Sport for Development and Peace

A Critical Sociology
Author: Simon Darnell
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1849665907
Category: Social Science
Page: 192
View: 7015

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The role of sport in development initiatives has grown dramatically over the last five years, now finding a place in the UN's millennium development goals. In Sport and Development for Peace, Simon Darnell outlines the most recent sociological research on the role of sport in development initiatives. The book analyses the relationship between sport and international development and looks at what this reveals about socio-political economy. It addresses a gap in the literature by focusing on issues of politics, power and culture, particularly looking at volunteer experience, mega-sporting events and sporting celebrity in the context of development. Darnell questions the belief that sport can offer a 'solution' to enduring development issues. Drawing on the latest empirical research, the book is a thorough and timely analysis of the social and political implications of tying sport to development.

The greening of golf

"Sport, globalization and the environment"
Author: Brad Millington,Brian Wilson
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 1526104857
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: N.A
View: 5083

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"This is the first comprehensive study of the varying impacts of golf on the environment. Based on extensive empirical research, it includes interviews with major stakeholders in the golf industry as well as members of protest groups. The authors examine golf as a sport and as a global industry, drawing on three discrete literatures - the study of sport as a global social movement, environmental sociology and the study of corporate environmentalism."

Sport in the Black Atlantic

Cricket, Canada and the Caribbean diaspora
Author: Janelle Joseph
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 1526104946
Category: Social Science
Page: N.A
View: 7739

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This book outlines the ways sport helps create transnational social fields that interconnect migrants dispersed across a region known as the Black Atlantic: England, North America and the Caribbean. Many Caribbean men's stories about their experiences migrating to Canada, settling in Toronto, finding jobs, and travelling involved some contact with a cricket and social club. This book offers a unique contribution to black diaspora studies through showing sport as a means of allaying the pain of ageing in the diaspora, creating transnational social networks, and marking ethnic boundaries on a local scale. The book also brings black diaspora analysis to sport research, and through a close look at what goes on before, during, and after cricket matches provides insights into the dis-unities, contradictions and complexities of Afro-diasporic identity in multicultural Canada. It will be of interest to students and scholars in sociology, sport studies, and black diaspora studies.

Sport and Social Movements

From the Local to the Global
Author: Jean Harvey,John Horne,Parissa Safai,Simon Darnell,Sebastien Courchesne-O'Neill
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1780935579
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 208
View: 9727

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From neighborhood coalitions organizing against the building of a sport facility for professional sports teams subsidized by public funds, to global campaigns for equity for women in sport, to worldwide bans of apartheid regimes, sites and levels of protest, resistance and activism have been present throughout the history of sport. Contentious forms of collective actions are now ever more present in various forms at the local, the national and the global levels. Sport and Social Movements: From the Local to the Global is the first book-length treatment of the way social movements have intersected and continue to intersect with sport. It traces the history of various social movements associated with labour, women, peace, the environment and rights (civil, racial, disability and sexual), and their relationship to sport and sports mega-events such as the Olympic Games. Based on research conducted by a multinational team of authors that draws on theories of social movements and new social movements, the book includes a valuable chronology of social movements, illustrations of key episodes in the development of the relationships between sport and different social movements and an agenda for future research and scholarship. Written in a clear and comprehensive style it is suitable for all levels of higher education, researchers and the general reader who want to know more about the role that sport has played in the development of social movements and campaigns for social justice.

Moral Claims in the Age of Spectacles

Shaping the Social Imaginary
Author: Brian M. Lowe
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 113750241X
Category: Social Science
Page: 323
View: 3992

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This volume considers the rise of a new mode of creating, spreading, and encountering moral claims and ideas as they are expressed within spectacles. Brian M. Lowe explains how spectacles emerge when we are saturated with mediated representations—including pictures, texts, and videos—and exposed to television and movies and the myriad stories they tell us. The question of which moral issues gain our attention and which are neglected increasingly relates to how societal concerns are supported—or obscured—by spectacles. This project explores how this new form of moral understanding came to be. Through a series of case studies, including the use of radio and comic books; the crafting of Russian national identity through art; television and film; the evolution of human rights law through film and journalism; and the promotion of animal rights campaigns, this book unveils some of the ways in which our spectacular environment shapes moral understanding, and is in turn shaped by spectacle.

The Communication Crisis in America, And How to Fix It

Author: Mark Lloyd,Lewis A. Friedland
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1349949256
Category: Social Science
Page: 316
View: 6639

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This book critiques U.S. public policy about communication and offers guidelines to improve public safety and create strong democratic communities. The lack of effective emergency communication, basic information about health care, education, jobs and the economy, and civic life is at a crisis state, creating problems for the whole community, not just a vulnerable few. The Communications Crisis in America is not because of changing markets or new technology, it is the failure of public policy. The authors include economists, sociologists, journalists, lawyers and a diverse group of media and communication scholars, all offering an urgent call to action and difficult, but achievable steps forward.

Sport and International Development

Author: Aaron Beacom
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230584403
Category: Social Science
Page: 276
View: 7660

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Investigating the capacity of sport to act both as a conduit for traditional development assistance activities and as an agent for change in its own right, this book argues that sport can contribute to the development process, particularly where traditional development approaches have difficulty in engaging with communities.

Globalizing Sport

How Organizations, Corporations, Media, and Politics are Changing Sport
Author: George H. Sage
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317258800
Category: Social Science
Page: 272
View: 2720

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Sport is enjoyed by millions of people across the world, and both watching and playing sport constitutes a major part of modern leisure time. But sport is also a huge worldwide industry. In Globalizing Sport, George Sage invites readers to explore a deeper understanding of the global dynamics of sport - not only competitions but of the big businesses of money, media coverage, athletic apparel and more. He shows how phenomena such as migration, labour, commerce and politics affect the athletes and the fans, continually reshaping the business and experience of sport. Globalizing Sport puts sport in its political, economic and social context, revealing its connections with businesses, countries, media outlets and education systems.

Invest to Win: Earn & Keep Profits in Bull & Bear Markets with the GainsMaster Approach

Author: Toni Turner,Gordon Scott
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071798382
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 240
View: 7136

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Offers advice on managing investments in both uptrending and downtrending markets, revealing how to evaluate company financial reports, recognize signals that foretell shifts in the market, and exit investments at the right time.

Investigating Shrek

Power, Identity, and Ideology
Author: T. Nieguth,A. Lacassagne
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230120016
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 190
View: 9702

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An exploration of the social significance of Shrek from a variety of theoretical perspectives, this book pursues two different, yet intertwined objectives

Globalizing Cricket

Englishness, Empire and Identity
Author: Dominic Malcolm
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1849665273
Category: Political Science
Page: 208
View: 6220

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Globalizing Cricket examines the global role of cricket's of development, diffusion of cricket through colonization, and impact on the changing notions of English national identity.

Rhetorics of Insecurity

Belonging and Violence in the Neoliberal Era
Author: Zeynep Gambetti,Marcial Godoy-Anativia
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814708439
Category: Social Science
Page: 256
View: 7417

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In Rhetorics of Insecurity, Zeynep Gambetti and Marcial Godoy-Anativia bring together a select group of scholars to investigate the societal ramifications of the present-day concern with security in diverse contexts and geographies. The essays claim that discourses and practices of security actually breed insecurity, rather than merely being responses to the latter. By relating the binary of security/insecurity to the binary of neoliberalism/neoconservatism, the contributors to this volume reveal the tensions inherent in the proliferation of individualism and the concurrent deployment of techniques of societal regulation around the globe. Chapters explore the phenomena of indistinction, reversal of terms, ambiguity, and confusion in security discourses. Scholars of diverse backgrounds interpret the paradoxical simultaneity of the suspension and enforcement of the law through a variety of theoretical and ethnographic approaches, and they explore the formation and transformation of forms of belonging and exclusion. Ultimately, the volume as a whole aims to understand one crucial question: whether securitized neoliberalism effectively spells the end of political liberalism as we know it today. Zeynep Gambetti is Associate Professor of Political Theory at Bogazici University, Istanbul. Marcial Godoy-Anativia is Associate Director of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics at New York University, where he serves as coeditor of its online journal e-misférica.

Understanding the Olympics

Author: John Horne,Garry Whannel
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317495209
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 326
View: 1378

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The Olympic Games is unquestionably the greatest sporting event in the world, with billions of viewers across the globe. How did the Olympics evolve into this multi-national phenomenon? How can the Olympics help us to understand the relationship between sport and society? What will be the impact and legacy of the 2016 Olympics in Rio? Now in a fully revised and updated new edition that places Rio 2016 in the foreground, Understanding the Olympics answers all these questions by exploring the social, cultural, political, historical and economic context of the Games. This book presents the latest research on the Olympics, including new material on legacy, sustainability and corruption, and introduces the reader to all of the key themes of contemporary Olympic Studies including: the history of the Olympics Olympic politics access and equity the Olympics and the media festival and spectacle the Olympic economy urban development Olympic futures. The most up-to-date and authoritative introduction to the Olympic Games, this book contains a full Olympic history timeline as well as illustrations, information boxes and ‘Olympic Stories’ in every chapter. Understanding the Olympics is essential reading for anybody with an interest in the Olympics or the wider relationship between sport and society.

The Black Jacobins Reader

Author: Charles Forsdick,Christian Høgsbjerg
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822373947
Category: History
Page: 424
View: 4321

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Containing a wealth of new scholarship and rare primary documents, The Black Jacobins Reader provides a comprehensive analysis of C. L. R. James's classic history of the Haitian Revolution. In addition to considering the book's literary qualities and its role in James's emergence as a writer and thinker, the contributors discuss its production, context, and enduring importance in relation to debates about decolonization, globalization, postcolonialism, and the emergence of neocolonial modernity. The Reader also includes the reflections of activists and novelists on the book's influence and a transcript of James's 1970 interview with Studs Terkel. Contributors. Mumia Abu-Jamal, David Austin, Madison Smartt Bell, Anthony Bogues, John H. Bracey Jr., Rachel Douglas, Laurent Dubois, Claudius K. Fergus, Carolyn E. Fick, Charles Forsdick, Dan Georgakas, Robert A. Hill, Christian Høgsbjerg, Selma James, Pierre Naville, Nick Nesbitt, Aldon Lynn Nielsen, Matthew Quest, David M. Rudder, Bill Schwarz, David Scott, Russell Maroon Shoatz, Matthew J. Smith, Studs Terkel

Global Media Sport: Flows, Forms and Futures

Author: David Rowe
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1849660700
Category: Social Science
Page: 180
View: 1002

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This book investigates the integration of media and sport over the last century. At a time when the stability of the Western media sport order is under challenge, it analyzes a range of key structures, practices and issues, whose ramifications extend far beyond the fields of play and national contexts in which sport events take place.

Public Health, Social Work and Health Inequalities

Author: Bruce D. Friedman,Professor Joav Merrick, MD MMedSci DMSc,Joav Merrick
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781634828383
Page: 305
View: 6770

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Societal research has shown that there is a direct correlation between income disparities and health disparities. In other words: the poorer the population, the less healthy the population becomes. Over the last thirty years, there has been an increasing gap between the wealthy and poor in many industrialized societies. As a result, there has also been an increasing decline in the quality of health for these social orders. The Social Work and Health Inequalities Network (SWHIN) was created to combat the causes and consequences of socially unjust health disparities on an international basis. This is accomplished through a sustaining global network of professionals: researches, educators, practitioners, policy makers and others work together to promote research and action around the world. The SWHIN aims to exchange information and resources (e.g. research evidence, policy statements, and emerging theories and practice models) to collaborate on the development and exchange of solutions for these health issues. The hope is to teach about these problems at all curricular levels and influence policy making wherever possible. This book brings together a combination of fifteen studies and policy reviews to fully understand the role that social work plays in assisting others, especially in fields where human health is concerned.

Education and the Risk Society

Theories, Discourse and Risk Identities in Education contexts
Author: Steven Bialostok,Robert Whitman,William Bradley
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9460919618
Category: Education
Page: 292
View: 6797

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Sociological and anthropological literature has examined how contemporary western society has become a “risk society.” Education and the Risk Society is the first volume to explore this seminal concept through the lens of education. Drawing on a theoretical literature that has great potential as a lens to view changes in neoliberal discourses of global capitalism from both critical and generative perspectives, Education and the Risk Society presents situated, empirical studies investigating an uncertain world as people practice it on the ground, through language and activity, within educational settings.

Knowing the Unknowable God

Ibn-Sina, Maimonides, Aquinas
Author: David B. Burrell, C.S.C.
Publisher: University of Notre Dame Pess
ISBN: 0268158991
Category: Religion
Page: 136
View: 4227

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In Knowing the Unknowable God, David Burrell traces the intellectual intermingling of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian traditions that made possible the medieval synthesis that served as the basis for Western theology. He shows how Aquinas's study of the Muslim philosopher Ibn-Sina and the Jewish thinker Moses Maimonides affected the disciplined use of language when speaking of divinity and influenced his doctrine of God.

Japanese Women and Sport

Beyond Baseball and Sumo
Author: Robin Kietlinski
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1849666687
Category: Social Science
Page: 208
View: 2800

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In 'Japanese Women and Sport', Robin Kietlinski sets out to problematize the hegemonic image of the delicate Japanese woman, highlighting an overlooked area in the history of modern Japan. Previous studies of gender in the Japanese context do not explore the history of female participation in sport, and recent academic studies of women and sport tend to focus on Western countries. Kietlinski locates the discussion of Japanese women in sport within a larger East Asian context and considers the socio-economic position and history of modern Japan. Reaching from the early 20th century to the present day, Kietlinski traces the progression of Japanese women's participation in sport from the first female school for physical education and the foundations of competitive sport through to their growing presence in the Olympics and international sport.

Globalization and Environmental Reform

The Ecological Modernization of the Global Economy
Author: Arthur P. J. Mol
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262632843
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 288
View: 1297

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A balanced look at globalization and its potential environmental effects, both destructive and beneficial.