Bones of Betrayal

A Body Farm Novel
Author: Jefferson Bass
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061284742
Category: Fiction
Page: 368
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The first three Body Farm novels—Carved in Bone, Flesh and Bone, and The Devil's Bones—took readers deep into the backwoods of East Tennessee, where fascinating forensic science mixed with extraordinary characters, including the Farm's charismatic founder. Now, in the latest installment of the New York Times bestselling series Kathy Reichs calls "the real deal," truth, lies, war, and history intertwine in a story that reaches new heights of suspense. This is Jefferson Bass's most ambitious and enthralling book yet. Bones of Betrayal Dr. Bill Brockton is in the middle of a nuclear-terrorism disaster drill when he receives an urgent call from the nearby town of Oak Ridge—better known as Atomic City, home of the Bomb, and the key site for the Manhattan Project during World War II. Although more than sixty years have passed, could repercussions from that dangerous time still be felt today? With his graduate assistant Miranda Lovelady, Brockton hastens to the death scene, where they find a body frozen facedown in a swimming pool behind a historic, crumbling hotel. The forensic detectives identify the victim as Dr. Leonard Novak, a renowned physicist and designer of a plutonium reactor integral to the Manhattan Project. They also discover that he didn't drown: he died from a searing dose of radioactivity. As that same peril threatens the medical examiner and even Miranda, Brockton enlists the help of a beautiful, enigmatic librarian to peel back the layers of Novak's life to the secret at its core. The physicist's house and personal life yield few clues beyond a faded roll of undeveloped film, but everything changes when Brockton chances upon Novak's ninety-year-old ex-wife, Beatrice. Charming and utterly unreliable, she takes him on a trip back into Oak Ridge's wartime past, deep into the shadows of the nuclear race where things were not quite as they seemed. As Beatrice drifts between lucidity and dementia, Brockton wonders if her stories are fact or fancy, history or myth. But he knows one thing—that she holds the key to a mystery that is becoming increasingly labyrinthine. For as the radiation count steadily rises, and the race to find the truth intensifies, the old woman's tales hint at something far darker and more complex than the forensic anthropologist himself could have ever imagined.

What Current Research Says to the Middle Level Practitioner

Author: Judith L. Irvin,National Middle School Association
Publisher: National Middle School Association
ISBN: 9781560901204
Category: Education
Page: 370
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This volume provides recent research findings on important topics related to the still-expanding middle school movement. They are divided into seven parts, addressing teaching/learning, curriculum, teacher education, social context, organization, leaderships, and issues and future directions. Following an introduction to middle level education research, by Irvin and Hough, the chapters are: (1) "Young Adolescent Development" (Eccles and Wigfield); (2) "Enhancing Self-Concept/Self-Esteem in Young Adolescents" (Lipka); (3) "Motivation and Middle School Students" (Anderman and Midgley); (4) "The Effects of Interdisciplinary Teaming on Teachers and Students" (Arhar); (5) "Teaching with Time on Your Side: Developing Long-Term Relationships in Schools" (McLaughlin and Doda); (6)"Middle Level Discipline and Young Adolescents: Making the Connection" (Bennett); (7) "Ability Grouping: Issues of Equity and Effectiveness" (Mills); (8) "Differing Perspectives, Common Ground: The Middle School and Gifted Education Relationship" (Rosselli); (9) "Inclusion" (Hines and Johnston); (10) "A Multifaceted Approach to Teaching Limited Proficiency Students" (VanNess and Platt); (11) "Assessment" (Stowell and McDaniel); (12) "Middle Level Competitive Sports Programs" (Swaim and McEwin); (13) "Middle Level Curriculum's Serendipitous History" (Toepfer); (14) "Effects of Integrative Curriculum and Instruction" (Vars); (15) "Curriculum for Whom?" (Brazee); (16) "Curriculum for What? The Search for Curriculum Purposes for Middle Level Students" (Beane); (17) "Current Issues and Research in Middle Level Curriculum: On Conversations, Semantics, and Roots" (Powell and Faircloth); (18) "Middle Level Teacher Preparation and Licensure" (McEwin and Dickinson); (19) "Multicultural Issues in Middle Level Teacher Education" (Hart); (20) "Improving Urban Schools: Developing the Talents of Students Placed at Risk" (Mac Iver and Plank); (21) "Service Learning and Young Adolescent Development: A Good Fit" (Schine); (22) "Home-School Partnerships: A Critical Link" (Brough); (23) "Organizational Trends and Practices in Middle Level Schools" (Valentine and Whitaker); (24) "A Bona Fide Middle School: Programs, Policy, Practice, and Grade Span Configurations" (Hough); (25) "Components of Effective Teams" (Trimble); (26) "Transition into and out of Middle School" (Mizelle and Mullins); (27) "Collaboration and Teacher Empowerment: Implications for School Leaders" (Clark and Clark); (28) "Women in Leadership Roles" (Clark and Clark); (29) "The Middle Level Principalship" (Valentine, Trimble, and Whitaker); and (30) "Setting a Research Agenda" (Hough and Irvin). Each chapter contains references. (HTH)

Close Relationships

A Sourcebook
Author: Clyde Hendrick,Susan S. Hendrick
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9780761916062
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 500
View: 9882

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`The authors ... extend the reach of their comprehensive reviews into theoretically driven and innovating explorations. The scope of coverage across and within chapters is striking. The developmentalist, the methodologist, the feminist, the contextualist, and the cross-culturalist alike will find satisfaction in reading the chapters' - Catherine A Surra, University of Texas, Austin The science of close relationships is relatively new and complex. This volume has 26 chapters organized into four thematic areas: relationship methods, forms, processes, and threats, as well as a foreword and an epilogue.

Coaching Basketball Successfully 3rd Edition

Author: Morgan Wootten,Joe Wootten
Publisher: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 1450442447
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 291
View: 6205

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Loaded with insights, instruction, drills, and do's and don'ts, this edition includes advice on managing the nuances, challenges and distractions of social media, as well as new tactics that have helped several of the author's scholastic players earn US college basketball scholarships.


Publisher: Smithsonian
ISBN: 9781560989219
Category: History
Page: 264
View: 8790

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Those who think that popcorn has always been at the local multiplexes, better think again. In "Popped Culture" readers will learn the story behind popcorn and its history as the most American of all snack foods--when it arrived in the movie houses and how it all came to be. Not only does this contain the complete history of popcorn, but also some tasty ways to make popcorn a more fascinating snack. photos.

Handbook of Gender and Work

Author: Gary N. Powell
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 0761913556
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 651
View: 2052

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`The structure of the book does mean chapters or sections can be read in isolation, and discrete themes investigated using the indexes. This is where it succeeds as a reference work for scholars. At the same time there is much readable material for those with a general interest in the subject' - Career Guidance The Handbook of Gender and Work is a comprehensive synthesis of current literature and knowledge regarding gender in organizations. A multinational group of leading scholars and researchers from across the disciplines examines the influence of gender (on its own and with other factors) on the conduct of work and the roles and experience of people in the workplace. Amongst the topics inclu

Reading Instruction for Diverse Classrooms

Research-Based, Culturally Responsive Practice
Author: Ellen McIntyre,Nancy Hulan,Vicky Layne
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 1609180569
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 300
View: 9208

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This practical, teacher-friendly book provides indispensable guidance for implementing research-based reading instruction that is responsive to students' diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Structured around the “big five” core topics of an effective reading program—phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension—the book explains tried-and-true teaching strategies for fostering all students' achievement. Key topics include engaging diverse students in classroom discussion, involving families in learning, and assessing and teaching new literacies. Numerous classroom examples demonstrate a wide range of easy-to-implement lesson ideas and activities for students at different grade levels, including struggling learners. Issues specific to English language learners are woven throughout the chapters.


Author: Roberto Calasso
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 1400076129
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 327
View: 8032

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The author of The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony presents an original interpretation of the work of Franz Kafka in a series of essays that looks at the meaning of Kafka's stories and what they reveal about the enigmatic author himself. Reprint.

Lost Orlando

Author: Stephanie Gaub Antequino,Tana Mosier Porter,Historical Society of Central Florida
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 0738591734
Category: History
Page: 127
View: 3562

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Orlando amounted to little more than scattered log cabins in the pine forest when Orange County established it as the county seat in 1857. One of the earliest buildings was a log hotel, indicating Orlando's future as a tourist destination. After its incorporation in 1875, wood-frame structures replaced the log cabins, and prosperous citizens built large houses around the developing government and business center. By 1900, as Orlando recovered from the economic disaster of the Great Freeze of 1894 and 1895, brick construction replaced wood frame as once pretentious houses close to the central city were torn down to make way for modern business blocks. As residences moved to less congested neighborhoods, schools and churches followed. From its beginning, people arrived in Orlando to prosper and build. Those men and their buildings are gone, but the history of the city is richer because of their presence. Orlando's story can be traced through the continuing cycle of constructing, demolishing, and rebuilding anew.

The Neighborhood Has Its Own Rules

Latinos and African Americans in South Los Angeles
Author: Cid Martinez
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814762840
Category: Social Science
Page: 272
View: 2069

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South Los Angeles is often seen as ground zero for inter-racial conflict and violence in the United States. Since the 1940s, South LA has been predominantly a low-income African American neighborhood, and yet since the early 1990s Latino immigrants—mostly from Mexico and many undocumented—have moved in record numbers to the area. Given that more than a quarter million people live in South LA and that poverty rates exceed 30 percent, inter-racial conflict and violence surprises no one. The real question is: why hasn't there been more? Through vivid stories and interviews, The Neighborhood Has Its Own Rules provides an answer to this question. Based on in-depth ethnographic field work collected when the author, Cid Martinez, lived and worked in schools in South Central, this study reveals the day-to-day ways in which vibrant social institutions in South LA— its churches, its local politicians, and even its gangs—have reduced conflict and kept violence to a level that is manageable for its residents. Martinez argues that inter-racial conflict has not been managed through any coalition between different groups, but rather that these institutions have allowed established African Americans and newcomer Latinos to co-exist through avoidance—an under-appreciated strategy for managing conflict that plays a crucial role in America's low-income communities. Ultimately, this book proposes a different understanding of how neighborhood institutions are able to mitigate conflict and violence through several community dimensions of informal social controls.

Historic Orange County

The Story of Orlando and Orange County
Author: Tana Mosier Porter Ph. D.,Cassandra Fyotek
Publisher: HPN Books
ISBN: 1893619990
Category: History
Page: 140
View: 2885

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"From Apopka to Zellwood, the histories of Orange County's communities tell the history of the county itself. The communities came first, some of them when the vast unknown region was still Mosquito County. county boundaries changed, but the communities grew and multiplied. A dozen incorporated cities, and equal number of populated unincorporated towns, and innumerable smaller places make up the Orange County of today. Historic Orange County tells the story of Orange County and its communities from the time the first Spanish explorers stepped ashore to its emergence as one of the world's favorite tourist destinations. Tracing its growth from colonial and territorial days through the Seminole Wars, the book examines Orange County's slow growth before the railroads solved its transportation dilemma, its rise to the top of the citrus industry in the early years of the twentieth century, and its population explosion during the Florida Land Boom of the 1920s. The book highlights the accomplishments of the people who created the communities that make up Orange County, from Aaron Jernigan and his brother Isaac, David Mizell, Judge Speer, and other early pioneers, cattleman Jacob Summerlin, citrus innovator Dr. P. Phillips, and aerospace manufacturer Glenn Martin, to Walt Disney. Nearly two hundred years of the county's past come alive in the words and pictures of Historic Orange County."--Page 4.

Meanwhile in San Francisco

The City in Its Own Words
Author: Wendy MacNaughton
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452130205
Category: Art
Page: 176
View: 8096

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Take a stroll through the City by the Bay with renowned artist Wendy MacNaughton in this collection of illustrated documentaries. With her beloved city as a backdrop, a sketchbook in hand, and a natural sense of curiosity, MacNaughton spent months getting to know people in their own neighborhoods, drawing them and recording their words. Her street-smart graphic journalism is as diverse and beautiful as San Francisco itself, ranging from the vendors at the farmers' market to people combing the shelves at the public library, from MUNI drivers to the bison of Golden Gate Park, and much more. Meanwhile in San Francisco offers both lifelong residents and those just blowing through with the fog an opportunity to see the city with new eyes.

Literacy for Young Children

A Guide for Early Childhood Educators
Author: Priscilla L. Griffith,Sara Ann Beach,Jiening Ruan
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1412951992
Category: Education
Page: 233
View: 4106

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This research-based guidebook offers PreK and kindergarten teachers easy-to-implement activities to develop oral language, phonological and print awareness, emergent writing, and comprehension skills in diverse classrooms.

Chasing Byron

Author: Molly Zenk
Publisher: Highland Press
ISBN: 9780981557397
Category: Fiction
Page: 176
View: 4278

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Waiting to escape her boring hometown, Mariah Woodhouse falls in love with her favorite writer, Lord Byron--who then happens to appear at her parents' inn. With the help of her best friend she devises a way to bait Lord Byron into seducing her.

By Land and by Sea

Studies in the Folklore of Work and Leisure Honoring Horace P. Beck on His Sixty-fifth Birthday
Author: Roger D. Abrahams,Kenneth S. Goldstein,Wayland Debs Hand,Maggie Craig
Publisher: N.A
Category: Social Science
Page: 225
View: 5667

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Changing our minds

negotiating English and literacy
Author: Miles Myers
Publisher: Natl Council of Teachers
ISBN: 9780814133040
Category: Education
Page: 357
View: 3042

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