R. B. Kitaj

Confessions of an Old Jewish Painter. Autobiography
Author: R. B. Kitaj
Publisher: Schirmer Mosel
ISBN: 9783829608138
Page: 384
View: 4156

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R.B. Kitaj (1932-2007) is one of the most intriguing 20th century artists. Kitaj left behind a manuscript unmatched among 20th-century artist autobiographies -- Confessions of an Old Jewish Painter. Eloquently describing his vices and sufferings, it stands in the traditions of both St. Augustine and Thomas de Quincey.


Author: Marco Livingstone
Publisher: Phaidon Press
ISBN: 9780714868554
Category: Art
Page: 287
View: 5412

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A fresh account of a turbulent phase in the modern master’s career.


Pictures and Conversations
Author: Julián Ríos
Publisher: Moyer Bell Limited
Category: Photography
Page: 278
View: 9781

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A pairing of Kitaj's art and the conversations inspired by it.

Sabbath's Theater

Author: Philip Roth
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547345739
Category: Fiction
Page: 465
View: 5509

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He is relentlessly defiant. He is exceedingly libidinous. His appetite for the outrageous is insatiable. He is Mickey Sabbath, the aging, raging powerhouse whose savage effrontery and mocking audacity are at the heart of Philip Roth's astonishing new novel. Sabbath's Theater tells Mickey's story in the wake of the death of his mistress, an erotic free spirit whose adulterous daring exceeds even his own. Once a scandalously inventive puppeteer, Mickey is now in his mid-sixties and besieged by ghosts - of his mother, his beloved brother, his vanished first wife, his mistress of thirteen years. Bereft and grieving, he embarks on a turbulent journey back into his past, one that brings him to the brink of madness and extinction. But no matter how ardently he courts death, he is too exuberantly alive to succeed at dying. Sabbath's Theater is a comic creation of epic proportions, and Mickey Sabbath is its gargantuan hero. This book presents Philip Roth at the peak of his powers.

Personal Impressions

Author: Isaiah Berlin,Henry Hardy
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691088587
Category: Philosophy
Page: 277
View: 2076

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This remarkable collection contains Isaiah Berlin's appreciations of seventeen people of unusual distinction in the intellectual or political world, sometimes both. The names of many of them are familiar: Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Chaim Weizmann, Albert Einstein, and others. With the exception of Roosevelt, he met them all and knew many of them well. For this expanded edition, four new portraits have been added, including those of Virginia Woolf and Edmund Wilson. This volume also contains a vivid and moving account of Berlin's meetings in Russia with Boris Pasternak and Anna Akhmatova in 1945 and 1956. Perhaps the most fascinating of these "personal impressions" is found in the epilogue, where Berlin describes the three strands in his own personality: Russian, English, and Jewish.

Kitaj Prints

A Comprehensive Catalog of Prints
Author: Jennifer Ramkalawon
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781468312775
Category: Art
Page: 256
View: 5986

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The definitive collection of the artist's graphic works in a beautifully produced volume.

Leon Kossoff

Author: Leon Kossoff,Mitchell-Innes & Nash,Annely Juda Fine Art
Publisher: N.A
Category: Art
Page: 120
View: 6018

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Pogrom: Kishinev and the Tilt of History

Author: Steven J. Zipperstein
Publisher: Liveright Publishing
ISBN: 1631492705
Category: History
Page: 352
View: 3266

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Separating historical fact from fantasy, an acclaimed historian retells the story of Kishinev, a riot that transformed the course of twentieth-century Jewish history. So shattering were the aftereffects of Kishinev, the rampage that broke out in late-Tsarist Russia in April 1903, that one historian remarked that it was “nothing less than a prototype for the Holocaust itself.” In three days of violence, 49 Jews were killed and 600 raped or wounded, while more than 1,000 Jewish-owned houses and stores were ransacked and destroyed. Recounted in lurid detail by newspapers throughout the Western world, and covered sensationally by America’s Hearst press, the pre-Easter attacks seized the imagination of an international public, quickly becoming the prototype for what would become known as a “pogrom,” and providing the impetus for efforts as varied as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the NAACP. Using new evidence culled from Russia, Israel, and Europe, distinguished historian Steven J. Zipperstein’s wide-ranging book brings historical insight and clarity to a much-misunderstood event that would do so much to transform twentieth-century Jewish life and beyond.

David Hockney

Author: Paul Melia
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719044052
Category: Art
Page: 158
View: 7193

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This book presents an analysis of the key developments in Hockney's work over the past 30 years, and the chapters advance the critical debate around his work. He is the most widely discussed and well documented artist of his generation.

Dictionary of Jewish Biography

Author: Dan Cohn-Sherbok
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1441197842
Category: Reference
Page: 382
View: 1346

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From Abraham to Saul Bellow, from Moses Maimonides to Woody Allen, from the Baal Shem Tov to Albert Einstein, this comprehensive dictionary of Jewish biographies provides a first point of entry into the fascinating richness of the Jewish heritage. Modelled on the highly acclaimed Dictionary of Christian Biography (Continuum 2001) and with the advice of leading Jewish scholars, the Dictionary of Jewish Biography provides a rapid reference to those Jewish men and women who have, over the last four thousand years, contributed to the life of the Jewish people and the history of the Jewish religion. This dictionary will prove essential for general readers interested in the evolution of Judaism from ancient times to the present day, a perfect study aid for students and teachers. Designed as an accessible reference tool, this volume is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in the history of the Jewish people - the uninitiated will become initiated; the curious will become informed; the informed will now have a handy reference tool.

The Book of Isaiah

Personal Impressions of Isaiah Berlin
Author: Henry Hardy
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
ISBN: 1843838761
Category: Philosophy
Page: 336
View: 6752

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This collection of pen-portraits of the renowned public intellectual Isaiah Berlin, published to mark the centenary of his birth, brings him vividly to life from many vantage-points: essential reading for all who seek to understand the full range of his impact.

The Lives of the Surrealists

Author: Desmond Morris
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780500021361
Category: ART
Page: 272
View: 3276

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Life histories of the Surrealists, known and unknown, by one of the last surviving members of the movement--artist and best-selling author Desmond Morris

Bijoux in the Dark

Author: John Yau
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780988713789
Category: Poetry
Page: 152
View: 5095

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Poetry. Asian & Asian American Studies. At the conclusion of BIJOUX IN THE DARK, John Yau states, "I did not write a hauntingly beautiful book." A line that contrasts with the book's introductory poem, in which hauntings and beauty abound. With all of BIJOUX IN THE DARK, the answer is multifaceted as Yau disavows pretension and expectation and instead heeds a candor beyond categorization. Sonnets and pantoums abound alongside graffiti and Top Ten lists. Yau's work veers from satire, ekphrasis, and homage to imagined histories, surreal dimensions, and Egyptology. The book's list of characters includes Albrecht Durer, Hieronymus Bosch, Francis Bacon, Mark Wahlberg, Donald Trump, Dante, and Meng Chiao. Yet, from this miscellany there comes an ingenious whole deft in its wit and bite. Here John Yau is at home with the quirky and the profound, and any combination thereof.

I Love Dick

Author: Chris Kraus,Eileen Myles,Joan Hawkins
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 1584351934
Category: Fiction
Page: 280
View: 6817

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In I Love Dick, published in 1997, Chris Kraus, author of Aliens & Anorexia, Torpor, and Video Green, boldly tore away the veil that separates fiction from reality and privacy from self-expression. It's no wonder that I Love Dick instantly elicited violent controversies and attracted a host of passionate admirers. The story is gripping enough: in 1994 a married, failed independent filmmaker, turning forty, falls in love with a well-known theorist and endeavors to seduce him with the help of her husband. But when the theorist refuses to answer her letters, the husband and wife continue the correspondence for each other instead, imagining the fling the wife wishes to have with Dick. What follows is a breathless pursuit that takes the woman across America and away from her husband and far beyond her original infatuation into a discovery of the transformative power of first person narrative. I Love Dick is a manifesto for a new kind of feminist who isn't afraid to burn through her own narcissism in order to assume responsibility for herself and for all the injustice in world and it's a book you won't put down until the author's final, heroic acts of self-revelation and transformation.

Last Exit to Brooklyn

A Novel
Author: Hubert Selby
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1453235396
Category: Fiction
Page: 320
View: 7385

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“An extraordinary achievement . . . a vision of hell so stern it cannot be chuckled or raged aside.”—The New York Times Book Review A classic of postwar American literature, Last Exit to Brooklyn created shock waves upon its release in 1964 with its raw, vibrant language and startling revelations of New York City’s underbelly. The prostitutes, drunks, addicts, and johns of Selby’s Brooklyn are fierce and lonely creatures, desperately searching for a moment of transcendence amidst the decay and brutality of the waterfront—though none have any real hope of escape. Last Exit to Brooklyn offers a disturbing yet hauntingly sensitive portrayal of American life, and nearly fifty years after publication, it stands as a crucial and masterful work of modern fiction. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Hubert Selby Jr. including rare photos from the author’s estate.

The Drawings of Susan Te Kahurangi King

Author: Tina Kukielski
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780997249279
Category: Art
Page: 112
View: 2875

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Like many so-called outsider artists, Susan Te Kahurangi King (born 1951) has an origin story--from an early age, she communicated solely through her art. The Drawings of Susan Te Kahurangi King reveals the various periods of the New Zealand artist's work from that foundational moment: from her childhood drawings, to her notebooks, to her mature work of the 1970s and '80s up until the point, sometime in the 1980s, when King stopped drawing. Also included is work made since 2008, when King returned to art, showing the artist's recent moves beyond representation. King's surreal, cartoonish work triumphs in dialogue with contemporary painting and drawing, echoing the comic-inspired work of such painters as Nicole Eisenman, Laura Owens and Joyce Pensato--work that similarly draws from the poles of an unfettered vision, on the one hand, and common pop culture iconography on the other. Yet in King's work we see the unfiltered manifestation of a self-taught artist, whose work is always art and communication simultaneously. In addition to offering a biographical overview of King's life, this catalogue tracks the evolution of her oeuvre and provides contextualization of her art.

Why Mahler?

How One Man and Ten Symphonies Changed Our World
Author: Norman Lebrecht
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 140009657X
Category: Music
Page: 322
View: 5875

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Why Mahler? Why does his music affect us in the way it does? Norman Lebrecht, one of the world’s most widely read cultural commentators, has been wrestling obsessively with Mahler for half his life. Following Mahler’s every footstep from birthplace to grave, scrutinizing his manuscripts, talking to those who knew him, Lebrecht constructs a compelling new portrait of Mahler as a man who lived determinedly outside his own times. Mahler was—along with Picasso, Einstein, Freud, Kafka, and Joyce—a maker of our modern world.Why Mahler?is a book that shows how music can change our lives.

Art, Mimesis and the Avant-Garde

Aspects of a Philosophy of Difference
Author: Andrew Benjamin
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134920474
Category: Philosophy
Page: 228
View: 2623

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First published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

James Joyce

A Life
Author: Edna O'Brien
Publisher: Penguin Paperbacks
ISBN: 9780143119937
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 179
View: 7947

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Examines one of Ireland's most celebrated writers, tracing his life from restive young Jesuit student, through his relationship with Nora Barnacle, to his exile to Trieste.