Pro Power BI Desktop

Author: Adam Aspin
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1484232100
Category: Computers
Page: 761
View: 2933

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Deliver eye-catching Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI Desktop. This new edition has been updated to cover all the latest features, including combo charts, Cartesian charts, trend lines, use of gauges, and more. Also covered are Top-N features, the ability to bin data into groupings and chart the groupings, and new techniques for detecting and handling outlier data points. You can take data from virtually any source and use it to produce stunning dashboards and compelling reports that will seize your audience’s attention. Slice and dice the data with remarkable ease and then add metrics and KPIs to project the insights that create your competitive advantage. Make raw data into clear, accurate, and interactive information with Microsoft’s free self-service business intelligence tool. Pro Power BI Desktop shows you how to choose from a wide range of built-in and third-party visualization types so that your message is always enhanced. You’ll be able to deliver those results on the PC, tablets, and smartphones, as well as share results via the cloud. This book helps you save time by preparing the underlying data correctly without needing an IT department to prepare it for you. What You'll Learn Deliver attention-grabbing information, turning data into insight Mash up data from multiple sources into a cleansed and coherent data model Create dashboards that help in monitoring key performance indicators of your business Build interdependent charts, maps, and tables to deliver visually stunning information Share business intelligence in the cloud without involving IT Deliver visually stunning and interactive charts, maps, and tables Find new insights as you chop and tweak your data as never before Adapt delivery to mobile devices such as phones and tablets Who This Book Is For Everyone from CEOs and Business Intelligence developers to power users and IT managers

Wissensbasierte Systeme

2. Internationaler GI-Kongress, München, 20./21. Oktober 1987
Author: Wilfried Brauer,Wolfgang Wahlster
Publisher: Springer
Category: Computers
Page: 432
View: 9534

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Scrum kurz & gut

Author: Rolf Dräther,Holger Koschek,Carsten Sahling
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
ISBN: 3868998357
Category: Computers
Page: 208
View: 4310

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Scrum ist ein leichtgewichtiges Framework für agiles Projektmanagement. In der Softwareentwicklung ist Scrum mittlerweile weit verbreitet, und auch in anderen Branchen wird es zunehmend als Methode für die Arbeitsorganisation eingesetzt. Dieses Buch bietet allen, die sich für Scrum interessieren oder bereits mit Scrum arbeiten, einen kompakten und praxisbezogenen Überblick über das Framework. Scrum - kurz & gut beschreibt leicht verständlich alle Rollen, Meetings und Artefakte, die Bestandteil von Scrum sind, und bettet diese in den Gesamtkontext der Produktentwicklung ein. Das Buch beschränkt sich dabei nicht auf die Darstellung der reinen Scrum-Mechanik, sondern erläutert auch die agilen Werte und Prinzipien, die dieser Arbeitsmethode zugrunde liegen und durch die die Mechanik erst ihr volles Potenzial entfaltet. Dank wertvoller Praxistipps, Checklisten für die Organisation der Scrum-Meetings und eines umfassenden Glossars mit Definitionen aller Schlüsselbegriffe eignet sich Scrum - kurz & gut gleichermaßen als Kurzeinführung und als Nachschlagewerk für die tägliche Arbeit.

Beginning DAX with Power BI

The SQL Pro’s Guide to Better Business Intelligence
Author: Philip Seamark
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1484234774
Category: Computers
Page: 264
View: 2502

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Attention all SQL Pros, DAX is not just for writing Excel-based formulas! Get hands-on learning and expert advice on how to use the vast capabilities of the DAX language to solve common data modeling challenges. Beginning DAX with Power BI teaches key concepts such as mapping techniques from SQL to DAX, filtering, grouping, joining, pivoting, and using temporary tables, all aimed at the SQL professional. Join author Philip Seamark as he guides you on a journey through typical business data transformation scenarios and challenges, and teaches you, step-by-step, how to resolve challenges using DAX. Tips, tricks, and shortcuts are included and explained, along with examples of the SQL equivalent, in order to accelerate learning. Examples in the book range from beginner to advanced, with plenty of detailed explanation when walking through each scenario. What You’ll Learn Turbocharge your Power BI model by adding advanced DAX programming techniques Know when to use calculated measures versus calculated columns Generate new tables on the fly from existing data Optimize, monitor, and tune Power BI to improve performance of your models Discover new ideas, tricks, and time-saving techniques for better models Who This Book Is For Business intelligence developers, business analysts, or any SQL user who wants to use Power BI as a reporting tool. A solid understanding of SQL is recommended, as examples throughout the book include the DAX equivalents to SQL problem/solution scenarios.

Pro Power BI Architecture

Sharing, Security, and Deployment Options for Microsoft Power BI Solutions
Author: Reza Rad
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1484240154
Category: Computers
Page: 545
View: 9567

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Architect and deploy a Power BI solution. This book will help you understand the many available options and choose the best combination for hosting, developing, sharing, and deploying a Power BI solution within your organization. Pro Power BI Architecture provides detailed examples and explains the different methods available for sharing and securing Power BI content so that only intended recipients can see it. Commonly encountered problems you will learn to handle include content unexpectedly changing while users are in the process of creating reports and building analysis, methods of sharing analyses that don’t cover all the requirements of your business or organization, and inconsistent security models. The knowledge provided in this book will allow you to choose an architecture and deployment model that suits the needs of your organization, ensuring that you do not spend your time maintaining your solution but on using it for its intended purpose and gaining business value from mining and analyzing your organization’s data. What You'll Learn Architect and administer enterprise-level Power BI solutions Choose the right sharing method for your Power BI solution Create and manage environments for development, testing, and production Implement row level security in multiple ways to secure your data Save money by choosing the right licensing plan Select a suitable connection type—Live Connection, DirectQuery, or Scheduled Refresh—for your use case Set up a Power BI gateway to bridge between on-premises data sources and the Power BI cloud service Who This Book Is For Data analysts, developers, architects, and managers who want to leverage Power BI for their reporting solution

Das Buch zu Android-Tablets

Author: Hans Dorsch
Publisher: O'Reilly Germany
ISBN: 3958750621
Category: Computers
Page: 372
View: 7004

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Filme ansehen, Videos drehen und bearbeiten, Fotos aufnehmen und vorführen, Bücher lesen, im Internet surfen, kommunizieren, spielen, Musik und Radio hören, Termine verwalten, Texte schreiben und Präsentationen erstellen... Mit Android Tablets, diesen superleichten, äußerst leistungsfähigen kleinen Computern, können Sie fast alles machen, wofür Sie früher einen stationären Rechner oder ein Notebook brauchten – oft sogar deutlich schneller und komfortabler. Bei so vielen Möglichkeiten kann man schon mal den Überblick verlieren. Hans Dorsch nimmt Sie deshalb mit auf eine Tour durch die bunte Welt der Android-Tablets. Er zeigt Ihnen unter anderem, wie Sie die verschiedenen Funktionen Ihres Tablets optimal nutzen, wie Sie mit Apps viele interessante Möglichkeiten hinzugewinnen und wie Sie dabei auch die Sicherheit immer im Blick behalten. Kommen Sie mit, eine höchst informative und unterhaltsame Reise ist Ihnen gewiss! Die Anleitungen und Tipps in diesem Buch können Sie mit jedem Android-Tablet nutzen. Das Buch behandelt Geräte mit der Systemversion 5.x, so gut wie alle Inhalte gelten aber auch für die Vorversion 4.4.x. Der Autor hat als Grundlage für dieses Buch Geräte von Google (Nexus) und von Samsung verwendet. Mitunter unterscheiden sich die Bildschirme der Geräte, die Funktionen stimmen jedoch weitgehend überein.

Super Charge Power BI

Power BI Is Better When You Learn to Write DAX
Author: Matt Allington
Publisher: Tickling Keys, Inc.
ISBN: 1615473602
Category: Computers
Page: 180
View: 7384

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Power BI is a powerful self-service (and enterprise) business intelligence (BI) tool that was first made generally available by Microsoft in July 2015. Power BI is a complete BI package that covers the end to end BI process including data acquisition (get data), data modelling (prepare/model the data) and data visualisation (analyse the data). And there is a lot of good news about this tool including the fact that the skills needed to succeed with Power BI are fully transferable to Microsoft Excel. There are 3 learning areas required to master everything Power BI Desktop has to offer.1. The M Language - used for data acquisition2. The DAX Language - used to prepare and model data3. Visualisation and analysis - used to present data in a compelling wayPower BI is probably the first commercial grade software product that brings all of these areas into a single software package that is completely accessible to a business user (you don't need to be an IT pro). This book focuses on number 2 above, the DAX language (Data Analysis Expressions). Super Charge Power BI Desktop is the second book written by Matt Allington and is a sister book to his first book Learn to Write DAX (first released Dec 2015). Super Charge Power BI Desktop uses the same learning and practice exercise framework as used in Learn to Write DAX however the entire book is written using the Power BI Desktop user interface. Unfortunately simply reading a book is normally not enough for Excel users wanting to get the most out of Power BI Desktop and to learn the DAX language - most people will also need some practice. Super Charge Power BI Desktop is different to other books - it is written in such a way to clearly explain the concepts of Power BI data modelling while at the same time giving hands-on practice to deeply engage the reader to help the new knowledge and concepts stick. The book first presents the theory, then provides worked through sample exercises demonstrating each of the concepts, and finally it provides the reader with practice exercises and answers to maximize learning retention.

Balanced scorecard

Strategien erfolgreich umsetzen
Author: Robert S. Kaplan,David P. Norton
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783791012032
Page: 309
View: 6819

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Balanced Scorecard - das integrierte System, das Finanzkennzahlen mit den wesentlichen Fakten zu Kunden, internen Prozessen und Innovationen verbindet. Die Balanced Scorecard ist das Verbindungsglied zwischen der Unternehmensstrategie und den operativen Aktivitäten und bietet ein hervorragendes System zur Messung und Umsetzung von Strategien. Die Experten zeigen, warum die Balanced Scorecard in jedem Unternehmen effizient eingesetzt werden sollte. Neben dem Aufbau des Systems wird die Integration der Balanced Scorecard in die Planung und Steuerung des Unternehmens erläutert. Zahlreiche Unternehmensbeispiele belegen den Praxiserfolg.

Power Pivot and Power BI

The Excel User's Guide to DAX, Power Query, Power BI & Power Pivot in Excel 2010-2016
Author: Rob Collie,Avichal Singh
Publisher: Tickling Keys, Inc.
ISBN: 1615473491
Category: Computers
Page: 271
View: 5408

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Microsoft PowerPivot is a free add-on to Excel from Microsoft that allows users to produce new kinds of reports and analyses that were simply impossible before, and this book is the first to tackle DAX formulas, the core capability of PowerPivot, from the perspective of the Excel audience. Written by the world's foremost PowerPivot blogger and practitioner, the book's concepts and approach are introduced in a simple, step-by-step manner tailored to the learning style of Excel users everywhere. The techniques presented allow users to produce, in hours or even minutes, results that formerly would have taken entire teams weeks or months to produce. It includes lessons on the difference between calculated columns and measures; how formulas can be reused across reports of completely different shapes; how to merge disjointed sets of data into unified reports; how to make certain columns in a pivot behave as if the pivot were filtered while other columns do not; and how to create time-intelligent calculations in pivot tables such as "Year over Year" and "Moving Averages" whether they use a standard, fiscal, or a complete custom calendar. The "pattern-like" techniques and best practices contained in this book have been developed and refined over two years of onsite training with Excel users around the world, and the key lessons from those seminars costing thousands of dollars per day are now available to within the pages of this easy-to-follow guide. This updated second edition covers new features introduced with Office 2015.

Ich und die Walter Boys

Author: Ali Novak
Publisher: cbt Verlag
ISBN: 3641188849
Category: Young Adult Fiction
Page: 448
View: 7543

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Jackie hasst unvorhersehbare Ereignisse. Als perfekte Tochter hat sie ihr Leben in New Yorks High Society fest im Griff und sonnt sich in der Aussicht auf eine erfolgreiche Zukunft. Doch dann schlägt das Schicksal zu. Mit einer Lawine unvorhersehbarer Ereignisse: 1. Jackie steht plötzlich alleine da. 2. Sie muss zu ihrer Vormundfamilie, den Walters, nach Colorado ziehen. 3. Die Walters haben nicht nur Pferde, sondern auch zwölf Söhne! Mitten in der Pampa, allein unter Jungs von 6 bis 21, für die Privatsphäre ein Fremdwort ist, lautet Jackies erster Gedanke: Nichts wie weg. Und ihr zweiter: Moment ... ein paar der Kerle sehen unfassbar gut aus!

Power BI and Azure Applications

Author: Suren Machiraju,Suraj Gaurav
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 1547400749
Category: Computers
Page: 287
View: 1014

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Power BI Data Analysis and Visualization provides a roadmap to vendor choices and highlights why Microsoft's Power BI is a very viable, cost effective option for data visualization. The book covers the fundamentals and most commonly used features of Power BI, but also includes an in-depth discussion of advanced Power BI features such as natural language queries; embedding Power BI dashboards; and live streaming data. It discusses real solutions to extract data from the ERP application, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and also offers ways to host the Power BI Dashboard as an Azure application, extracting data from popular data sources like Microsoft SQL Server and open-source PostgreSQL. Authored by Microsoft experts, this book uses real-world coding samples and screenshots to spotlight how to create reports, embed them in a webpage, view them across multiple platforms, and more. Business owners, IT professionals, data scientists, and analysts will benefit from this thorough presentation of Power BI and its functions.

Hit Refresh

Wie Microsoft sich neu erfunden hat und die Zukunft verändert
Author: Satya Nadella,Jill Tracie Nichols,Greg Shaw
Publisher: Plassen Verlag
ISBN: 3864704847
Category: Political Science
Page: 256
View: 4859

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Lange bevor es iPad oder Kindle gab, hatte Microsoft bereits ein Tablet und einen E-Reader entwickelt. Nur: Es hatte die Produkte nie genutzt und war gegen neue Innovatoren wie Apple, Google und Amazon ins Hintertreffen geraten. Um diesen Rückstand wieder aufzuholen, musste Microsoft nicht nur eine Strategie entwickeln, wie es künftig mit neuen Technologien wie künstlicher Intelligenz, Robotern und Co umgehen wollte – der einstige Vorreiter in Sachen Innovation musste seine Kultur vollkommen erneuern und seine Seele wiederfinden. Dies ist die Inside-Story dieser Transformation.

High Impact Data Visualization in Excel with Power View, 3D Maps, Get & Transform and Power BI

Author: Adam Aspin
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1484224000
Category: Computers
Page: 599
View: 5483

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Take business intelligence delivery to a new level that is interactive, engaging, even fun, all while driving commercial success through sound decision making. Do this through the power of visualization using this updated edition covering new features and added support for visualization in Excel 2016, and describing the latest developments in Get & Transform and DAX. The example data set has also been updated to demonstrate all that Microsoft's self-service business intelligence suite is now capable of. High Impact Data Visualization in Excel with Power View, 3D Maps, Get & Transform and Power BI, 2nd Edition helps in harnessing the power of Microsoft’s flagship, self-service business intelligence suite to deliver compelling and interactive insight with remarkable ease. Learn the essential techniques needed to enhance the look and feel of reports and dashboards so that you can seize your audience’s attention and provide them with clear and accurate information. Also learn to integrate data from a variety of sources and create coherent data models displaying clear metrics and attributes. Power View is Microsoft's ground-breaking tool for ad-hoc data visualization and analysis. It's designed to produce elegant and visually arresting output. It's also built to enhance user experience through polished interactivity. Power Map is a similarly powerful mechanism for analyzing data across geographic and political units. Get & Transform lets you load, shape and streamline data from multiple sources. Power Pivot can extend and develop data into a dynamic model. Power BI allows you to share your findings with colleagues, and present your insights to clients. High Impact Data Visualization in Excel with Power View, 3D Maps, Get & Transform and Power BI, 2nd Edition helps you master this suite of powerful tools from Microsoft. You'll learn to identify data sources, and to save time by preparing your underlying data correctly. You'll also learn to deliver your powerful visualizations and analyses through the cloud to PCs, tablets and smartphones. Simple techniques take raw data and convert it into information. Slicing and dicing metrics delivers interactive insight. Visually arresting output grabs and focuses attention on key indicators. What You Will Learn Produce designer output that will astound your bosses and peers. Drive business intelligence from Excel using BI in the Cloud. Gather source data from corporate and public sources. Integrate charts, maps, and tables to deliver visually stunning information. Discover new insights as you chop and tweak your data as never before. Adapt delivery to mobile devices. Outshine competing products and enhance existing skills. Who This Book Is For Any Power BI Desktop, Excel or SharePoint user. Business Intelligence developers, power users, IT managers, finance experts, and more can use this book to outshine the competition by producing high-impact business intelligence reporting on a variety of devices from a variety of sources.

SharePoint Kompendium -

Author: Marcus Peters,Roland Kulawik,Marc André Zhou,Dr. Veikko Krypczyk,Olena Bochkor,Jan Nitsch
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 3868027831
Category: Computers
Page: 72
View: 8200

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Das SharePoint Kompendium ist ein Sammelband unterschiedlicher Artikel rund um das Thema SharePoint. Dieser Band zeigt, welche Sicherheitsaspekte beim Datenzugriff in Unternehmen zu beachten sind, und wie die Zusammenarbeit und Vernetzung in Unternehmen mithilfe der Produktivitätspalette von Office 365 noch besser wird. Möglichkeiten der Steigerung der Arbeitszufriedenheit durch Mitarbeitermotivation werden in einem weiteren Artikel dieser Ausgabe erläutert. Abschließend geht es um erweiterte Techniken für Ereignisempfänger und wie Ereignisempfänger für SharePoint Online umgesetzt werden können.

SQL für Dummies

Author: Allen G. Taylor
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527810897
Category: Computers
Page: 440
View: 6827

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Daten und Datenbanken sind quasi überall. Mit der Standardabfragesprache SQL können Daten in relationalen Datenbanken einfach, strukturiert und zielsicher abgefragt werden. Erfahren Sie in diesem Buch, welches kein Vorwissen voraussetzt, wie man Datenbanken erstellt, wie man Daten ordnet und abfragt und wie man SQL-Anweisungen in Programme und Websites einbindet. Nutzen Sie dieses Buch auch als Nachschlagewerk. Ganz wichtig: Sie lernen auch, wie Sie Ihre Datenbanken und Daten schützen und wie Sie typische Fehler vermeiden.