Precarious Liberation

Workers, the State, and Contested Social Citizenship in Postapartheid South Africa
Author: Franco Barchiesi
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438436122
Category: Political Science
Page: 353
View: 9602

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Examines the relationship of precarious employment to state policies on citizenship and social inclusion in the context of postapartheid South Africa.

New Directions in Agrarian Political Economy

Global Agrarian Transformations
Author: Ryan Isakson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317424816
Category: Science
Page: 288
View: 4794

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How relevant are the classic theories of agrarian change in the contemporary context? This volume explores this question by focusing upon the defining features of agrarian transformation in the 21st century: the financialization of food and agriculture, the blurring of rural and urban livelihoods through migration and other economic activities, forest transition, climate change, rural indebtedness, the co-evolution of social policy and moral economies, and changing property relations. Combined, the eleven contributions to this collection provide a broad overview of agrarian studies over the past four decades and identify the contemporary frontiers of agrarian political economy. In this path-breaking collection, the authors show how new iterations of long evident processes continue to catch peasants and smallholders in the crosshairs of crises and how many manage to face these challenges, developing new sources and sites of livelihood production. This volume was published as part one of the special double issue celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Journal of Peasant Studies.

Mapping Precariousness, Labour Insecurity and Uncertain Livelihoods

Subjectivities and Resistance
Author: Emiliana Armano,Arianna Bove,Annalisa Murgia
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317100832
Category: Social Science
Page: 236
View: 7531

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The condition of precariousness not only provides insights into a segment of the world of work or of a particular subject group, but is also a standpoint for an overview of the condition of the social on a global scale. Because precariousness is multidimensional and polysemantic, it traverses contemporary society and multiple contexts, from industrial to class, gender, family relations as well as political participation, citizenship and migration. This book maps the differences and similarities in the ways precariousness and insecurity in employment and beyond unfold and are subjectively experienced in regions and sectors that are confronted with different labour histories, legislations and economic priorities. Establishing a constructive dialogue amongst different global regions and across disciplines, the chapters explore the shift from precariousness to precariat and collective subjects as it is being articulated in the current global crisis. This edited collection aims to continue a process of mapping experiences by means of ethnographies, fieldwork, interviews, content analysis, where the precarious define their condition and explain how they try to withdraw from, cope with or embrace it. This is valuable reading for students and academics interested in geography, sociology, economics and labour studies.

Class in Soweto

Author: Peter Alexander,Claire Ceruti,Keke Motseke
Publisher: University of Natal Press
ISBN: 9781869142209
Category: Political Science
Page: 306
View: 4376

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The book presents findings and analyses from six years of research on class structure and class identity in Soweto, South Africa's most populous and politically-important township. This is placed within the context of: heightened socio-economic inequalities in nearly all countries around the world; renewed academic interest in class alongside a paucity of literature on the character of class in the global south; and the specific value of a study on South Africa, with its extremes of unemployment, strike action, and ongoing insurrectionary unrest among the urban poor. The book draws on a large, wide-ranging representative survey and extensive qualitative fieldwork. It makes an original contribution to the sociology of class and to the politics of contemporary South Africa. *** "An exemplary study of social class and its ramifications for the lives of people, this book is an all-too-rare example of sociological research that systematically weaves together quantitative and qualitative data with both macro- and micro-analysis. The result is a complex, multidimensional understanding of how class works. It should be read not only by people specifically interested in the dynamics and dilemmas of contemporary South Africa, but by anyone interested in the problem of class in the contemporary world." - Erik Olin Wright, Vilas Distinguished Professor of Sociology, U. of Wisconsin-Madison; President of the American Sociological Assn. *** "Class in Soweto is a pioneering research project which has already resulted in important journal articles and an outstanding documentary film. The team has now gathered their research together into a wonderful book that will transform how we understand social change in contemporary South Africa. Drawing on solid qualitative and quantitative research, the authors challenge prevailing conceptions of stratification. It is especially innovative and important in its analysis of perceptions and languages of class. There is no other book like it on any South African urban area." - Jeremy Seekings, Director: Center for Social Science Research, U. of Cape Town *** "This landmark in urban sociology addresses essential questions about the precise delineation of the huge inequalities marring postapartheid South African life. No one will be able to write about contemporary urban South Africa without addressing its findings and methods. Highly recommended." - Choice, January 2014, Vol. 51, No. 5 [Subject: Sociology, African Studies, Urban Studies, Politics]

Tabloid Journalism in South Africa

True Story!
Author: Herman Wasserman
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253004292
Category: History
Page: 240
View: 7303

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Less than a decade after the advent of democracy in South Africa, tabloid newspapers have taken the country by storm. One of these papers -- the Daily Sun -- is now the largest in the country, but it has generated controversy for its perceived lack of respect for privacy, brazen sexual content, and unrestrained truth-stretching. Herman Wasserman examines the success of tabloid journalism in South Africa at a time when global print media are in decline. He considers the social significance of the tabloids and how they play a role in integrating readers and their daily struggles with the political and social sphere of the new democracy. Wasserman shows how these papers have found an important niche in popular and civic culture largely ignored by the mainstream media and formal political channels.

South Africa Pushed to the Limit

The Political Economy of Change
Author: Hein Marais
Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.
ISBN: 1780320833
Category: Political Science
Page: 576
View: 1529

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Since 1994, the democratic government in South Africa has worked hard at improving the lives of the black majority, yet close to half the population lives in poverty, jobs are scarce, and the country is more unequal than ever. For millions, the colour of people’s skin still decides their destiny. In his wide-ranging, incisive and provocative analysis, Hein Marais shows that although the legacies of apartheid and colonialism weigh heavy, many of the strategic choices made since the early 1990s have compounded those handicaps. Marais explains why those choices were made, where they went awry, and why South Africa’s vaunted formations of the left -- old and new -- have failed to prevent or alter them. From the real reasons behind President Jacob Zuma’s rise and the purging of his predecessor, Thabo Mbeki, to a devastating critique of the country’s continuing AIDS crisis, its economic path and its approach to the rights and entitlements of citizens, South Africa Pushed to the Limit presents a riveting benchmark analysis of the incomplete journey beyond apartheid.

The Arts of Citizenship in African Cities

Infrastructures and Spaces of Belonging
Author: M. Diouf,R. Fredericks
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137481889
Category: Social Science
Page: 310
View: 6931

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The Arts of Citizenship in African Cities pushes the frontiers of how we understand cities and citizenship and offers new perspectives on African urbanism. Nuanced ethnographic analyses of life in an array of African cities illuminate the emergent infrastructures and spaces of belonging through which urban lives and politics are being forged.

Pioneers, Settlers, Aliens, Exiles

The Decolonisation of White Identity in Zimbabwe
Author: J. L. Fisher
Publisher: ANU E Press
ISBN: 1921666145
Category: Decolonization
Page: 276
View: 8713

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What did the future hold for Rhodesia's white population at the end of a bloody armed conflict fought against settler colonialism? Would there be a place for them in newly independent Zimbabwe? PIONEERS, SETTLERS, ALIENS, EXILES sets out the terms offered by Robert Mugabe in 1980 to whites who opted to stay in the country they thought of as their home. The book traces over the next two decades their changing relationshipwith the country when the post-colonial government revised its symbolic and geographical landscape and reworked codes of membership. Particular attention is paid to colonial memories and white interpellation in the official account of the nation's rebirth and indigene discourses, in view of which their attachment to the place shifted and weakened. As the book describes the whites' trajectory from privileged citizens to persons of disputed membership and contested belonging, it provides valuable background information with regard to the land and governance crises that engulfed Zimbabwe at the start of the twenty-first century.

The Sociology of Consumption

A Global Approach
Author: Joel Stillerman
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0745696910
Category: Social Science
Page: 224
View: 7139

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The Sociology of Consumption: A Global Approach offers college students, scholars, and interested readers a state-of-the-art overview of consumption the desire for, purchase, use, display, exchange, and disposal of goods and services. The book’s global focus, emphasis on social inequality, and analysis of consumer citizenship offer a timely, exciting, and original approach to the topic. Looking beyond the U.S. and Europe, Stillerman engages examples from his and others’ research in Chile and other Latin American countries, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and East and South Asia to explore the interaction between global and local forces in consumption. The text explores the lived experience of being a consumer, demonstrating how social inequalities based on class, gender, sexuality, race, and age shape consumer practices and identities. Finally, the book uncovers the important role consumption has played in fueling local and international activism. This welcome new book will be ideal for classes on consumer culture across the social sciences, humanities, and marketing.

AIDS, Intimacy and Care in Rural KwaZulu-Natal

A Kinship of Bones
Author: Patricia C. Henderson
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 9089643591
Category: Social Science
Page: 256
View: 1806

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This book describes how HIV/AIDS became part of the lives of the people of the mountainous Okhahlamba in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal. Based on extensive research in the area between 2003 and 2006, the author shows what impact the disease had - and still does - for adults and children, and the different ways people tried to find answers to the devastating presence of HIV / AIDS. Henderson focuses on informal care by family members and volunteers at a time when anti-retroviral drugs were not yet available. She also shows what it meant to the community once the drugs became available.

Twilight Policing

Private Security and Violence in Urban South Africa
Author: Tessa G. Diphoorn
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520287339
Category: Social Science
Page: 304
View: 4862

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South Africa boasts the largest private security sector in the entire world, reflecting deep anxieties about violence, security, and governance. Twilight Policing is an ethnographic study of the daily policing practices of armed response officers—a specific type of private security officer—and their interactions with citizens and the state police in Durban, South Africa. This book shows how their policing practices simultaneously undermine and support the state, resulting in actions that are neither public nor private, but something in between, something “twilight.” Their performances of security are also punitive, disciplinary, and exclusionary, and they work to reinforce post-apartheid racial and economic inequalities. Ultimately, Twilight Policing helps to illuminate how citizens survive volatile conditions and to whom they assign the authority to guide them in the process.

The Political Economy of Clean Energy Transitions

Author: Douglas Arent,Channing Arndt,Mackay Miller,Owen Zinaman,Finn Tarp
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198802242
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 640
View: 2792

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This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO licence. It is free to read at Oxford Scholarship Online and offered as a free PDF download from OUP and selected open access locations. A successful clean energy transition requires navigation of a variety of political and economic factors; in many respects, these factors are more formidable than the technical challenge of replacing fossil fuel infrastructure with lower carbontechnologies. The factors of political economy are present in all countries - developing and developed countries alike - all with a unique set of national circumstances, including entrenched political actorsand interests, established policies and goals, regulatory and market paradigms, and other aspects. As far as a clean energy transition is concerned, these factors are not to be taken lightly. As governments around the world pursue their greenhouse gas reduction goals, it is critical that they learn from one another both in terms of successes and failures. Advancing this process of knowledge-sharing, to the benefit of all, but especially the most vulnerable of present and future generations, isthe raison d'�tre of this book.

Postcolonial Piracy

Media Distribution and Cultural Production in the Global South
Author: Lars Eckstein,Anja Schwarz
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472519434
Category: Political Science
Page: 256
View: 9092

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Across the global South, new media technologies have brought about new forms of cultural production, distribution and reception. The spread of cassette recorders in the 1970s; the introduction of analogue and digital video formats in the 80s and 90s; the pervasive availability of recycled computer hardware; the global dissemination of the internet and mobile phones in the new millennium: all these have revolutionised the access of previously marginalised populations to the cultural flows of global modernity. Yet this access also engenders a pirate occupation of the modern: it ducks and deranges the globalised designs of property, capitalism and personhood set by the North. Positioning itself against Eurocentric critiques by corporate lobbies, libertarian readings or classical Marxist interventions, this volume offers a profound postcolonial revaluation of the social, epistemic and aesthetic workings of piracy. It projects how postcolonial piracy persistently negotiates different trajectories of property and self at the crossroads of the global and the local.

Antinomies of Art and Culture

Modernity, Postmodernity, Contemporaneity
Author: Okwui Enwezor,Nancy Condee,Terry Smith
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822389339
Category: Art
Page: 456
View: 5590

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In this landmark collection, world-renowned theorists, artists, critics, and curators explore new ways of conceiving the present and understanding art and culture in relation to it. They revisit from fresh perspectives key issues regarding modernity and postmodernity, including the relationship between art and broader social and political currents, as well as important questions about temporality and change. They also reflect on whether or not broad categories and terms such as modernity, postmodernity, globalization, and decolonization are still relevant or useful. Including twenty essays and seventy-seven images, Antinomies of Art and Culture is a wide-ranging yet incisive inquiry into how to understand, describe, and represent what it is to live in the contemporary moment. In the volume’s introduction the theorist Terry Smith argues that predictions that postmodernity would emerge as a global successor to modernity have not materialized as anticipated. Smith suggests that the various situations of decolonized Africa, post-Soviet Europe, contemporary China, the conflicted Middle East, and an uncertain United States might be better characterized in terms of their “contemporaneity,” a concept which captures the frictions of the present while denying the inevitability of all currently competing universalisms. Essays range from Antonio Negri’s analysis of contemporaneity in light of the concept of multitude to Okwui Enwezor’s argument that the entire world is now in a postcolonial constellation, and from Rosalind Krauss’s defense of artistic modernism to Jonathan Hay’s characterization of contemporary developments in terms of doubled and even para-modernities. The volume’s centerpiece is a sequence of photographs from Zoe Leonard’s Analogue project. Depicting used clothing, both as it is bundled for shipment in Brooklyn and as it is displayed for sale on the streets of Uganda, the sequence is part of a striking visual record of new cultural forms and economies emerging as others are left behind. Contributors: Monica Amor, Nancy Condee, Okwui Enwezor, Boris Groys, Jonathan Hay, Wu Hung, Geeta Kapur, Rosalind Krauss, Bruno Latour, Zoe Leonard, Lev Manovich, James Meyer, Gao Minglu, Helen Molesworth, Antonio Negri, Sylvester Okwunodu Ogbechie, Nikos Papastergiadis, Colin Richards, Suely Rolnik, Terry Smith, McKenzie Wark

Promoting Social Cohesion Through Education

Case Studies and Tools for Using Textbooks
Author: Eluned Roberts-Schweitzer,Vincent Greaney,Kreszentia Duer
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 0821364669
Category: Education
Page: 166
View: 7668

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This volume has three foci - the rationale for considering how aspects of education can affect social cohesion; case studies that review particular country experiences with curricula and textbooks; and practical guidelines and applications to help countries improve areas of education.

Beyond C. L. R. James

Shifting Boundaries of Race and Ethnicity in Sports
Author: John Nauright,Alan G. Gobley,David K. Wiggins
Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
ISBN: 1610755340
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 393
View: 2550

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Beyond C. L. R. James brings together essays analyzing the intercon¬nections among race, ethnicity, and sport. Published in memory of C. L. R. James, the revolutionary sociologist and writer from Trinidad who penned the famous autobiographical account of cricket titled Beyond a Boundary, this collection of essays, many of which originated at the 2010 conference on race and ethnicity in sport at the University of West Indies, Cave Hill in Barbados, cover everything from Aborigines in sport and cricket and minstrel shows in Australia to Zulu stick fighting and football and racism in northern Ireland. The essays, divided into four sections that include introductory comments by each editor, are written by some of the more well-known sport historians in the world and characterized by a focus on the role of culture and sport in society in the context of both political economies and the state as well as colonial and postcolonial struggles. Included also are discussions on how sport at once brings people together, shapes the identities of its participants, and reflects the continuing search for social justice.

AIDS, Sex, and Culture

Global Politics and Survival in Southern Africa
Author: Ida Susser
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 144435910X
Category: Social Science
Page: 304
View: 5682

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AIDS, Sex, and Culture is a revealing examination of the impact the AIDS epidemic in Africa has had on women, based on the author’s own extensive ethnographic research. based on the author's own story growing up in South Africa looks at the impact of social conservatism in the US on AIDS prevention programs discussion of the experiences of women in areas ranging from Durban in KwaZulu Natal to rural settlements in Namibia and Botswana includes a chapter written by Sibongile Mkhize at the University of KwaZulu Natal who tells the story of her own family’s struggle with AIDS

Raw Life, New Hope

Decency, Housing and Everyday Life in a Post-apartheid Community
Author: Fiona C. Ross
Publisher: Juta and Company Ltd
ISBN: 9781919895277
Category: Political Science
Page: 248
View: 4166

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The Cape Flats, that windswept, treeless, barren, sandy area between two oceans at Africa's southern tip, is home to more than a million people, approximately one quarter of Cape Town's population. Many live in the sprawling shack settlements that ring the city. The post-apartheid state is attempting to eradicate such settlements by providing formal houses in planned residential estates. This book is concerned with the residents of one such shack settlement, The Park, who moved to new, formal' houses in The Village, at the turn of the millennium. Based on 17 years of work, the ethnography introduces readers to core social science topics and modes of theorising. There are few sustained studies of the lives, aspirations and coping strategies of people in impoverished circumstances in South Africa. Still fewer take a longitudinal perspective. This approach has allowed the author to trace how ordinary people attempt to live in accord with their ideals of decency under almost impossible circumstances and to trace the effects of material changes in their lives after 1994 -- including democratic transformations and, significantly for the residents, the provision of RDP housing. The book's chapters are separated by illustrative breaks (photographs, anecdotes, recipes, philosophical reflections on subjects that arose during conversations, maps etc.) that elicit a sense of the everyday, the provocations it poses and how people engage with and attempt to solve the problems of poverty. Detailed descriptions, lively characterisation, verbatim quotes from interviews and conversations give a sense of the particularity of people's lives and make the characters come alive to readers. An accessible and jargon-free style creates a novelistic feel which will appeal to lay readers as well as academics.

Undervalued Dissent

Informal Workers' Politics in India
Author: Nair
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438462476
Category: Political Science
Page: 258
View: 8508

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Uses two case studies to demonstrate how neoliberal reforms in India have de-democratized labor politics. Historically, the Indian state has not offered welfare and social rights to all of its citizens, yet a remarkable characteristic of its polity has been the ability of citizens to dissent in a democratic way. In Undervalued Dissent, Manjusha Nair argues that this democratic space has been vanishing slowly. Based on extensive fieldwork in Chhattisgarh, a regional state in central India, this bookexamines two different informal workers’ movements. Informal workers are not part of organized labor unions and make up eighty-five percent of the Indian workforce. The first movement started in 1977 and was a success, while the other movement began in 1989 and still continues today, without success. The workers in both movements had similar backgrounds, skills, demands, and strategies. Nair maintains that the first movement succeeded because the workers contended within a labor regime that allowed space for democratic dissent, and the second movement failed because they contested within a widely altered labor regime following neoliberal reforms, where these spaces of democratic dissent were preempted. The key difference between the two regimes, Nair suggests, is not in the withdrawal of a prolabor state from its protective and regulatory role, as has been argued by many, but rather in the rise of a new kind of state that became functionally decentralized, economically predatory, and politically communalized. These changes, Nair concludes, successfully de-democratized labor politics in India.

Gramsci is Dead

Anarchist Currents in the Newest Social Movements
Author: Richard Day
Publisher: Pluto Press
ISBN: 9780745321127
Category: Political Science
Page: 254
View: 935

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Gramsci and the concept of hegemony cast a long shadow over radical political theory. Yet how far has this theory got us? Is it still central to feminism, anti-capitalism, anti-racism, anarchism, and other radical social movements today? Unlike previous revolutionary movements, Day argues, most contemporary radical social movements do not strive to take control of the state. Instead, they attempt to develop new forms of self-organisation that can run in parallel with---or as alternatives to---existing forms of social, political, and economic organization. This is to say that they follow a logic of affinity rather than one of hegemony. This book draws together a variety of different strands in political theory to weave together an innovative new approach to politics today. Rigorous and wide-ranging, Day introduces and interrogates key concepts. From Hegel's concept of recognition, through theories of hegemony and affinity to Hardt and Negri's reflections on Empire, Day maps academia's theoretical and philosophical concerns onto today's politics of the street. Ideal for all students of political theory, Day's fresh approach combines Marxist, Anarchist and Post-structuralist theory to shed new light on the politics and practice of contemporary social movements.