Handbook of Social Psychology

Author: Susan T. Fiske,Daniel T. Gilbert,Gardner Lindzey
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470137495
Category: Psychology
Page: 1582
View: 3933

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Collects entries that discuss topics in the field of social psychology.

Handbook of Social Psychology

Author: John DeLamater
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 038736921X
Category: Social Science
Page: 572
View: 692

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Psychology, focusing on processes that occur inside the individual and Sociology, focusing on social collectives and social institutions, come together in Social Psychology to explore the interface between the two fields. The core concerns of social psychology include the impact of one individual on another; the impact of a group on its individual members; the impact of individuals on the groups in which they participate; the impact of one group on another. This book is a successor to Social Psychology: Social Perspectives and Sociological Perspectives in Social Psychology. The current text expands on previous handbooks in social psychology by including recent developments in theory and research and comprehensive coverage of significant theoretical perspectives.

Emotions in Social Psychology

Essential Readings
Author: W. Gerrod Parrott
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780863776830
Category: Psychology
Page: 378
View: 6709

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This reader presents a collection of influential articles on the nature of emotions and ther role in social psychological phenomena, along with recent work that reflects the current state of the art.

Advances in Experimental Social Psychology

Author: Mark P. Zanna
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080463308
Category: Psychology
Page: 392
View: 7506

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Advances in Experimental Social Psychology continues to be one of the most sought after and most often cited series in this field. Containing contributions of major empirical and theoretical interest, this series represents the best and the brightest in new research, theory, and practice in social psychology. *One of the most well-received and credible series in social psychology *Chapters spanning such diverse areas such as goal achievement, interracial relations, and self defense *An excellent resource for researchers, librarians, and academics

Recent Advances in Social Psychology

An International Perspective
Author: Joseph P. Forgas,J. Michael Innes
Publisher: Elsevier Science Limited
ISBN: 9780444885197
Category: Social Science
Page: 543
View: 5719

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The field of social psychology was one of the largest broad disciplinary areas represented at the Congress, and the papers selected for this volume give a fresh and exciting overview of the current state of the discipline. The volume aims to present a well-integrated and balanced survey of contemporary social psychology that may be read as a book in its own right or used as an up-to-date work of reference. This volume surveys the most recent developments in social psychology with over fifty papers by outstanding researchers from all over the world. The major research areas covered include attitudes, values and beliefs, attribution research, social cognition, emotion and affect, social perception, judgment and decisions, interpersonal behaviour and communication, groups, leadership, social influence processes, the self, personality and social adaptation, socialisation and cross-cultural psychology. The volume contains both empirical and theoretical papers and is aimed at students and researchers in social psychology and in neighbouring disciplines, such as cross-cultural, cognitive, developmental, personality and clinical psychology, social work and sociology.

Advanced Social Psychology

The State of the Science
Author: Roy F. Baumeister,Eli J. Finkel
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199701001
Category: Psychology
Page: 832
View: 9157

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Social psychology is a flourishing discipline. It explores the most essential questions of the human psyche (e.g., Why do people help or harm others? How do influence professionals get us to do what they want, and how can we inoculate ourselves against their sometimes-insidious persuasion tactics? Why do social relationships exert such powerful effects on people's physical health?), and it does so with clever, ingenuitive research methods. This edited volume is a textbook for advanced social psychology courses. Its primary target audience is first-year graduate students (MA or PhD) in social psychlogy, although it is also appropriate for upper-level undergraduate courses in social psychology and for doctoral students in disciplines connecting to social psychology (e.g., marketing, organizational behavior). The authors of the chapters are world-renowned leaders on their topic, and they have written these chapters to be engaging and accessible to students who are just learning the discipline. After reading this book, you will be able to understand almost any journal article or conference presentation in any field of social psychology. You will be able to converse competently with most social psychologists in their primary research domain, a use skill that is relevant not only in daily life but also when interviewing for a faculty position. And, most importantly, you will be equipped with the background knowledge to forge ahead more confidently with your own research.

Doing Social Psychology

Laboratory and Field Exercises
Author: Glynis M. Breakwell,Hugh C. Foot,Hugh Foot,Robin Gilmour
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521335638
Category: Psychology
Page: 312
View: 5942

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This collection of classroom-tested laboratory and field exercises engages students and their instructors in a thorough exploration of central problems and topics in social psychology. The book is divided into three sections: technique demonstrations, technique applications, and problem investigations. Each section includes exercises on topics such as questionnaire design, interviewing, speech style, the observation of children, eyewitness testimony, and co-operation and competition. Students are provided with the necessary background knowledge of each social phenomenon investigated to make their research effort involving and meaningful. An instructor's manual accompanies the book and provides the supplementary information instructors need to organise the exercises for their students.

Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology

Group Processes
Author: Michael A. Hogg,Scott Tindale
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 047099844X
Category: Psychology
Page: 712
View: 436

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This handbook provides an authoritative, up-to-date overview of the social psychology of group processes. The topics covered include group decisions, juries, group remembering, roles, status, leadership, social identity and group membership, socialization, group performance, negotiation and bargaining, emotion and mood, computer-mediated communication, organizations and mental health. Provides an authoritative, up-to-date overview of the social psychology of group processes. Written by leading researchers from around the world to provide a classic and current overview of research as well as providing a description of future trends within the area. Includes coverage of group decisions, juries, group remembering, roles, status, leadership, social identity and group membership, socialization, group performance, negotiation and bargaining, emotion and mood, computer-mediated communication, organizations and mental health. Essential reading for any serious scholar of group behavior. Now available in full text online via xreferplus, the award-winning reference library on the web from xrefer. For more information, visit www.xreferplus.com

Principles Of Social Psychology

Author: Nicky Hayes
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 1135064695
Category: Psychology
Page: 168
View: 4556

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This is designed to be a clear and readable introduction to social psychology for A-level students, for those studying psychology as a supplement to other applied courses, and for those requiring an overview of the major concerns and issues in this subject.; The book aims to integrate the traditional material, such as conformity, attitudes and prejudice, with some of the more recent insights into social life, such as the study of discourse, relationships, social identity and social representations. This work also incorporates themes and concerns which have emerged in social psychology, including problems of ethnocentrism and identity, ethical issues, and the challenges to conventional methodology represented by some recent areas of research.

An Introduction to Social Psychology

Author: William McDougall
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 9780486427119
Category: Psychology
Page: 524
View: 8817

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A pioneering work in psychology, this enormously influential book served as a catalyst in the study of the foundations of social behavior. Ironically, its approach marked such a dramatic departure from contemporary trends that it stimulated little follow-up research at the time of its 1908 publication. In recent years, however, the author's ideas have been resurrected in sociobiological reasoning, making the republication of this systematic treatise particularly timely. McDougall's work grounds social behavior in biology, focusing on the individual and attributing most social behavior to instinct. This reasoning makes his work one of the first in modern psychology to take human motivation as its central concern. As one of the initial texts of social psychology, it assisted in laying the foundations of a new discipline, separating the field from its forerunners, sociology and general psychology. McDougall's emphasis on the instinctive basis of social phenomena also helped promote the individualistic approach typical of modern social psychology. Popular, long-lived, and ever-relevant, this landmark work is guaranteed a wide audience among teachers and students of psychology.

The Social Psychology of Stigma

Author: Todd F. Heatherton
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 9781572309425
Category: Psychology
Page: 450
View: 9626

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The volume demonstrates that stigma is a normal - albeit undesirable - consequence of people's limited cognitive resources, and of the social information and experiences to which they are exposed. Incorporated are the perspectives of both the perceiver and the target; the relevance of personal and collective identities; and the interplay of affective, cognitive, and behavioral processes. Particular attention is given to how stigmatized persons make meaning of their predicaments, such as by forming alternative, positive group identities.

The Handbook of Social Psychology

Author: Daniel T. Gilbert,Susan T. Fiske,Gardner Lindzey
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195213768
Category: Psychology
Page: 1085
View: 6259

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Leading experts from all areas of social psychology contribute to a discussion of new scientific methods and analytic techniques and look at research advances in their respective specialties.

Social Psychology

Author: Catherine A. Sanderson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471250260
Category: Psychology
Page: 640
View: 5541

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Psychologists have been searching for a reference that unifies the disparate topics of social psychology around a central theme. Social Psychology follows that approach as it presents the most fundamental concepts in the field. It touches on all of the major concepts researchers are currently addressing but is firmly grounded in the basic social psychological theories and principles. A single chapter is included on the impact of culture in psychology, focusing on how the findings and theories might differ in different cultures. Psychologists will benefit from two research studies in each chapter that provide a real world perspective of the material.

Social Psychology: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Richard J. Crisp
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 019871551X
Category: Psychology
Page: 136
View: 6581

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In this Very short introduction Richard Crisp tells the story of social psychology, the study of how society shapes behaviour, beliefs, attitudes, and values. Covering the history of the field, its key thinkers and major theories, Crisp discusses groundbreaking research in human behaviour. From attitudes to attraction, prejudice to persuasion, health to happiness, social psychology provides insights that can change the world.

Constructing Social Psychology

Creative and Critical Aspects
Author: William McGuire
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521646727
Category: Psychology
Page: 464
View: 7632

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This collection of essays by William J. McGuire covers many of the topics that make up social psychology. Studies of the phenomenal self report how people think about themselves, which characteristics are salient in their sense of self and why. Another series of studies show how people's thought systems are organized to balance logical consistency, realistic coping, and hedonic gratification. Studies of persuasive communication show what kinds of people are most persuadable, how people can be persuaded by Socratic questioning, and how they can be immunized against persuasion. Other chapters report findings on language and thought, history and psychology, and creative techniques.

Gender and Social Psychology

Author: Vivien Burr
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415158145
Category: Social Science
Page: 168
View: 7494

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Critically evaluates the contribution that psychology has made to the study of gender, examining key issues such as family roles and parenting, inequalities in education, jobs and pay, and the effects of media representation.

Social Psychology in Sport

Author: Sophia Jowett,David Lavallee
Publisher: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 9780736057806
Category: Psychology
Page: 353
View: 3369

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The book is designed to allow readers to study issues in isolation or as part of a course or a module. The five main parts are Relationships in Sport, Coach Leadership and Group Dynamics, Motivational Climate, Key Social and Cognitive Processes in Sport, and The Athlete in the Wider Sport Environment. Each chapter is cross-referenced and provides a clear description of the topic and a concise theoretical overview along with a discussion of existing research. The chapters also introduce new research ideas, suggest practical research applications, and conclude with summaries and questions to help instructors engage the class in discussion and to help students follow the key points."--Publisher's website.

Encyclopedia of Social Psychology

Author: Roy F. Baumeister,Kathleen D. Vohs
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1412916704
Category: Psychology
Page: 1248
View: 6552

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Collects over six hundred entries on topics and concepts within the discipline, including antisocial behaviors, attitude, culture, and social cognition.