Perseverance in Gratitude

A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews
Author: David A. deSilva
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 9780802841889
Category: Religion
Page: 560
View: 7529

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This commentary is the first to fully apply the resources of socio-rhetorical analysis to Hebrews. Insights into the cultural and social world of the audience are combined with analysis of the author's rhetorical strategy and ideology to create a rich, three-dimensional reading that helps unravel key issues in the interpretation of the epistle. David deSilva's reflections on application concluding each section also make his commentary valuable to seminarians and pastors seeking to make Hebrews relevant to today's world.

The Letter to the Hebrews in Social-Scientific Perspective

Author: David A. deSilva
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1606088556
Category: Religion
Page: 204
View: 8173

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A lot of mystery surrounds the book of Hebrews, especially regarding its authorship, date, and audience. But by asking the right kind of questions, one can move beyond the impasses typical of historical investigation. In this volume, David deSilva explores Hebrews through a social-scientific lens, asking one of the most important questions when interpreting letters and sermons: What was going on in the community to occasion such a response? DeSilva looks for clues concerning the anonymous author, his education level, the influence of the Greek environment, and his perception of his own authority. In addition, by forming a social profile of the audience that includes location, ethnicity, and class status, deSilva brings to light the author's aims of helping protect Christian converts from persecution and social shame. This book not only helps the sermon "to the Hebrews" take on flesh and blood for contemporary readers; it also expands the readers' tools for asking fresh questions and exploring new dimensions in biblical texts.

Gratitude in Low Voices

A Memoir
Author: Dawit Gebremichael Habte
Publisher: RosettaBooks
ISBN: 0795350287
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: N.A
View: 5656

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Our bodies started shaking from the cold and shock, yet we were so terrified of being caught that we had to keep our teeth clenched together to keep them from chattering; we could not allow ourselves to make any sound. Whenever we heard a sound or detected motion, we would stare in that direction, even though we could see nothing but dark. Dawit Gebremichael Habte fled his homeland of Eritrea as a teenager. In the midst of the ongoing Eritrean-Ethiopian war, Dawit and his sisters crossed illegally into Kenya. Without their parents or documents to help their passage, they experienced the abuse and neglect known by so many refugees around the world. But Dawit refused to give up. He stayed resilient and positive. Journeying to the United States under asylum—and still a boy—Dawit found a new purpose in an unfamiliar land. Against impossible odds, he studied hard and was accepted to Johns Hopkins University, eventually landing a job as a software engineer at Bloomberg. After a few years, with the support of Michael Bloomberg himself, Dawit returned to his homeland to offer business opportunities for other Eritreans. Dawit found a way to help his ancestral land emerge from thirty years of debilitating war. Gratitude in Low Voices is about how one man was marginalized, but how compassion and love never abandoned him. It’s about learning how to care for family, and how to honor those who help the helpless. The life of a refugee is hard, and the lives of those in war-torn lands are harder still. This account reminds us that hope is not lost. This humble story of Dawit’s life stands out in a time when we look at immigrants as never before— a book that illuminates our decisions to help or to turn away those who land on our doorstep, and the gratitude that surely follows any act of compassion.

In Gratitude

Author: Jenny Diski
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1632866889
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 256
View: 7124

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National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist A New York Times Notable Book of the Year. In July 2014, Jenny Diski was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and given "two or three years" to live. She didn't know how to react. All responses felt scripted, as if she were acting out her part. To find the response that felt wholly her own, she had to face the clichés and try to write about it. And there was another story to write, one she had not yet told: that of being taken in at age fifteen by the author Doris Lessing, and the subsequent fifty years of their complex relationship. In the pages of the London Review of Books, to which Diski contributed for the last quarter century, she unraveled her history with Lessing: the fairy-tale rescue as a teenager, the difficulties of being absorbed into an unfamiliar family, the modeling of a literary life. Swooping from one memory to the next--alighting on the hysterical battlefield of her parental home, her expulsion from school, the drug-taking twenty-something in and out of psychiatric hospitals--and telling all through the lens of living with terminal cancer, through what she knows will be her final months, Diski paints a portrait of two extraordinary writers--Lessing and herself. From a wholly original thinker comes a book like no other: a cerebral, witty, dazzlingly candid masterpiece about an uneasy relationship; about memory and writing, ingratitude and anger; about living with illness and facing death.

Enabling Fidelity to God

Perseverance in Hebrews in Light of the Reciprocity Systems of the Ancient Mediterranean World
Author: Jason A. Whitlark
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1606084771
Category: Religion
Page: 242
View: 5630

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The primary focus of this book is to demonstrate how Hebrews represents, in view of its historical and religious context, human fidelity to God. Thus, the basic thesis is twofold. First, with regard to the divine-human relationship in the ancient Mediterranean world, the belief in the reciprocity rationale was one primary dynamic for establishing fidelity to a relationship and has been applied by some scholars, such as David deSilva, to Hebrews as the way to understand its strategy for creating perseverance. A major problem with the application of this dynamic is that a common optimistic anthropological assumption is associated with the various reciprocity systems in the ancient world, both Jewish and pagan. This assumption is required if reciprocity is to be effective for establishing ongoing fidelity. Second, there was, however, a middle Judaic stream that can be traced from the period of the exile which held to a pessimistic anthropology. This anthropological assumption crippled the perceived success of reciprocity to secure fidelity. Thus, the solution to God's people's inability to remain faithful was an act of God that transformed the human condition and enabled faithfulness to the relationship. The argument of this book is that Hebrews, with its emphasis upon the inauguration of the new covenant by Jesus' high priestly ministry, belongs to this latter stream of thought in understanding how fidelity is secured between God and his people. Hebrews, thus, implicitly rejects the rationale of reciprocity for fidelity. The implications of this offers a fresh perspective on the soteriology of Hebrews.

Emotional Success

The Power of Gratitude, Compassion, and Pride
Author: David DeSteno
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 054470312X
Category: Psychology
Page: 240
View: 4496

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A pioneering psychologist reveals how three emotions can provide the surest, quickest route to success in any realm. A string of bestsellers have alerted us to the importance of grit – an ability to persevere and control one’s impulses that is so closely associated with greatness. But no book yet has charted the most accessible and powerful path to grit: our prosocial emotions. These feelings – gratitude, compassion and pride – are easier to generate than the willpower and self-denial that underpin traditional approaches to grit. And, while willpower is quickly depleted, prosocial emotions actually become stronger the more we use them. These emotions have another crucial advantage: they’re contagious. Those around us become more likely to apply them when we do. As this myth-shattering book explains, prosocial emotions evolved specifically to help us resist immediate temptations in favor of long-term gains. Originally, they enabled us to build lasting relationships with other people, and they still do that brilliantly. But they can also be adapted to strengthen our bonds with our own future selves – who will benefit most from the grit we need to succeed in life. No matter what our goals are, EMOTIONAL SUCCESS can help us achieve them with greater ease and deeper satisfaction than we would have thought possible.

Honor, Patronage, Kinship & Purity

Unlocking New Testament Culture
Author: David A. deSilva
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830866124
Category: Religion
Page: 338
View: 3563

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Contemporary Western readers may find it surprising that honor and shame, patronage and reciprocity, kinship and family, and purity and pollution offer us keys to interpreting the New Testament. But as recent scholarship has proposed and as David deSilva demonstrates, paying attention to these cultural themes opens our eyes and ears to new discoveries and deeper understanding. Through our understanding of honor and shame in the Mediterranean world, we gain new appreciation of the way in which the personhood of early Christians connected with group values. By examining the protocols of patronage and reciprocity, we more firmly grasp the meaning of God's grace--and our response has fresh meaning. In exploring the ethos of kinship and household relations, we enlarge our perspective on the early Christian communities that met in houses and functioned as a new family or "household" of God. And by investigating the notions of purity and pollution along with their associated practices, we come to realize how the ancient "map" of society and the world was revised by the power of the gospel. DeSilva's work will reward you with a deeper appreciation of the New Testament, the gospel and Christian discipleship. More than that, it will also inform your participation in contemporary Christian community.

Gratitude in Motion

A True Story of Hope, Determination, and the Everyday Heroes Around Us
Author: Colleen Kelly Alexander
Publisher: Center Street
ISBN: 1455571148
Category: Self-Help
Page: 288
View: 2175

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It was a beautiful fall day in Connecticut when Colleen Kelly Alexander, a lifelong athlete, rode her bike home from work. She had survived both a diagnosis of lupus and brain surgery, had a fulfilling career, and was married at last to the love of her life. Everything was good as she coasted along, meeting the eyes of a truck driver as he approached the stop sign beside her. He didn't stop. The truck hit Colleen, running over her lower body with front and back tires and dragging her across the pavement. As she bled out in the street, nearby strangers surrounded her and the driver attempted to get away. An EMT herself, Colleen knew she had to stay awake. "I've just been reconnected with my soulmate," she told the medic. "We want to have a baby. I can't die now. Please don't let me die." Five weeks in a coma and twenty-nine surgeries later, Colleen survived. Rather than let the trauma and PTSD control her life, she became determined to find a way to make something positive from her pain. She decided she'd run again and dedicate her race medals to the everyday heroes around us, including the medical staff and blood donors who saved her life. Since then Colleen has run fifty races and completed forty triathlons, including four half-Ironman events. Now a spokesperson for the Red Cross, Colleen shares her incredible inspirational story to encourage others to take that first step forward.

Letters and Homilies for Jewish Christians

A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary on Hebrews, James and Jude
Author: Ben Witherington
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830829326
Category: Religion
Page: 656
View: 4668

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Letters and Homilies for Jewish Christians is the second of three volumes extending Ben Witherington's innovative socio-rhetorical analysis of New Testament books to the latter-Pauline and non-Pauline corpora. A third volume will extend the focus on Letters and Homilies for Hellenized Christians begun in the first volume. By dividing the volumes according to the socioreligious contexts for which they were written, Witherington sheds fresh light on the documents, their provenance, character and importance. Throughout, Witherington shows his thorough knowledge of recent literature on these texts and focuses his attention on the unique insights brought about through socio-rhetorical analysis that either reinforces or corrects those gleaned from other approaches. "Bridging the Horizons" sections point to the relevance of the text for believers today, making this volume of special value to pastors and general readers as well as to students and scholars. Features and Benefits Provides commentary from a prominent New Testament scholar Offers a fresh look at Hebrews, James and Jude in light of recent study and socio-rhetorical concerns Includes "Closer Look" sections that explore contemporary issues in more detail

Empire in the New Testament

Author: Stanley E. Porter,Cynthia Long Westfall
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630877328
Category: Religion
Page: 320
View: 3484

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How does a Christian render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and unto God what is God's? This book is the result of the Bingham Colloquium of 2007 that brought scholars from across North America to examine the New Testament's response to the empires of God and Caesar. Two chapters lay the foundation for that response in the Old Testament's concept of empire, and six others address the response to the notion of empire, both human and divine, in the various authors of the New Testament. A final chapter investigates how the church fathers regarded the matter. The essays display various methods and positions; together, however, they offer a representative sample of the current state of study of the notion of empire in the New Testament.

The Psalms in the New Testament

Author: Steve Moyise,Maarten J.J. Menken
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 9780567089137
Category: Religion
Page: 254
View: 3069

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This book offers a comprehensive summary of the use of the Psalms at Qumran and in the New Testament. For the first time this collection offers a set of studies which will offer an overview of the role and function of the Psalms in the first century. Each chapter considers matters of textual form, points of particular interest, and hermeneutics. Together, this collection forms an important research tool for Septuagintal and manuscript studies, first-century hermeneutics and the development of Christian apologetics and theology. The contributors have all either written or are writing monographs on their particular section of the New Testament/ Qumran. In a number of cases, the particular chapter will be the first of its kind (such as Steve Moyise's discussion of Psalms in Revelation).

The Gospel of Matthew

A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary
Author: Craig S. Keener
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 0802864988
Category: Religion
Page: 1040
View: 2162

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This commentary on Matthew offers a unique interpretive approach that focuses on the socio-historical context of the Gospel and the nature of Matthew s exhortation to his first-century Christian audience. / By merging a careful study of Matthew s Gospel in relation to the social context of the ancient Mediterranean world with a detailed look at what we know of first-century Jewish-Christian relations, Craig Keener uncovers significant insights into the Gospel not found in any other Matthew commentary. / In addition, Keener s commentary is a useful discipleship manual for the church. His approach recaptures the full shock effect of Jesus teachings in their original context and allows Matthew to make his point with greater narrative artistry. Keener also brings home the total impact of Matthew s message, including its clear portrait of Jesus and its call for discipleship, both to the Gospel s ancient readers and to believers today. / Thoroughly researched, the book includes a 150-page bibliography of secondary sources, and more than 150 pages of indexes.

Early Christian Voices

In Texts, Traditions, and Symbols : Essays in Honor of François Bovon
Author: David H. Warren,François Bovon,Ann Graham Brock,David W. Pao
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9780391041479
Category: Religion
Page: 471
View: 7234

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This collection of studies in honor of Francois Bovon highlights the rich diversity found within early expressions of Christianity as evidenced in ancient texts, in early traditions and movements, and in archaic symbols and motifs.

Christ and the New Creation

A Canonical Approach to the Theology of the New Testament
Author: Matthew Y. Emerson
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630871559
Category: Religion
Page: 206
View: 7827

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In Christ and the New Creation, Matthew Emerson takes a fresh approach to understanding New Testament theology by using a canonical methodology. Although typically confined to Old Testament theology, Emerson sees fruitfulness in applying this method to New Testament theology as well. Instead of a thematic or book-by-book analysis, Emerson attempts to trace the primary theological message of the New Testament through paying attention to its narrative and canonical shape. He concludes that the order of the books of the New Testament emphasize the story of Christ's inauguration, commissioning, and consummation of the new creation.

Pioneer and Priest

Jesus Christ in the Epistle to the Hebrews
Author: R. J. McKelvey
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1621895920
Category: Religion
Page: 274
View: 5719

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The interest that Hebrews holds today is testimony to its enduring message. Central to its message is what Jesus Christ did and continues to do for his people. This is spelled out in arresting images. Dr. McKelvey provides new insight on Hebrews by demonstrating that two of its chief images - pioneer and priest - function not independently but in tandem. Christ is not pioneer without also being priest, and his priesthood is only properly understood in terms of the pioneer figure. Only one who is both pioneer and priest can provide the church with the help it needs. The double analogy in fact conveys the meaning of the Christian faith. This creative work takes account of the author's rhetorical style, showing how Hebrews is addressed to an urgent practical situation. It will appeal to those who want to know more about Hebrews as well as those who believe that the emerging church must follow Christ "outside the camp."

Who Needs a New Covenant?

Rhetorical Function of the Covenant Motif in the Argument of Hebrews
Author: Michael D. Morrison
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630876992
Category: Religion
Page: 226
View: 9717

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Although covenant is a major theme in Hebrews, Morrison contends all mention of covenant can be deleted without damaging the coherence of the epistle or its christological conclusions. What role, then, does the covenant motif have in the epistle? The arguments in Hebrews are aimed at a Jewish audience--they ignore the needs and religious options relevant to Gentiles. For the readers, the Sinai covenant was the only relevant conceptual competitor to Christ. First-century Jews looked to the Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants as the basis of their obligations to God and God's promises toward them. Although most Jewish writers merged these covenants as if they were one, the author of Hebrews does not--he retains the Abrahamic promises while arguing that the Mosaic covenant is obsolete. The covenant concept supports the exhortations of Hebrews in two ways: 1) it provides the link between priesthood, worship rituals, and other laws, and 2) it enables the author to argue for allegiance to the community as allegiance to Christ.

The New Testament Church

The Challenge of Developing Ecclesiologies
Author: John P. Harrison,James D. Dvorak
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630877816
Category: Religion
Page: 326
View: 2332

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Christian communities today face enormous challenges in the new contexts and teachings that try to redefine what churches should be. Christians look to the New Testament for a pattern for the church, but the New Testament does not present a totally uniform picture of the structure, leadership, and sacraments practiced by first-century congregations. There was a unity of the Christian communities centered on the teaching that Jesus is the Christ, whom God has raised from the dead and has enthroned as Lord, yet not every assembly did exactly the same thing and saw themselves in exactly the same way. Rather, in the New Testament we find a collage of rich theological insights into what it means to be the church. When leaders of today see this diversity, they can look for New Testament ecclesiologies that are most relevant to the social and cultural context in which their community lives. This volume of essays, written with the latest scholarship, highlights the uniqueness of individual ecclesiologies of the various New Testament documents and their core unifying themes.

Preaching the New Testament as Rhetoric

The Promise of Rhetorical Criticism for Expository Preaching
Author: Tim MacBride
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630877646
Category: Religion
Page: 274
View: 4243

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Since the rise of the "New Homiletic" a generation ago, it has been recognized that sermons not only say something to listeners, they also do something. A truly expository sermon will seek not merely to say what the biblical text said, but also to do what the biblical text did in the lives of its original audience. In Preaching the New Testament as Rhetoric, MacBride looks how at the discipline of rhetorical criticism can help preachers discern the function of a New Testament text in its original setting as a means of crafting a sermon that can function similarly in contemporary contexts. Focusing on the letters of Paul, he shows how understanding them in light of Greco-Roman speech conventions can suggest ways by which preachers can communicate not just the content of the letters, but also their function. In this way, the power of the text itself can be harnessed, leading to sermons that inform and, most importantly, transform.

Theology of the New Testament

Author: Frank S. Thielman
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 031086433X
Category: Religion
Page: 800
View: 4981

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Studying the theology of the New Testament can be a daunting task, even to the knowledgeable Bible student or pastor. Each of the twenty-seven books, written by various authors, has its own theological emphasis and nuances. How do we elicit a coherent message from such theological diversity, especially given that some of the theological statements in the New Testament seem to be at odds with one another? Is such an endeavor achievable or even valid? Theology of the New Testament takes a balanced approach in response to these challenges. Frank Thielman presents a theology of the New Testament that is careful to take into account the cultural and historical circumstances surrounding each book and the New Testament as a whole. He not only examines each book’s theological content individually, but also in relation to the rest of the New Testament, particularly within each of the three theological units that comprise the New Testament: the gospels and Acts, the Pauline epistles, and the general epistles and Revelation. This canonical and synthetic approach honors both the theological diversity of the various books and the theological connections between the books. In the end, Thielman finds a unified theological vision of the New Testament, anchored in the centrality of Jesus Christ. Frank Thielman’s Theology of the New Testament is an outstanding achievement. The book is marked by scholarly depth, exegetical rigor, and theological profundity. Both students and professors will profit immensely from this lucid treatment of the theology contained in the New Testament documents. Thomas R. Schreiner Professor of New Testament, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary An accessible presentation of the key theological points of the New Testament books by an accomplished New Testament scholar and teacher. Its clear style, lucid organization, and sound theological insight make it a prime resource for serious students in both the academy and the church. Karen H. Jobes, PhD Associate Professor of New Testament, Westmont College


7 Simple Steps to Becoming More Grateful in 7 Days
Author: Ruth Logan
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781514830765
Page: 34
View: 2790

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Gratitude - 7 Simple Steps To Becoming More Grateful In 7 DaysWhen we talk about the practice of gratitude, we're not talking about saying 'thank you' or counting your possessions. Rather, the practice of gratitude is about consciously taking time to be grateful for all the good things in our lives, and altering our perspective to focus on that gratitude in our day to day lives. There is an increasing global interest in gratitude, with increasing numbers of articles and studies being published, but why all the fuss, and why now?Practicing gratitude can have many positive benefits, both psychological and physical, so why do many of us not practice gratitude in our lives today? It could be that we're just too busy or that our cultures are more inclined to negative thinking than positive. It could also be that the practice of meaningful gratitude is simply not 'normal' in modern society. Most likely though, it's because we live in a world where we're taught to be ambitious, always striving for better. By doing so however, we often forget to appreciate the things we do have and spend our lives thinking about what we lack rather than the good in our lives. It's no wonder that challenging this perspective can have such strong positive benefits.But can being grateful really have positive psychological benefits? The short answer is yes and on day 6 we'll look at this in more detail. At the University of California, Berkeley, the Greater Good Science Centre; a centre devoted to exploring the 'roots of happy and compassionate individuals, strong social bonds, and altruistic behavior-the science of a meaningful life', engages in a range of research into gratitude. Their collected scientific studies show that practicing gratitude can not only increase happiness, but also allow you to lead a more meaningful life, allowing you to experience the world in a better way.I hope you will take the time to try this week long journey of gratitude. I'd encourage you to try your best to stick with it, even on days when you're tired or stressed. The practice of gratitude has the potential to create real positive changes in your life, reducing stress and anxiety and improving your general sense of wellbeing. If you're ready to try leading a better life then please read on, I wish you all the best on your journey and hope this book will be a useful guide.Here's a preview of what we cover in the 7 day process Day 1 - Gratitude is a Choice Day 2 - Counteracting Negativity Day 3 - Stay Grateful When Striving For Goals Day 4 - Bettering Relationships Day 5 - Stop Being Complacent Day 6 - Benefits of Practicing Gratitude Day 7 - Reflection on the Week I promise you, if you work your way through these exercises and take the time to reflect, you will notice profound changes in your life. Instead of being hindered by ungratefulness, which will not bring you any good, you'll start to feel fulfilled with what you have in your life.Download your copy today to receive all of this information. Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy ButtonTags: Gratitude, Happiness, Kindness, Personal Development, Positive, Negativity, Success, Self Esteem, Positive Thinking, Gratitude, Happiness, Kindness, Personal Development, Positive, Negativity, Success, Self Esteem, Positive Thinking, Gratitude, Happiness, Kindness, Personal Development, Positive, Negativity, Success, Self Esteem, Positive Thinking