Searching for Augusta

The Forgotten Angel of Bastogne
Author: Martin King
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1493029088
Category: History
Page: 256
View: 7856

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A brutal siege. A forgotten heroine. A war-torn romance. And a historian determined to uncover the truth. Untold millions who saw and read Band of Brothers can finally know the whole story of what happened to American soldiers and civilians in Bastogne during that arduous Winter of 1944/45. In the television version of Band of Brothers, a passing reference is made to an African nurse assisting in an aid station in Bastogne. When military historian Martin King watched the episode, he had to know who that woman was; thus began a multi-year odyssey that revealed the horror of a town under siege as well as an improbable love story between a white Army medic, Jack Prior, and his black nurse, Augusta Chiwy, as they saved countless lives while under constant bombardment. Based on the recent discovery of Prior's diary as well as an exhaustive and occasionally futile search for Augusta herself, King was at last able to bring belated recognition of Augusta's incredible story by both the U.S. Army and Belgian government shortly before she died. This is not only a little-known story of the Battle of the Bulge, but also the author's own relentless mission to locate Augusta and bestow upon her the honors she so richly deserved.

Searching for Tom Sawyer

How Parents and Congregations Can Stop the Exodus of Boys from Church
Author: Tim Wright
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1449786162
Category: Religion
Page: 160
View: 6782

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The Story of Boys—Lost in the Twenty-first Century: 70% of all Ds and Fs go to boys 85% of stimulant-addressing medications prescribed in the world are prescribed to US boys Boys are falling behind girls in virtually every area of life 70 -90% of boys will leave the church in their teens and early twenties Searching for Tom Sawyer offers parents and church leaders a compelling vision and practical principles for how, together, they can change that storyline by forging boys into heroic men. “More than 70% of the young men who are raised in church abandon it during their teens and twenties ... Tim Wright examines the problem and offers real solutions to one of the greatest challenges facing the church today.” —David Murrow, author of Why Men Hate Going to Church “No one who cares for boys, and equally no one who cares for kids and families should miss Searching for Tom Sawyer.” —Leonard Sweet, professor at Drew University and George Fox University “Tim Wright’s diagnosis of why most of our congregations struggle to connect with guys is eye-opening and stunning ... As the father of three boys, I wish I’d had this book years ago. As the pastor of a congregation, I’m glad I have it now.” —Pastor Jeff Marian, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Burnsville, Minnesota

Bonny Kate

Pioneer Lady
Author: Mark Strength
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469117703
Category: Fiction
Page: 354
View: 4516

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Bonny Kate, Pioneer Lady, is a classic romantic love story which begins in July of 1776 when Lieutenant John Sevier meets Catharine Sherrill, pulling her over the wall of Watauga Fort to escape the deadly pursuit of Cherokee warriors. The lieutenant, considered the handsomest man in the west, is also the most charming, fun-loving, and active man among the leaders of the fort. The beautiful, unmarried, Catharine quickly develops warm feelings for a man she regards as her personal hero. Even after finding out the lieutenant is already married, she feels an attraction to him that never fails to delight her in every innocent encounter. By the time the siege ends and the life of the community returns to normal, she has a new nick-name, Bonny Kate, and a new reputation as someone to watch out for. Finding true love and settling new territory is not easy in a country at war, but Bonny Kate finds a new best friend when she meets Sarah, the matchmaker. Inspired by Sarahs example, Bonny Kate overcomes all obstacles and makes the right choices, until Divine Providence intervenes, and reveals the true purpose that fulfills her destiny.

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

Volume 9: Literature
Author: M. Thomas Inge
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469616645
Category: Reference
Page: 536
View: 2563

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Offering a comprehensive view of the South's literary landscape, past and present, this volume of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture celebrates the region's ever-flourishing literary culture and recognizes the ongoing evolution of the southern literary canon. As new writers draw upon and reshape previous traditions, southern literature has broadened and deepened its connections not just to the American literary mainstream but also to world literatures--a development thoughtfully explored in the essays here. Greatly expanding the content of the literature section in the original Encyclopedia, this volume includes 31 thematic essays addressing major genres of literature; theoretical categories, such as regionalism, the southern gothic, and agrarianism; and themes in southern writing, such as food, religion, and sexuality. Most striking is the fivefold increase in the number of biographical entries, which introduce southern novelists, playwrights, poets, and critics. Special attention is given to contemporary writers and other individuals who have not been widely covered in previous scholarship.

Miracle at Augusta

Author: James Patterson
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1473517842
Category: Fiction
Page: 240
View: 1110

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An inspiring story of hope, redemption, and trying to hit the ball straight A little over a year ago, Travis McKinley, an unknown rookie, shocked the world by winning the US Senior Open at Pebble Beach. Now he's famous, he makes his living playing the game he loves, and everything should be perfect. Still, Travis can't shake the feeling that he's a fraud, an imposter who doesn't deserve his success – and after a series of disappointments and, to be honest, personal screw-ups, he might just prove himself right. A shot at redemption arrives in an unexpected form: a teenage outcast with troubles of his own – and a natural golf swing. As this unlikely duo sets out to achieve the impossible on the world's most revered golf course, Travis is about to learn that sometimes the greatest miracles of all take place when no one is watching.

A Recipe for Bees

Author: Gail Anderson-Dargatz
Publisher: Vintage Canada
ISBN: 0307363864
Category: Fiction
Page: 320
View: 3808

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International Bestseller Shortlisted for the 1998 Giller Prize A Globe and Mail Notable Book of 1998 Over 40,000 copies sold in hardcover In A Recipe for Bees, Gail Anderson-Dargatz gives readers a remarkable woman to stand beside Hagar Shipley and Daisy Goodwin — but Augusta Olsen also has attitude, a wicked funny bone, and the dubious gift of second sight. At home in Courtenay, B.C., Augusta anxiously awaits news of her dearly loved son-in-law Gabe, who is undergoing brain surgery miles away in Victoria. Her best friend Rose is waiting for Augusta to call as soon as she hears. Through Rose, we begin to learn the story of Augusta's sometimes harsh, sometimes magical life: the startling vision of her mother's early death; the loneliness of her marriage to Karl and her battle with Karl's detestable father, Olaf. We are told of her gentle, platonic affair with a church minister, of her not-so-platonic affair with a man from the town, and the birth of her only child. We also learn of the special affinity between Rose and Augusta, who share the delights and exasperations of old age. Just as The Cure for Death by Lightning offers recipes and remedies, A Recipe for Bees is saturated with bee lore, and is full of rich domestic detail, wondrous imagery culled from rural kitchens and gardens, shining insights into ageing, family and friendship. And at its heart, is the life, death and resurrection of an extraordinary marriage From the Trade Paperback edition.

Die Kranichbraut

Author: Augusta Trobaugh
ISBN: 3732527654
Category: Fiction
Page: 256
View: 7459

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Das Glück ist zu kostbar, um es zu vertagen. Georgia, im Süden der USA, zur Zeit des zweiten Weltkriegs: Sophie und Mr. Oto sind wie füreinander gemacht. Doch ihre Liebe hat es aufgrund Otos japanischer Herkunft schwer. Dann überfallen die Japaner Pearl Harbour. Die Loyalität und das Vertrauen der beiden wird auf die Probe gestellt ... Eine feinfühlige Liebesgeschichte! eBooks von beHEARTBEAT - Herzklopfen garantiert.

Searching for the Bright Path

The Mississippi Choctaws from Prehistory to Removal
Author: James Taylor Carson
Publisher: Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press
Category: History
Page: 183
View: 2707

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Blending an engaging narrative style with broader theoretical considerations, James Taylor Carson offers the most complete history to date of the Mississippi Choctaws. Tracing the Choctaws from their origins in the Mississippian cultures of late prehistory to the early nineteenth century, Carson shows how the Choctaws struggled to adapt to life in a New World altered radically by contact while retaining their sense of identity and place. Despite changes in subsistence practices and material culture, the Choctaws made every effort to retain certain core cultural beliefs and sensibilities, a strategy they conceived of as following “the straight bright path.” This work also makes a significant theoretical contribution to ethnohistory as Carson confronts common problems in the historical analysis of Native peoples.

Finding Augusta

Habits of Mobility and Governance in the Digital Era
Author: Heidi Rae Cooley
Publisher: Dartmouth College Press
ISBN: 1611685222
Category: Social Science
Page: 216
View: 7482

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Finding Augusta breaks new ground, revising how media studies interpret the relationship between our bodies and technology. This is a challenging exploration of how, for both good and ill, the sudden ubiquity of mobile devices, GPS systems, haptic technologies, and other forms of media alter individuals' experience of their bodies and shape the social collective. The author succeeds in problematizing the most salient fact of contemporary mobile media technologies, namely, that they have become, like highways and plumbing, an infrastructure that regulates habit. Audacious in its originality, Finding Augusta will be of great interest to art and media scholars alike.

Drifting (Augusta)

Author: Gil T. Engelke
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1496961684
Category: Fiction
Page: 402
View: 1998

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Jake goes through his life living in six- to nine-year life segments, new name, new position, new state, new city, new everything. He is totally aware of everything that he has encountered in all eight or nine segments and has yet to reach his twenty-eighth birthday due to one camping trip, one damn trip. Because of the trip, the government, and happenstance, he was changed, and he now changes the lives of many in many ways. Some good and some not so good, this book is the story of his Augusta, Georgia, segment of life.

Augusta Webster: Portraits and Other Poems

Author: Augusta Webster
Publisher: Broadview Press
ISBN: 1460402707
Category: Poetry
Page: 423
View: 1316

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Augusta Webster was very widely praised in her own time—Christina Rossetti thought her “by far the most formidable” woman poet. Her work has again come into favour, so much so that Isobel Armstrong and her co-editors of the influential anthology, Nineteenth-Century Women Poets, declare that “there can be no doubt that Augusta Webster ranks as one of the great Victorian poets.” This collection is the first edition of Webster’s poems since 1895. It is a selection of her best work, emphasizing her powerful dramatic monologues and including a substantial number of her lyrics. With an introduction and background documents that highlight the distinctiveness of her work, this edition will help to re-establish Augusta Webster as a major figure of nineteenth-century English literature.

Tabitha Crum. Das Geheimnis von Hollingsworth Hall

Author: Jessica Lawson
Publisher: Ravensburger Buchverlag Otto Maier GmbH
ISBN: 3473477729
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 288
View: 1531

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Nichts lieben Tabitha Crum und ihr Mäuserich Pemberly so sehr wie Kriminalfälle. Als Tabitha in das Herrenhaus der Gräfin von Windermere eingeladen wird, können sie ihren detektivischen Spürsinn endlich unter Beweis stellen. Denn plötzlich verschwinden Kinder! Und auch der Gräfin ist nicht zu trauen - mit einem Fleischermesser in der Handtasche ist sie nicht die feine Lady, für die sie sich ausgibt ...

Hark! The Herald Angel Screamed

An Augusta Goodnight Mystery (with Heavenly Recipes)
Author: Mignon F. Ballard
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 9781429945295
Category: Fiction
Page: 256
View: 1729

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It's Christmastime in the seemingly tranquil town of Stone's Throw, South Carolina, but amid all the caroling, cookies, and cheer, a murderer casts a not-so-jolly pall on the holiday season. Augusta Goodnight, guardian angel, sometime sleuth, and welcome boarder with longtime resident Lucy Nan Pilgrim, comes to the aid of her friends when, as Lucy Nan is searching for the perfect Christmas tree on her grandmother's abandoned estate, a mysterious stranger plummets to his death from the mansion's balcony. Lucy Nan can't shake off childhood stories of the ghost of a girl who fell from the same spot long ago---has the ghost come back to haunt the living, or is there an all-too-human murderer at work? Mysterious events are soon heating up faster than spiced punch left on the burner, and it will take Augusta's help, not to mention some celestial Southern cooking, for peace to be restored and Christmas lights to shine once again in the little town of Stone's Throw.

Frauen in Augusta Raurica

dem römischen Alltag auf der Spur
Author: Dagmar Bargetzi,Brigitte Schaffner,Römerstadt Augusta Raurica
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783715110288
Category: Augst (Switzerland)
Page: 160
View: 6917

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Becoming American Under Fire

Irish Americans, African Americans, and the Politics of Citizenship During the Civil War Era
Author: Christian G. Samito
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 0801448468
Category: HISTORY
Page: 305
View: 8278

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In Becoming American under Fire, Christian G. Samito provides a rich account of how African American and Irish American soldiers influenced the modern vision of national citizenship that developed during the Civil War era. By bearing arms for the Union, African Americans and Irish Americans exhibited their loyalty to the United States and their capacity to act as citizens; they strengthened their American identity in the process. Members of both groups also helped to redefine the legal meaning and political practices of American citizenship. For African American soldiers, proving manhood in combat was only one aspect to their quest for acceptance as citizens. As Samito reveals, by participating in courts-martial and protesting against unequal treatment, African Americans gained access to legal and political processes from which they had previously been excluded. The experience of African Americans in the military helped shape a postwar political movement that successfully called for rights and protections regardless of race. For Irish Americans, soldiering in the Civil War was part of a larger affirmation of republican government and it forged a bond between their American citizenship and their Irish nationalism. The wartime experiences of Irish Americans helped bring about recognition of their full citizenship through naturalization and also caused the United States to pressure Britain to abandon its centuries-old policy of refusing to recognize the naturalization of British subjects abroad. As Samito makes clear, the experiences of African Americans and Irish Americans differed substantially—and at times both groups even found themselves violently opposed—but they had in common that they aspired to full citizenship and inclusion in the American polity. Both communities were key participants in the fight to expand the definition of citizenship that became enshrined in constitutional amendments and legislation that changed the nation.

Finding the Grain

Author: Wynn Malone
Publisher: Bywater Books
ISBN: 1612940463
Category: Fiction
Page: 400
View: 8362

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Kentucky was only ever going to be a summer job. Come fall, Blue Riley would be back in North Carolina, in college. But one job led to another, one town led to another, and one woman led to another. Now, after twenty years Blue faces the hardest question of all—is it time to go home?


thirty years of hurt
Author: Martin Knight
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783980906401
Page: 230
View: 4340

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His Lordship's Holiday Surprise

Author: Kate Huntington
Publisher: Zebra Books
ISBN: 9780821774939
Category: Fiction
Page: 256
View: 3115

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When Miss Augusta Oglethorpe arrives on his doorstep, searching for her sister Clarissa who has left behind her three young children, the Marquess of Ardath offers his assistance and, while trying to find Clarissa and caring for her delighful children, discovers a love to last a lifetime with Augusta. Original.