company Incorporated
ISBN: 9780393350265
Category: Fiction
Page: 1024
View: 7293

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“Rebhorn deserves our gratitude for an eminently persuasivetranslation. . . . I celebrate his accomplishment.”—Edith Grossman

Tales from the Decameron

Author: Giovanni Boccaccio
Publisher: Penguin Classics
ISBN: 9780141191331
Page: 352
View: 4103

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Bawdy and moving, hilarious and reflective - these stories offer the very best of Boccaccio's Decameron in a brilliant, playful new translation. This hugely enjoyable volume collects the best stories of Boccaccio's masterwork in a fresh, accessible new translation by Peter Hainsworth. It includes such celebrated, thought-provoking tales as 'Isabella and the Pot of Basil' (famously adapted by Keats) and 'Patient Griselda' alongside many boisterous and daring stories featuring faithless wives, philandering priests and curious nuns.

Mrs Rosie and the Priest

Author: Giovanni Boccaccio
Publisher: Penguin Classics
ISBN: 9780141397825
Page: 64
View: 987

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Bawdy tales of pimps, cuckolds, lovers and clever women from the fourteenth-century Florentine masterpiece The Decameron.

The Eaten Heart

Unlikely Tales of Love
Author: Giovanni Boccaccio
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141964960
Category: Fiction
Page: 128
View: 1449

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Ten young Florentines take refuge in the countryside from the Black Death and tell stories to pass the time. From the unfaithful wife who unwittingly eats her lover’s heart to the sly peasant plotting to seduce a whole nunnery, these are tales of lust, adventure and unexpected twists of fate. United by the theme of love, the writings in the Great Loves series span over two thousand years and vastly different worlds. Readers will be introduced to love’s endlessly fascinating possibilities and extremities: romantic love, platonic love, erotic love, gay love, virginal love, adulterous love, parental love, filial love, nostalgic love, unrequited love, illicit love, not to mention lost love, twisted and obsessional love....

The Manuscript Found in Saragossa

Author: Jan Potocki
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141914130
Category: Fiction
Page: 656
View: 3673

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Alphonse, a young Walloon officer, is travelling to join his regiment in Madrid in 1739. But he soon finds himself mysteriously detained at a highway inn in the strange and varied company of thieves, brigands, cabbalists, noblemen, coquettes and gypsies, whose stories he records over sixty-six days. The resulting manuscript is discovered some forty years later in a sealed casket, from which tales of characters transformed through disguise, magic and illusion, of honour and cowardice, of hauntings and seductions, leap forth to create a vibrant polyphony of human voices. Jan Potocki (1761-1812) used a range of literary styles - gothic, picaresque, adventure, pastoral, erotica - in his novel of stories-within-stories, which, like the Decameron and Tales from the Thousand and One Nights, provides entertainment on an epic scale.

The Pancatantra

Author: Sarma,Visnu
Publisher: Penguin Books India
ISBN: 9780144000715
Category: Fables, Sanskrit
Page: 453
View: 9440

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The Panchatantra started travelling from the land of its origin before 570 AD, as a version in 'Pehlevi'. Since then 200 versions have been executed in 50 languages.

Boccaccio: Decameron

Author: David Wallace
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521388511
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 117
View: 1719

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In Boccaccio's innovative text, ten young people leave Florence to escape the Black Death of 1348, and organize their collective life in the countryside through the pleasure and discipline of story-telling. David Wallace guides the reader through their one hundred novelle, which explore both new and familiar conflicts from private and public spheres of life with unprecedented subtlety, urgency and humour. He emphasises the relationship between Decameron and the precocious vitality of Florentine culture in Boccaccio's time. He also discusses gender issues and the influence of the text particularly on Chaucer and the novel.

The Heptameron

Author: Marguerite De Navarre
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141911158
Category: Fiction
Page: 544
View: 3605

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In the early 1500s five men and five women find themselves trapped by floods and compelled to take refuge in an abbey high in the Pyrenees. When told they must wait days for a bridge to be repaired, they are inspired - by recalling Boccaccio's Decameron - to pass the time in a cultured manner by each telling a story every day. The stories, however, soon degenerate into a verbal battle between the sexes, as the characters weave tales of corrupt friars, adulterous noblemen and deceitful wives. From the cynical Saffredent to the young idealist Dagoucin or the moderate Parlamente - believed to express De Navarre's own views - The Heptameron provides a fascinating insight into the minds and passions of the nobility of sixteenth century France.

The Black Death in Egypt and England

A Comparative Study
Author: Stuart J. Borsch
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 0292783175
Category: Medical
Page: 207
View: 5033

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Throughout the fourteenth century AD/eighth century H, waves of plague swept out of Central Asia and decimated populations from China to Iceland. So devastating was the Black Death across the Old World that some historians have compared its effects to those of a nuclear holocaust. As countries began to recover from the plague during the following century, sharp contrasts arose between the East, where societies slumped into long-term economic and social decline, and the West, where technological and social innovation set the stage for Europe's dominance into the twentieth century. Why were there such opposite outcomes from the same catastrophic event? In contrast to previous studies that have looked to differences between Islam and Christianity for the solution to the puzzle, this pioneering work proposes that a country's system of landholding primarily determined how successfully it recovered from the calamity of the Black Death. Stuart Borsch compares the specific cases of Egypt and England, countries whose economies were based in agriculture and whose pre-plague levels of total and agrarian gross domestic product were roughly equivalent. Undertaking a thorough analysis of medieval economic data, he cogently explains why Egypt's centralized and urban landholding system was unable to adapt to massive depopulation, while England's localized and rural landholding system had fully recovered by the year 1500.

Gargantua and Pantagruel Volume 2 [Easyread Large Edition]

Author: Francois Rabelais
ISBN: 142504431X
Category: Fiction
Page: 312
View: 9371

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Consisting of five books, this masterpiece is Rabelais' magnum opus. It chronicles different events in the life of Gargantua and his son Pantagruel. Using his learned wit and biting satire as a facade, Rabelais discusses several serious issues. The apparent humour and brilliant use of language offers pure reading pleasure. Entertaining and profound!

The Canterbury Tales, The New Translation

Author: Gerald J. Davis
ISBN: 1365188019
Category: Fiction
Page: 464
View: 8404

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The classic collection of beloved tales, both sacred and profane, of travelers in medieval England. Complete and Unabridged.

Famous Women

Author: Giovanni Boccaccio,Virginia Brown
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674011304
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 282
View: 8291

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The more than 100 women whose life stories make up this volume range from the exemplary to the notorious, from historical and mythological figures to Renaissance contemporaries of its author, the master storyteller Giovanni Boccaccio. The first collection of biographies in Western literature devoted exclusively to women, Famous Women affords a fascinating glimpse of a moment in history when mediaeval attitudes toward women were beginning to give way to more modern views of their potential. Virginia Brown's translation, commissioned for the I Tatti Renaissance Library, is the first English edition based on the autograph manuscript of the Latin.

Simulachres Et Historiees Faces de la Mort

Author: Hans Holbein,Hans Ltzelburger,Gilles Corrozet,Jean de Vauzelles
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486228044
Category: Art
Page: 146
View: 6603

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The most celebrated work of the 16th-century woodcut master, these 41 illustrations are a stark reminder of a dramatic motif: "Remember, you will die." Includes various quotations, depictions, and meditations on death.

Running Dog

Author: Don DeLillo
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0330530178
Category: Fiction
Page: 256
View: 8208

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Moll Robbins is a journalist in a rut. But she gets wind of a very exciting story: it concerns a small piece of celluloid, a pornographic film purportedly shot in a bunker in the climactic days of Berlin's fall - with Hitler as its star. One person claims to have access to this unique piece of Naziana; inevitably, more than one want it. Unfortunately for Moll, in the black-market world of erotica, the currency is blackmail, torture and corruption; and no price is too high. As the paranoia builds and the combatants lose sight of their motives, their souls, even the object itself, Don DeLillo reveals the terrible truth behind our acquisitiveness in Running Dog - a masterful thriller from an award- winning novelist.

The Misanthrope and Other Plays

Author: Jean-Baptiste Moliere
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698192028
Category: Fiction
Page: 512
View: 1881

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The Misanthrope * The Doctor in Spite of Himself * The Miser * The Would-Be Gentleman * The Mischievous Machinations of Scapin * The Learned Women * The Imaginary Invalid “The comedy,” Molière once quipped, “is excellent, and they who deride it deserve to be derided.” Written during the triumphant final years of Molière’s career, these seven works represent the mature flowering of his artistry and the most profound development of his vision of humanity. They are essential to appreciating the full genius of this greatest and best-loved French comic author. With an Introduction by Donald M. Frame and an Afterword by Lewis C. Seifert

What Have You Done

Author: Matthew Farrell
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
ISBN: 9781503900646
Category: Fiction
Page: 318
View: 2345

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"When a mutilated body is found hanging in a seedy motel in Philadelphia, forensics specialist Liam Dwyer assumes the crime scene will be business as usual. Instead, the victim turns out to be a woman he'd had an affair with before breaking it off to save his marriage. But there's a bigger problem: Liam has no memory of where he was or what he did on the night of the murder. Panicked, Liam turns to his brother, Sean, a homicide detective. Sean has his back, but incriminating evidence keeps piling up. From fingerprints to DNA, everything points to Liam, who must race against time and his department to uncover the truth--even if that truth is his own guilt. Yet as he digs deeper, dark secrets come to light, and Liam begins to suspect the killer might actually be Sean..."--Publisher's description.