Scottish Secondary Mathematics

Author: Scottish Secondary Mathematics Group
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN: 9780435040116
Category: Mathematics
Page: 256
View: 6218

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This text provides thorough coverage of algebra and number, carefully graded exercises to give pupils all the practice they need, and clear explanations of mathematical ideas to help understand them.

Scottish secondary mathematics

Author: Tom Sanaghan
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN: 9780435040147
Category: Mathematics
Page: 208
View: 9606

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This text provides thorough coverage of algebra and number, carefully graded exercises to give pupils all the practice they need, and clear explanations of mathematical ideas to help understand them.

Scottish Secondary Mathematics Red 3 Student Book

Author: Carole Ford
Publisher: Heinemann Secondary
ISBN: 9780435040567
Category: Mathematics
Page: 320
View: 2077

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Includes sections that features 'learning intentions' at the start, which provides a summary of the key concepts. This book includes worked examples and practice exercises to lead the user towards contextualized work. It focuses on useful skills, which supports those users who need to reinforce their previous learning experiences.

Scottish Secondary Maths Red

Author: Scottish Secondary Maths Group Staff,Scottish Secondary Mathematics Group
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN: 9780435040154
Category: Mathematics
Page: 224
View: 3803

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This text provides thorough coverage of algebra and number, carefully graded exercises to give pupils all the practice they need, and clear explanations of mathematical ideas to help understand them.

Longman Physics 11-14

Author: Jennifer Clifford,Gary Philpott
Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781408231098
Category: Physics
Page: 184
View: 442

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The 'Longman Science 11-14' series aims to put science into context both historically and in the modern world as well as reinforcing and consolidating learning through questions, summaries and investigation ideas.

Longman Science

Author: Pearson Education, Inc
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780131930308
Category: Science
Page: 246
View: 4372

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Longman Scienceprepares students in grades 6-12 for success in a standards-based science program with a broad overview of life, earth, and physical science. All activities are specifically geared to students in the early stages of English language acquisition, and help build content knowledge, skills, and learning strategies. Special offer:Take advantage of ourspecial offer: get theLongman ScienceStudent Book and Workbook for only$44.95. That's 25% off the regular price of these two books combined.Click herefor details. Features For beginning to high beginning English language learners. “Getting Started” unit introduces concepts of science, safety, and the scientific method. Reading strategies are explicitly taught and modeled throughout the readings. Science skills, such as using and interpreting visuals, charts, and graphs are taught and recycled throughout each lesson. Unit Review provides additional practice, extension projects, further reading, and a Unit Experiment. Vocabulary building activities and glossaries help students access and build mastery of the content.

Tricolore Total 1Teacher's Book Updated MFL Framework Edition

Author: Sylvia Honnor,H. Mascie-taylor,Michael Spencer
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9781408517659
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 214
View: 7147

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Tricolore Total is a brand new edition of the best-selling course, Encore Tricolore. Tricolore Total raises performance levels in languages; places a greater emphasis on intercultural understanding, individualised learning, and assessment; and encourages engaging and fun learning and progression through language.

Engineering of Sport 6

Volume 2: Developments for Disciplines
Author: Eckehard Moritz,Steve Haake
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387460512
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 330
View: 4196

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This proceedings volume of the ISEA 2006 examines sports engineering, an interdisciplinary subject which encompasses and integrates not only sports science and engineering but also biomechanics, physiology and anatomy, and motion physics. This is the first title of its kind in the emerging field of sports technology.

Collins French Dictionary and Grammar

120,000 Translations Plus Grammar Tips
Author: Collins Dictionaries
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 9780008241384
Page: 1216
View: 5554

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An up-to-date dictionary and a user-friendly grammar guide in one handy volume. A clear layout, cultural notes and an easy-to-use, revised grammar section make this the ideal French reference for intermediate learners. Designed for all intermediate learners of French, whether at school, at home, or for business. 96,000 references and 120,000 translations will help those learning French take their language skills to the next level. * This edition has been revised and updated to offer extensive and relevant coverage of today's English and French, with thousands of phrases and examples guiding the user to the most appropriate translation. * A comprehensive grammar guide presents detailed examples and translations to help users to understand French grammar - the perfect complement to the dictionary. * The clear Collins typography gives the text a contemporary feel, and along with the new alphabet tabs, ensures that users find the information they need quickly and easily.

Laser Physics at the Limits

Author: Hartmut Figger,Dieter Meschede,Claus Zimmermann
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3662048973
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 522
View: 568

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Published on the occasion of Theodor Hänsch's 60th Birthday emphasis is placed on precision related to results in a variety of fields, such as atomic clocks, frequency standards, and the measurement of physical constants in atomic physics. Furthermore, illustrations and engineering applications of the fundamentals of quantum mechanics are widely covered. It has contributions by Nobel prize winners Norman F. Ramsey, Steven Chu, and Carl E. Wieman.

George Washington's False Teeth

An Unconventional Guide to the Eighteenth Century
Author: Robert Darnton
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393057607
Category: History
Page: 208
View: 7369

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A collection of articles concentrated on the Enlightenment in France argues for a scaled-down interpretation of the significance of the movement.

Mathematical Conversations

Selections from The Mathematical Intelligencer
Author: Robin Wilson,Jeremy Gray
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461301955
Category: Mathematics
Page: 488
View: 4353

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Approximately fifty articles that were published in The Mathematical Intelligencer during its first eighteen years. The selection demonstrates the wide variety of attractive articles that have appeared over the years, ranging from general interest articles of a historical nature to lucid expositions of important current discoveries. Each article is introduced by the editors. "...The Mathematical Intelligencer publishes stylish, well-illustrated articles, rich in ideas and usually short on proofs. ...Many, but not all articles fall within the reach of the advanced undergraduate mathematics major. ... This book makes a nice addition to any undergraduate mathematics collection that does not already sport back issues of The Mathematical Intelligencer." D.V. Feldman, University of New Hamphire, CHOICE Reviews, June 2001.

Tricolore. Total. 1

Teachers Book
Author: Sylvia Honnor,Heather Mascie-Taylor,Michael Spencer
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780748799893
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 208
View: 2986

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Tricolore Total 1 is a brand new edition of the bestselling course, Encore Tricolore. Tricolore Total 1 raises performance levels in languages; places a greater emphasis on intercultural understanding, individualised learning, and assessment; and encourages engaging and fun learning and progression through language. It retains the features that have made Tricolore so popular: its depth and range of learning content, its rigorous and sound progression, and its grammar based approach. Tricolore Total 1 blends different resources together to encourage independent learning and develop creativity, including a Teacher Book, Grammar in Action, Copymasters and Assessment and Audio CD Pack (available for purchase separately). The Teacher Books support the Student Books and are easier to navigate; provide unit by unit suggestions for teaching, starters, plenaries and opportunities for assessment. The Online Resource: referenced via icons in the Student and Teacher Books, it provides support and theme expansion to the Student Book and offers assessment by offering audio recordings, interactive games, and skill activities. The Online Resource can tailor the course the suit the needs of your specific classroom, catering to different ability levels and class numbers.

Maths Frameworking - Pupil Book 2. 2

Author: Kevin Evans,Keith Gordon,Trevor Senior,Brian Speed,Chris Pearce
Publisher: Collins Educational
ISBN: 9780007537754
Category: Mathematics
Page: 360
View: 1483

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Ensure progress at the right pace with Pupil Book 2.2, the middle tier for the second year of teaching KS3. With fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving integrated throughout you can be confident you’re covering the main aims of the new curric

Clocking the Mind

Mental Chronometry and Individual Differences
Author: Arthur R. Jensen
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080463728
Category: Psychology
Page: 286
View: 7675

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Mental Chronometry (MC) comprises a variety of techniques for measuring the speed with which the brain processes information. First developed in mid-1800, MC was subsequently eclipsed by more complex and practically useful types of psychometric tests stemming from Alfred Binet. This class of mental tests, however, has no true metric relating the test scores to any specific properties of the brain per se. The scores merely represent an ordinal scale, only ranking individuals according to their overall performance on a variety of complex mental tasks. The resulting scores represent no more than ranks rather than being a true metrical scale of any specific dimension of brain function. Such an ordinal scale, which merely ranks individuals in some defined population, possesses no true scale properties, possessing neither a true zero or equal intervals throughout the scale. This deficiency obstructs the development of a true natural science of mental ability. The present burgeoning interest in understanding individual differences in mental abilities in terms of the natural sciences, biology and the brain sciences in particular, demands direct measures that functionally link brain and behavior. One such natural ratio scale is time itself - the time it takes the brain to perform some elementary cognitive task, measured in milliseconds. After more than 25 years researching MC, Jensen here presents results on an absolute scale showing times for intake of visual and auditory information, for accessing short-term and long-term memory, and other cognitive skills, as a function of age, at yearly intervals from 3 to 80 years. The possible uses of MC in neurological diagnosis and the monitoring of drug effects on cognition, the chronometric study of special time-sensitive talents such as musical performance, and presents a theory of general intelligence, or g, as a function of the rate of oscillation of neural action potentials as measured by chronometric methods. Finally, Jensen urges the world-wide standardization of chronometric methods as necessary for advancing MC as a crucial branch of biopsychological science. Provides a different scale to report Mental Chronometry (MC) findings Argues for the global adoption of an absolute scale as opposed to the traditional ordinal scale An important contribution to MC researchers and psychologists and neuroscientists

Syllabus Design

Author: David Nunan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780194371391
Category: Foreign Language Study
Page: 165
View: 3060

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Syllabus Design demonstrates, in a practical way, the principles involved in planning and designing an effective syllabus. It examines important concepts such as needs analysis, goal-setting, and content specification, and serves as an excellent introduction for teachers who want to gain a better understanding of syllabus design in order to evaluate, modify, and adapt the syllabuses with which they work.

Physical and Mathematical Modeling of Earth and Environment Processes

3rd International Scientific School for Young Scientists, Ishlinskii Institute for Problems in Mechanics of Russian Academy of Science
Author: Vladimir Karev,Dmitry Klimov,Konstantin Pokazeev
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319777882
Category: Science
Page: 382
View: 4251

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This book is the result of collaboration within the framework of the Third International Scientific School for Young Scientists held at the Ishlinskii Institute for Problems in Mechanics of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2017, November. The papers included describe studies on the dynamics of natural system – geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere—and their interactions, the human contribution to naturally occurring processes, laboratory modeling of earth and environment processes, and testing of new developed physical and mathematical models. The book particularly focuses on modeling in the field of oil and gas production as well as new alternative energy sources.

Total English

Intermediate Student's Book
Author: Antonia Clare,J. J. Wilson (enseignant.)
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781405815635
Page: 176
View: 9582

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