Soul of the Age

Author: Paul Hemenway Altrocchi, MD
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 149174345X
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 472
View: 6261

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The greatest cultural mystery in the Western World is, Who wrote the plays and sonnets published under the pen name of William Shakespeare? For reasons of monarchial succession, greed and power, Robert Cecil, Queen Elizabeth s chief counselor, forced Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, to use a pseudonym for his great works. De Vere chose the pen name William Shakespeare. Because of his similar name, Cecil selected Will Shakspere of Stratford-on-Avon as the fraudulent front man. Poor choice: Shakspere was uneducated, never owned a book, never traveled abroad, knew no foreign languages and could not read or write. Because of the tenacious grip of Conventional Wisdom, professors of English still believe Cecil s hoax 400 years later, clinging futilely to their Stratford Man despite abundant evidence against their illogical theory. "Soul of the Age" contains 28 high-quality articles by a remarkable new generation of authorship experts who clearly establish de Vere as Shakespeare and annihilate the illiterate Will Shakspere s candidacy. Hugh Trevor-Roper, Professor of History, Oxford University, 1962: Armies of scholars, formidably equipped, have examined all the documents which could possibly contain at least a mention of his (Shakespeare s) name. One hundredth part of this labour applied to one of his insignificant contemporaries would be sufficient to produce a substantial biography. And yet the greatest of all Englishmen, after this tremendous inquisition, still remains so close a mystery that even his identity can still be doubted . . . During his lifetime nobody claimed to know him. Not a single tribute was paid to him at his death. As far as the records go, he was uneducated, had no literary friends, possessed at his death no books, and could not write. It is true, six of his signatures have been found, all spelt differently; but they are so ill-formed that some graphologists suppose the hand to have been guided. Except for these signatures, no syllable of writing by Shakespeare [Shakspere] has been identified . . . Such is the best the historians can do. Clearly it is not enough. It may be the shell: it is not the man. "

Soul of the Age

The Life, Mind and World of William Shakespeare
Author: Jonathan Bate
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141917768
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 512
View: 4787

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How did plague turn Shakespeare from a jobbing hack into a courtly poet? How did Bottom's dream rewrite the Bible? How did Shakespeare's plays lead to the deaths of an earl and a king? And why was he the one dramatist of his generation never to be imprisoned? Weaving a dazzling tapestry of Elizabethan beliefs and obsessions, private passions and political intrigues, Soul of the Age leads us on an exhilarating tour of the extraordinary, colourful and often violent world that shaped and informed Shakespeare's thinking. Written by one of the world's leading experts, it combines almost everything there is to know about the man and his work in one sensational narrative, and brings us closer than ever to understanding what being Shakespeare was actually like.

Healing the Soul in the Age of the Brain

Becoming Conscious in an Unconscious World
Author: Elio Frattaroli
Publisher: Viking Press
Category: Psychology
Page: 454
View: 1705

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Argues against the idea that taking medication can solve all of life's problems, stating that people must first examine their lives and their souls in order to become fulfilled persons.

Soul of the Sea

In the Age of the Algorithm
Author: Nishan Degnarain,Greg Stone
Publisher: Leetes Island Books
ISBN: 9780918172624
Page: 128
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SOUL OF THE SEA IN THE AGE OF THE ALGORITHM draws upon the fields of science, economics and business strategy to chart the future of humankind’s relationship to the ocean. The underlying principle is that a healthy ocean provides the basis for a prosperous world, and that oceans have been largely ignored as a driver of human well-being until now. Ocean health has been in an serious state of decline for the past 100 years from a range of pressures including human population growth, energy consumption and use of natural resources. We will exceed our planetary boundaries, the resources and environmental conditions we need to exist, within the next century if we do not change. This message is not new. What is new about this book is that the solutions lie not only in traditional resource conservation management, but in new fields of technology, governance and innovation.

Soul of the Age

Selected Letters of Hermann Hesse, 1891-1962
Author: Hermann Hesse
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 1466835192
Category: Literary Collections
Page: 347
View: 874

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Throughout his life, Herman Hesse was a devoted letter writer. He corresponded, not just with friends and family, but also with his readers. From his letters home from the seminary at age fourteen, to his last letters, written days before his death at eighty-five, this selection gives a sense of the author of some of the most widely read books of the century.

Das Zeitalter des Überwachungskapitalismus

Author: Shoshana Zuboff
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 3593439638
Category: Political Science
Page: 727
View: 2736

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Gegen den Big-Other-Kapitalismus ist Big Brother harmlos. Die Menschheit steht am Scheideweg, sagt die Harvard-Ökonomin Shoshana Zuboff. Bekommt die Politik die wachsende Macht der High-Tech-Giganten in den Griff? Oder überlassen wir uns der verborgenen Logik des Überwachungskapitalismus? Wie reagieren wir auf die neuen Methoden der Verhaltensauswertung und -manipulation, die unsere Autonomie bedrohen? Akzeptieren wir die neuen Formen sozialer Ungleichheit? Ist Widerstand ohnehin zwecklos? Zuboff bewertet die soziale, politische, ökonomische und technologische Bedeutung der großen Veränderung, die wir erleben. Sie zeichnet ein unmissverständliches Bild der neuen Märkte, auf denen Menschen nur noch Quelle eines kostenlosen Rohstoffs sind - Lieferanten von Verhaltensdaten. Noch haben wir es in der Hand, wie das nächste Kapitel des Kapitalismus aussehen wird. Meistern wir das Digitale oder sind wir seine Sklaven? Es ist unsere Entscheidung! Zuboffs Buch liefert eine neue Erzählung des Kapitalismus. An ihrer Deutung kommen kritische Geister nicht vorbei.


Reflections on the Soul of Ministry in the Age of Church, Inc.
Author: Skye Jethani
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780802416193
Category: Religion
Page: 208
View: 3407

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How do you measure a pastor? Not long ago, ministers were among the most trusted and admired people in our culture. But not anymore. Recent studies reveal that Americans' admiration for clergy has reached an all-time low. In response to this trend, some pastors have subconsciously looked to emulate those who are praised by the culture, such as business leaders, entertainers, and social activists. This has led to a new understanding of what a minister should be. Immeasurable calls pastors back to the biblical ideal. Through short essays and reflections on the pastor's soul and skills, this book will help prospective pastors explore their calling--and veteran pastors to reframe it. Drawing on cultural dynamics, personal stories, and his own experience in ministry and with church leaders, Skye Jethani will address matters like ambition, anger, community, consumerism, fame, health, justice, platform, preaching, rest, simplicity, success, vision, and more. Immeasurable is for any pastor who wants to shepherd faithfully.

Technology in American Drama, 1920-1950

Soul and Society in the Age of the Machine
Author: Dennis G. Jerz
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313321726
Category: Drama
Page: 167
View: 5988

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This study explores the relationship between humans and machines during an age when technology became increasingly domesticated and accepted as an index to the American dream. The marriage between dramatic art and dramatic technology stems from the physical realities of staging and from the intimate connection of technology with human labor inside and outside the household. This book examines how American dramatists of the 1920s drew upon European Expressionism and innovative staging techniques to develop their characters and themes, and how later playwrights, such as Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller, established the American dramatic canon when technology had become a conventional and integral component of domestic life. Technology in American Drama, 1920-1950, explores the relationship between humans and machines during an age when technology became increasingly domesticated and accepted as an index to the American dream. The marriage between dramatic art and dramatic technology stems from both the physical realities of staging and the intimate connection of technology with human labor inside and outside the household. Technology shapes and defines the values of the soul, individually and collectively, in addition to producing the external environment in which people live. This book studies how playwrights of the era reflected the changing role of technology in American society. Drawing on the experiments of European Expressionism, American dramatists of the 1920s found new techniques for developing character and theme, along with innovative staging devices, such as the threatening machines in Elmer Rice's The Adding Machine, Sophie Treadwell's Machinal, and Eugene O'Neill's Dynamo. By the time Thornton Wilder, Tennessee Williams, and Arthur Miller established the canon of American drama, technology was no longer an impersonal force to be resisted, but a conventional and integral component of domestic life. In examining these dramatists and their works, this book provides an insightful analysis of a largely neglected topic.

Old Souls

Aged Women, Poverty, and the Experience of God
Author: Helen K. Black,Robert L. Rubinstein
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9780202367590
Category: Social Science
Page: 243
View: 4143

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This volume presents an intimate and compassionate portrait of elderly black and white women who speak, in their own voices, of the domestic and social abuses that led to their financial and emotional impoverishment, and of the transcendent effect of their relationship with God. Drawn from extensive qualitative interviews over a four-year period, the stories reveal women not impoverished by poverty, but amazingly resilient and resourceful in confronting adversity.

American Popular Music: The age of rock

Author: Timothy E. Scheurer
Publisher: Popular Press
ISBN: 9780879724689
Category: Music
Page: 267
View: 5133

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Beginning with the emergence of commercial American music in the nineteenth century, Volume 1 includes essays on the major performers, composers, media, and movements that shaped our musical culture before rock and roll. Articles explore the theoretical dimensions of popular music studies; the music of the nineteenth century; and the role of black Americans in the evolution of popular music. Also included—the music of Tin Pan Alley, ragtime, swing, the blues, the influences of W. S. Gilbert and Rodgers and Hammerstein, and changes in lyric writing styles from the nineteenth century to the rock era.

The Messianic Legacy in the Age of Aquarius

Jesus, Redeemer of the World's Soul
Author: Celeste
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 143434004X
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 256
View: 5848

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Ever Wonder? What Americas' Horoscope reveals of our future destiny? What the Constellations of the Zodiac convey esoterically? How Freemasonry relates to the Mysteries of ancient Egypt and the founding of America? What magical significance does our Great Seal present in its' arcane symbolism? Where Jesus was for the missing 20 years of Biblical history? What the Dead Sea Scrolls, found in 1947-reveal about Jesus? What is Israel's role is in the 'Last Days' scenario? What became of the lost Ten Tribes of Israel? Will Jesus really return to Earth in our lifetime? Who the Lord and Master of the Universe, really is? How accurate the Holy Bible is according to historical events? Wonder no more... We are now at the precipice of a new Age of spiritual awakening. Great Ages seem to produce mighty accomplishments in the arts and sciences, and as well penetrating visions from the prophets of the time. The Age of Aquarius starts off the seventh historical Millennium of our Creator God, His symbolic "day of rest," His Sabbath. Encoded in the circle of the Zodiac, is a story of a Redeemer, the Redemption, and the Redeemed; as the Zodiac intimately reflects Bible prophecy and is in complete accordance with prophecies of the ancient Patriarchs and Prophets. Soon the Angels trumpets will sound and call us to prophesy and collect our Legacy..

The Soul of the Corporation

How to Manage the Identity of Your Company
Author: Hamid Bouchikhi,John Robert Kimberly
Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0131857266
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 208
View: 4687

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“As Emerson said that an institution is the ‘extended shadow’ of a person, Bouchikhi and Kimberly fluidly blend the personal and enterprise-wide perspectives of professional identity to yield both powerful insights and priceless practical tools. Most management books look at the decision maker or at the decision making context. This important book embraces both while eschewing the clichés of corporate culture guidebooks. Anchored in decades of research, compelling current business sagas, and familiar everyday challenges,The Soul of the Corporationuniquely conveys the inextricably intertwined nature of the symbolic and substantive roles of leadership.” Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Senior Associate Dean, Lester Crown Professor of Management, Yale School of Management, and coauthor ofFiring Back: How Great Leaders Rebound from Career Disasters “In a world of continuous flux and accelerating change, one’s sense of identity becomes more crucial than ever for companies, no less than individuals. InThe Soul of the Corporation, Bouchikhi and Kimberly take us on a journey into the psychological world of corporate identity and explore the importance of companies knowing who they are, both in relation to their inner-workings and the outside world. This trailblazing book will prove invaluable to management in their quest to define the essence of their corporate identity.” Jeremy Rifkin, President of the Foundation on Economic Trends in Washington, author ofThe End of Work,The Age of Access, andThe Hydrogen Economy “Identity is one of the most fundamental yet least understood determinants of organizational outcomes. Bouchikhi and Kimberly’s book provides a fresh and provocative point of view of the determinants of organizational identity as well as research-based insights on how to shift identity over time. This book will be important to both scholars of organizational evolution as well as managers involved in leading change.” Michael Tushman, Paul R. Lawrence Class of 1942 Professor of Business at the Harvard Business School “A strong Identity is a major asset for a firm, as this book so convincingly illustrates. To manage the Identity (the I*Dimension) is perhaps the most critical top leadership function today. The authors show us how to do this–a must read!” Dr. Peter Lorange, IMD President, The Nestlé Professor Understand, Control, and Leverage Your Company’s #1 Asset: Its Unique Identity We live in a new Age of Identity, in which your employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders care about who you really are. More than ever, your company’s identity will shape the results it can achieve. The Soul of the Corporation will help you clearly understand your company’s identity, and then take control of it and leverage it for long-term adaptation and success. Drawing on real-life stories from the world’s most prominent companies, the authors show how identity can be an extraordinarily valuable asset–and how, if not properly managed, it can become a huge liability. Discover how your firm’s identity is related to–and different from–its organizational culture, brand positioning, and reputation. Learn how to diagnose and manage the often unconscious shared beliefs that constitute your company’s soul…how to face the enormous identity challenges that arise in mergers, alliances, spin-offs, and the creation of new brands…and above all, how to lead and inspire in this new Age of Identity. • Master your company’s “I*Dimension” New tools for leveraging identity for competitive advantage • Manage the tensions that shape your company’s identity Convergent vs. divergent, internal vs. external, designed vs. emergent, sameness vs. uniqueness • Overcome the dark, dysfunctional side of identity Minimize narcissism, conflict, drift, and fragmentation • Protect what’s precious, change what needs to change Managing identity through M&As, spin-offs, alliances, and unrelenting change

Soul of a Nation

Author: Mark Godfrey,Zoé Whitley
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781942884170
Category: Art
Page: 256
View: 8173

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African American art in the era of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers In the period of radical change that was 1963-83, young black artists at the beginning of their careers confronted difficult questions about art, politics and racial identity. How to make art that would stand as innovative, original, formally and materially complex, while also making work that reflected their concerns and experience as black Americans? Soul of a Nationsurveys this crucial period in American art history, bringing to light previously neglected histories of 20th-century black artists, including Sam Gilliam, Melvin Edwards, Jack Whitten, William T. Williams, Howardina Pindell, Romare Bearden, David Hammons, Barkley Hendricks, Senga Nengudi, Noah Purifoy, Faith Ringgold, Betye Saar, Charles White and Frank Bowling. The book features substantial essays from Mark Godfrey and Zoe Whitley, writing on abstraction and figuration, respectively. It also explores the art-historical and social contexts with subjects ranging from black feminism, AfriCOBRA and other artist-run groups to the role of museums in the debates of the period and visual art's relation to the Black Arts Movement. Over 170 artworks by these and many other artists of the era are illustrated in full color. 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the first use of the term "black power" by student activist Stokely Carmichael; it will also be 50 years since the US Supreme Court overturned the prohibition of interracial marriage. At this turning point in the reassessment of African American art history, Soul of a Nationis a vital contribution to this timely subject.

Reimagining the Soul

Afterlife in the Age of Matter
Author: Douglas M. Stokes
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786477075
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 216
View: 5958

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This book explores conceptions of the soul and the afterlife that are consistent with the findings of modern science. It approaches these subjects from many different angles: religious, philosophical, scientific, poetic, humorous, quasi-scientific, and even pseudoscientific (just to be fair). Many possible afterlives are examined, including physical resurrection (whether supernatural, biological or cybernetic in form), reincarnation, participation in a dream-like world or collective mind, and the persistence of recycling centers of pure consciousness. Philosophical, scientific and religious doctrines regarding the relationship between conscious minds and physical matter are reviewed. Centers of consciousness likely exist at many different hierarchical levels, from elementary particles, single neurons and organisms all the way up to supra-individual entities such as ant colonies or deities. Empirical evidence bearing on the nature of the soul and the afterlife is also reviewed, including that amassed by parapsychologists suggesting that some personality elements may survive death (as in the case of children who report memories of previous lives). The findings of modern neuroscience suggest that you cannot take it all (or even much of it) with you but you can at least take you with you.

Neptune and the Final Phase of the Piscean Age

Author: Sioux Rose
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595778240
Category: Philosophy
Page: 250
View: 6674

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This volume functions as two books in one. An "astrologer's reference" it delineates Neptune's conjunctions with planets from the birth chart. Additionally since the astrologer is trained to step outside the temporal context to understand the magnitude of stories inlaid into the rhythm structures of time its perspective is valuable as mankind faces a chaotic transition. The ancient Greeks personified the planetary personae through myth. Neptune, the deceiver, presides over the final phase of the Piscean Age as deception, delusion, and duplicity threaten the great verities. How did we get here? Mankind evidences remarkable technological expertise, but have matters improved for the vast majority? Illusions born of past traditions hold minds hostage, and pit tribe against tribe on the basis of divisive belief systems. Pisces is the zodiac position where the circle meets itself and differences dissolve. Symbolized by two fish, it suggests twin perceptual portals analogous to both brain hemispheres. Two complementary "oars" are required to navigate our shared vessel progressively; otherwise we circle endlessly and history repeats. Right brain sentience invokes what is missing: the sense of inherent unity among all living beings. Mankind can no longer afford the asymmetric worldview that undermines the great balance we must now endeavor to restore.

Der Mensch und das Meer

Warum der größte Lebensraum der Erde in Gefahr ist
Author: Callum Roberts
Publisher: DVA
ISBN: 3641100062
Category: Social Science
Page: 592
View: 5146

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Der Wandel eines faszinierenden, bedrohten Lebensraums Die Ozeane sind nicht nur der größte Lebensraum der Erde, sondern auch der am wenigsten erforschte. Die unermessliche Vielfalt dieses Ökosystems beginnen wir erst jetzt bis in die letzten Winkel zu begreifen – auch wie wichtig das Meer für unser Leben ist. Im letzten Jahrhundert hat jedoch die Herrschaft des Menschen über die Natur auch die Ozeane erreicht: Wir fischen die Meere leer und füllen sie stattdessen mit Umweltgiften. Tiefseebergbau droht den Lebensraum unzähliger Pflanzen und Tiere bis zur Unkenntlichkeit zu verändern. Die Klimaerwärmung ließ bereits ein Viertel aller Korallen zugrunde gehen. In seinem aufrüttelnden Buch beschreibt der Meeresbiologe und –schützer Callum Roberts den großen Reichtum der Ozeane und ihren Wandel, und er ruft dazu auf, der Zerstörung der Meere endlich Einhalt zu gebieten, denn noch ist es nicht zu spät.

Soul Surfer

Meine Geschichte
Author: Bethany Hamilton,Sheryl Berk,Rick Bundschuh
Publisher: Brunnen Verlag Gießen
ISBN: 3765570826
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 232
View: 8331

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Im Jahr 2003 verlor die damals 13-jährige Profisurferin Bethany Hamilton durch die Attacke eines über 4 Meter großen Tigerhais ihren linken Arm. Doch sie gab nicht auf: mit Mut, einem starken Willen und ihrem unerschütterlichen Glauben an Gott gelang ihr ein außergewöhnliches Comeback. Bereits zwei Jahre später surfte sie trotz ihrer Behinderung wieder in der Weltspitze und wurde 2007 US-amerikanische Surfmeisterin. Seitdem ist viel passiert. Bethanys Leben wurde mit hochkarätigen Stars wie Helen Hunt und Dennis Quaid fürs Kino verfilmt. Doch dass sie nicht nur hinter die Kulissen eines Hollywoodfilmdrehs blicken konnte, sondern auch als gefragter Gast in Talkshows, Gemeinden und für Hilfsorganisationen wie World Vision um die Welt reist, beschreibt sie in dieser erweiterten Neuausgabe ihres Bestsellers Soul Surfer. Meine Geschichte.