Roman Catholicism: The Basics

Author: Michael Walsh
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113450263X
Category: Reference
Page: 216
View: 2898

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From the basic ideas and terms, to its structures and practices, this book offers a plain-speaking introduction to Roman Catholicism. It covers: Roman Catholic beliefs and traditions practices and devotional life – rituals, prayer, mass Church structures and authorities – from Vatican to parish church Church hierarchies and people – from bishops to the laity the role of the Church in society. With a glossary, further reading sections and an appendix on the history of the Papacy, this is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to understand more about Roman Catholicism.

Roman Catholicism: The Basics

Author: Michael Walsh
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780415845014
Category: Reference
Page: 246
View: 8431

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From the most basic terms to the structures and practices of the Church, this book offers a plain-speaking introduction to Roman Catholicism. Now in a second edition, it contains new sections on relations with other faiths, coverage of recent controversies in the Church and an expanded section on social teaching. It covers: Roman Catholic beliefs and traditions practices and devotional life rituals, prayer, mass Church structures and authorities from Vatican to parish church Church hierarchies and people from bishops to the laity the role of the Church in society. With a glossary, further reading sections and reference to official documents of the Church, this is the perfect guide for students approaching the study of Roman Catholicism for the first time."

Katholizismus für Dummies

Author: Rev. John Trigilio, Jr.,Rev. Kenneth Brighenti
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527678581
Category: Religion
Page: 408
View: 8330

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Jeder kennt sie, fast jeder hat sich eine Meinung über sie gebildet, aber kaum jemand weiß, wofür sie genau eintritt, was sie genau vermitteln will. Die Rede ist von der katholischen Kirche. »Katholizismus für Dummies« erklärt, wie und warum Katholiken Heilige verehren, was die Sakramente sind, welche Regeln für Katholiken gelten und wie die Kirche aufgebaut ist. Die Leser erfahren, wo die Unterschiede zwischen Katholiken und Protestanten liegen und was die römische Kirche so einzigartig macht. Das Buch ist dabei leicht verständlich und wird trotzdem der jahrhundertelang gereiften Theologie der römisch-katholischen Kirche gerecht.

Basics of a Roman Catholic Theology

Author: William A. Van Roo
Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop
ISBN: 9788876521973
Category: Religion
Page: 387
View: 8337

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The author says: what I say here briefly will be found stated and elaborated at appropriate places in the course of the book. But anyone who considers reading a book has a right to know some things before he or she decides whether the book id worth looking into. I gather here such helpful information. First, a few words about the title of the book. Some may be shocked or repelled or both by the qualification Roman Catholic. So I shall try to provide a shock-absorber. I Entitle the book as I do simply to be coherent with my conception of what theology is, and my intention to set forth some basics of the theological works which I myself project. As I understand it, theology is the effort to understand within a life of faith. As a work, it is the result of that effort. The matrix, the living setting in which alone a theology can develop, is religious experience of the theologian within his or her community of believers. Outside, or apart from, such a concrete setting, no one can reflect in any meaningful way on the structures of such experience, and of the experienced reality. I cannot, therefore, write a book of basics of theology in general, for I have no experience of what it is to be a Jew or a Moslem, for example, and I could say nothing which would have any claim to account for Jewish or Moslem theology

Catholicism For Dummies

Author: Rev. John Trigilio, Jr.,Rev. Kenneth Brighenti
Publisher: For Dummies
ISBN: 9780764553912
Category: Religion
Page: 432
View: 2210

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The Ministry of Hospitality

Author: James A. Comiskey
Publisher: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 9780814627327
Category: Religion
Page: 40
View: 3313

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Monsignor Comiskey offers practical suggestions for extending hospitality in sacramental moments while teaching, serving, greeting, or in day-by-day living. Comiskey begins with the roots of hospitality and its importance in the Bible and concludes with resources useful to parishes looking to reach out and enhance hospitality. Dedicated to all hospitable people who reach out seeking and finding Christ," Comiskey's work encourages sharing of parish Visions and dreams. Chapters are *Hospitality: Our Roots and Traditions, - *Hospitality: Signs and Earmarks, - *Sacramental Moments: Sunday Liturgy, - *Sacramental Moments: First Eucharist, - *Sacramental Moments: First Reconciliation, - *Ushering, - *Teaching, - *Serving, - *Greeting, - and *Day by Day. - Also includes a Conclusion, References, a *Litany of Hospitality, - a sample *Baptismal Follow-up Letter, - and an *Examination of Conscience for a Member of the Assembly. - Msgr. James A. Comiskey, formerly rector of Christ the King Cathedral in Lubbock, Texas, is a founding member of the Southwest Liturgical Conference. He is the author of This Is Our Church, Esta es nuestra Iglesia, The Ministry of Hospitality and El Ministerio de la Hospitalidad published by Liturgical Press. "

What is Reformed Theology?

Understanding the Basics
Author: R. C. Sproul
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1585586528
Category: Religion
Page: 272
View: 2327

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What Do the Five Points of Calvinism Really Mean? Many have heard of Reformed theology, but may not be certain what it is. Some references to it have been positive, some negative. It appears to be important, and they'd like to know more about it. But they want a full, understandable explanation, not a simplistic one. What Is Reformed Theology? is an accessible introduction to beliefs that have been immensely influential in the evangelical church. In this insightful book, R. C. Sproul walks readers through the foundations of the Reformed doctrine and explains how the Reformed belief is centered on God, based on God's Word, and committed to faith in Jesus Christ. Sproul explains the five points of Reformed theology and makes plain the reality of God's amazing grace.

Saint Mary's Press Glossary of Theological Terms

Author: John T. Ford
Publisher: Saint Mary's Press
ISBN: 0884899039
Category: Religion
Page: 207
View: 1752

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Give students beginning definitions or working explanations that serve as the basis for helping them become involved in genuine theological dialogue, discussion, and discovery. The perfect supplement or companion for many different introductory theology and religious studies courses.

The Roman Catholic Tradition

Christian Lifestyle and Behaviour
Author: Joanne Cleave
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN: 9780435306908
Category: Christian life
Page: 156
View: 2164

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The Roman Catholic tradition: christian lifestyle and behaviour (GCSE Religious studies for AQA)

The Water Ball

A Story of Faith and Enduring Love
Author: J. David Butler
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469100959
Category: Religion
Page: 621
View: 5829

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A keen observer of those about him, in The Water Ball David captures some of the flavor of the times and places in which he has lived, observed, and experienced life s realities: the good and evil that each person inevitably must face as they travel life s road

Islam: The Key Concepts

Islam: The Key Concepts
Author: Kecia Ali,Oliver Leaman
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134155506
Category: Religion
Page: 200
View: 2564

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Islam: The Key Concepts is a clear and concise guide to the religion and culture of Islam. Kecia Ali and Oliver Leaman explore this highly topical subject focusing on key issues including: the Qur’an, faith, theology, gender, fundamentalism, martyrdom, Jihad, Islam in America, Islam in Europe and Islamic Law. This is the ideal study resource and includes: a comprehensive introduction, an alphabetical list of relevant terms (fully cross-referenced), a short bibliographical guide, bibliography, and index. A glossary of all non-English terms is also provided.

Jesus in Beijing

How Christianity Is Transforming China And Changing the Global Balance of Power
Author: David Aikman
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1596986522
Category: Religion
Page: 418
View: 4961

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This book details the great unreported story of the Chinese giant, its enormously rapid conversion to Christianity, and what this change means to the global balance of power.

A Foreign and Wicked Institution?

The Campaign Against Convents in Victorian England
Author: Rene Kollar
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630876607
Category: Religion
Page: 318
View: 8230

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Many in Victorian England harbored deep suspicion of convent life. In addition to looking at anti-Catholicism and the fear of both Anglican and Catholic sisterhoods that were established during the nineteenth century, this work explores the prejudice that existed against women in Victorian England who joined sisterhoods and worked in orphanages and in education and were comitted to social work among the urban poor. Women, according to some of these critics, should remain passive in matters of religion. Nuns, however, did play an important role in many areas of life in nineteenth-century England and faced hostility from many who felt threatened and challenged by members of female religious orders. The accomplishments of the nineteenth-century nuns and the opposition they overcame should serve as both an example and encouragement to all men and women committed to the Gospel.

This Saint's for You!

300 Heavenly Allies for Architects, Athletes, Brides, Bachelors, Babies, Librarians, Murderers, Whales, Widows, and You
Author: Thomas J. Craughwell
Publisher: Quirk Books
ISBN: 9781594741845
Category: Religion
Page: 480
View: 5753

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Calling all grave-diggers, astronauts and coin collectors, poets, vegetarians and pregnant women. There are more than 450 patron saints for every type of person, place or situation imaginable. Reverant but fun, This Saint's for You! recounts the lives of the saints, explaining why each has become associated with certain people, places and activities. The book also features 350 gorgeous full-colour holy cards that depict these heavenly allies in all their glory.

Music and Theology in Nineteenth-Century Britain

Author: Dr Martin Clarke
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409495094
Category: Music
Page: 280
View: 1978

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The interrelationship of music and theology is a burgeoning area of scholarship in which conceptual issues have been explored by musicologists and theologians including Jeremy Begbie, Quentin Faulkner and Jon Michael Spencer. Their important work has opened up opportunities for focussed, critical studies of the ways in which music and theology can be seen to interact in specific repertoires, genres, and institutions as well as the work of particular composers, religious leaders and scholars. This collection of essays explores such areas in relation to the religious, musical and social history of nineteenth-century Britain. The book does not simply present a history of sacred music of the period, but examines the role of music in the diverse religious life of a century that encompassed the Oxford Movement, Catholic Emancipation, religious revivals involving many different denominations, the production of several landmark hymnals and greater legal recognition for religions other than Christianity. The book therefore provides a valuable guide to the music of this complex historical period.

The Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish History

Author: Alvin Jackson
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191667609
Category: History
Page: 640
View: 5908

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The study of Irish history, once riven and constricted, has recently enjoyed a resurgence, with new practitioners, new approaches, and new methods of investigation. The Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish History represents the diversity of this emerging talent and achievement by bringing together 36 leading scholars of modern Ireland and embracing 400 years of Irish history, uniting early and late modernists as well as contemporary historians. The Handbook offers a set of scholarly perspectives drawn from numerous disciplines, including history, political science, literature, geography, and the Irish language. It looks at the Irish at home as well as in their migrant and diasporic communities. The Handbook combines sets of wide thematic and interpretative essays, with more detailed investigations of particular periods. Each of the contributors offers a summation of the state of scholarship within their subject area, linking their own research insights with assessments of future directions within the discipline. In its breadth and depth and diversity, The Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish History offers an authoritative and vibrant portrayal of the history of modern Ireland.

Nails in the Wall

Catholic Nuns in Reformation Germany
Author: Amy Leonard
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226472577
Category: History
Page: 218
View: 4898

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"During the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther challenged one of the key expressions of Catholicism - monastic life. Yet many religious living in cloistered communities, particularly women, refused to accept these new terms and successfully opposed the new Protestant culture." "Focusing primarily on a group of Dominican nuns in Strasbourg, Germany, Amy Leonard's Nails in the Wall outlines the century-long battle between these nuns and the Protestant city council. Using their charm, wealth, and political and social connections, the nuns were able to sustain their Catholic practices. Leonard's in-depth archival research uncovers letters about and records of the nuns' struggle to maintain their religious beliefs and way of life in the face of Protestant reforms. She tells the story of how they worked privately to keep Catholicism alive - continuing to pray in Latin, smuggling in priests to celebrate Mass, and secretly professing scores of novices to ensure the survival of their convents."--BOOK JACKET.

Deviant Burial in the Archaeological Record

Author: Eileen M. Murphy
Publisher: Oxbow Books
ISBN: 1782975357
Category: Social Science
Page: 244
View: 8029

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This edited volume contains twelve papers that present evidence on non-normative burial practices from the Neolithic through to Post-Medieval periods and includes case studies from some ten countries. It has long been recognised by archaeologists that certain individuals in a variety of archaeological cultures from diverse periods and locations have been accorded differential treatment in burial relative to other members of their society. These individuals can include criminals, women who died during childbirth, unbaptised infants, people with disabilities, and supposed revenants, to name but a few. Such burials can be identifiable in the archaeological record from an examination of the location and external characteristics of the grave site. Furthermore, the position of the body in addition to its association with unusual grave goods can be a further feature of atypical burials. The motivation behind such non-normative burial practices is also diverse and can be related to a wide variety of social and religious beliefs. It is envisaged that the volume will make a significant contribution towards our understanding of the complexities involved when dealing with non-normative burials in the archaeological record.

The Cardinals

Thirteen Centuries of the Men Behind the Papal Throne
Author: Michael Walsh
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 0802829414
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 250
View: 9473

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Although cardinals have been a highly visible part of the Vatican for thirteen centuries, surprisingly little has been written about these "papal princes" of the Roman Catholic Church. They are the "nearly men" of Catholicism, who might have become pope,but in most cases didn't, and instead wielded their power behind the papal throne. In this informative and entertaining history, Catholic insider Michael Walsh traces the origins and growth of the cardinal office and tells the stories of more than sixty of the most notable men to wear the red cap. Here are kingmakers, scholars, pastors, soldiers, and statesmen -- venial rogues and bona fide saints -- brothers, sons, even husbands and fathers -- and those remembered simply for their faithful care of the souls entrusted to them.--Publisher.