The Cambridge Handbook of Sociology: Volume 2

Specialty and Interdisciplinary Studies
Author: Kathleen Odell Korgen
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108184073
Category: Social Science
Page: N.A
View: 3209

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Whether a student, an instructor, a researcher, or just someone interested in understanding the roots of sociology and our social world, The Cambridge Handbook of Sociology, Volume 2 is for you. This second volume of the Handbook covers specialties within sociology and interdisciplinary studies that relate to sociology. It includes perspectives on race, class, feminist theories, special topics (e.g. the sociology of nonhuman animals, quality of life/social indicators research, the sociology of risk, the sociology of disaster, the sociology of mental health, sociobiology, the sociology of science and technology, the sociology of violence, environmental justice, and the sociology of food), the sociology of the self, the sociology of the life course, culture and behavior, sociology's impact on society, and related fields (e.g. criminology, criminal justice studies, social work, social psychology, sociology of translation and translation studies, and women and gender studies). Each essay includes a discussion of how the respective subfield contributes to the overall discipline and to society. Written by some of the most respected scholars, teachers, and public sociologists in the world, the essays are highly readable and authoritative.

Archaeologists and the Dead

Mortuary Archaeology in Contemporary Society
Author: Howard Williams,Melanie Giles
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191067970
Category: Social Science
Page: 480
View: 3779

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This volume addresses the relationship between archaeologists and the dead, through the many dimensions of their relationships: in the field (through practical and legal issues); in the lab (through their analysis and interpretation); and in their written, visual and exhibitionary practice - disseminated to a variety of academic and public audiences. Written from a variety of perspectives, its authors address the experience, effect, ethical considerations, and cultural politics of working with mortuary archaeology. Whilst some papers reflect institutional or organisational approaches, others are more personal in their view: creating exciting and frank insights into contemporary issues which have hitherto often remained 'unspoken' amongst the discipline. Reframing funerary archaeologists as 'death-workers' of a kind, the contributors reflect on their own experience to provide both guidance and inspiration to future practitioners, arguing strongly that we have a central role to play in engaging the public with themes of mortality and commemoration, through the lens of the past. Spurred by the recent debates in the UK, papers from Scandinavia, Austria, Italy, the US, and the mid-Atlantic, frame these issues within a much wider international context which highlights the importance of cultural and historical context in which this work takes place.

Magdalenska gora

družbena struktura in grobni rituali železnodobne skupnosti
Author: Sneža Tecco Hvala
Publisher: Založba ZRC
ISBN: 961254400X
Category: Burial
Page: 434
View: 4373

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On Being At Work

The Social Construction of the Employee
Author: Nancy Harding
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136763953
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 204
View: 4212

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Inspired by the work of the philosopher Judith Butler, influenced by Marx’s theory of alienation and intrigued by theories of death, this book develops an anti-methodological approach to studying working lives. Distinctions are drawn between labour (the tasks we do in our jobs) and work (self-making activities that are carried out at the workplace): between the less than human, zombie-like laborer and the working human self. Nancy Harding argues that the experience of being at work is one in which the insistence on practising one’s humanity always provides a counter-point to organisational demands.

Medical sociology in Britain

a register of research and teaching
Author: Rosaline S. Barbour,Rose Barbour,Edwin van Teijlingen
Publisher: N.A
Category: Medical
Page: 238
View: 5449

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Re-forming the body

religion, community and modernity
Author: Philip A. Mellor,Chris Shilling
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd
ISBN: 9780803977228
Category: Social Science
Page: 234
View: 2094

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Through an analysis of successive reformations of the body, this innovative and penetrating book constructs a fascinating and wide-ranging account of how the creation and evolution of different patterns of human community are intimately related to the somatic experience of the sacred. The book places the relationship between embodiment and the sacred at the crux of social theory and casts a fresh light on the emergence and transformation of modernity. It critically examines the thesis that the rational projects of modern embodiment have died and gone to cyberspace and suggests that we are witnessing the rise of a virulent, effervescent form of the sacred that is changing how people see and keep in touch with the world around them. Grounded in classical and contemporary theory, Re-Forming the Body makes a seminal contribution to understanding the relationship between the sacred and profane: the world of religious and moral sentiment and the world of the body. It will be essential reading for graduates, postgraduates, and advanced undergraduates in sociology and social theory, the body, religious studies, cultural studies, and related areas.

Sociological Abstracts

Author: Leo P. Chall
Publisher: N.A
Category: Sociology
Page: N.A
View: 1650

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CSA Sociological Abstracts abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,800+ serials publications, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers.

Medical power and social knowledge

Author: Bryan S. Turner
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 256
View: 6639

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In this new textbook, Professor Bryan Turner describes and contributes to the sociological analysis of medicine. He provides an overview of the debates through which the sociology of medicine has developed and connects major issues in health and disease to central problems in social theory.

Central Currents in Organization Studies II

Contemporary Trends
Author: Stewart R Clegg
Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited
ISBN: 9780761974970
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 1638
View: 8334

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Offering a solid grounding in the historical and contemporary concerns of the field, Central Currents in Organization Studies Volumes 5-8 presents an innovative and thematically coherent selection of seminal articles. This four-volume set provides an essential benchmark reference to any library concerned with the field of organization studies. Presenting the most influential and provocative contributions to the field, this major work reviews the development of organization studies, including both mainstream and more innovative topics, leading through to recent debates on the status of organizations. This set opens with an introductory editorial essay by Stewart Clegg where he explores issues concerning the scientific status and moral philosophy of oganization studies.

Contagious Ideas

On Evolution, Culture, Archaeology, and Cultural Virus Theory
Author: Ben Sandford Cullen
Publisher: Oxbow Books Limited
Category: History
Page: 283
View: 8815

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Neo-Darwinism is becoming an increasingly important influence on archaeological theory, as a number of recently edited books on `Darwinian archaeologies' make clear. However, many of these volumes are internationally inconsistent and reflect the muddled understanding many archaeologists have of the potential of Darwin's thought for interpreting material culture. Ben Cullen's book starts by critiquing some recent neo-Darwinist approaches, including cultural evolutionism and cultural sociobiology. He then presents a neo-Darwinian paradigm of extreme power, which he has termed the Cultural Virus Theory (CVT). This focuses on explaining the transmission of ideas by comparing cultural memes wit natural genes. In the final section he takes the important step of applying this theory to real materials; demonstrating how CVT can be used to understand the spread of megalithic monuments in prehistoric North-West Europe, the diffusion of the renaissance in medieval Europe and the basis of stylistic change in pottery. Tragically this collection of brilliant thoughts is published posthumously. Ben Cullen was close to finishing a major book when he died suddenly in 1995 and his writings have been gathered into a consistent whole by James Steele, Richard Cullen and Christopher Chippendale.