The Anatomy of an Horse

Author: Andrew Snape
Publisher: Howell Books
Category: Nature
Page: 373
View: 9397

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Dr. David W. Ramey provides an historical context for this fascinating curiosity -- the first book on equine anatomy published in English -- as well as an evaluation of its information in terms of present-day veterinary knowledge.

Writer's guide to book editors, publishers, and literary agents 1999-2000

Author: Jeff Herman
Publisher: Prima Lifestyles
ISBN: 9780761513537
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 984
View: 1249

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Over the years,Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agentshas helped thousands of writers just like you get their books published. With the best and most up-to-date listings of key book publishing insiders,Writer's Guidegets you past the reject piles and into the hands of the right people. Nowhere else will you find the detail, the insight, the depth. Nowhere else will you find the solid inside information. Writer's Guideis your key to book publishing success. It gets you inside. It gets you noticed. Your talent will do the rest. "Beats the pants offWriter's Market." —Michael Werner, coauthor ofDatabases for BusinessesandUsing Lotus 1-2-3 "This guide started my book publishing career." —Marcos McPeek Villatoro, author ofA Fire in the Earth, They Say That I Am Two, andWalking to La Milpa "The finest lead source that I've ever seen. A must buy for every writer, published or not!" —Derek Savage, author ofThe Second ComingandThe Dancer "Invaluable information, from query letter to book proposal. This book has made my dreams come true." —Eileen Oster, author ofThe Healing Mind "This book got my foot in the door." —Wynn Goldsmith, writer "A masterpiece. I have never found so much practical information in this type of book before." —Walter Lambert, author ofHealing the Trauma of Divorce "As a writer and literary agent, this book has been invaluable." —Mary N. Oluonye, O-Squared Literary Agency "Jeff Herman has crammed a generous helping of information and advice into this invaluable book." —Paul Nathan,Publishers Weekly "Writer's Guidehas eclipsed bothLiterary Market PlaceandWriter's Marketas a source of projects for our agency. At least a third of our sales last year came as a result of this book." —Michael Snell, Michael Snell Literary Agency About the Author /Jeff Hermanis founder of The Jeff Herman Literary Agency, one of New York's leading agencies for writers. He has sold hundreds of titles and represents dozens of top authors.

Making Sex

Body and Gender from the Greeks to Freud
Author: Thomas Walter Laqueur
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674543553
Category: Psychology
Page: 313
View: 5976

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History of sex in the West from the ancients to the moderns by describing the developments in reproductive anatomy and physiology.

The 1668

The Year of the Animal in France
Author: Peter Sahlins
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 1935408992
Category: History
Page: 492
View: 7140

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Peter Sahlins's brilliant new book reveals the remarkable and understudied "animal moment" in and around 1668 in which authors (including La Fontaine, whose Fables appeared in that year), anatomists, painters, sculptors, and especially the young Louis XIV turned their attention to nonhuman beings. At the center of the Year of the Animal was the Royal Menagerie in the gardens of Versailles, dominated by exotic and graceful birds. In the unfolding of his original and sophisticated argument, Sahlins shows how the animal bodies of the menagerie and others were critical to a dramatic rethinking of governance, nature, and the human. The animals of 1668 helped to shift an entire worldview in France -- what Sahlins calls Renaissance humanimalism toward more modern expressions of classical naturalism and mechanism. In the wake of 1668 came the debasement of animals and the strengthening of human animality, including in Descartes's animal-machine, highly contested during the Year of the Animal. At the same time, Louis XIV and his intellectual servants used the animals of Versailles to develop and then to transform the symbolic language of French absolutism. Louis XIV came to adopt a model of sovereignty after 1668 in which his absolute authority is represented in manifold ways with the bodies of animals and justified by the bestial nature of his human subjects. 1668 explores and reproduces the king's animal collections -- in printed text, weaving, poetry, and engraving, all seen from a unique interdisciplinary perspective. Sahlins brings the animals of 1668 together and to life as he observes them critically in their native habitats -- within the animal palace itself by Louis Le Vau, the paintings and tapestries of Charles Le Brun, the garden installations of André Le Nôtre, the literary work of Charles Perrault and the natural history of his brother Claude, the poetry of Madeleine de Scudéry, the philosophy of René Descartes, the engravings of Sébastien Leclerc, the transfusion experiments of Jean Denis, and others. The author joins the nonhuman and human agents of 1668 -- panthers and painters, swans and scientists, weasels and weavers -- in a learned and sophisticated treatment that will engage scholars and students of early modern France and Europe and readers broadly interested in the subject of animals in human history.

Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology

A Workbook for Students
Author: Sally Bowden
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Medical
ISBN: 9780750648592
Category: Medical
Page: 221
View: 9387

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Understanding small animal anatomy and physiology is the foundation to providing good veterinary care. This interactive workbook helps students relate theory to practice by using aids such as crosswords, word searches, quizzes, and labeling diagrams. Suggestions are made for group projects and practical tasks. Each chapter contains facts and key points in bullet-point format for quick reference, followed by several different activities designed to aid memory and support study. Fun and interactive exercises make this core subject understandable and enjoyable Includes hints and tips for effective study to help students get the most out of this practical workbook Interactive quizzes and practical tasks facilitate group study Focuses on key points, providing mnemonics and catch phrases to aid recall of important concepts A further reading list encourages additional study

Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine Considered

Author: David W. Ramey,Bernard E. Rollin
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470344822
Category: Medical
Page: 252
View: 7198

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Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine Considered is a book that belongs in your veterinary library. If you are a veterinarian wondering if you should incorporate complementary and alternative veterinary medicine (CAVM) into your practice, if you have recently hired an associate eager to try such things as acupuncture or homeopathy, or if you have clients asking you about chiropractic, herbal, or magnetic field therapy for their pets, you'll want to understand the history, science and ethics behind such therapies. In its 2001 Guidelines for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recognizes the growing interest in CAVM, and encourages the critical examination of these therapies using the scientific method. Following the AVMA's lead on this subject, Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine Considered thoroughly examines a variety of CAVM therapies and asks important questions regarding alternative treatments. For example, is acupuncture effective in pain relief? What is homeopathy? What is the history behind chiropractic? What does the research say (and not say) about various CAVM modalities? And, just as importantly, what are the ethical and regulatory considerations concerning such therapies? This book has the answers to those questions and more. Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine Considered will help practicing veterinarians to make informed decisions about specific CAVM therapies. This text evaluates various prevalent therapies, and will give veterinarians the ethical and scientific bases they need to make sound decisions regarding CAVM therapies Coverage includes but is not limited to: * Acupuncture and acupressure; * Energy medicine; * Manual therapy (chiropractic); * Manual therapy (massage); * Magnetic and electromagnetic therapy; * Laser and light therapy; * Homeopathy; and * Herbal therapy.

An Elegant and Learned Discourse of the Light of Nature

Author: Nathanael Culverwel
Publisher: N.A
Category: Philosophy
Page: 252
View: 5500

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Nathaniel Culverwell is considered one of the principal scholars of the seventeenth century. This collection of sermons he delivered in 1645-46, examines the relationship between reason and faith, and forms one of the first attempts in English Protestantism to stress the role of reason in ethics and to develop a doctrine of natural law. Culverwell represents a crucial intersection in the discussion of reason and faith. While providing a link between the Calvinist dependence on faith and grace and the Enlightenment dependence on reason and humanism, Culverwell's Discourse is a picture of the world on the brink of the Enlightenment. The seventeenth century was an era that included the Puritan migration from England to America and the English Civil War. During this period, an understanding of the divine, and the interrelationship between reason and revelation, was often a matter of violent debate. An Elegant and Learned Discourse of the Light of Nature spans several centuries, during which the very nature of knowledge as a product of reason, not the means of revelation, gained ascendancy in Western civilization. This discourse was crucial to the development of a theoretical grounding for individual challenges to established authorities, both political and ecclesiastical, and thus to the development of modern theories of liberty and responsibility.

The Taming of Chance

Author: Ian Hacking
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521388849
Category: History
Page: 264
View: 1636

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This book combines detailed scientific historical research with characteristic philosophic breadth and verve.

Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire

Author: Ga ́bor A ́goston,Bruce Alan Masters
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 1438110251
Category: Electronic books
Page: 689
View: 3716

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Presents a comprehensive A-to-Z reference to the empire that once encompassed large parts of the modern-day Middle East, North Africa, and southeastern Europe.

An Alabama Student and Other Biographical Essays

Author: William Osler
Publisher: READ BOOKS
ISBN: 9781409776390
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 352
View: 9763

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Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

English Book Collectors

Author: William Younger Fletcher,Walter Stanley Graves
Publisher: N.A
Category: Book collectors
Page: 448
View: 3547

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Zutot 2004

Author: Shlomo Berger,M. Brocke,I.E. Zwiep
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402054548
Category: Social Science
Page: 150
View: 9128

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The yearbook Zutot serves as a platform for small but incisive contributions on Jewish Studies. It covers Jewish Culture in its broadest sense, encompassing various academic disciplines such as literature, languages and linguistics, philosophy, art, sociology, politics, and history. It also reflects binary oppositions such as religious and secular, high and low, written and oral, male and female culture.

Concise Guide to Nutrition in the Horse

Author: David W. Ramey,Stephen E. Duren
Publisher: *Howell Book House
ISBN: 9780876050897
Category: Pets
Page: 160
View: 1797

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Horses are especially sensitive to change of feed as well as poor-quality feed and pasture, which is why this book is must reading for anyone who looks after a horse. Topics covered include feeding for growth, maintenance, exercise, and during pregnancy and lactation.

The Names of Plants

Author: D. Gledhill
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521866453
Category: Science
Page: 426
View: 9742

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This book is a reference for botanists and horticulturalists, including an historic account of names and a comprehensive glossary.