Rethinking Difference in Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Music

Theory and Politics of Ambiguity
Author: Gavin Lee
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317337123
Category: Music
Page: 198
View: 2425

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In studies of gender and sexuality in popular music, the concept of difference is often a crucial analytic used to detect social agency; however, the alternative analytic of ambiguity has never been systematically examined. While difference?from heterosexual norms is taken to be the multivalent sign of resistance, oppression, and self-invention, it can lead to inflated claims of the degree and power of difference. This book offers critically-oriented case studies that examine the theory and politics of ambiguity. Ambiguity means that there are both positive and negative implications in any gender and sexuality practices, both sameness and difference from heteronormativity, and unfixed possibility in the diverse nature of discourse and practice (rather than just "difference" among fixed multiplicities). Contributors present a diverse array of approaches through music, sound, psyche, body, dance, performance, race, ethnicity, power, discourse, and history. A wide variety of popular music genres are broached, including gay circuit remixes, punk rock, Goth music, cross-dress performance, billboard 100 songs, global pop, and nineteenth-century minstrelsy. The authors examine the ambiguities of performance and reception, and address the vexed question of whether it is possible for genuinely new forms of gender and sexuality to emerge musically. This book makes a distinctive contribution to studies of gender and sexuality in popular music, and will be of interest to fields including Popular Music Studies, Musicology/Ethnomusicology, Cultural Studies, Queer Studies, and Media Studies.

Rethinking Difference in Music Scholarship

Author: Olivia Bloechl,Melanie Lowe,Jeffrey Kallberg
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107026679
Category: Music
Page: 450
View: 8226

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This major essay collection takes a fresh look at how differences among people matter for music and musical thought.

Rethinking Gender and Sexuality in Childhood

Author: Emily W. Kane
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1441133666
Category: Education
Page: 160
View: 7731

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Rethinking Gender and Sexuality in Childhood explores gender and sexuality in children's lives, from early childhood through adolescence, bringing together key inter-disciplinary perspectives. Kane explores how childhood gender and sexuality are constructed, resisted, and refined within children's peer cultures, within social institutions like the family, education, and media and the role the state holds in structuring children's lives - defining their rights and opportunities through gender and sexuality-related policies and programs. Examples of research, interviews, activities, key points and guidance on further reading encourage the reader to actively engage with the material and to develop a critical relationship with the content. Rethinking Gender and Sexuality in Childhood is essential for those studying childhood at undergraduate and graduate level and of great interest to those working with children in any field.

Musicology: The Key Concepts

Author: David Beard,Kenneth Gloag
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131729808X
Category: Music
Page: 376
View: 674

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Now in an updated 2nd edition, Musicology: The Key Concepts is a handy A-Z reference guide to the terms and concepts associated with contemporary musicology. Drawing on critical theory with a focus on new musicology, this updated edition contains over 35 new entries including: Autobiography Music and Conflict Deconstruction Postcolonialism Disability Music after 9/11 Masculinity Gay Musicology Aesthetics Ethnicity Interpretation Subjectivity With all entries updated, and suggestions for further reading throughout, this text is an essential resource for all students of music, musicology, and wider performance related humanities disciplines.

Rethinking Gender in Popular Culture in the 21st Century

Marlboro Men and California Gurls
Author: Astrid M. Fellner,Marta Fernández-Morales,Martina Martausová
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1527505286
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 255
View: 587

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This book explores popular culture representations of gender, offering a rich and accessible discussion of masculinities and femininities in 21st-century popular media. It brings together contributors from various European countries to investigate the workings of gender in contemporary pop culture products in a brave, original, and rigorous way. This volume is both an academic proposal and an exercise of commitment to a serious analysis of some of the media that influence us most in our everyday lives. Representation matters, and the position we take as viewers or consumers during reception matters even more.

Musicology and Difference

Gender and Sexuality in Music Scholarship
Author: Ruth A. Solie
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520201460
Category: Music
Page: 355
View: 8513

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Collection of essays addressing Western and non-Western music, exploring questions of gender and sexuality

Media Messages

What Film, Television, and Popular Music Teach Us About Race, Class, Gender, and Sexual Orientation
Author: Linda Holtzman,Leon Sharpe
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317464923
Category: Social Science
Page: 558
View: 3834

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The new edition of this widely adopted book reveals how the popular media contribute to widespread myths and misunderstanding about cultural diversity. While focused on the impact of television, feature film, and popular music, the authors reach far beyond media to explore how our understanding, values, and beliefs about race, class, gender and sexual orientation are constructed. They analyze how personal histories, combined with the collective history of oppression and liberation, contribute to stereotypes and misinformation, as well as how personal engagement with media can impact prospects for individual and social freedom. Along with updated media examples, expanded theories and analysis, this edition explores even more deeply the coverage of race in two chapters, discusses more broadly how men and boys are depicted in the media and socialized, and how class issues have become even more visible since the Great Recession of the 21st century and the Occupy movements. Special activities and exercises are provided in the book and an online Instructor's Manual is available to adopters.

Rethinking Relationships

Author: Steve Duck
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1452206651
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 232
View: 6531

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In this book, Steve Duck, a founder of and prolific crossdisciplinary contributor to the field of relationships research, challenges students to re-examine their assumptions about relationships. Duck shows that in order to understand relationships properly, students must understand the roles that society, language, our taken-for-granted assumptions, and other people who share those assumptions play in the conduct of relationships.

Performing Class in British Popular Music

Author: Nathan Wiseman-Trowse
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9780230219496
Category: Performing Arts
Page: 216
View: 7524

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This new study of British popular music shows how it engages with class in mythical ways that allow audiences to perform class-based identities. Case studies on folk rock, punk and indie rock show how this performance works and explore the implications for listeners and audiences.

Cecilia reclaimed

feminist perspectives on gender and music
Author: Susan C. Cook,Judy S. Tsou
Publisher: Univ of Illinois Pr
Category: Music
Page: 241
View: 6566

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Education, Globalization, and Social Change

Author: Hugh Lauder
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780199272532
Category: Education
Page: 1182
View: 6893

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Education is seen as central to economic competitiveness, the reduction of poverty and inequality, and environmental sustainability. The editors have selected key writings that examine the social and economic limits- and possibilities of-education in addressing these fundamental problems. This new reader establishes the field of sociology of education with a particular focus on papers that analyse the nature and extent of globalization in education. A general introduction presents the keyconcepts in the sociology of education, and outlines the major theories and debates, especially in relation to globalization. Each section is accompanied by a part opener explaining and contextualizing the readings within a larger educational and sociological context.

Globalization and race

transformations in the cultural production of blackness
Author: Kamari Maxine Clarke,Deborah A. Thomas
Publisher: Duke University Press Books
Category: History
Page: 407
View: 9145

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A collection that theorizes how global political and economic changes have influenced the ways in which people of African descent represent and contemplate their identities.

Continuum encyclopedia of popular music of the world

Author: John Shepherd
Publisher: Continuum Intl Pub Group
ISBN: 9780826463210
Category: Music
Page: 832
View: 7968

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Edited by distinguished scholars in the field of popular music studies, this encyclopedia set is THE authoritative reference guide to popular music from all corners of the globe, the ultimate reference work to do justice to this vibrant subject.

American Multicultural Studies

Diversity of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality
Author: Sherrow O. Pinder
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1452289743
Category: Social Science
Page: 544
View: 7123

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American Multicultural Studies: Diversity of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality provides an interdisciplinary view of multicultural studies in the United States, addressing a wide range of topics that continue to define and shape this area of study. Through this collection of essays Sherrow Pinder responds to the need to open up a rich avenue for addressing current and continuing issues of race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, cultural diversity, and education in their varied forms. Substantial thematic overlaps are found between sections and essays, all of which are oriented toward a single broad objective: to develop new and different ways of addressing how multicultural issues, in their discursive sociocultural contexts, are inextricably linked to the operations of power. Power, as a site of resistance to which it invariably gives rise, is tacked from a perspective that attends to the complexities of America's history and politics.

Musical Meaning

Toward a Critical History
Author: Lawrence Kramer
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520228245
Category: Music
Page: 335
View: 705

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Lawrence Kramer has been a pivotal figure in the development of the controversial new musicology, integrating the study of music with social and cultural issues. This book continues and deepens the trajectory of Kramer's thinking as it argues that humanistic meaning is a basic force in music history.

Gender, Politics, and Performance in South Asia

Author: Sheema Kermani,Āṣif Farruk̲h̲ī,Kamran Asdar Ali
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780199401925
Category: Feminism
Page: 470
View: 2688

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There have not been many studies conducted focusing on womenas issues in this region specifically. Tehrik-e-Niswan, founded in 1979 by Sheema Kermani, strives to empower women in Pakistan and improve their lot through the use of drama and the performing arts. The Tehrik held a Conference in Karachi in December 2010, aimed at rethinking issues of gender, performance, and politics in South Asia. The present volume is the outcome of the Conference and is based on papers presented by scholars therein. In Pakistan today, the scholarly challenge exists to represent the multiple layers of Pakistanas history in order to bring the country out of the security studies/Islamic threat model that has become the paradigm within which Pakistan Studies are constantly placed. Pakistan today stands at a critical juncture in its short history of existence. The bigger picture consisting of increasing Islamist radicalism, domestic insurgencies, social and economic crisis, the destabilizing of the democratic experiment, the perpetual threat of military take over, and the countryas place in the international security paradigm in most cases informs how the rest of the world views and imagines the country. But very little attention is paid to the smaller picture and the other histories that could update us about how people a with all the uncertainties in their lives a struggle to retain a modicum of dignity and create opportunities to live decent and meaningful lives. The scholarly challenge remains to represent the multiple layers of Pakistanas history in order to bring it out of the security studies/Islamic threat model that has become the paradigm within which Pakistan studies is constantly placed. It is within this context that all the essays of the book have been written.