Mastering the Game: Business and Legal Issues for Video Game Developers

Author: David Greenspan,World Intellectual Property Organization
Publisher: WIPO
ISBN: 9280524755
Category: Law
Page: 240
View: 7939

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The video game industry is enjoying a boom period worldwide. Intellectual property (IP) – and in particular copyright – underpins the continuing success of the industry, yet the understanding and use of IP instruments of protection can remain a challenge. This publication outlines the practical business and legal issues relevant for video game developers and will thus improve their ability to get the most out of the IP system. Topics covered include: licensing agreements, music, distribution, mobile, regulation, confidentiality agreements, and more.

Plunkett's Entertainment & Media Industry Almanac 2009

The Only Comprehensive Guide to the Entertainment & Media Industry
Author: Jack W. Plunkett
Publisher: Plunkett Research, Ltd.
ISBN: 1593921306
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 562
View: 4410

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Offers profiles on many of firms in film, radio, television, cable, media, and publishing of various types including books, magazines and newspapers. This book contains many contacts for business and industry leaders, industry associations, Internet sites and other resources. It provides profiles of nearly 400 of top entertainment and media firms.

Rester maître du jeu : questions économiques et juridiques rencontrées par les développeurs de jeux vidéo

Author: David Greenspan,Organisation Mondiale de la Propriété Intellectuelle
Publisher: WIPO
ISBN: 9280529331
Category: Law
Page: 275
View: 4521

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L’industrie du jeu vidéo est en plein essor dans le monde entier. La propriété intellectuelle – et en particulier le droit d’auteur – sous-tend le succès continu de ce secteur, mais il reste parfois difficile pour les concepteurs de bien comprendre et utiliser les différents instruments de protection de la propriété intellectuelle. Cette publication traite de manière concrète des questions commerciales et juridiques auxquelles peuvent être confrontés les développeurs de jeux vidéo, afin de les aider à tirer le meilleur parti du système de la propriété intellectuelle. Parmi les thèmes abordés figurent les contrats de licence, la musique, les plateformes de distribution, les applications mobiles, la réglementation ou les accords de confidentialité, entre autres

Dominar el juego: Aspectos comerciales y legales para desarrolladores de videojuegos

Author: David Greenspan,Organización Mundial de la Propiedad Intelectual
Publisher: WIPO
ISBN: 928052934X
Category: Law
Page: 262
View: 6932

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La industria de los videojuegos está en un momento de auge en todo el mundo. La propiedad intelectual (PI), y en particular el derecho de autor, respaldan el éxito continuado de la industria, sin embargo la comprensión y la utilización de los instrumentos de protección de la PI pueden seguir planteando desafíos. Esta publicación destaca los aspectos comerciales y jurídicos útiles para los creadores de videojuegos y los ayuda a mejorar su capacidad para aprovechar al máximo el sistema de PI. Algunos de los temas que se analizan son los acuerdos de licencia, la música, la distribución, el videojuego móvil, la regulación o los acuerdos de confidencialidad

Plunkett's Entertainment & Media Industry Almanac 2008

The Only Comprehensive Guide to the Entertainment & Media Industry
Author: Jack W. Plunkett
Publisher: Plunkett Research, Ltd.
ISBN: 1593921039
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 568
View: 8154

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The electronic age is bringing sweeping changes to entertainment and media of all kinds, including publishing, broadcasting and film. Multimedia, the Internet and other digital media outlets for entertainment and information are being refined at a rapid rate. Media giants are merging and making big acquisitions. This book covers these exciting developments and provides profiles on hundreds of leading firms in film, radio, television, cable, new media, and publishing of all types including books, magazines and newspapers. It contains thousands of contacts for business and industry leaders, industry associations, Internet sites and other resources. You'll get in-depth profiles of nearly 400 of the world's top Entertainment & Media firms: our own unique list of companies that are the leaders in this field. Here you'll find complete profiles of the hot companies that are making news today, the largest, most successful corporations in all facets of the Entertainment and Media Business, from broadcasters to film production companies, casino operators to theme park companies, publishers of books and magazines to video game designers, and much more. Our corporate profiles include executive contacts, growth plans, financial records, address, phone, fax and much more. This innovative book offers unique information, all indexed and cross-indexed more for each firm! Our industry analysis section provides an exceptional discussion of business and market trends. The book includes statistical tables covering revenues for several industry sectors. Purchasers of either the book or PDF version can receive a free copy of the company profiles database on CD-ROM, enabling key word search and export of key data.

The legal guide to computer software protection

a practical handbook on copyrights, trademarks, publishing, and trade secrets
Author: Thorne D. Harris
Publisher: Prentice Hall Ptr
Category: Law
Page: 221
View: 909

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Explains the legal rights and obligations involved in writing and using computer programs, and discusses contracts, warranties, and lawyer selection

Zwischen uns das Meer

Author: Kristin Hannah
Publisher: Ullstein eBooks
ISBN: 3843704384
Category: Fiction
Page: 512
View: 4382

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Seit einiger Zeit zieht sich Michael zunehmend von seiner Frau Jolene und den beiden gemeinsamen Töchtern zurück. In einem schrecklichen Streit schleudert er Jolene sogar ins Gesicht, dass er sie nicht mehr liebe. Das Paar trennt sich. Als Jolene eines Tages schwer verwundet wird, kommt Michael endlich zur Besinnung: Ihm wird bewusst, dass er kurz davor ist, die Liebe seines Lebens zu verlieren, und er will ihr beistehen. Doch Jolene will ihn nie mehr sehen – zu tief sitzt der Schmerz. Aber Michael kämpft – wird es ihm gelingen, ihr Herz zurückzugewinnen?

Chambers USA

America's Leading Business Lawyers
Author: Chambers & Partners
Publisher: N.A
Category: Corporate lawyers
Page: N.A
View: 2705

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Catalog of Copyright Entries. Third Series

1965: January-June
Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office
Publisher: Copyright Office, Library of Congress
Category: Copyright
Page: 1394
View: 3650

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Includes Part 1, Number 1: Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals (January - June)

This Business of Music

The Definitive Guide to the Business and Legal Issues of the Music Industry
Author: M. William Krasilovsky,Sidney Schemel
Publisher: Billboard Books
ISBN: 0823077233
Category: Music
Page: 510
View: 2377

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A complete and up-to-date guide to the music industry covers such topics as record industry trends, copyright law, sources of publishing income, buying and selling of catalogues, agents and managers, and music videos.