The Book of New Israeli Food

A Culinary Journey
Author: Janna Gur
Publisher: Kuperard (Bravo Limited)
ISBN: 0805212248
Category: Cooking
Page: 303
View: 3916

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Brings together a collection of kosher recipes and culinary history in a volume that captures the broad diversity of modern-day Israeli cuisine, with dishes ranging from new interpretations of traditional classics to innovative exotic specialities.

Global Jewish Foodways

A History
Author: Hasia R. Diner,Simone Cinotto
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 1496206118
Category: Cooking
Page: 378
View: 9585

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The history of the Jewish people has been a history of migration. Although Jews invariably brought with them their traditional ideas about food during these migrations, just as invariably they engaged with the foods they encountered in their new environments. Their culinary habits changed as a result of both these migrations and the new political and social realities they encountered. The stories in this volume examine the sometimes bewildering kaleidoscope of food experiences generated by new social contacts, trade, political revolutions, wars, and migrations, both voluntary and compelled. This panoramic history of Jewish food highlights its breadth and depth on a global scale from Renaissance Italy to the post–World War II era in Israel, Argentina, and the United States and critically examines the impact of food on Jewish lives and on the complex set of laws, practices, and procedures that constitutes the Jewish dietary system and regulates what can be eaten, when, how, and with whom. Global Jewish Foodways offers a fresh perspective on how historical changes through migration, settlement, and accommodation transformed Jewish food and customs.

Encyclopedia of Jewish Food

Author: Gil Marks
Publisher: HMH
ISBN: 0544186311
Category: Cooking
Page: 672
View: 4317

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A comprehensive, A-to-Z guide to Jewish foods, recipes, and culinary traditions—from an author who is both a rabbi and a James Beard Award winner. Food is more than just sustenance. It’s a reflection of a community’s history, culture, and values. From India to Israel to the United States and everywhere in between, Jewish food appears in many different forms and variations, but all related in its fulfillment of kosher laws, Jewish rituals, and holiday traditions. The Encyclopedia of Jewish Food explores unique cultural culinary traditions as well as those that unite the Jewish people. Alphabetical entries—from Afikomen and Almond to Yom Kippur and Za’atar—cover ingredients, dishes, holidays, and food traditions that are significant to Jewish communities around the world. This easy-to-use reference includes more than 650 entries, 300 recipes, plus illustrations and maps throughout. Both a comprehensive resource and fascinating reading, this book is perfect for Jewish cooks, food enthusiasts, historians, and anyone interested in Jewish history or food. It also serves as a treasure trove of trivia—for example, the Pilgrims learned how to make baked beans from Sephardim in Holland. From the author of such celebrated cookbooks as Olive Trees and Honey, the Encyclopedia of Jewish Food is an informative, eye-opening, and delicious guide to the culinary heart and soul of the Jewish people.


Das Kochbuch
Author: Yotam Ottolenghi,Sami Tamimi
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783831023332
Page: 318
View: 5723

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Jewish Soul Food

From Minsk to Marrakesh, More Than 100 Unforgettable Dishes Updated for Today's Kitchen
Author: Janna Gur
Publisher: Schocken
ISBN: 0805243097
Category: Cooking
Page: 240
View: 7300

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The author of the acclaimed The Book of New Israeli Food returns with a cookbook devoted to the culinary masterpieces of Jewish grandmothers from Minsk to Marrakesh: recipes that have traveled across continents and cultural borders and are now brought to life for a new generation. For more than two thousand years, Jews all over the world developed cuisines that were suited to their needs (kashruth, holidays, Shabbat) but that also reflected the influences of their neighbors and that carried memories from their past wanderings. These cuisines may now be on the verge of extinction, however, because almost none of the Jewish communities in which they developed and thrived still exist. But they continue to be viable in Israel, where there are still cooks from the immigrant generations who know and love these dishes. Israel has become a living laboratory for this beloved and endangered Jewish food. The more than one hundred original, wide-ranging recipes in Jewish Soul Food—from Kubaneh, a surprising Yemenite version of a brioche, to Ushpa-lau, a hearty Bukharan pilaf—were chosen not by an editor or a chef but, rather, by what Janna Gur calls “natural selection.” These are the dishes that, though rooted in their original Diaspora provenance, have been embraced by Israelis and have become part of the country’s culinary landscape. The premise of Jewish Soul Food is that the only way to preserve traditional cuisine for future generations is to cook it, and Janna Gur gives us recipes that continue to charm with their practicality, relevance, and deliciousness. Here are the best of the best: recipes from a fascinatingly diverse food culture that will give you a chance to enrich your own cooking repertoire and to preserve a valuable element of the Jewish heritage and of its collective soul. (With full-color photographs throughout.) From the Hardcover edition.

Wir sehen uns am Meer

Author: Dorit Rabinyan
Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch
ISBN: 3462316281
Category: Fiction
Page: 384
View: 1632

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Romeo und Julia heute: Von der unmöglichen Liebe zwischen einer Jüdin und einem Palästinenser Die Tel Aviverin Liat lernt in New York den Maler Chilmi kennen, der aus Ramallah stammt. Die beiden verlieben sich, wohl wissend, dass ihre Liebe keine Zukunft hat: Wenn die Zeit in New York vorbei ist, wird auch die Beziehung, die eigentlich nicht sein darf, zu Ende gehen. Doch Liat und Chilmi haben die Rechnung ohne ihre Gefühle gemacht ... In der Heimat hätten sie sich nie kennengelernt, aber durch einen Zufall treffen die Israelin Liat und der Palästinenser Chilmi in New York aufeinander und verlieben sich. Liat kämpft mit sich, denn weder ihre Eltern noch ihre jüdischen New Yorker Freunde dürfen von der Beziehung erfahren, die ein klares Enddatum hat: Wenn Liat zurück nach Israel geht, ist Schluss. Doch Gefühle lassen sich nicht einfach abstellen, und die Herkunft der beiden sowie die Perspektivlosigkeit belasten ihre Gegenwart – eine Zukunft scheint unmöglich. Gibt es einen Ausweg, oder ist das private Glück vor dem Hintergrund des Konflikts der beiden Völker unmöglich? Ein Roman, der mit großer Wucht und in einer bildreichen, emotionalen Sprache von einer aussichtslosen Liebe erzählt. Das Buch wurde vom israelischen Erziehungsminister im Januar dieses Jahres von der Lektüreliste der Oberstufe gestrichen, was auch in Deutschland ein starkes Presseecho hervorrief.

Tel Aviv by Neni. Food. People. Stories.

Author: Haya Molcho
Publisher: Christian Brandstätter Verlag
ISBN: 3710603080
Category: Cooking
Page: 280
View: 7584

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Tel Aviv ist bunt, vielfältig, weltoffen und modern. Hier trifft sich die Welt, hier verschmelzen Kulturen, Religionen und kulinarische Traditionen. Mit stimmungsvollen Fotos, spannenden Geschichten und landestypischen Rezepten zeichnen Haya Molcho, Gründerin der NENI-Restaurants, selbst aufgewachsen in Tel Aviv, und ihre vier Söhne Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv und Ilan ein lebendiges Porträt ihrer pulsierenden und sich ständig verändernden Heimatstadt. Die NENI-Rezepte, ergänzt durch Speisen von lokalen Gastronomen und Genießern, spiegeln den besonderen Geist der vielfältigen Küche Tel Avivs wider. Gekocht wurde mit regionalen Zutaten und in Erinnerung an den Geschmack von Hayas Kindheit: Sabick-Sandwich, grünes Shakshuka, Lamm mit Feigen und Trauben, Kaktusfrucht-Sorbet u.v.m. Was einst aus der ganzen Welt in die Stadt gebracht wurde, findet nun den Weg in ihre Küche. Und sobald Menschen gemeinsam an einem Tisch sitzen, wird nicht nur das Essen geteilt, sondern auch Erinnerungen, Ideen, Geschichten und Rezepte. Das ist Tel Aviv!

Inventing Jewish Ritual

Author: Vanessa L. Ochs
Publisher: Jewish Publication Society
ISBN: 9780827608344
Category: Social Science
Page: 300
View: 4715

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Vanessa Ochs invites her readers to explore how Jewish practice can be more meaningful through renewing, reshaping, and even creating new rituals, such as naming ceremonies for welcoming baby girls, healing services, Miriam’s cup, mitzvah days, egalitarian wedding practices, and commitment ceremonies. We think of rituals—the patterned ways of doing things that have shared and often multiple meanings— as being steeped in tradition and therefore unalterable. But rituals have always been reinvented. When we perform ancient rituals in a particular place and time they are no longer quite the same rituals they once were. Each is a debut, an innovation: this Sabbath meal, this Passover seder, this wedding—firsts in their own unique ways. In the last 30 years there has been a surge of interest in reinventing ritual, in what is called minhag America. Ochs describes the range and diversity of interest in this Jewish American experience and examines how it reflects tradition as it revives Jewish culture and faith. And she shows us how to create our own ritual objects, sacred spaces, ceremonies, and liturgies that can be paths to greater personal connection with history and with holiness: baby-naming ceremonies for girls, divorce rituals, Shabbat practices, homemade haggadahs, ritual baths, healing services. Through these and more, we see that American Judaism is a dynamic cultural process very much open to change and a source of great personal and communal meaning. The ceramic “Tree of Life” spice container that appears on the cover of Inventing Jewish Ritual is by Susan Garson of Garson and Pakele Studios,

Löwen wecken

Author: Ayelet Gundar-Goshen
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783036957142
Page: 423
View: 6906

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The Book of Jewish Food

An Odyssey from Samarkand to New York
Author: Claudia Roden
Publisher: Alfred a Knopf Incorporated
Category: Cooking
Page: 668
View: 4796

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Eight hundred recipes from around the world represent the finest in traditional and contemporary Jewish cookery, featuring dishes from Russia, Syria, India, North and South America, Africa, the Mediterranean, and Israel

Dolly City

Author: Orly Castel-Bloom
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3688116739
Category: Fiction
Page: 160
View: 7016

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Orly Castel-Bloom, geboren 1960 in Tel Aviv als Kind von Einwanderern aus Ägypten, studierte Film an der Universität Tel Aviv, wo sie nach längeren Aufenthalten in Italien und Frankreich lebt. Für ihren Roman «Heichan Ani Nimtzeit» erhielt sie 1990 den Literaturpreis der Stadt Tel Aviv. 1992 wurde ihr der «Literaturpreis des Premierministers» verliehen. Orly Castel-Bloom ist verheiratet und hat zwei Kinder.

Molly's Kitchen - Stadt, Land, Genuss – vom Glück, zu kochen und zu genießen

Author: Molly Yeh
Publisher: Südwest Verlag
ISBN: 3641215005
Category: Cooking
Page: 304
View: 2472

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Vom Kochen und Glücklichsein Molly Yehs mehr als 120 leckere Rezepte erkunden das saisonale Angebot und bringen einen neuen Dreh in Gerichte, die satt und glücklich machen. Dabei reicht die Auswahl von raffinierten Frühstücksideen über Wohlfühlsuppen und sättigende Hauptgerichte bis hin zu bunten Desserts und saftigen Kuchen. Wie auf ihrem preisgekrönten Blog »My Name ist Yeh« streut sie zwischen ihre genialen Rezeptideen immer wieder urkomische Geschichten aus dem einstigen Leben in der Stadt und dem jetzigen auf der Farm ihres Mannes.

The Covenant Kitchen

Food and Wine for the New Jewish Table
Author: Jeff Morgan
Publisher: Schocken
ISBN: 0805243267
Category: Cooking
Page: 272
View: 1730

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The ultimate kosher cookbook for food lovers, with more than one hundred mouthwatering recipes complete with suggested wine pairings, from the veteran cookbook authors and owners of the acclaimed Covenant Winery in California. Filled with the flavors of Italy, Provence, North Africa, Asia, California, and Israel, these original, easy-to-prepare recipes take kosher dining to a new, contemporary level of sophistication. With more than two decades of professional food-writing and wine-making experience, Jeff and Jodie Morgan share their favorite recipes and—in a first for a kosher cookbook—detailed suggested wine pairings, to give us a cookbook that respects Jewish customs, gives traditional food creative culinary makeovers, and introduces flavorful new dishes that will quickly become family favorites. The Covenant Kitchen includes informative sidebars on how to select the right wine for any occasion, on the requirements for kosher food preparation, and on how to prepare the basics. With sample menus for Jewish holidays and the fascinating story of wine in ancient Israel and throughout Jewish history, The Covenant Kitchen puts a fresh spin on one of the world’s oldest culinary traditions. With beautiful full-color illustrations throughout. Published by Schocken Books and OU Press From the Hardcover edition.

Worüber wir reden, wenn wir über Anne Frank reden

Author: Nathan Englander
Publisher: Luchterhand Literaturverlag
ISBN: 3641088453
Category: Fiction
Page: 240
View: 1202

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Nathan Englander wurde 1970 in New York geboren und wuchs in einer jüdischen Gemeinde auf Long Island auf. Er studierte in Jerusalem und in New York Englische Literatur und Jüdische Geschichte und lebte anschließend einige Zeit in Argentinien und in Israel. Neben dem Schreiben arbeitete er auch als Fotograf und Filmemacher. Nathan Englander ist Autor des Erzählbands »Zur Linderung unerträglichen Verlangens« und des Romans »Das Ministerium für besondere Fälle«. Er lebt derzeit in New York.


From Market to Table, the Heart of Israeli Home Cooking
Author: Einat Admony,Janna Gur
Publisher: Artisan Books
ISBN: 1579659519
Category: Cooking
Page: 368
View: 986

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With Shuk, home cooks everywhere can now inhale the fragrances and taste the flavors of the vivacious culinary mash-up that is today’s Israel. The book takes you deeper into this trending cuisine, through the combined expertise of the authors, chef Einat Admony of Balaboosta and food writer Janna Gur. Admony’s long-simmered stews, herb-dominant rice pilafs, toasted-nut-studded grain salads, and of course loads of vegetable dishes—from snappy, fresh, and raw to roasted every way you can think of—will open your eyes and your palate to the complex nuances of Jewish food and culture. The book also includes authoritative primers on the well-loved pillars of the cuisine, including chopped salad, hummus, tabboulehs, rich and inventive shakshukas, and even hand-rolled couscous with festive partners such as tangy quick pickles, rich pepper compotes, and deeply flavored condiments. Through gorgeous photo essays of nine celebrated shuks, you’ll feel the vibrancy and centrality of the local markets, which are so much more than simply shopping venues—they’re the beating heart of the country. With more than 140 recipes, Shuk presents Jewish dishes with roots in Persia, Yemen, Libya, the Balkans, the Levant, and all the regions that contribute to the evolving food scene in Israel. The ingredients are familiar, but the combinations and techniques are surprising. With Shuk in your kitchen, you’ll soon be cooking with the warmth and passion of an Israeli, creating the treasures of this multicultural table in your own home.

Cooking with Love

Ventures Into the New Israeli Cuisine
Author: Ruth Milstein
Publisher: Tate Pub & Enterprises Llc
ISBN: 9781606042632
Category: Cooking
Page: 345
View: 3599

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Did you ever think there could be 'nothing new under the sun'? Ruth Milstein dispels this notion with her new book for American cuisine. Little is known about the wide array of exotic yet comfortable and easy-to-make food associated with the Mediterranean and Israeli cuisine, so Ruth Milstein sheds light on this unknown delight. Exploring this expansive gourmets heaven with recipes that are eye openers for the experienced chef as well as the novice cook, Cooking With Love brings New Israeli Cuisine to the States. Cooking With Love offers an amalgam of dishes to meet every connoisseurs desire, including specific sections like Lamb, Lamb Stew with Black Olives; Pies, like Cheese and Spinach Pie; Rice, showing how to make Rice with Green Peas; and Breads, like the American favorite Glazed Banana Bread. So throw out those boring, tired weeknight recipes and make your meals sizzle with these enticing Mediterranean ideas.

Lieber Freund, aus meinem Leben schreibe ich dir in deines

Author: Yiyun Li
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 3446259775
Category: Fiction
Page: 160
View: 9783

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„Was für ein langer Weg es ist von einem Leben zu einem anderen: Doch warum schreiben, wenn nicht wegen dieser Distanz.“ Yiyun Li schreibt – ohne je das Wort zu verwenden – über ihren Selbstmordversuch, über das, was es bedeutet, an der Grenze zwischen Leben und Tod zu stehen. Sie kam als Immunologin von China nach Amerika und entdeckte erst dort, dass das Schreiben eine Form des Widerstands gegen die existenzielle Leere sein kann. In diesem zutiefst bewegenden Buch erzählt Yiyun Li von ihren Depressionen und von jenen Büchern von Stefan Zweig, Elizabeth Bishop und William Trevor, die sie aus ihrer Einsamkeit herausgerissen haben. Ein Buch über die lebensspendende Kraft der Literatur.