The History of a Temptation
Author: Jack Turner
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307491226
Category: History
Page: 384
View: 518

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In this brilliant, engrossing work, Jack Turner explores an era—from ancient times through the Renaissance—when what we now consider common condiments were valued in gold and blood. Spices made sour medieval wines palatable, camouflaged the smell of corpses, and served as wedding night aphrodisiacs. Indispensible for cooking, medicine, worship, and the arts of love, they were thought to have magical properties and were so valuable that they were often kept under lock and key. For some, spices represented Paradise, for others, the road to perdition, but they were potent symbols of wealth and power, and the wish to possess them drove explorers to circumnavigate the globe—and even to savagery. Following spices across continents and through literature and mythology, Spice is a beguiling narrative about the surprisingly vast influence spices have had on human desire. Includes eight pages of color photographs. One of the Best Books of the Year: Discover Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle

The Spice Companion

A Guide to the World of Spices
Author: Lior Lev Sercarz
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
ISBN: 1101905476
Category: Cooking
Page: 304
View: 546

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A stunning and definitive spice guide by the country’s most sought-after expert, with hundreds of fresh ideas and tips for using pantry spices, 102 never-before-published recipes for spice blends, gorgeous photography, and breathtaking botanical illustrations. Since founding his spice shop in 2006, Lior Lev Sercarz has become the go-to source for fresh and unusual spices as well as small-batch custom blends for renowned chefs around the world. The Spice Companion communicates his expertise in a way that will change how readers cook, inspiring them to try bold new flavor combinations and make custom spice blends. For each of the 102 curated spices, Lev Sercarz provides the history and origin, information on where to buy and how to store it, five traditional cuisine pairings, three quick suggestions for use (such as adding cardamom to flavor chicken broth), and a unique spice blend recipe to highlight it in the kitchen. Sumptuous photography and botanical illustrations of each spice make this must-have resource—which also features debossing on the front cover, an orange-stained book edge, and a silver ribbon marker—as beautiful as it is informative.


Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean
Author: Ana Sortun
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062336517
Category: Cooking
Page: 400
View: 7682

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On a trip to Turkey as a young woman, chef Ana Sortun fell in love with the food and learned the traditions of Turkish cooking from local women. Inspired beyond measure, Sortun opened her own restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the award-winning Oleana, where she creates her own interpretations of dishes incorporating the incredible array of delicious spices and herbs used in eastern regions of the Mediterranean. In this gorgeously photographed book, Sortun shows readers how to use this philosophy of spice to create wonderful dishes in their own homes. She reveals how the artful use of spices and herbs rather than fat and cream is key to the full, rich flavors of Mediterranean cuisine -- and the way it leaves you feeling satisfied afterward. The book is organized by spice, detailing the ways certain spices complement one another and how they flavor other foods and creating in home cooks a kind of sense-memory that allows for a more intuitive use of spice in their own dishes. The more than one hundred tantalizing spice categories and recipes include: Beef Shish Kabobs with Sumac Onions and Parsley Butter Chickpea and Potato Terrine Stuffed with Pine Nuts, Spinach, Onion, and Tahini Crispy Lemon Chicken with Za’atar Golden Gazpacho with Condiments Fried Haloumi Cheese with Pear and Spiced Dates Absolutely alive with spices and herbs, Ana Sortun’s recipes will intrigue and inspire readers everywhere.

The Book of Spice: From Anise to Zedoary

Author: John O'Connell
Publisher: Pegasus Books
ISBN: 1681771926
Category: Cooking
Page: 248
View: 1333

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At once familiar and exotic, spices are rare things, comforting us in favorite dishes while evoking far-flung countries, Arabian souks, colonial conquests and vast fortunes. John O'Connell introduces us to spices and their unique properties, both medical and magical, alongside the fascinating histories behind both kitchen staples and esoteric luxuries. A tasty compendium of spices and a fascinating history and wide array of uses of the world’s favorite flavors—The Book of Spice: From Anise to Zedoary reveals the amazing history of spices both familiar and esoteric. John O’Connell’s erudite chapters combine history with insights into art, religion, medicine, science, and is richly seasoned with anecdotes and recipes. Discover why Cleopatra bathed in saffron and mare’s milk, why wormwood-laced absinthe caused eighteenth century drinkers to hallucinate and how cloves harvested in remote Indonesian islands found their way into a kitchen in ancient Syria. Almost every kitchen contains a bottle of cloves or a stick of cinnamon, almost every dish a pinch of something, whether chili or cumin. The Book of Spice is culinary history at its most appetizing.

Healing Spices

How to Use 50 Everyday and Exotic Spices to Boost Health and Beat Disease
Author: Bharat B. Aggarwal,Debora Yost
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated
ISBN: 9781402776632
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 322
View: 8117

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Looks at the healing properties of fifty spices and explains how they can be incorporated into a healthy diet to treat specific health problems and boost natural immunity against common diseases, with fifty recipes for main and side dishes and instructions for making spice mixes.

Holiday Spice

Author: Samantha Chase
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1492616389
Category: Fiction
Page: 352
View: 3205

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As soon as the mistletoe goes up, that's when life gets really interesting Darcy Shaughnessy has gotten used to her overbearing brothers chasing away any man she wants to date. But a chance meeting with a brooding and deliciously handsome artist is about to make this holiday season one to remember. There's only one thing Benjamin Tanner loves more than his woodcarving: solitude. Then he gets snowed in with Darcy in his cozy cabin in the woods, and their heated feelings begin to melt the icy barrier between them. With Ben's need for privacy and Darcy's love of family and social life, will opposites still attract once the snow clears and the holiday festivities come to an end? The Shaughnessy Brothers Series: Made for Us (Book 1) Love Walks In (Book 2) Always My Girl (Book 3) This Is Our Song (Book 4) A Sky Full of Stars (Book 5) Holiday Spice (Book 6) What People Are Saying: "Delightfully satisfying...a Christmas to remember. " —USA Today Happily Ever After for A Christmas Cottage/Ever After "So much more than just a romance." —Night Owl Reviews for Always My Girl "Fans of Susan Elizabeth Phillips may also enjoy Chase." —Booklist for Love

Automotive SPICE in Practice

Surviving Implementation and Assessment
Author: Markus Mueller,Klaus Hoermann,Lars Dittmann,Joerg Zimmer
Publisher: Rocky Nook, Inc.
ISBN: 1457118386
Category: Computers
Page: 304
View: 2023

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Automotive SPICE is a framework for designing and assessing software development processes. If implemented effectively, it leads to better processes and better product quality. It also helps to improve the cooperation among complex supply chains and between globally distributed development and engineering centers. Automotive SPICE has been derived from the ISO/IEC 15504 standard, also known as SPICE. It has been developed under the Automotive SPICE initiative by the consensus of several major car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Fiat, Daimler, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Volvo. Today, Automotive SPICE has become a standard in the international automotive industry. This book is written as a guide to help the reader understand and interpret the requirements of this standard and to implement Automotive SPICE in a real world application environment. It is written for engineers, practitioners, managers, and project managers who need practical guidance in applying or implementing the Automotive SPICE framework in his/her company. Important topics, such as traceability, functional safety (IEC 61508), and the relationship between Automotive SPICE and CMMI are given particular attention. This book is a definite must for practitioners involved in implementing Automotive SPICE in process improvement programs; a welcome aid for any assessor looking for clear, consistent, and constructive rating guidelines; and an invaluable resource for anyone concerned with engineering development processes in the automotive industry.

The SPICE Book

Author: Andrei Vladimirescu
Publisher: Wiley
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 432
View: 1841

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Extremely easy-to-follow due to its natural progression tutorial approach on how to advance from the solution of typical electrical and electronic circuit examples by hand, followed by a SPICE verification through the discussion of simulation results. The first part contains relevant data about SPICE in order to analyze both linear passive and electronic circuits. The latter half provides more detail on such topics as distortion models and analysis, basic algorithms in SPICE, analysis option parameters and how to direct SPICE to find a solution when it fails.

Vegan Fire & Spice

200 Sultry and Savory Global Recipes
Author: Robin Robertson
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 0988949288
Category: Cooking
Page: 268
View: 7913

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Spice up your life! - Take a trip around the world with delicious, mouth-watering, meatless, dairy-free, and egg-free recipes ranging from mildly spiced to nearly incendiary. Explore the spicy vegan cuisines of the U.S., South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, and Asia with: Red-Hot White Bean Chili Vindaloo Vegetables Moroccan Tagine Spicy Szechuan Noodles Jambalaya Thai Coconut Soup Penne Arrabbiata Satays with Ginger Peanut Sauce Organized by global region, this book offers inventive and delicious spicy vegan recipes of traditional dishes using readily available ingredients. Best of all, the recipes are designed so you can adjust your own heat tolerance allowing you to enjoy it hot - or not. With the bold and scintillating recipes of Vegan Fire & Spice, you can travel the globe without ever leaving home - while still enjoying meals that are healthy and 100% vegan.

The Spice Diet

Use Powerhouse Flavor to Fight Cravings and Win the Weight-Loss Battle
Author: Judson Todd Allen
Publisher: Grand Central Life & Style
ISBN: 1538727420
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 320
View: 6789

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Celebrity chef Judson Todd Allen presents the diet that helped him lose 160 pounds, featuring 60 guilt-free recipes packed with powerhouse flavor created especially for THE SPICE DIET. When Steve Harvey wanted to get camera-ready before his hit television show launched, he turned to Chef Judson Todd Allen to help him. While enjoying the flavorful food Chef Judson prepared, Steve Harvey lost 30 pounds and has kept them off. Chef Judson's diet plan is heaven for food lovers. Using the principles of food science, he offers a way to eat that feels indulgent as it satisfies food cravings and reduces appetite. His program will not only help readers break their addiction to unhealthy foods without feeling deprived but will also inspire them to get into the kitchen to prepare irresistable, healthy meals. THE SPICE DIET provides a full weight-loss program that includes meal plans, creative spice blends, easy-to-prepare recipes, and a heaping helping of motivation.


Vegetable and Spice Capsicums
Author: Paul W. Bosland,Eric J. Votava
Publisher: CABI
ISBN: 178064020X
Category: Cooking
Page: 230
View: 2986

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Although thought of as a minor crop, peppers are a major world commodity due to their great versatility. They are used not only as vegetables in their own right but also as flavourings in food products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Aimed at advanced students and growers, this second edition expands upon topics covered in the first, such as the plant's history, genetics, production, diseases and pests, and brings the text up to date with current research and understanding of this genus. New material includes an expansion of marker-assisted breeding to cover the different types of markers available, new directions, and trends in the industry, the loss of germplasm and access to it, and the long term preservation of Capsicum resources worldwide. It is suitable for horticultural researchers, extension workers, academics, breeders, growers, and students.


Layers of Flavour
Author: Dhruv Baker
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
ISBN: 9780297870159
Category: Cookbooks
Page: 224
View: 9640

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In this cookbook, Dhruv will instil an understanding of the characteristics of individual spices, which will then lead to an ability to blend or fuse more and more spices to give an enhanced culinary experience with the addition of each extra layer of flavour. Some recipes will include: Fennel and saffron butter poached lobster Pork tenderloin fritters, achari mayonnaise Cardamom and vodka panacotta Cinnamon and star anise hot chocolate.

The Grammar of Spice

Author: Caz Hildebrand
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780500519677
Category: Cooking
Page: 224
View: 9717

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The ultimate stylish kitchen resource, exploring the history of sixty spices and their uses--a must have for cooks and food lovers alike

Spice Crops

Author: E. A. Weiss
Publisher: CABI
ISBN: 9780851996059
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 411
View: 959

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Many plants have been used for centuries as sources of spices for culinary use. Recently there has been an upsurge of interest in diversifying the range of such spices and in their agronomy, as alternative crops, in both temperate and tropical countries. This book provides a scientific review and guide to the botany and agronomy of the major families of plants used for the production of spices. Contents include: world production and trade; and chapters on Cruciferae, Lauraceae, Leguminosae, Piperaceae, Solanaceae, Unbelliferae, Zingiberaceae, and Minor crops.

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Cinemas of Girlhood
Author: Frances K. Gateward,Murray Pomerance
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
ISBN: 9780814329184
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 387
View: 9091

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A provcative, contemporary anthology examining the construction of girls in modern cinema.

Spice Girls Revisited

How The Spice Girls Reinvented Pop
Author: David Sinclair
Publisher: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 0857121111
Category: Music
Page: 376
View: 6743

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The Spice Girls phenomenon was a genuine pop music landmark. No group since The Beatles had commanded as much media attention. Ginger, Baby, Posh, Sporty and Scary became international stars and, whether they were adored or ridiculed, they became the ultimate expression of global media fame in the Nineties.

Sugar and Spice (Whatever After #10)

Author: Sarah Mlynowski
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545851084
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 176
View: 823

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That's the way the cookie crumbles! Yum! Our magic mirror has dropped me and my brother, Jonah, into the story of Hansel and Gretel. If we're lucky, we may even get to taste the cake-house... But we didn't count on accidentally getting trapped. The real Hansel and Gretel are on the run, and Jonah and I have taken their place. And the witch is making a kid casserole for dinner... Now we have to: - Avoid being eaten - Pretend our dog is a cat - Learn to make kale smoothies - Befriend a talking duck Or we may never make it back to our home sweet home!

Sugar and Spice

Author: Lauren Conrad
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062012754
Category: Young Adult Fiction
Page: 288
View: 1040

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Sugar and Spice . . . Not everyone's nice. Fresh from being betrayed by one of her closest friends, new reality-television celebrity Jane Roberts has learned a few lessons. Most important: know who to trust. And inHollywood, that list is short. Although the press is intent on creating a tabloid war between her and ex-friend/current-costar Madison Parker, Jane just wants to take control of her life. She’s started by swearing off guys and the drama that comes with them. But when her high school sweetheart Caleb and her unrequited L.A. crush Braden show up, both acting sweeter than ever, Jane has a hard timeremembering her no-boys rule. . . . Her best friend, Scarlett, has only one guy on her mind: her new boyfriend, Liam. The girl who once thought love was a four-letter word is now head over heels. The problem is, being ona hit reality show means hanging out with other guys on-camera, and Liam isn’t too happy with pretending to play a bit part in her love life. Just when everything feels out of control, Jane makes a shocking discovery—one that changes everyone’s definition of “reality” forever. In her deliciously entertaining novel, television star Lauren Conrad pulls back the curtain on young Hollywood and shows that sometimes the real drama is behind the scenes.

Cultivation of Spice Crops

Author: Azhar Ali Farooqi,B. S. Sreeramu,K. N. Srinivasappa
Publisher: Universities Press
ISBN: 9788173715211
Category: Condiments
Page: 457
View: 5225

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Spices Constitute An Important Group Of Agricultural Commodities Which, Since Antiquity, Have Been Used For Flavouring Foods. Some Species Are Used In The Pharmaceutical, Perfumery, Cosmetics And Related Industries, And Others Possess Colourant, Preservative, Antioxidant, Antiseptic And Antibiotic Properties.India Is One Of The Leading Spice Producing And Exporting Countries In The World. In Addition, Large Quantities Of Spices Are Consumed Within The Country For Seasoning Of Food And For Several Other Purposes. No Other Country In The World Has Such A Diverse Variety Of Spice Crops As India.This Book Reflects The Intensive Research Carried Out On This Group Of 42 Spice Crops Since 1971, The Improvement In Agro-Techniques And The Release Of Many High-Yielding Varieties. It Provides Exhaustive Information On All Aspects Of Cultivation, Harvesting And Processing Of Each Crop And Will Be An Invaluable Aid To Students, Teachers And Growers Of Spice Crops, Both Individual And Corporate.