Labour and Capital in Canada 1650-1860

Author: H. Clare Pentland
Publisher: James Lorimer & Company
ISBN: 9780888623782
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 280
View: 556

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First published in 1981, H. Clare Pentland's Labour and Capital in Canada 1650-1860 is a seminal work that analyzes the shaping of the Canadian working class and the evolution of capitalism in Canada. Pentland's work focuses on the relationship between the availability and nature of labour and the development of industry. From that idea flows an absorbing account that explores patterns of labour, patterns of immigration and the growth of industry. Pentland writes of the massive influx of immigrants to Canada in the 1800s--taciturn highland Scots who eked out a meagre living on subsistence farms; shrewd lowlanders who formed the basis of an emerging business class; skilled English artisans who brought their trades and their politics to the new land; Americans who took to farming; and Irish who came in droves, fleeing the poverty and savagery of an Ireland under the heel of Britain. Labour and Capital in Canada is a classic study of the peoples who built Canada in the first two centuries of European occupation.

After the Hector

The Scottish Pioneers of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, 1773-1852
Author: Lucille H. Campey
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 1770703020
Category: History
Page: 400
View: 3986

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This is the first fully documented and detailed account, produced in recent times, of one of the greatest early migrations of Scots to North America. The arrival of the Hector in 1773, with nearly 200 Scottish passengers, sparked a huge influx of Scots to Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. Thousands of Scots, mainly from the Highlands and Islands, streamed into the province during the late 1700s and the first half of the nineteenth century. Lucille Campey traces the process of emigration and explains why Scots chose their different settlement locations in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. Much detailed information has been distilled to provide new insights on how, why and when the province came to acquire its distinctive Scottish communities. Challenging the widely held assumption that this was primarily a flight from poverty, After the Hector reveals how Scots were being influenced by positive factors, such as the opportunity for greater freedoms and better livelihoods. The suffering and turmoil of the later Highland Clearances have cast a long shadow over earlier events, creating a false impression that all emigration had been forced on people. Hard facts show that most emigration was voluntary, self-financed and pursued by people expecting to improve their economic prospects. A combination of push and pull factors brought Scots to Nova Scotia, laying down a rich and deep seam of Scottish culture that continues to flourish. Extensively documented with all known passenger lists and details of over three hundred ship crossings, this book tells their story. "The saga of the Scots who found a home away from home in Nova Scotia, told in a straightforward, unembellished, no-nonsense style with some surprises along the way. This book contains much of vital interest to historians and genealogists." - Professor Edward J. Cowan, University of Glasgow "...a well-written, crisp narrative that provides a useful outline of the known Scottish settlements up to the middle of the 19th century...avoid[s] the sentimental ’victim & scapegoat approach’ to the topic and instead has provided an account of the attractions and mechanisms of settlement...." - Professor Michael Vance, St. Mary’s University, Halifax

Encyclopedia of North American Immigration

Author: John Powell
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 143811012X
Category: United States
Page: 464
View: 6437

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Presents an illustrated A-Z reference containing more than 300 entries related to immigration to North America, including people, places, legislation, and more.

Yearning for the Land

A Search for Homeland in Scotland and America
Author: John W. Simpson
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 030756133X
Category: Nature
Page: 304
View: 1164

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A beautiful, meditative memoir mixed with travel and history, this unique book is the story of one American’s search for a deeper connection to the land. Drawn by a sense that he is missing a critical link to his home in suburban Ohio, John W. Simpson heads for rural Scotland, where he encounters his own family history as well as estate owners and tenant farmers who have centuries-long ties to their land. As he travels, he meditates on the legacy of the great 19th century conservationist John Muir, who himself developed a complex love of the land when he immigrated from Scotland’s North Sea coast to the fields and forests of Wisconsin. As Simpson physically retraces Muir’s journey he wonders what sense of belonging Muir found on the frontier that modern America, with its strip malls and housing developments, has forgotten. A fascinating story of changing perceptions and values from the Old World to the New, Yearning for the Land shows us just how much roots matter—both in our own lives, and in the many ways time and history, landscape and community are tightly intertwined. From the Trade Paperback edition.

A Select Bibliography of British and Irish University Theses about Maritime History, 1792 to 1990

Author: David M. Williams,International Maritime Economic History Association
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 096958850X
Category: Dissertations, Academic
Page: 179
View: 4973

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This book provides a bibliography of a wide scope of British and Irish post-graduate theses of maritime economic and social history. Its intent is to make these informative, under-utilised texts more accessible for scholars, in response to the deep expansion of subject as a historical discipline. It aims to keep these texts, often unpublished, from lapsing into obscurity. The author takes a broad approach to the subject area, including strands more particular to science than the humanities, and history as recent as the year of publication, intending the resource to be as comprehensive as possible, and of maximum use to present and future scholars. The material is primarily gathered and cross-referenced from Roger R. Bilboul's Restrospective Index to Theses of Great Britain and Ireland 1716-1950, the ASLIB Index, and the Institute of Historical Research of the University of London. Each entry comprises Surname, Thesis Title (truncated for length where necessary), Degree Awarded, Awarding Institution, and Date. The database comprises 2500 entries, subdivided into twenty-five sections concerning:- the shipping business and all commercial/mercantile aspects of operation; exploration, cartography, and navigation; shipping and shipbuilding technologies; docks and harbours; maritime labour; maritime medical issues; naval history, piracy, privateering; international relations; maritime law; pollution and the maritime environment; fishing; sea-port communities; culture, literature, and art; maritime economics; marine architecture; coastal planning; tourism; and off-shore oil. The sections are further subdivided by location, and a geographical index is included for ease of reference. The author assures that the majority of theses are readily accessible.

Scottish emigration and Scottish society

proceedings of the Scottish Historical Studies Seminar, University of Strathclyde 1990-1991
Author: Thomas Martin Devine
Publisher: John Donald
Category: Civilization, Modern
Page: 178
View: 8861

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Kith and Kin

Canada, Britain, and the United States from the Revolution to the Cold War
Author: C. C. Eldridge
Publisher: Cardiff : University of Wales Press
Category: History
Page: 231
View: 5531

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The Oxford Companion to Canadian History

Author: Gerald Hallowell
Publisher: Don Mills, Ont. : Oxford University Press
Category: History
Page: 748
View: 4820

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This is the essential reference title for all those interested in Canadian History. From the Norse to Nunavut, The Oxford Companion to Canadian History provides an authoritative and comprehensive guide to the significant events, issues, institutions, places, and people that have shaped Canada from earliest times to the present.

The British Empire

Themes and Perspectives
Author: S. E. Stockwell
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Category: Political Science
Page: 355
View: 2223

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This edited work adopts a distinctive thematic approach to the history of British imperialism from the 18th to the 20th century. Each contributor offers a personal assessment of the topic at hand, and examines key interpretive debates among historians.

Canada and the British Empire

Author: Phillip Alfred Buckner
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780199271641
Category: History
Page: 294
View: 2584

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Canada and the British Empire traces the evolution of Canada, placing it within the wider context of British imperial history. Beginning with a broad chronological narrative, the volume surveys the country's history from the foundation of the first British bases in Canada in the early seventeenth century, until the patriation of the Canadian constitution in 1982. Historians approach the subject thematically, analysing subjects such as British migration to Canada, the role played by gender in the construction of imperial identities, and the economic relationship between Canada and Britain. Other important chapters examine the history of Newfoundland, the history and legacy of imperial law, and the attitudes of French Canadians and Canada's aboriginal peoples to the imperial relationship. The overall focus of the book is on emphasising the part that Canada played in the British Empire, and on understanding the Canadian response towards imperialism. With contributions from leading scholars in the field, it is essential reading for anyone interested either in the history of Canada or in the history of the British Empire.

The Scots in Australia

a study of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, 1788-1900
Author: Malcolm David Prentis
Publisher: Sydney Univ Pr
Category: History
Page: 304
View: 5312

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