A Journey to Cloudland - Un viaje al pa?s de las nubes

Author: Mario Lamo-Jiménez
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412007682
Page: 145
View: 8923

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In this collection, seven bilingual stories showcase the richness of Latin American folklore, fantasy, and fiction. Latin American literature is rooted in the history and culture of the world from which it arises, and this book explores many facets of those roots within everyday occurrences, historical events, and traditional folk stories, sometimes using imaginary characters in real situations and other times, real characters in fanciful situations. Transporting readers to such places as the Amazon jungle and nineteenth-century Bogotá or through epic events of the Latin American War of Independence, the author has compiled, researched, and invented stories by turns whimsical and deeply moving, and has cast them, with a dose of his own imagination, in an agile, poetic language that keeps readers enthralled from start to finish. Whatever the subject matter - be it a fictitious chihuahua (a breed native to Latin America), a fresh batch of tamales, an Amazon legend, a piñata maker, a hero of Latin American independence, a generations-old priest's tale, or a magnificent journey through Andean topography - the author leads us in among the intertwining roots of Latin American life and shows us its reality through a different prism, one in which the everyday is fantastical and fantasy seems commonplace.

Narrating Muhammad's Night Journey

Tracing the Development of the Ibn 'Abbas Ascension Discourse
Author: Frederick S. Colby
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 0791477886
Category: Religion
Page: 328
View: 1195

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Discusses the historical development of the well-loved story of the Prophet Muhammad’s night journey to the divine realm and back again.

Inside the Tortilla: A Journey in Search of Authenticity

Author: Paul Read
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1471742237
Category: Travel
Page: 258
View: 3096

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Life has a habit of throwing obstacles in your path for a good reason: They arise to challenge the undaunted, or deter the uncommitted. Either way, when you stumble into a town that the guide books warn you away from, you must choose between quickly moving on, or staying to see what the obstacles conceal. When one man and his faithful hound turn their backs on the Mediterranean Sea and set out on a journey into the interior of Andalusia, they go in search of a town that still cooks it's food rather than shops for it. Tired of the disposable nature of modern living and its embrace of microwaved food, this search for authentic recipes unveils not just a series of gastronomic secrets, but the rich history, culture, politics and diet of a charismatic country as it struggles out of the shadow of its past and into the searing light of its future. A Journey deep Inside the Tortilla.

The Mongols and the Islamic World

From Conquest to Conversion
Author: Peter Jackson
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300227280
Category: History
Page: 448
View: 2632

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An epic historical consideration of the Mongol conquest of Western Asia and the spread of Islam during the years of non-Muslim rule The Mongol conquest of the Islamic world began in the early thirteenth century when Genghis Khan and his warriors overran Central Asia and devastated much of Iran. Distinguished historian Peter Jackson offers a fresh and fascinating consideration of the years of infidel Mongol rule in Western Asia, drawing from an impressive array of primary sources as well as modern studies to demonstrate how Islam not only survived the savagery of the conquest, but spread throughout the empire. This unmatched study goes beyond the well-documented Mongol campaigns of massacre and devastation to explore different aspects of an immense imperial event that encompassed what is now Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Afghanistan, as well as Central Asia and parts of eastern Europe. It examines in depth the cultural consequences for the incorporated Islamic lands, the Muslim experience of Mongol sovereignty, and the conquerors’ eventual conversion to Islam.

For All of Us, One Today

An Inaugural Poet's Journey
Author: Richard Blanco
Publisher: Beacon Press
ISBN: 0807033812
Category: Poetry
Page: 120
View: 678

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2014 International Latino Awards Winner: Best Biography – Spanish or Bilingual For All of Us, One Today is a fluid, poetic story anchored by Richard Blanco’s experiences as the inaugural poet in 2013, and beyond. In this brief and evocative narrative, he shares for the first time his journey as a Latino immigrant and openly gay man discovering a new, emotional understanding of what it means to be an American. He tells the story of the call from the White House committee and all the exhilaration and upheaval of the days that followed. He reveals the inspiration and challenges behind the creation of the inaugural poem, “One Today,” as well as two other poems commissioned for the occasion (“Mother Country” and “What We Know of Country”), published here for the first time ever, alongside translations of all three of those poems into his native Spanish. Finally, Blanco reflects on his life-changing role as a public voice since the inauguration, his spiritual embrace of Americans everywhere, and his vision for poetry’s new role in our nation’s consciousness. Like the inaugural poem itself, For All of Us, One Today speaks to what makes this country and its people great, marking a historic moment of hope and promise in our evolving American landscape. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Il giaurro

Author: George Gordon Byron Baron Byron
Publisher: N.A
Page: 68
View: 7707

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Elaiussa Sebaste I

campagne di scavo, 1995-1997
Author: Eugenia Equini Schneider
ISBN: 9788882650322
Category: History
Page: 439
View: 1068

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