Scottish Emigration to Colonial America, 1607-1785

Author: David Dobson
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820340782
Category: History
Page: 280
View: 9171

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Before 1650, only a few hundred Scots had trickled into the American colonies, but by the early 1770s the number had risen to 10,000 per year. A conservative estimate of the total number of Scots who settled in North America prior to 1785 is around 150,000. Who were these Scots? What did they do? Where did they settle? What factors motivated their emigration? Dobson's work, based on original research on both sides of the Atlantic, comprehensively identifies the Scottish contribution to the settlement of North America prior to 1785, with particular emphasis on the seventeenth century.

Scotland, The Caribbean and the Atlantic World, 1750-1820

Author: Douglas Hamilton
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719071829
Category: History
Page: 249
View: 7159

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This is the first book wholly devoted to assessing the array of links between Scotland and the Caribbean in the later eighteenth century. It uses a wide range of archival sources to paint a detailed picture of the lives of thousands of Scots who sought fortunes and opportunities, as Burns wrote, "across th' Atlantic roar". It outlines the range of their occupations as planters, merchants, slave owners, doctors, overseers, and politicians, and shows how Caribbean connections affected Scottish society during the period of "improvement".

Scottish Highlanders in Colonial Georgia

The Recruitment, Emigration, and Settlement at Darien, 1735-1748
Author: Anthony W. Parker
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820324566
Category: History
Page: 200
View: 1528

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Between 1735 and 1748 hundreds of young men and their families emigrated from the Scottish Highlands to the Georgia coast to settle and protect the new British colony. These men were recruited by the trustees of the colony and military governor James Oglethorpe, who wanted settlers who were accustomed to hardship, militant in nature, and willing to become frontier farmer-soldiers. In this respect, the Highlanders fit the bill perfectly through training and tradition. By focusing on the Scots themselves, Anthony W. Parker explains what factors motivated the Highlanders to leave their native glens of Scotland for the pine barrens of Georgia and attempts to account for the reasons their cultural distinctiveness and "old world" experience aptly prepared them to play a vital role in the survival of Georgia in this early and precarious moment in its history.

Bridging the Early Modern Atlantic World

People, Products, and Practices on the Move
Author: Dr Caroline A Williams
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409480372
Category: History
Page: 276
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Bridging the Early Modern Atlantic World brings together ten original essays by an international group of scholars exploring the complex outcomes of the intermingling of people, circulation of goods, exchange of information, and exposure to new ideas that are the hallmark of the early modern Atlantic. Spanning the period from the earliest French crossings to Newfoundland at the beginning of the sixteenth century to the end of the wars of independence in Spanish South America, c. 1830, and encompassing a range of disciplinary approaches, the contributors direct particular attention to regions, communities, and groups whose activities in, and responses to, an ever-more closely bound Atlantic world remain relatively under-represented in the literature. Some of the chapters focus on the experience of Europeans, including French consumers of Newfoundland cod, English merchants forming families in Spanish Seville, and Jewish refugees from Dutch Brazil making the Caribbean island of Nevis their home. Others focus on the ways in which the populations with whom Europeans came into contact, enslaved, or among whom they settled - the Tupi peoples of Brazil, the Kriston women of the west African port of Cacheu, among others - adapted to and were changed by their interactions with previously unknown peoples, goods, institutions, and ideas. Together with the substantial Introduction by the editor which reviews the significance of the field as a whole, these essays capture the complexity and variety of experience of the countless men and women who came into contact during the period, whilst highlighting and illustrating the porous and fluid nature, in practice, of the early modern Atlantic world.

The Last Caribbean Frontier, 1795-1815

Author: K. Candlin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 113703081X
Category: History
Page: 247
View: 9258

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The Southern Caribbean was the last frontier in the Atlantic world and the most contested region in the Caribbean during the Age of Revolution. As well as illuminating this little-understood region, the book seeks to complicate our understanding of the Caribbean, the role of 'free people of colour' and the nature of slavery.

New York History

Quarterly Journal of the New York State Historical Association
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: New York (State)
Page: N.A
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Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association

Author: Alexander Clarence Flick,New York State Historical Association,New York State Historical Association. Meeting
Publisher: N.A
Category: New York (State)
Page: N.A
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Scottish Trade with Colonial Charleston, 1683 to 1783

Author: David Dobson
Publisher: Zeticula
ISBN: 9781846220296
Category: History
Page: 495
View: 2894

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'This is a very welcome book which makes a contribution both to the burgeoning field of Scots in the Empire and to Atlantic history. Dobson has fresh things to say about the controversial Scottish role in the slave trade, emigration to the Americas and the intriguing role of the east of Scotland in colonial commerce, a sector previously assumed to be the exclusive monopoly of Glasgow and the Clyde ports. A thoroughly researched study based mainly on original sources.' TM Devine, Sir William Fraser Professor of Scottish History and Palaeography and Director of the Scottish Centre of Diaspora Studies, University of Edinburgh. In the series: Perspectives: Scottish Studies of the long Eighteenth Century Series Editor: Andrew Hook The long eighteenth century in Scotland is increasingly recognized as a period of outstanding cultural achievement. In these years both the Scottish Enlightenment and Scottish Romanticism made lasting contributions to Western intellectual and cultural life. This series is designed to further our understanding of this crucial era in a range of ways: by reprinting less familiar but important works by writers in the period itself; by producing new editions of key out-of-print books by modern scholars; and by publishing new research and criticism by contemporary scholars.

Vom Winde verweht

der berühmte Klassiker
Author: Margaret Mitchell
Publisher: Ullstein eBooks
ISBN: 3843707685
Category: Fiction
Page: 1120
View: 6360

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Keine andere Liebesgeschichte hat das Publikum auf der ganzen Welt so mitgerissen wie diese große Saga um die verwöhnte Scarlett O'Hara und ihren zynischen Verehrer Rhett Butler.Mit einzigartiger Intensität zeichnet Margaret Mitchell nach, wie eine große Liebe zerbricht und lässt gleichzeitig eine längst vergangene Epoche lebendig werden. Die Südstaatlerin Scarlett O'Hara ist jung und vom Leben verwöhnt. Als Tochter eines Plantagenbesitzers lebt sie im Luxus auf dem Familiengut Tara, und es mangelt ihr nicht an Verehrern. Doch der Ausbruch des Bürgerkriegs verändert mit einem Schlag alles. Plötzlich muss Scarlett mit aller Kraft um die Erhaltung ihres Familienbesitzes kämpfen. Ein Mann taucht immer wieder in ihrem Leben auf und steht ihr in den Wirren der Nachkriegszeit bei: der skrupellose Kriegsgewinnler Rhett Butler. Zwischen ihm und Scarlett entwickelt sich eine große Liebe, doch beide sind auch viel zu stolz und eigensinnig, um diese Liebe zu leben... Margaret Mitchells Klassiker wurde sofort nach Erscheinen im Jahre 1936 zum Bestseller und hat seitdem Millionen Leser auf der ganzen Welt begeistert. Die legendäre Verfilmung drei Jahre später machte Vivien Leigh als Scarlett und Clark Gable als Rhett zum berühmtesten Liebespaar der Filmgeschichte.

Blurred boundaries

critical essays on American literature, language, and culture
Author: Klaus H. Schmidt,David Sawyer
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Inc
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 254
View: 8336

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Paradoxically, the only definite evaluation that can be made about the state of American Studies in the middle of the 1990s is that «blurred boundaries» prevail in academic discourse and the subjects of research in the field. According to the editors, thi

Emigrants and Expats

A Guide to Sources on UK Emigration and Residents Overseas
Author: Roger Kershaw,Great Britain. Public Record Office
Publisher: National Archives
ISBN: 9781903365328
Category: Reference
Page: 127
View: 1880

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Emigrants and Expats is the comprehensive guide to the variety of records relating to emigration and the British overseas

Facts about American Immigration

Author: David M. Brownstone,Irene M. Franck
Publisher: H. W. Wilson
Category: History
Page: 818
View: 1287

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Provides information and statistics about American immigration covering emigration from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Oceania, from the earliest days to the present time.


Author: Thomas Martin Devine
Publisher: Smithsonian Inst Press
Category: History
Page: 473
View: 4388

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Scotland's influence was crucial for the worldwide success of Britain's overseas empire. As emigrants, soldiers, tobacco lords, merchants, and colonial administrators, Scots were involved in nearly every aspect of running and financing Britain's colonies in America, Australia, and India. T.M. Devine, Scotland's leading historian, draws on a wealth of new material to provide a comprehensive examination of Scotland's multifaceted role in colonization. He deftly portrays the key contributions by Scots to the development of the Americas, from political ideas to business. In the first of a two-volume set, Scotland's Empire combines detailed scholarship with a compelling narrative history, setting the Scots' story against the rise of the British Empire, the course of American history, and the changes in world history.

Europeans on the Move

Studies on European Migration, 1500-1800
Author: Nicholas P. Canny
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Category: History
Page: 329
View: 9820

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This is a wide-ranging and original collection of essays on early modern migration. The contributors, including Bernard Bailyn, Ned Landsman, L.M. Cullen, and Nicolas Sanchez-Albornoz, examine the scale and character of migration from a range of countries. Besides collectively finding that such migration more often led to an early death than to a quick fortune, the essays also suggest that the period 1500-1800 was transitional between the narrowly focused migration of the medieval period and the mass migration of the nineteenth century.