Power Query for Power BI and Excel

Author: Christopher Webb,Crossjoin Consulting Limited
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430266929
Category: Computers
Page: 272
View: 1893

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Power Query for Power BI and Excel is a book for people who are tired of copying and pasting data into Excel worksheets. Power Query, part of the Microsoft Power BI suite, is a tool that automates the process of getting data into Excel and will save you hours of dull, repetitive, and error-prone work! Power Query makes it easy to extract data from many different data sources, filter that data, aggregate it, clean it and perform calculations on it, finally loading that data into either your worksheet or directly into the new Excel 2013 Data Model used by Power Pivot. This concise, practical book provides a complete guide to Power Query and how to use it to solve all of your Excel data-loading problems. Power Query for Power BI and Excel goes well beyond the surface of what Power Query can do. The book goes deep into the underlying M language, showing you how to do amazing things that aren’t going to be possible from just the GUI interface that is covered in most other books. You’ll have full command of the GUI, and you’ll be able to drop into the M language to go beyond what the GUI provides. The depth in this book makes it a must-have item for anyone who is pushing Power BI and Excel to their limits in the pursuit of business intelligence from data analysis. Teaches the basics of using Power Query to load data into Excel Helps you solve common, data-related problems with Power Query Shows how to write your own solutions in the powerful M language

Power Pivot and Power BI

The Excel User's Guide to DAX, Power Query, Power BI & Power Pivot in Excel 2010-2016
Author: Rob Collie,Avichal Singh
Publisher: Tickling Keys, Inc.
ISBN: 1615473491
Category: Computers
Page: 271
View: 714

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Microsoft PowerPivot is a free add-on to Excel from Microsoft that allows users to produce new kinds of reports and analyses that were simply impossible before, and this book is the first to tackle DAX formulas, the core capability of PowerPivot, from the perspective of the Excel audience. Written by the world's foremost PowerPivot blogger and practitioner, the book's concepts and approach are introduced in a simple, step-by-step manner tailored to the learning style of Excel users everywhere. The techniques presented allow users to produce, in hours or even minutes, results that formerly would have taken entire teams weeks or months to produce. It includes lessons on the difference between calculated columns and measures; how formulas can be reused across reports of completely different shapes; how to merge disjointed sets of data into unified reports; how to make certain columns in a pivot behave as if the pivot were filtered while other columns do not; and how to create time-intelligent calculations in pivot tables such as "Year over Year" and "Moving Averages" whether they use a standard, fiscal, or a complete custom calendar. The "pattern-like" techniques and best practices contained in this book have been developed and refined over two years of onsite training with Excel users around the world, and the key lessons from those seminars costing thousands of dollars per day are now available to within the pages of this easy-to-follow guide. This updated second edition covers new features introduced with Office 2015.

Mastering Microsoft Power BI

Expert techniques for effective data analytics and business intelligence
Author: Brett Powell
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1788292286
Category: Computers
Page: 638
View: 7172

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Design, create and manage robust Power BI solutions to gain meaningful business insights Key Features Master all the dashboarding and reporting features of Microsoft Power BI Combine data from multiple sources, create stunning visualizations and publish your reports across multiple platforms A comprehensive guide with real-world use cases and examples demonstrating how you can get the best out of Microsoft Power BI Book Description This book is intended for business intelligence professionals responsible for the design and development of Power BI content as well as managers, architects and administrators who oversee Power BI projects and deployments. The chapters flow from the planning of a Power BI project through the development and distribution of content to the administration of Power BI for an organization. BI developers will learn how to create sustainable and impactful Power BI datasets, reports, and dashboards. This includes connecting to data sources, shaping and enhancing source data, and developing an analytical data model. Additionally, top report and dashboard design practices are described using features such as Bookmarks and the Power KPI visual. BI managers will learn how Power BI’s tools work together such as with the On-premises data gateway and how content can be staged and securely distributed via Apps. Additionally, both the Power BI Report Server and Power BI Premium are reviewed. By the end of this book, you will be confident in creating effective charts, tables, reports or dashboards for any kind of data using the tools and techniques in Microsoft PowerBI. What you will learn Build efficient data retrieval and transformation processes with the Power Query M Language Design scalable, user-friendly DirectQuery and Import Data Models Develop visually rich, immersive, and interactive reports and dashboards Maintain version control and stage deployments across development, test, and production environments Manage and monitor the Power BI Service and the On-premises data gateway Develop a fully on-premise solution with the Power BI Report Server Scale up a Power BI solution via Power BI Premium capacity and migration to Azure Analysis Services or SQL Server Analysis Services Who this book is for Business Intelligence professionals and existing Power BI users looking to master Power BI for all their data visualization and dashboarding needs will find this book to be useful. While understanding of the basic BI concepts is required, some exposure to Microsoft Power BI will be helpful.

Collect, Transform and Combine Data Using Power Bi and Power Query in Excel

Author: Gil Raviv
Publisher: Pearson Professional
ISBN: 9781509307951
Category: Computers
Page: 368
View: 9172

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Did you know that there is a technology inside Excel, and Power BI, that allows you to create magic in your data, avoid repetitive manual work, and save you time and money? Using Excel and Power BI, you can: Save time by eliminating the pain of copying and pasting data into workbooks and then manually cleaning that data. Gain productivity by properly preparing data yourself, rather than relying on others to do it. Gain effiiciency by reducing the time it takes to prepare data for analysis, and make informed decisions more quickly. With the data connectivity and transformative technology found in Excel and Power BI, users with basic Excel skills import data and then easily reshape and cleanse that data, using simple intuitive user interfaces. Known as "Get & Transform" in Excel 2016, as the "Power Query" separate add-in in Excel 2013 and 2010, and included in Power BI, you'll use this technology to tackle common data challenges, resolving them with simple mouse clicks and lightweight formula editing. With your new data transformation skills acquired through this book, you will be able to create an automated transformation of virtually any type of data set to mine its hidden insights.

Excel Pivot-Tabellen und -Diagramme in der Praxis: Mit Power Query und PowerPivot

Author: Inge Baumeister
Publisher: Bildner Verlag
ISBN: 3832853596
Category: Computers
Page: 352
View: 6190

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Sie möchten ohne Programmierkenntnisse große Datenmengen abrufen und aufbereiten? Immer aktuelle Auswertungen in Echtzeit und ohne ständig wiederkehrende Berechnungen auf "Knopfdruck" erhalten? Dieses Buch widmet sich ganz der Aufbereitung und Auswertung umfangreicher Datenbestände, Stichwort "Big Data" und setzt beim Leser etwas Grundlagenwissen voraus. Den wichtigsten und zentralen Teil des Buches bildet die Datenanalyse mit Pivot-Tabellen. Hier wird ausführlich beschrieben, wie Sie eine Pivot-Tabelle erstellen, Felder anordnen und schnell umstellen und das Berichtslayout ändern. Pivot-Tabellen verfügen außerdem über zahlreiche Möglichkeiten der Berechnung und Darstellung der Ergebniswerte sowie über komfortable Filter- und Gruppierungsfunktionen. Für jede Datenanalyse gilt: Optimale Ergebnisse lassen sich nur mit entsprechend strukturierten und aufbereiteten Ausgangsdaten erzielen. In der Praxis liefert sehr oft betriebliche Software, z. B. Warenwirtschaftssysteme, die Datenbasis. Neben dem einfachen Datenimport aus Text- und .csv-Dateien verfügt Excel mit PowerQuery und PowerPivot über effektive Werkzeuge, mit denen Sie Daten beim Import aufbereiten, berechnen, filtern und zusammenführen. Obendrein lassen sich die Daten schnell aktualisieren, so dass Sie stets aktuelle Ergebnisse erhalten. Falls Sie Excel-Tabellen als Informationsquelle nutzen, finden Sie im Buch nützliche Tipps und Tricks zum Aufbau von Tabellen, zur Vermeidung von Fehlern bei der Dateneingabe oder um nachträglich ungültige Daten aufzuspüren.

Master Your Data with Excel and Power BI

Leveraging Power Query to Get and Transform Your Task Flow
Author: Miguel Escobar,Ken Puls
Publisher: Holy Macro! Books
ISBN: 9781615470587
Category: Computers
Page: 256
View: 661

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Power Query is the amazing new data cleansing tool in both Excel and Power BI Desktop. Do you find yourself performing the same data cleansing steps day after day? Power Query will make it faster to clean your data the first time. While Power Query is powerful, the interface is subtle--there are tools hiding in plain sight that are easy to miss. Go beyond the obvious and take Power Query to new levels with this book.

M Is for (Data) Monkey

A Guide to the M Language in Excel Power Query
Author: Ken Puls,Miguel Escobar
Publisher: Tickling Keys, Inc.
ISBN: 1615473459
Category: Computers
Page: 212
View: 5847

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Power Query is one component of the Power BI (Business Intelligence) product from Microsoft, and "M" is the name of the programming language created by it. As more business intelligence pros begin using Power Pivot, they find that they do not have the Excel skills to clean the data in Excel; Power Query solves this problem. This book shows how to use the Power Query tool to get difficult data sets into both Excel and Power Pivot, and is solely devoted to Power Query dashboarding and reporting.


Daten abfragen und verarbeiten mit Excel und Power BI
Author: Ignaz A. Schels
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 3446456856
Category: Computers
Page: 345
View: 1707

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Eine ordentliche Datenbasis ist die Grundvoraussetzung für jede Analyse. Lernen Sie, wie Sie hierfür den Abfrage-Editor in Excel, Power BI und Power Query (u.a.) optimal nutzen, um Daten aus verschiedenen Quellen einzulesen und zu modellieren. Das Buch zeigt mit zahlreichen Beispielen, wie Sie unterschiedliche Quelldaten flexibel und automatisiert anpassen, filtern oder zusammenführen. Mit steigendem Schwierigkeitsgrad werden zunächst die Werkzeuge und Techniken der Benutzeroberfläche und später die Feinheiten der zugrundeliegenden Abfragesprache „M“ nahegebracht. Aus dem Inhalt: - Grundlagen des PowerQuery-Abfrage-Editors - Abfragen auf Dateien, Datenbanken und Online-Quellen - Mehrere Datenquellen kombinieren - Komplexe Transformationen mit M - Über 400 M-Funktionen anschaulich erklärt - M-Funktionen selbst erstellen - Fehlerbehandlung und -vermeidung - VBA-Makros und M-Abfragen kombinieren - Abfragen effizienter und schneller machen Copy & Paste war gestern – wer heute Daten in ein Auswertungsmodell einliest, nutzt am besten eine automatisierte und standardisierte Lösung. Microsoft Excel (ab 2016 bzw. v16.0) und Microsoft Power BI Desktop enthalten hierfür den Abfrage-Editor, mit dem Sie eine Verbindung zu fast jeder Datenquelle herstellen können. In diesem Buch lernen Sie, dieses vielseitige „Programm im Programm“ zu nutzen, um Ihren Datenimport zu automatisieren: Nicht nur das Einlesen, sondern auch die komplexe Datenaufbereitung wird einmalig als Abfrage gespeichert und kann anschließend immer wieder ausgeführt werden. Grundlage ist die Technologie Power Query, die zuerst als Add-In für Excel 2010 entwickelt wurde, und nun fester Bestandteil der neuesten Versionen von Excel und Power BI ist. Dank der benutzerfreundlichen Oberfläche des Abfrage-Editors lernen Sie schnell, Daten aus verschiedenen Quellen einzulesen und einfache Transformationen wie Filtern, Gruppieren oder Ersetzen durchzuführen. Für komplexe Transformationen greifen Sie auf die integrierte Abfragesprache zurück, die unter dem Kürzel M bekannt ist (offiziell Power Query Formula Language). Mit präzisen Erklärungen und anschaulichen Beispielen hilft Ihnen dieses Buch, das volle Potenzial von Power Query auszuschöpfen und Abfragen in M zu schreiben wie die Profis.

Beginning Big Data with Power BI and Excel 2013

Big Data Processing and Analysis Using PowerBI in Excel 2013
Author: Neil Dunlop
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1484205294
Category: Computers
Page: 246
View: 3654

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In Beginning Big Data with Power BI and Excel 2013, you will learn to solve business problems by tapping the power of Microsoft’s Excel and Power BI to import data from NoSQL and SQL databases and other sources, create relational data models, and analyze business problems through sophisticated dashboards and data-driven maps. While Beginning Big Data with Power BI and Excel 2013 covers prominent tools such as Hadoop and the NoSQL databases, it recognizes that most small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the Big Data processing needs of a Netflix, Target, or Facebook. Instead, it shows how to import data and use the self-service analytics available in Excel with Power BI. As you’ll see through the book’s numerous case examples, these tools—which you already know how to use—can perform many of the same functions as the higher-end Apache tools many people believe are required to carry out in Big Data projects. Through instruction, insight, advice, and case studies, Beginning Big Data with Power BI and Excel 2013 will show you how to: Import and mash up data from web pages, SQL and NoSQL databases, the Azure Marketplace and other sources. Tap into the analytical power of PivotTables and PivotCharts and develop relational data models to track trends and make predictions based on a wide range of data. Understand basic statistics and use Excel with PowerBI to do sophisticated statistical analysis—including identifying trends and correlations. Use SQL within Excel to do sophisticated queries across multiple tables, including NoSQL databases. Create complex formulas to solve real-world business problems using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX).

Beginning Power BI

A Practical Guide to Self-Service Data Analytics with Excel 2016 and Power BI Desktop
Author: Dan Clark
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1484225775
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 348
View: 2283

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Analyze your company’s data quickly and easily using Microsoft’s latest tools. You will learn to build scalable and robust data models to work from, clean and combine different data sources effectively, and create compelling visualizations and share them with your colleagues. Author Dan Clark takes you through each topic using step-by-step activities and plenty of screen shots to help familiarize you with the tools. This second edition includes new material on advanced uses of Power Query, along with the latest user guidance on the evolving Power BI platform. Beginning Power BI is your hands-on guide to quick, reliable, and valuable data insight. What You'll Learn Simplify data discovery, association, and cleansing Build solid analytical data models Create robust interactive data presentations Combine analytical and geographic data in map-based visualizations Publish and share dashboards and reports Who This Book Is For Business analysts, database administrators, developers, and other professionals looking to better understand and communicate with data

Excel Power Pivot and Power Query For Dummies

Author: Michael Alexander
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111921064X
Category: Computers
Page: 288
View: 8389

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A guide to PowerPivot and Power Query no data cruncher should be without! Want to familiarize yourself with the rich set of Microsoft Excel tools and reporting capabilities available from PowerPivot and Power Query? Look no further! Excel PowerPivot & Power Query For Dummies shows you how this powerful new set of tools can be leveraged to more effectively source and incorporate 'big data' Business Intelligence and Dashboard reports. You'll discover how PowerPivot and Power Query not only allow you to save time and simplify your processes, but also enable you to substantially enhance your data analysis and reporting capabilities. Gone are the days of relatively small amounts of data—today's data environment demands more from business analysts than ever before. Now, with the help of this friendly, hands-on guide, you'll learn to use PowerPivot and Power Query to expand your skill-set from the one-dimensional spreadsheet to new territories, like relational databases, data integration, and multi-dimensional reporting. Demonstrates how Power Query is used to discover, connect to, and import your data Shows you how to use PowerPivot to model data once it's been imported Offers guidance on using these tools to make analyzing data easier Written by a Microsoft MVP in the lighthearted, fun style you've come to expect from the For Dummies brand If you spend your days analyzing data, Excel PowerPivot & Power Query For Dummies will get you up and running with the rich set of Excel tools and reporting capabilities that will make your life—and work—easier.

Excel 2007 VBA-Programmierung für Dummies

Author: John Walkenbach
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
ISBN: 9783527704118
Category: Computers
Page: 385
View: 703

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Um noch mehr aus Excel herauszuholen, empfiehlt sich die VBA-Programmierung, mit der Sie Excel auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zuschneiden können. John Walkenbach zeigt Ihnen in "Excel 2007 VBA-Programmierung für Dummies", wie Sie Excel-Berechnungen mit VBA automatisieren. Er erklärt Ihnen zunächst die notwendigen VBA-Grundlagen und wichtigsten Werkzeuge sowie VBA-Abläufe des VBA-Editors. Außerdem erhalten Sie eine Übersicht über die wichtigsten Bestandteile und Begriffe, die für die VBA-Programmierung in Excel relevant sind, und Sie erfahren, wie Sie Programmierfehler ausfindig machen und beheben.

Beginning Power BI with Excel 2013

Self-Service Business Intelligence Using Power Pivot, Power View, Power Query, and Power Map
Author: Dan Clark
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430264462
Category: Computers
Page: 324
View: 2006

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Understanding your company’s data has never been easier than with Microsoft’s new Power BI package for Excel 2013. Consisting of four powerful tools—Power Pivot, Power View, Power Query and Power Maps—Power BI makes self-service business intelligence a reality for a wide range of users, bridging the traditional gap between Excel users, business analysts and IT experts and making it easier for everyone to work together to build the data models that can give you game-changing insights into your business. Beginning Power BI with Excel 2013 guides you step by step through the process of analyzing and visualizing your data. Daniel R. Clark, an expert in BI training and a regular speaker on these topics, takes you through each tool in turn, using hands-on activities to consolidate what you’ve learned in each chapter. Starting with Power Pivot, you will create robust scalable data models which will serve as the foundation of your data analysis. Once you have mastered creating suitable data models, you will use them to build compelling interactive visualizations in Power View. It’s often necessary to combine data from disparate sources into a data model. Power Query allows you to easily discover, combine, and refine data from a variety of sources, so you can make accurate judgments with all the available information. Geographical awareness is another common requirement of data analysis. Using Power Maps you will create captivating visualizations that map your data in space and time. Beginning Power BI with Excel 2013 is your practical guide to getting maximum insight from your data, and presenting it with impact.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools for Excel Analysts

Author: Michael Alexander,Jared Decker,Bernard Wehbe
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118821564
Category: Computers
Page: 384
View: 545

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Bridge the big data gap with Microsoft BusinessIntelligence Tools for Excel Analysts The distinction between departmental reporting done by businessanalysts with Excel and the enterprise reporting done by ITdepartments with SQL Server and SharePoint tools is more blurry nowthan ever before. With the introduction of robust new features likePowerPivot and Power View, it is essential for business analysts toget up to speed with big data tools that in the past have beenreserved for IT professionals. Written by a team of BusinessIntelligence experts, Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools forExcel Analysts introduces business analysts to the rich toolsetand reporting capabilities that can be leveraged to moreeffectively source and incorporate large datasets in theiranalytics while saving them time and simplifying the reportingprocess. Walks you step-by-step through important BI tools likePowerPivot, SQL Server, and SharePoint and shows you how to movedata back and forth between these tools and Excel Shows you how to leverage relational databases, slice data intovarious views to gain different visibility perspectives, createeye-catching visualizations and dashboards, automate SQL Serverdata retrieval and integration, and publish dashboards and reportsto the web Details how you can use SQL Server’s built-in functionsto analyze large amounts of data, Excel pivot tables to access andreport OLAP data, and PowerPivot to create powerful reportingmechanisms You’ll get on top of the Microsoft BI stack and all it cando to enhance Excel data analysis with this one-of-a-kind guidewritten for Excel analysts just like you.

Learning Power Pivot for Excel Made Easy

Author: Indera E. Murphy
Publisher: Tolana Publishing
ISBN: 9781935208273
Category: Computers
Page: 254
View: 7870

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This book is based on Power Pivot for Excel 2016. Power Pivot is a popular tool for Excel. It is powerful and easy to learn. Power Pivot For Excel Made Easy gets you up and running with Power Pivot by teaching you the basics relatively quickly, so that you can import data and create pivot tables and chart for decision making purposes. Each chapter explains new concepts and most chapters have exercises to help reinforce the topics. This puts your new skills to work right away. I try hard not to bore you with a lot of history. You will learn how to link data tables, create summary pivot tables and make the data displayed in a pivot table interactive by adding filters, slicers and timelines. And did I say that sample files are available, so that you can complete the step-by-step instructions? What makes Power Pivot fun is that you can see your changes (good or bad) immediately. After completing the exercises in this book, you will be able to perform the following tasks and more: Import data into the data model Use the Table Import Wizard Create relationships Use slicers Create pivot tables and pivot charts Create KPI's and hierarchies Add sparklines to a pivot table Apply conditional formatting If you are also looking to learn Power Query, see Power BI Tools Volume 4: Learning Power Query And Power Pivot For Excel Made Easy, ISBN 978-1-935208-29-7. We also have a book that covers Power View and Power Map, in addition to Power Query, see Power BI Tools Volume 3: Learning Power Query, Power View And Power Map For Excel Made Easy, ISBN 978-1-935208-28-0.

Dashboarding and Reporting with Power Pivot and Excel

How to Design and Create a Financial Dashboard with PowerPivot – End to End
Author: Kasper de Jonge
Publisher: Tickling Keys, Inc.
ISBN: 1615473394
Category: Computers
Page: 195
View: 2920

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Microsoft’s revolutionary Power Pivot is a tool that allows users to create and transform data into reports and dashboards in new and much more powerful ways using the most-used analytical tool in the world: Excel. This book, written by a member of Microsoft’s Power Pivot team, provides a practical step by step guide on creating a financial dashboard. The book covers in detail how to combine and shape the relevant data, build the dashboard in Excel, providing layout and design tips and tricks, prepare the model to work with fiscal dates, and show values used in many financial reports, including year-to-date, variance-to-target, percentage-of-total, and running totals reports. Accessibly written, this book offers readers a practical, real-world scenario and can be used as a day-to-day reference. Though the guide focuses on Power Pivot for Excel 2010, a chapter that discusses Power View—compatible with Excel 2013— and Power BI is also included.

Introducing Microsoft Azure HDInsight

Author: Avkash Chauhan,Valentine Fontama,Michele Hart,Wee-Hyong Tok,Buck Woody
Publisher: Microsoft Press
ISBN: 0133965910
Category: Computers
Page: 94
View: 3548

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Microsoft Azure HDInsight is Microsoft’s 100 percent compliant distribution of Apache Hadoop on Microsoft Azure. This means that standard Hadoop concepts and technologies apply, so learning the Hadoop stack helps you learn the HDInsight service. At the time of this writing, HDInsight (version 3.0) uses Hadoop version 2.2 and Hortonworks Data Platform 2.0. In Introducing Microsoft Azure HDInsight, we cover what big data really means, how you can use it to your advantage in your company or organization, and one of the services you can use to do that quickly–specifically, Microsoft’s HDInsight service. We start with an overview of big data and Hadoop, but we don’t emphasize only concepts in this book–we want you to jump in and get your hands dirty working with HDInsight in a practical way. To help you learn and even implement HDInsight right away, we focus on a specific use case that applies to almost any organization and demonstrate a process that you can follow along with. We also help you learn more. In the last chapter, we look ahead at the future of HDInsight and give you recommendations for self-learning so that you can dive deeper into important concepts and round out your education on working with big data.

Excel im Controlling

Aktuell zu Excel 2016. Zuverlässige und effiziente Praxislösungen für Controller.
Author: Stephan Nelles
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783842101951
Category: Computers
Page: 1020
View: 1361

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