Pensioners in Paradis

Author: Olga Swan
ISBN: 1847994156
Category: Fiction
Page: 200
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In these days of myriad media programming about people moving their lives abroad and grumpy old men, here is a unique account of the pitfalls and joys of two pensioners who embark on that once in a lifetime adventure: emigration to another country. The style is unique merging the pessimistic, laconic wit of earthy, elderly English Midlanders with the joie de vivre of les francaises. Read hilarious accounts of how they adapt to la vie francaise including chapters on dealing with French workmen, communication, learning the language and even 'sex a la francaise'.

Pensioners in Paradise

Author: Jayme Emily Wills
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781493556861
Category: Travel
Page: 120
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"Follow the joys and excitement of living abroad through the eyes of the author. Filled with travel tips, retirement planning suggestions and entertaining stories, Pensioners in paradise offers a wealth of information."--P. [4] of cover.


How we've been betrayed by the politicians, bureaucrats and bankers - and how much they've cost us
Author: David Craig,Matthew Elliot
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472112245
Category: Political Science
Page: 160
View: 9385

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Over the past decade some £3 trillion - equivalent to £50,000 for every person in Britain - has been taken from us by the ruling elites. Half was wasted in a splurge of poorly-managed public spending in the 'boom', while the other half evaporated in the 'bust' - siphoned off by city bonuses, vaporised by a collapse in pension savings and extorted to bail out the banking sector. In their explosive new book, David Craig and Matthew Elliott trace where the money has gone and who has become richer as a result. They name and shame the 'guilty': the incompetent bureaucrats that fail to deliver the services the taxpayer deserves; the multitude of ineffective regulators and watchdogs; the politicians that have betrayed our democracy and enriched themselves; and the self-serving and arrogant city bankers. Moreover, they calculate the enormous debt that awaits the British taxpayer as a result of our rulers' avarice and economic mismanagement. Fleeced! charts the greatest impoverishment and tax swindle of the public in British history.

Paradise Plundered

Fiscal Crisis and Governance Failures in San Diego
Author: Steven P. Erie,Vladimir Kogan,Scott A. MacKenzie
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804782180
Category: Political Science
Page: 360
View: 2597

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The early 21st century has not been kind to California's reputation for good government. But the Golden State's governance flaws reflect worrisome national trends with origins in the 1970s and 1980s. Growing voter distrust with government, a demand for services but not taxes to pay for them, a sharp decline in enlightened leadership and effective civic watchdogs, and dysfunctional political institutions have all contributed to the current governance malaise. Until recently, San Diego, California—America's 8th largest city—seemed immune to such systematic governance disorders. This sunny beach town entered the 1990s proclaiming to be "America's Finest City," but in a few short years its reputation went from "Futureville" to "Enron-by-the-Sea." In this eye-opening and telling narrative, Steven P. Erie, Vladimir Kogan, and Scott A. MacKenzie mix policy analysis, political theory, and history to explore and explain the unintended but largely predictable failures of governance in San Diego. Using untapped primary sources—interviews with key decision makers and public documents—and benchmarking San Diego with other leading California cities, Paradise Plundered examines critical dimensions of San Diego's governance failure: a multi-billion dollar pension deficit; a chronic budget deficit; inadequate city services and infrastructure; grandiose planning initiatives divorced from dire fiscal realities; an insulated downtown redevelopment program plagued by poorly-crafted public-private partnerships; and, for the metropolitan region, inadequate airport and port facilities, a severe underinvestment in firefighting capacity despite destructive wildfires, and heightened Mexican border security concerns. Far from a sunny story of paradise and prosperity, this account takes stock of an important but understudied city, its failed civic leadership, and poorly performing institutions, policymaking, and planning. Though the extent of these failures may place San Diego in a league of its own, other cities are experiencing similar challenges and political changes. As such, this tale of civic woe offers valuable lessons for urban scholars, practitioners, and general readers concerned about the future of their own cities.

Das erzwungene Paradies des Alters?

Fragen an eine Kritische Gerontologie
Author: Anton Amann,Franz Kolland
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3531907867
Category: Social Science
Page: 300
View: 6864

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Das Buch ist Fragen gewidmet, die sich heute in der Sozialgerontologie stellen, wenn es um die Bestimmung ihres wissenschaftlichen Status und um die politische Relevanz ihres Forschens geht. Ihr Gegenstand, das Altern, ist in ungeahntem Maße ein öffentliches Thema geworden, das vielschichtige und widersprüchliche Behandlung erfährt. Eine Mischung aus Idealisierung und Abwertung, aus Zweckoptimismus und Defizitangst durchzieht die vielen Diskussionen und Publikationen über das Altern. Von den Brüchen und Widersprüchen in den gesellschaftlichen Einschätzungen bleibt auch die Sozialgerontologie selbst nicht unberührt. Insbesondere dann nicht, wenn sie sich den Fragen von Nutzen und Kosten, Privilegien und Benachteiligungen, Chancen und Gefährdungen zuwendet.

Paradise Regained

Prospects for a New Social Order in the Third Millennium
Author: Walter Prytulak
Publisher: authorhouse
ISBN: 9781588202123
Category: Political Science
Page: 176
View: 5638

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Teen/Adult Fiction Another whimsical fairy tale by Mary Lynn Plaisance, from the series of her fairy tales titled: In the Land of Sha Bebe, an enchanting place that's inhabited by magical dolls called the Sha Bebe. ________________________________ Swamp Alley is a portal between this side and the other side. A Cajun Wizard named Antoine Clement Hebert, lives near Swamp Alley which is behind The Land of Sha Bebe in the swamps. He keeps balance between this side and the other side, by playing his fiddle, but he was kidnapped by "them". Today, the Ghosts of Swamp Alley protect the ones on this side from the opposite presence who occupy the other side. Who or what is this presence, and where is this place that has the Wizard trapped? Marie La Vie explains this other place and their presence very well. It's a presence that has always existed all over the world ---- even today, it still exists. Sometimes, the presence of the other side may be near YOU. The Wizard of Swamp Alley is centered around Halloween, when the veil between this side and the other side is at it's thinnest, and the Wizard is gone. Who has the knowledge to return the Wizard to his homeland to protect The Land of Sha Bebe? A chilling read, yet still entertaining. Dedicated to the Spirit of Louisiana Read more reviews in the book. You've created a Cajun fairy land, much like Walt created a Disneyland. Your characters feel like a Disney scene set in the sugarcane fields. Mary Lynn, keep weaving the threads of your wonderful creativity into a tapestry of magical tales. The pen is your loom, the paper your wool. A MUST READ It's not only a Louisiana story.

From Paradis to Perdition

Author: Olga Swan
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781719158541
Page: 234
View: 9697

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From Paradis to Perdition - The much-awaited sequel to the bestselling Pensioners in Paradis has arrived! A Year in France The acclaimed first book in the series, Pensioners in Paradis, was written entirely from the point of view of the woman in the house. So, it is only fair to give Him Indoors his say on a self-deprecating English couple's life in France. Be prepared, therefore, for an irreverent account, written in his own dry, inimitable style, as he recounts, month by month, how their French dream fell apart. What on earth could have happened to change their joie de vivre and their love of all things French? Did they hit that je ne sais quoi that essentially divides the French from the English? Or was it that dratted Brexit referendum that threw a spanner in the works? We all want to know! So, draw up a chair, pour a tot of whisky or a glass of (French!) wine, and enjoy the fine art of self-disparagement as all will be revealed.


Author: David Craig
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1849011613
Category: Political Science
Page: 160
View: 9781

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Over the last ten years, New Labour has boosted public spending by around a trillion pounds - that's £1,000,000,000,000 of our taxes - over £50,000 for every household in Britain. But what have we got for our money? Effective and responsive public services that are the envy of the world? Or the creation of a vast, self-serving bureaucracy that has presided over the greatest waste of money in British history? With so much money, a tsunami of extra cash, being thrown at public services - health, education, policing, defence, social services and public administration - there have been some successes. Nevertheless, the results of the Government's tidal wave of extra spending have been worse than pitiful. In department after department, it is the same sorry story - a triple whammy of incompetence, cover-up and cuts that have all but decimated public services, while those responsible have lavished money and honours on themselves. David Craig exposes the sometimes tragic, sometimes comic story of how New Labour's years of mismanagement have led to a bureaucratization of Britain that has squandered almost unimaginable amounts of taxpayers' money, caused irreparable damage to all our lives and rewarded the man responsible with the keys to Number 10.

Planet Paradise and the Law of the Jungle

Author: Morris Haimowitz
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1479723126
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 370
View: 5610

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This is the memoir of 94 year old Morris Haimowitz, co-author of several books with his wife of 57 years, Dr. Natalie Reader. In these pages Dr. Haimowitz tells the story of his life, from the orange groves of Florida to witnessing the bombing of Iwo Jima, from selling shoes for five dollars a week to calming race riots in Chicago, from recycling army uniforms and airplane boxes in Hawaii to evaluating schools, economic, informational and medical systems. Morris served in the US Airforce for four years where he received the bronze star medal. He taught community organization at the University of Chicago, was director of human relations at Chicago board of education during the race riot years of the 1960's, and taught on Chicago public television for 10 years. He served as board member of the international transactional analysis association for 11 years, while teaching transactional analysis internationally for 30 years. Throughout his book, Dr. Haimowitz recounts the politics and dynamics he witnessed while working closely with students, teachers, parents, principals, superintendents, police, as well as patients, and colleagues. Currently, Morris gardens, runs on his treadmill, studies nutrition, and writes poems for his three daughters and five grandchildren.

Going for a Soldier

Author: James Leese
ISBN: 1291407332
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 226
View: 3954

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Born with a determination to better himself, young Jim rose from scraping a living for himself and his Mum by the meanest of jobs to a respected and capable soldier in the South Staffordshire Regiment. His exploits and experiences led him to India where he met the love of his life whom he married and with whom he raised a large family. India in the 1930's and '40's held a fascination like no other country. From confronting dangerous situations - including coming face to face with cobras, panthers and snakes as well as owning many weird and wonderful pets, Jim's life was never without excitement. After Indian Independence, Jim moved his family to Perth, in Western Australia in 1949 where he used his immense ingenuity, intelligence and ability and worked without ceasing, to provide his family with a moderate and comfortable lifestyle. He was an amazing man!

The Power of Music

In which is Shown, by a Variety of Pleasing and Instructive Anecdotes, the Effects it Has on Man and Animals
Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Music, Influence of
Page: 180
View: 2200

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Paradise Lost?

The Nordic Welfare States and the Recession, 1975-1985
Author: Staffan Marklund
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9789179240295
Category: Public welfare
Page: 113
View: 3283

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Workmen's Compensation Problems

Proceedings [of The] Annual Convention
Author: International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions
Publisher: N.A
Category: Industrial accidents
Page: N.A
View: 4501

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Children of Paradise

Author: Fred D'Aguiar
Publisher: Granta Books
ISBN: 1847088635
Category: Fiction
Page: N.A
View: 6225

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In the opening pages of this novel, an accident brings a young girl to the attention of the Preacher, the all-powerful leader of a religious cult secluded in the jungle. Trina has only dim memories of the life she lived with her mother before they joined the community and the closed, close society is all she knows. When she is singled out for special favour, it becomes clear that the gaze of the Preacher can be a dangerous thing. As the Preacher's behaviour and the demands he places on his followers become more extreme, Trina's mother begins to question her faith in the charismatic but fatally flawed leader and to dream of an escape from his control. In this powerful re-imagining of the infamous Jonestown tragedy, D'Aguiar writes with the lyrical intensity of a poet, examining the motivations and obsessions that lead to religious fanaticism. This is a novel about the betrayal of faith and of innocence, a story about love, devotion and mania that is a brave attempt to understand the reasoning of people who would, in the end, kill their own children in the prelude to a mass suicide that shocked the world. Although history tells us that the ending of this story can never be anything other than a tragedy, D'Aguiar's compassion, and his ability to draw the reader into the intimate and terrible reality of lives lived at the whim of a corrupt and dangerous cult leader, ensure that in the end this is a story of hope.