Secrets of plant propagation

starting your own flowers, vegetables, fruits, berries, shrubs, trees and houseplants
Author: Lewis Hill
Publisher: Garden Way Publishing Company
Category: Science
Page: 168
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Techniques for those who want to discover the satisfaction of propagating. 103,000 copies in print.

Seeing Seeds

A Journey into the World of Seedheads, Pods, and Fruit
Author: Teri Dunn Chace,Robert Llewellyn
Publisher: Timber Press
ISBN: 160469713X
Category: Photography
Page: 284
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“Llewellyn’s images reflect a depth of detail that until now, only the best botanical illustrators could approach.” —The Washington Post A centuries-old saying goes, “Great oaks from little acorns grow.” But as this dazzling book reveals, there is much more to a seed than the plant it will someday become: seeds, seedheads, pods, and fruits have their own astounding beauty that rivals, and sometimes even surpasses, the beauty of flowers. Bitter melon seeds resemble a handful of rubies. Poppy pods could be art nouveau salt shakers. And butterfly vine seeds look exactly like those delicate insects captured in mid-flight. Seeds also come with fascinating stories. Jewels of Opar got its name from a fabled city in Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Tarzan stories. Lotus seeds sent into orbit by Chinese scientists came back to earth mysteriously altered. And fava beans—beloved of foodies—have a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality: they can cause the debilitating condition known as favism in some individuals and at the same time combat the microorganism that causes malaria. In these stunning pages you’ll gain an understanding of how seeds are formed and dispersed, why they look the way they do, and how they fit into the environment. Seeing Seeds will take you to strange and wonderful places. When you return, it’s safe to say that you’ll never look at a seed the same way again.

The School Garden Curriculum

An Integrated K-8 Guide for Discovering Science, Ecology, and Whole-Systems Thinking
Author: Kaci Rae Christopher
Publisher: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 1771422947
Category: Education
Page: 320
View: 4510

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Sow the seeds of science and wonder and inspire the next generation of Earth stewards The world needs young people to grow into strong, scientifically literate environmental stewards. Learning gardens are great places to build this knowledge, yet until now there has been a lack of a multi-grade curriculum for school-wide teaching aimed at fostering a connection with the Earth. The School Garden Curriculum offers a unique and comprehensive framework, enabling students to grow their knowledge throughout the school year and build on it from kindergarten to eighth grade. From seasonal garden activities to inquiry projects and science-skill building, children will develop organic gardening solutions, a positive land ethic, systems thinking, and instincts for ecological stewardship. The book offers: A complete K-8 school-wide framework Over 200 engaging, weekly lesson plans – ready to share Place-based activities, immersive learning, and hands-on activities Integration of science, critical thinking, permaculture, and life skills Links to Next Generation Science Standards Further resources and information sources. A model and guide for all educators, The School Garden Curriculum is the complete package for any school wishing to use ecosystem perspectives, science, and permaculture to connect children to positive land ethics, personal responsibility, and wonder, while building vital lifelong skills.

Eating Fossil Fuels

Oil, Food and the Coming Crisis in Agriculture
Author: Dale Pfeiffer
Publisher: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 9781550923766
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 125
View: 2351

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A shocking outline of the interlinked crises in energy and agriculture--and appropriate responses.

Backyard Farming: Fruit Trees, Berries & Nuts

Author: Kim Pezza
Publisher: Hatherleigh Press
ISBN: 1578265339
Category: House & Home
Page: 128
View: 4443

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Your Backyard Farming Experience Begins Here! Add Fresh Fruit, Berries, and Nuts to Your table with Your Own Backard Orchard! Backyard Farming: Fruit Trees, Berries & Nuts shows you how to add an abundant orchard to your homestead so you can effectively expand your harvest. Covering every topic from preparing the soil for planting, to trimming and pruning the growing trees and bushes, to winterizing your orchard and enjoying your bounty, Fruit Trees, Berries & Nuts takes the guesswork out of growing and lets you enjoy the rewards of backyard farming. Whether you have room for a full orchard, or just a few potted berry bushes, Fruit Trees, Berries & Nuts is a comprehensive primer and includes detailed instructions and informative photographs that help ensure your backyard orchard is productive. With Fruit Trees, Berries & Nuts, you will: • Learn how to grow a wide range of fruits, nuts, and berries in any climate • Find the planting method that works best for you, your needs, and your available space • Find out which varieties are easiest for beginners, including tips and tricks for first-time farmers • Learn how to protect and preserve your harvest • Discover a variety of delicious recipes using produce from your own fruit trees and bushes ...and many more tips to help you achieve success. More than ever, people everywhere are making a return to the farming lifestyle: Fruit Trees, Berries & Nuts is your first big step to joining the growing movement of homemakers looking to a healthier, happier way of life—and it starts right in your own backyard. Backyard Farming is a series of easy-to-use guides to help urban, suburban, and rural dwellers turn their homes into homesteads. Whether planning to grow food for the family or for sale at the local farmers market, Backyard Farming provides simple instruction and essential information in a convenient reference. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Golden Gate Gardening, 3rd Edition

The Complete Guide to Year-Round Food Gardening in the San Francisco Bay Area and Coastal California
Author: Pamela Peirce
Publisher: Sasquatch Books
ISBN: 1570616892
Category: Gardening
Page: 448
View: 7806

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The bible of vegetable gardening in the San Francisco Bay Area has been revised and updated! Packed with more than 400 pages of reliable information, Golden Gate Gardenin offers encyclopedic coverage of gardening principles and practices specific to the Bay Area and the Northern California coast. Author Pam Peirce explains strategies for growing common favorite vegetables and herbs, plus unusual ones that bring variety to the garden. She includes information on organizing a garden, dealing with pests, assessing a microclimate, cultivating fruit trees, gardening on a rooftop, harvesting the crop, and creating delicious gardener's dishes. This third edition also contains new or updated information on resources for specific seeds, tomato planting, organic gardening, and vegetables not included in previous editions, including amaranth, shell beans, Chinese broccoli, broccoli raab, Florence fennel, oca, okra, and quinoa. Charts, sidebars, maps, and online resources help make the vegetable gardening experience easier and more fun.

Self-sufficiency Gardening

Financial, Physical, and Emotional Security from Your Own Backyard : a Practical Guide for Growing Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Herbs, Medicines, and Other Useful Products
Author: Martin P. Waterman
Publisher: Breakout Productions Incorporated
Category: Gardening
Page: 120
View: 8775

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A practical guide to the novice gardener to growing vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, medicines and other useful products.

Plant Propagation

January 1982 - November 1991
Author: Henry Gilbert
Publisher: N.A
Category: Plant propagation
Page: 44
View: 7672

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Dirt-cheap Gardening

Hundreds of Ways to Save Money in Your Garden
Author: Rhonda Massingham Hart,Rhonda Hart Poe,Rhonda Massingham
Publisher: Storey Books
ISBN: 9780882668987
Category: Gardening
Page: 166
View: 3434

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Tells how to save money on gardening tools and plants, and shares tips on low-cost landscaping.

Storey's Basic Country Skills

A Practical Guide to Self-Reliance
Author: John Storey,Martha Storey
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1603427376
Category: House & Home
Page: 576
View: 1522

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Whether you live on a small suburban lot or have a many acres in the country, this inspiring collection will empower you to increase your self-sufficiently and embrace a more independent lifestyle. A variety of authors share their specialized knowledge and provide practical instructions for basic country skills like preserving vegetables, developing water systems, keeping farm animals, and renovating barns. From sharpening an axe to baking your own bread, you’ll be amazed at the many ways learning traditional skills can enrich your life.