Police Tests

Author: Richard McMunn
Publisher: How2Become Ltd
ISBN: 190755811X
Category: Police
Page: 184
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Police Officer Exam For Dummies

Author: Raymond Foster,Tracey Biscontini
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118008537
Category: Study Aids
Page: 384
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Your ticket to a higher score on the police officer exam Police exams are becoming increasingly difficult to pass, as law enforcement agencies are looking for the most capable officers from the candidate application pool. To help select the most qualified candidate, more than half of the departments and agencies throughout the country are following the current trend of using the National Police Officer Selection Test (POST also referred to as NPOST). Police Officer Exam For Dummies features three POST exams based on the official test, plus one New York City (NYC) exam. If you're a prospective police officer who needs to take the written exam, Police Officer Exam For Dummies gives you all the essential test preparation you need to succeed. Packed with study advice and test-taking tips, you'll get targeted instruction on everything you can expect on the actual exam. Targeted review in judgment, map reading, memory observation, and recall skills Coverage of all key subject areas 4 full-length practice officer exams with answers and detailed explanations Whether you're taking the local, county, state, or federal agency exam, this guide contains everything you need to score your highest on the exam and realize your dream of becoming a police officer.

How to Pass the Police Selection System

Practice for the Psychometric Tests and Succeed at the Assessment Centres
Author: Harry Tolley,Billy Hodge,Catherine Tolley
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 0749459050
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 176
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Many would-be entrants to the police service are unsuccessful because at some point in the assessment system they fail to demonstrate their full potential. Failure may be the result of a variety of factors such as: stress and anxiety; being unable to cope with the psychometric tests; having to perform in front of other people while being observed and evaluated. If you are applying to join a police force in England or Wales, How to Pass the Police Selection System will help you to do your very best in every part of the assessment and achieve your goal. It provides essential guidance on all aspects of the selection process, including: entry requirements and competencies; completion of the application form; the assessment centre; psychometric tests; role-play and written exercises; the assessment centre interview and the job-related fitness test, making it the most comprehensive guide to the new police recruitment procedures available.

The Definitive Guide To Passing The Police Recruitment Process 2nd Edition

A handbook for prospective police officers, special constables and police community support officers
Author: John Mctaggart
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1845285573
Category: Education
Page: 304
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Every police force in England and Wales uses the same national application form and assessment centre. This book tells you not just about the process, but what you need to do to impress the assessors. Now in a revised new edition to reflect the recent changes in the six core skills by which all police applicants are assessed, it provides:

Norman Hall's Police Exam Preparation Book

Author: Norman Hall
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1440519285
Category: Political Science
Page: 304
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Guaranteed Top Scores on Your Police Exam! If you are planning to join the hundreds of thousands of applicants who take the police officer exam each year, you need a high score. In this updated and revised edition of his #1 police exam book, Norman Hall guarantees that you'll score 80% to 100% on the exam--or your money back! With Norman Hall's Police Exam Preparation Book, 2nd Edition, you'll have everything you need to ace the test, including answer keys and self-scoring tables, pointers on avoiding common trouble spots, tips for meeting the physical requirements, the most up-to-date test-taking strategies, 7 practice tests, and 3 full-length police officer exams. Still worried that you might miss a vital test question? Relax! Norman Hall's Police Exam Preparation Book, 2nd Edition, includes new test questions and sketch art, and gives you complete coverage of ALL test subject areas, including basic math; directional orientation; grammar, vocabulary, and spelling; memory; reading comprehension; report writing; and situational judgment and reasoning. With the help of Norman Hall's Police Exam Preparation Book, 2nd Edition, you'll be able to score high and achieve your dream of becoming a law-enforcement official!

Barron's Police Officer Exam

Author: Donald J. Schroeder,Frank A. Lombardo
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
ISBN: 9780764140914
Category: Political Science
Page: 665
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Helps applicants prepare for police entrance exams by providing sample tests, explanations of correct answers, and tips on test taking.

How to Pass the Police Recruitment Tests

Author: K D Ricketts
Publisher: How to Books Limited
ISBN: 9781845283209
Category: Study Aids
Page: 130
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This book provides step-by-step guidance on each and every phase of the police recruitment process. It takes you through the whole process from completing the application form correctly to practising for the various tests, exercises, role plays and interviews at the Assessment Centre, and preparing for the board interview before being confirmed in rank. Written by a serving police officer, this book is for the person on the street who wants to join the police force, and for Community Support Officers and Special Constables who want to become Police Constables. It focuses closely on the role of a Police Officer and develops your understanding of the position for which you are applying.

How to Become a Police Officer

The ULTIMATE Guide to Passing the German Police Selection Process to Become a State, Federal Or Bundestagspolizei Police Officer.
Author: How2become
Publisher: How2become
ISBN: 9781912370153
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 246
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How to Become a German Police Officer is the ultimate guide to becoming a police officer in Germany. Covering a range of areas from the different police agencies throughout the country (State, Federal and Bundestagspolizei), to selection criteria, practice assessment tests, fitness and mock interview questions, this guide has everything you need to improve your chances of being employed as a police officer. Written and created by a multi award-winning and leading recruitment and educational publisher, this comprehensive workbook contains: - An explanation for each of the different police services, with guidance on which might be right for you; - Advice on starting your application and getting on the right track; - A step-by-step guide to the selection criteria and application process; - What the assessors are looking for throughout your application; - An array of sample test questions for the assessment centre; - Sample interview questions and tips for passing the police officer interview.

Passing the Police Recruit Assessment Process

Author: Peter Cox
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1844456684
Category: Social Science
Page: 144
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This practical and accessible book is an essential purchase for anyone applying to become a police officer. With competition for jobs increasing, thorough preparation prior to assessment is more important than ever. This book is full of clear advice and guidance as well as providing essential practice in all areas of the recruitment process, from completing the application form, excelling at the written and verbal exercises, to passing the psychometric tests. Carefully structured around the seven core competencies assessed during recruitment, the book reinforces the skills and understandings necessary to become a police officer while increasing individual confidence and competence.

How to Become a Police Special Constable

Author: Richard McMunn
Publisher: How2become
ISBN: 9781907558900
Page: 197
View: 9724

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How to become a Police Special Constable is a brand new up-to-date guide that teaches applicants how to successfully pass every stage of the selection process.

How to Pass the Police Initial Recruitment Test

Author: Ken Thomas,Harry Tolley,Catherine Tolley
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 9780749421342
Category: Police
Page: 122
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This text describes the written test that forms part of the selection process for the police forces of England and Wales, also providing ample practice material on verbal usage, checking, number problems, and verbal logical reasoning. It also suggests how to practice observation skills, which are tested on video during selection procedures.

Armed Forces Tests

Author: Richard McMunn
Publisher: How2Become Ltd
ISBN: 1907558098
Category: Great Britain
Page: 236
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"Expert advice on how to pass Armed Forces selection tests. Includes sample tests for the Army, Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy"--Cover.