Problems of long-term imprisonment

Author: A. E. Bottoms,Roy Light,University of Cambridge. Institute of Criminology
Publisher: Gower Pub Co
Category: Social Science
Page: 336
View: 885

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The Effects of Imprisonment

Author: Alison Liebling,Shadd Maruna
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113401239X
Category: Social Science
Page: 512
View: 620

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As the number of prisoners in the UK, USA and elsewhere continues to rise, so have concerns risen about the damaging short term and long term effects this has on prisoners. This book brings together a group of leading authorities in this field, both academics and practitioners, to address the complex issues this has raised, to assess the implications and results of research in this field, and to suggest ways of mitigating the often devastating personal and psychological consequences of imprisonment.

Long-Term Imprisonment

Author: Timothy J. Flanagan
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 0803970331
Category: Social Science
Page: 262
View: 3815

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The use of long-term imprisonment as a response to crime, the effects of long-term incarceration and the strategies used by inmates to adjust to confinement are the focus of this volume. The book explores the prison experience from the male and the female perspective and discusses the correctional management challenges posed by long-term incarceration. Comprising a set of articles originally published in The Prison Journal the book is complemented by research reports, an analysis of long-term inmates confined in United States and Canadian prisons, and essays written by long-term prisoners.

Murderers and Life Imprisonment

Containment, Treatment, Safety and Risk
Author: Eric Cullen,Tim Newell
Publisher: Waterside Press
ISBN: 1872870562
Category: Social Science
Page: 192
View: 4132

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All about life imprisonment, the most severe sentence that can be passed in the UK and the ways in which the system tries to deal with dangerous and high-risk offenders - by a prison governor and psychologist with long experience of working with such people.

Police Innovation

Contrasting Perspectives
Author: David Weisburd,Anthony A. Braga
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139454331
Category: Social Science
Page: N.A
View: 4805

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Over the last three decades American policing has gone through a period of significant change and innovation. In what is a relatively short historical time frame the police began to reconsider their fundamental mission, the nature of the core strategies of policing, and the character of their relationships with the communities that they serve. This volume brings together leading police scholars to examine eight major innovations which emerged during this period: community policing, broken windows policing, problem oriented policing, pulling levers policing, third party policing, hot spots policing, Compstat and evidence-based policing. Including advocates and critics of each of the eight police innovations, this comprehensive book assesses the evidence on impacts of police innovation on crime and public safety, the extent of the implementation of these new approaches in police departments, and the dilemmas these approaches have created for police management. This book will appeal to students, scholars and researchers.

‘Doing’ Coercion in Male Custodial Settings

An Ethnography of Italian Prison Officers Using Force
Author: Luigi Gariglio
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315462672
Category: Social Science
Page: 220
View: 4375

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This book offers a sustained study of one feature of the prison officer’s job: the threat and use of force, which the author calls ‘doing’ coercion. Adopting an interactionist, micro-sociological perspective, the author presents new research based on almost two years of participant observation within an Italian custodial complex hosting both a prison and a forensic psychiatric hospital. Based on observation of emergency squad interventions during so-called ‘critical events’, together with visual methods and interviews with staff, ‘Doing’ Coercion in Male Custodial Settings constitutes an ethnographic exploration of both the organisation and the implicit and explicit practices of threatening and/or ‘doing’ coercion. With a focus on the lawful yet problematic and discretionary threatening and 'doing’ of coercion performed daily on the landing, the author contributes to the growing scholarly literature on power in prison settings, and the developing field of the micro-sociology of violence and of radical interactionism. As such, it will appeal to scholars of sociology, anthropology and criminology with interests in prisons, power and violence in institutions, and visual methods.

The Prison and the Gallows

The Politics of Mass Incarceration in America
Author: Marie Gottschalk
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139455214
Category: Political Science
Page: N.A
View: 5092

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The United States has built a carceral state that is unprecedented among Western countries and in US history. Nearly one in 50 people, excluding children and the elderly, is incarcerated today, a rate unsurpassed anywhere else in the world. What are some of the main political forces that explain this unprecedented reliance on mass imprisonment? Throughout American history, crime and punishment have been central features of American political development. This 2006 book examines the development of four key movements that mediated the construction of the carceral state in important ways: the victims' movement, the women's movement, the prisoners' rights movement, and opponents of the death penalty. This book argues that punitive penal policies were forged by particular social movements and interest groups within the constraints of larger institutional structures and historical developments that distinguish the United States from other Western countries.

Street Justice

Retaliation in the Criminal Underworld
Author: Bruce A. Jacobs,Richard Wright
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521617987
Category: Social Science
Page: 154
View: 7005

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This study examines the structure, process and forms of retaliation in contemporary urban America where street criminals employ it instead of recourse to the criminal justice system. It explores retaliation from a first hand perspective, based on interviews with currently active street criminals rather than prisoners.

The Prisoner Society

Power, Adaptation and Social Life in an English Prison
Author: Ben Crewe
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 019162974X
Category: Law
Page: 544
View: 2860

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While the use of imprisonment continues to rise in developed nations, we have little sociological knowledge of the prison's inner world. Based on extensive fieldwork in a medium-security prison in the UK, HMP Wellingborough, The Prisoner Society: Power, Adaptation and Social Life in an English Prison provides an in-depth analysis of the prison's social anatomy. It explains how power is exercised by the institution, individualizing the prisoner community and demanding particular forms of compliance and engagement. Drawing on prisoners' life stories, it shows how different prisoners experience and respond to the new range of penal practices and frustrations. It then explains how the prisoner society - its norms, hierarchy and social relationships - is shaped both by these conditions of confinement and by the different backgrounds, values and identities that prisoners bring into the prison environment.

Prisoner Reentry and Crime in America

Author: Jeremy Travis,Christy Visher
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521849166
Category: Law
Page: 264
View: 3759

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The contributors question the causes of public concern about the number of returning prisoners, the public safety consequences of prisoners returning to the community and the political and law enforcement responses to the issue.


Author: Consejo de Europa
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9789287140821
Category: Prison administration
Page: 166
View: 4384

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Judicial Policy Making and the Modern State

How the Courts Reformed America's Prisons
Author: Malcolm M. Feeley,Edward L. Rubin
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521777346
Category: Law
Page: 490
View: 1766

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Investigates the role of federal judges in prison reform, and policy making in general.

The Punisher's Brain

The Evolution of Judge and Jury
Author: Morris B. Hoffman
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107038065
Category: Law
Page: 368
View: 4550

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"Evolution built us to punish cheaters. Without that punishment instinct, we would never have been able to live in small groups, and would never have realized all the significant benefits that small-group living conferred, including mutual defense, cooperative hunting, property, divisions of labor and economies of scale. In fact, to a large extent our notions of right and wrong, of empathy and compassion, of fairness and justice, all come from the tensions of group living, and thus indirectly owe their very existence to punishment. It may sound strange that one key to civilization is our willingness to punish each other, but every parent knows it's true. Every parent also feels the irresistible pull not to punish too much, and in fact maybe not to punish at all - to forgive - and this, too, is a remnant of evolution. Our punishment instinct is not so much a sword ready to fall as it is a finely tuned balance, sometimes susceptible to the gentlest of breezes"--

Handbook on Prisons

Author: Yvonne Jewkes,Ben Crewe,Jamie Bennett
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317754557
Category: Social Science
Page: 756
View: 4022

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The second edition of the Handbook on Prisons provides a completely revised and updated collection of essays on a wide range of topics concerning prisons and imprisonment. Bringing together three of the leading prison scholars in the UK as editors, this new volume builds on the success of the first edition and reveals the range and depth of prison scholarship around the world. The Handbook contains chapters written not only by those who have established and developed prison research, but also features contributions from ex-prisoners, prison governors and ex-governors, prison inspectors and others who have worked with prisoners in a wide range of professional capacities. This second edition includes several completely new chapters on topics as diverse as prison design, technology in prisons, the high security estate, therapeutic communities, prisons and desistance, supermax and solitary confinement, plus a brand new section on international perspectives. The Handbook aims to convey the reality of imprisonment, and to reflect the main issues and debates surrounding prisons and prisoners, while also providing novel ways of thinking about familiar penal problems and enhancing our theoretical understanding of imprisonment. The Handbook on Prisons, Second edition is a key text for students taking courses in prisons, penology, criminal justice, criminology and related subjects, and is also an essential reference for academics and practitioners working in the prison service, or in related agencies, who need up-to-date knowledge of thinking on prisons and imprisonment.

Women Exiting Prison

Critical Essays on Gender, Post-Release Support and Survival
Author: Bree Carlton,Marie Segrave
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136222693
Category: Social Science
Page: 214
View: 4423

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Women’s incarceration is on the rise globally and this has significant intergenerational, economic and humanitarian costs for communities across the world. While there have been efforts to implement reform, particularly in countries such as Canada, UK, US and Australia, the growing evidence suggests women’s prisons and the support structures surrounding them are in crisis. This collection of critical essays presents groundbreaking research on women’s post-imprisonment policy, practice and experiences. It is the first collection to offer international perspectives on gender, criminalisation, the effects of imprisonment and women-centred approaches to the short and long-term support of women exiting prison. It offers cutting-edge insights into contemporary policy developments and women’s experiences across the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and Northern Ireland. The collection makes two important contributions. First, it marks a departure from an instrumental and individual focus on ‘what works’ to reduce women’s offending and re-offending behaviour - a prevailing approach within competing collections focused on post-release issues. Second, it presents critical, original research with robust empirical foundations to revive feminist criminological engagement around gender, imprisonment, and most critically, post-release management, support and survival. The collection will appeal to academics and community-based advocates, activists, lawyers and practitioners engaged in advocacy and service provision for imprisoned women. It is also an important and unique analysis for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying criminological and social science courses particularly those related to gender and crime, imprisonment and correctional policy and qualitative research methods.

Errors of Justice

Nature, Sources and Remedies
Author: Brian Forst
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521528825
Category: Law
Page: 254
View: 3146

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Forst takes a new perspective on the assessment of criminal justice policy.

Prisons, Punishment and the Pursuit of Security

Author: Deborah Drake
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 0230282938
Category: Social Science
Page: 220
View: 8181

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Nation states around the globe are struggling with increasing concerns over human and global insecurity. Within this climate crime and criminal justice policies in many countries have become key areas of political focus, with the prison poised to play an important role in security strategies. This book problematises the persistent use of prisons and punishment and their role in pursuing higher levels of human security. Drawing on extensive, qualitative research in men's long-term, maximum-security prisons in England, questions are raised about the means by which security is pursued. The book argues against the use of severe sanctions as a means through which to calm public fears, achieve greater political legitimacy, and improve public security. By considering problems of security alongside those of long-term prisons, the book grapples with thorny and perennial problems associated with violence, vengeance and calls for punishment.